Dr. & Mrs. Kornfeld 4-16-1973

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Dr. & Mrs. Kornfeld 4-16-1973 - Tradition Is Family By LIZ WALPOLE . There are...
Tradition Is Family By LIZ WALPOLE . There are innumerable editions of the Haggadah. Some are simple paper-bound paper-bound paper-bound texts, others are richly illustrated with detailed explanations. explanations. All tell the story of the ' exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt which will be celebrated during the eight days of Passover beginning today. The Haggadah recounts the story of the Seder or Passover "feast which is held on the first night of Passover. It contains the prescribed ritual to be observed during the meal and explains the meaning of the symbolic food and drink consumed. In it are the four questions asked by the youngest person present as to why the ritual is performed. The answer, as set down in the Haggadah, is contained in the story of the exodus and its importance to the lives of all Jews. In it also are psalms and commentaries about the exodus story that are recounted at certain intervals during the Seder meal. Passover is "very much a family" festival, said Dr. Seymour A. Kornfeld of 960 Graylea Circle. Each family has particular songs, commentaries commentaries and stories which they like to use each year during the Seder meal. In anticipation of the festival this year, Dr. Kornfield compiled a "family Haggadah" containing some of the particular commentaries and songs used at the Kornfeld Seder table over the years. With their four children now grown and away from home, Dr. Kornfeld felt it was important important that they and other relatives and friends who have celebtraed Passover with them have a written copy of the things traditionally used at their family Seder. It was, in fact, the Kornfeld's youngest son, Nathan, a student at George Washington University, who originally ' suggested that some of the things used in the family Seder be written down. , Favorite songs, such as the one first . used when Mrs. Kornfeld's uncle celebrated Passover with them, are included included in the family Haggadah. There are Dr. Kornfeld's paraphrases of commentaries contained in other editions of the Haggadah. - Dr. Kornfeld also has posed his own questions about the modern-day modern-day modern-day meaning of the Passover celebration. A person can listen to the explanations given for the awm'V - - - -; -; v iX V' ' - h T - ''J f "- "- r v i. I'" '? -t -t - V 3; ; ii ; ot ,fifl r Dr. and Mrs. Seymour A. Kornfeld examine some of the many editions of the Haggadah as he holds a copy of the loose-leaf loose-leaf loose-leaf family Haggadah he recently compiled. symbolic foods of the Seder and to the traditional questions posed by the children and take them at face value, or he can dig deeper and learn from them, said Dr. Kornfeld. Passover, which celebrates the freedom of the Hebrew from slavery in Egypt, is a time for studying freedom, he said. "It is not just a time for a big meal and a festival for children." To encourage study and thought, Dr. Kornfeld made his Haggadah in loose-leaf loose-leaf loose-leaf form. In this way those who received Affair copies can personalize them by adding their own interpretations, interpretations, songs and art work. "I tried to make it topical, to keep it up to date," he said. In doing sd he hopes to encourage encourage his children to learn more about the meaning of the Seder for today's world.

Clipped from
  1. Star-Gazette,
  2. 16 Apr 1973, Mon,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 5

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