Oil industry pays out thousands for lobbying, 12 May 1981

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Oil industry pays out thousands for lobbying, 12 May 1981 - y-cloudy Oil Industry Pays Out Thousands for...
y-cloudy Oil Industry Pays Out Thousands for Lobbying senate JUNEAU (AP) -- The oil and gas industry spend more than $10,000 per lawmaker last year, waging the strongest lobby effort effort of any group aimed at influencing influencing legislative decisions. Petroleum companies paid a team of more than 40 lobbyists $640,895, about one-fourth of the $2.7 million handed out by lobby lobby groups in 1980, according to a final report recently released by the Alaska Public Offices Commission. A total of $2,056,300 was paid in salaries and .fees to a record 262 lobbyists in 1980, plus an all-time high of $591,885 was spent on expenses and $54,882 in other payments to support lobbying efforts. Overall, last year was the second richest lobby effort ever, topped only by 1978, when the oil and gas corporate income tax and the Alpetco contract for the sale of the state's royalty oil won legislative legislative approval. The employers of lobbyists included non-profit organizations, organizations, trade associations, municipalities,, and private interests interests ranging from tobacco companies to fishermen to airlines. airlines. Chevron U.S.A. shelled out the top lobby money at $148,716 -- paying seven lobbyists $112,518 $112,518 in salaries and $34,191 in expenses. Alascom, Inc. ran second with $140,337 including $101,329 in wages and fees to seven lobbyists and $39,008 \n expenses. The highest paid lobbyist was veteran Eugene Wiles, garnering garnering $119,182 -- $110,000 in-'wages from Chevron, plus $9,182 from Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. He was reimbursed $33,427 for expenses, including food, drinks, living accomodations and travel. The bulk of the expense expense money came from Chevron. Chevron. Trust Consultants, Inc., a team of Lewis Dischner and Kim Hutchinson, pulled in $298,481 in salaries and expenses expenses from Alascom, Alaska Blood Bank, Alaska Interr national Industries, Alaska Mutual Mutual Savings Bank, Health Care Services-Alaska, Inc., Southeast Alaska Pilots Association, Wien Air Alaska and the North Slope Borough. Ely,-Guess and Rudd reported reported paying lobbyists including former state attorney general Norm Gorsuch more than $149,000 $149,000 in salaries and fees to represent; represent; the Alaska Bar Association, Association, Alaska-California LNG Co., Alaska Independent Insurance Insurance Agents and Brokers, Inc., Anchorage Refuse, Inc., Hope Cottages, and Multi-Visions, Inc. Sam Kito pocketed $45,000 from Alascom, Inc., and the Alaska Federation of Natives, Inc., and reported another $27,586 $27,586 in expenses. Kent Dawson reported $64,850 in salaries and fees paid to s Dawson arid Associates, the lobbying firm he and his wife, Linda, formed when Dawson quit his job as Gov. Jay Hammond's Hammond's executive assistant. The firm represented Matanuska Maid, Inc., United Fishermen of Alaska, Alascom and the City of Seward. Other top paid lobbyists included included Wes Coyner, - Henry Pratt, and Emmitt Wilson. Among oil and gas companies, companies, Chevron spent a total of $148,716 for salaries and expenses; expenses; Exxon tallied a $108,300 tab; Sohio Alaska Petroleum reported $79,708; Mobil, $74,473; Atlantic Richfield, $60,194; Union Union Oil of California, $42,012; Alpetco, $25,010; Sohio, $4,048, and Shell Oil Co., $3,772. Also, Alaska Oil and Gas reported reported spending $11,815 on lobbying; lobbying; Alaska-California LNG, $34,505; Alaska Pipeline Co., $2,253; Alyeska, $10,918; Pacific-Alaska Pacific-Alaska LNG, $34,523, and Tennessee Gas Transmission Co., $648. Other firms reported 1980 lobbying lobbying expenditures as follows: Alascom, $140,337; Alaska 1984, $33,750; Alaska AFL-CIO, $24,399; Alaska Association of Schools Alliance, $50,785; Alaska Bankers Association, $48,897, and Alaska Hospital and Medical . Center, Inc., $73,743. The Alaska Municipal Leauge paid three lobbyists $84,660 in salaries and expenses; Alaska International Industries reported reported spending $46,162; Alaska Mutual Savings Bank, $55,142, and the United Fishermen of Alaska, $48,325. PARIS (AP) -- In a new shock triggered by Socialist Francois Mitterrand's election as president, investors hit the French stock exchange today with an avalanche of sell orders orders and delayed the market's opening by 45 minutes. A half-hour after the exchange exchange opened, only a handful of issues had been traded because because sellers far outnumbered buyers. Brokers were unable find takers at prices 7 percent below Monday's close. But there was some cautious buying reported and exchange officials said a few stocks -down -down as much as 18 percent after Sunday's election -- were Council Proposed Domestic Violence JUNEAU (AP) -- A special council on domestic violence and sexual assault would be set up under legislation unanimously unanimously approved by House lawmakers lawmakers Monday. The council would coordinate state services for domestic violence violence and sexual assault victims, victims, offenders and their fami- lies. The seven-member panel would link and evaluate the services now provided by the Health and Social Services, Public Safety and Law departments. departments. Under the bill (CSHB91 Finance) Finance) requested by Gov. Jay Hammond, $257,000 would be earmarked to fund the work

Clipped from Daily Sitka Sentinel12 May 1981, TuePage 2

Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, Alaska)12 May 1981, TuePage 2
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  • Oil industry pays out thousands for lobbying, 12 May 1981

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