Wochner Murder case 18 Apr 1882

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The Fullest PartloularB of sin Aflllctlng Eplsodtt Enveloped In Mystery. -The -The city wat astounded yesterday mom I,w the PlNTAUKAI'U eXCIllllg n of the homicide of Saturday night, for the fatal result of the terrible blow upon me head of the unfortunate Michael Lynch wat not known to more than a aor.en persona ...,tll tha Pantaokai'H conveyed It to the public. Though the narration of Monday morning wat a hurriea one u aa eweuu correct and truthful. rira Purko and Lee Smith, hiving Deen summoned to the .sinking man, were by nl- nl- si.la when he died, and from them about mid i..i.i ti, p.vT.nHAPU learned of mo homicide. A reporter of tbit paper NOTIFIED THE 1-OI.ICE, 1-OI.ICE, 1-OI.ICE, ' who at once set to wotk upon an lnvestlga u,.n From the uncle of the dead youth, Mr. Patrick Lynch, about 1 . m, the police learned the outlines of the affair, aud by I lk) Frank Wochner wat In custody. It turnt eut that on Saturday night gen tleman named Linden, who has a new houte on South Main street. Just south of the city limits, gave an Invitation purty, at which were present number of young people of the neighborhood. 1 he nolghbors tay it wat not a remarkably boltterout or dltorderly .tcir hut that It waa conducted In a peace able and enjoyable way, though It wut rather noisy. About 10 o'clock MR. FRANK WOCHNER, whojle aged about twmty.four. and It the ton of Mr. Francis Xavier Wochner, the wealthy, well-known well-known well-known and respeeted.Uerman citizen, half-owner half-owner half-owner of the Bloomington h,erv left tha cltv to go to bit home, which it adjacent to the brewery and close to tbe Linden house. He had a light soring .mn aud accompanying him were 'our m i, loves of the brewery Scott Johnton, who drove; bit brother, Alex. Johnson; one Smith, and a German named Jacob Joho. The party stopped In frout of the Linden homestead.' A row ensued, In which Lynch the fatal hlow. The noerv la: Who gave that blow? And the police and tho aheriff think they have testimony enough to show that Frank Woeh. ne' did, and that he did it with a champagne bottle. THE FOLLOWING IS TBE SUBSTANCE of what the police learned regarding the matter, and which, tney tsseri, cau oe tuu alBntiutd ' When t hd Wochner crowd arrived at the Linden place, they stopped in front of the house. Wochner went in and waa Invited to waltz, but declined. A moment after they had stopped, a young man l amed Dan ii'Hrieii crawled through the fence and lanned or kicked Wochner't horse. Ac cording to the elory of Young Lynch, cousin of I ho deceased, Wochner taid that tbe man that bit bit horse hit him, whereupon some urt of a toat ensued- ensued- About this time a nnnir man named Miller, who. like O'Brien, Is an employe of the cbalr factory, tired a pistol In the air, as ne claims; w uereupuu the door opened aud a large number of yjung men rushed out. , A MBI.BB ENSUED, in whleh Michael Lynch was knocked down Tbe Wochner party went home and went to bed, not knowing, as they tay, that any one waa at all seriously hurt. After persistent inquiry State's Attorney Porter. Officer Rowell and Captain Keogli learned that, toon after tbe row, which waa about 11 o'clock, had occurred, Lynch, who was lying Insensible, was carried across the street lo ine r.ugieaeu over garueu wm upon a table, around which boards were nlaced to keeD him from falling off. Here ho lay, In the cold night air, until about 0 a. m. when lie waa taken to his uncle's borne in i carriage, still insensible. He was put In bed at tbe home of bis uncle, biB friends not Im nirlninir that the cut on his bead wot teriout. and thinking that he waa Intoxicated and would come to after a sleep. About lip. m, he began to sink, and tbe doctors were sum moned, but to no avail; IN AN HOUR 11E WAS A CORPSE. The arrest of Wochner wat made by Officers ' Keogh, Ling and Rowell, who found him at nit home, ana wun wnom ne went wunugiy, from the first denying any aud all complicity In the homicide. The police turned Woch- Woch- ner over to the sheriff, to whose dominion be was conveyed by Deputy Sheriff Taylor. 0 Ulcers Keogh and Middleton and Deputy Sheriff Taylor took a carriage und arrested Scott Johnson at bis home, near iimsnaw s, and OIHcers Rowell and Ling captured the others. Johnson. Smith and Joho, at the hrewerv. These arrests were made about o'clock vnsterdav morning. These four per sons are held aa accessories, but really are detained detained onlv as witnesses. The police In their investigation yesterday louna in Jjinaen s ooor yaru TUB PIECES OF A CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, apparently freshly broken. The neck of the bottle had been seen in the yard, but bad disatmeared. They also found that the Wochner crowd had been drinking clam nacne at Jake Meeth's srloon. Tbe coroner's inquest is to qe held to-day, to-day, to-day, and it will be a most Interesting affutr. A large number of witnesses, whose names we care not to aisciose unui suopienus are served, will be examined. Dr. Miller made a pout mortem examination yesterday, the re. sultol wnicn leancu out, mougu ii, m m tended to be a secret. He discovered . A FRACTURE OF THE SKULL NBAKL.X FOUR INCHES IN LENGTH, which has not before been made public. The blow must have been a terrific one. A reporter of the Pantagraph Interviewed Mr. Frank Wochner last evening. He found him sitting smoking In the jailor's room and Derfectlv wlilinir to converse. He said : "I know no more about the killing of that man Lynch than that carpet you stand on. I did not know him at all. No one struck me, and I struck no one. We stopped in front of Linden's, where tbe dance was. I was vsked to waltz, but did not. O'Brien came through tbe fence and struck my horse, and there was a dispute over it. About that time Miller li red the pistol. I knew Miller, for he was an old schoolmate, and said, don't shoot. Miller, you'l bring them an out. iney did rush out, and I suppose there was a racket, but I had nothing lo do with It" Mr. Wochner't relatives are terribly agi tated over tbe dreadful accusation. Frank has always been a good natured and amiable voting- voting- man. with no disposition to quarrel, an that be la tiiruring In an entirely novel role. He has been bookkeeper and collector for the brewery for some year. A DISCOVERT. jRLate last evening the clerk at the New Wait House happened upon the conclusion that the dead Lynch and a young man who on Saturday night had engaged a room in the bouse but did not occupy It, were one and the same. He forced open the locked door and found Lynch's valise, and a fine overcoat. which are held lor me rigntiui owners. Lynch, after engaging the room, went out saying tnai ne waniea io nave some fun and would be back early. lit little dream' t, poor fellow, that the open grave lay so close to his footsteps, as he left the threshold ol His Hotel. Cnt This Ont and Preserve It The blood is the life. Keep the fountain pure and disease will toon vanish. Red it now all the rage, especially Red Clover Blos The Police Aaaert that It vtaa Tak (jj nun for At "

Clipped from The Pantagraph18 Apr 1882, TuePage 4

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)18 Apr 1882, TuePage 4
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  • Wochner Murder case 18 Apr 1882

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