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:BIG PHYSICAL TRAINING PLAY : FORTIIE ARMY Training School at Camp " Benning Start of . Gigantic Scheme Fostered by Government Government CONFERENCE V0T.1B1 TO MEET TOMORROW Many' Vromen haver accepted place on the general committee or women which will o-operate o-operate o-operate with a gesral committee of men and executives in the plans for the third world's .Christian .Christian citizenship conference to be held in this city during: armistice week, Nov. 9 4to 16. under the direction of the . Xatlonal Reform "association". The second meeting of the women"5 committee -will -will be held at 12:30 p. m. tomorrow in'the form of a luncheon in the blue room of the William Penn hotel. ."".' The ; committee includes Mrs. John CT Alexander, Sarah Anderson. Mrs. J. f,i Mrs. A. Boggs, Mrs. L-Biown, Mrs. fleld, James Mrs. Clem-son. V". TYashington. Oct. - A. tndor the direction direction of the war plans division of the general staff, a school of physical and bayonet training .is in j progress at Camp Benning-. Benning-. Benning-. Ga. The primary object of the school is to educate faculties in physic! drill and bayonet training for the live service! schools. The final resuits of t:ie school may reach to the very eims of physical training in tho United States. The first attempt will be lo spread & better knowledge of the physical development of men throughout throughout the army by means of officers assigned to the service schools. -In -In audition to the army ranks, however, are the ranks of the reserve officers' training corps of the hi gr: schools and colleges. The work of the school at Benning, will . at least' reach throughout the ranks of th army. It does not require a great ' stretch of the imagination : to believe - tiie groundwork of physical xieveloprnertt of this school will extent to the schools antf universities, the point of contact being the present P.. O. T. C. with its close relations to the army. At the beginning of the war, physical physical recreation in the camps was turned turned over to the athletic division of the commission on training camp activities. activities. A the training progresse'l, the physical directors and the boxing instructors instructors were, delegated more and more power as the . value of their work was demonstrated in the training training of men. Before, the end of the war, in many of the camps the entire entire program of recreation,' physical drill, boxing and bayonet' training was supervised by.lhe athletic officer or Oirector of the commission. The cvn- cvn- f mission's athletic division was, in fact, a big laboratory working out the best methods . of making men physically fit for the business at hand. Because, of this, the war plans division division turned to Dr. Raycrof t. director of the athletic division, and isked him to first select the faculty - for the school and then to lay out the course f, training. Dr. Bavcroft selected JlaJ. John LY Griffith as the senior Instructor, and !n conference with the latter named Capt. Carlton L. Brosius Instructor tin physical drill ;VLiei:f. Broke rT, Lemau;: - instructor in em,e(i and George Blake as' ii:svuc'-tor ii:svuc'-tor ii:svuc'-tor irt boiing. The commanding officer officer of the infantry school of arms p.t Camp Benning was ask.d to name the instructor in bayonet work. Following Following this arrangements were made tor the services of George Huff of "-the "-the "-the "University of Illinois, for one "week as instructor In Baseball, and 'fo Fred Leuhring. for a veek as .instructor in basketball. It is hoped arrangements can be completed for fiie presence at the ca-ip ca-ip ca-ip for a "week of Lieut. Elmer Olipha.nt as instructor In! football. ,". " A BROADER SCOPE NOW. i Before the war, physical training in .the army practically was limited to calisthenics and swordsmanship with it small amount of recreational athletics. athletics. To show the advance, the Benning school has a3 the sunjects of instruction, , physical orfll, bayonets, lyoxing, hand-to-hand hand-to-hand hand-to-hand hand-to-hand hand-to-hand flgntlni?, group games, mass athletics, quickening and hardening games, physical efficiency tests, and highly organized athletics. The work in the camps, as it is collected collected and centralized In" the instruction instruction at Benning, will be presorved in a, manual for tho future use of the army. This manual will have as two of its sections. Special Order 2?, covering what ir-known ir-known ir-known as setting-up- setting-up- setting-up- setting-up- drill in the army, and the Fort Kill bayonet mahuaL .Following ths completion of tha school at Benning, the men trained there will become the faculties la teaching the same" subjects as the service schools. Officers from the infantry, infantry, cavahy, -field -field - artillary, coast artillery corps and e."riaeTs. eaca will be sent to their rjrr"cUve service schools and Will receive. In' soma degree at : least,' the same training how beinff given at " Benning. Whila , the men at. Benning are all taking the s&ipa coarse.., at the service schools "King of Virtues" biSTIICTIVE r DEATH RECORD JOllV BECKER. John Becker, aged 7G. died at his home, 410 Climax aye., yesterday at 11:23 a. m. He was born in Germany and. came to this country 55 years ago, and settled in Pitts'burg. For years he was engaged in cigar manufacturing. manufacturing. Years ago he conducted Hotel Becker in Diamond St., where Ivaufmann's '-bufding '-bufding '-bufding now stands.-He stands.-He stands.-He is survived by seven children, Bert, Fred,- Fred,- Ralph, Herbert, Enimst , E., George W. and Miss' Emma t. Becker; and three grandchildren. . He was past master of Solomon lodge Nov 2oL F. Si A. M. - MRS. MARY MOOXKV. Mrs. Mary Mooney, wife of the late Harry Mooney, died at her home. 126 Arlington ave., yesterday morning. She is survived by four children. James L. Mooney, Harry J. Mooney, Joseph L. Mooney and Miss Stella Mooney, all at home, and one Sister, Miss Catherine Duane, and one brother, brother, John Duane. : ,- ,- - ' ' .. FR ANK S.' BLAIR. V Frank S.. Blair, aged 54.. of Wilkins-"burg, Wilkins-"burg, Wilkins-"burg, Pa.,J formerly of Burgettstowrt and Sheraden, Pa., died in Columbia hospital- hospital- at 4:30 a; : m.f Oct.. 3.. He is survived' by his-widow. his-widow. his-widow. Mary E. Blair (nee Rear); four brothers, William McDonald', of McDonald, Pa.; George, of Gary. Ind.; D. C- C- and B. V., and one sister, Mrs. Ollie Kennedy " of Pittsburg. Funeral services will be conducted by Panhandle O. R. C. of Carnegie, Pa., at Eaton's funeral parlors, parlors, 733 Ross ave., Wilkinsburg. at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Interment private Monday morning at 10 o'clock in Allegheny cemetery. MISS MIRIAM T. BURNS. Miss Miriam E. Burns died Thursday Thursday night in her home, 314 Plymouth St., Duquesne Heights. Miss , Burns was born in -Pittsburg -Pittsburg and was 23 years old. She was a member of St. Mary's of the Mount Catholic church. She leaves parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Burns; four sisters. Misses Tes-sie, Tes-sie, Tes-sie, Clare and Margaret Burns, and Mrs. Ross Allimder of Oakdale, and two brothers, Edward and James Burns, at home. JOHN RAY BIXLER. Clearfield, Pa., Oct. 3. John Ray Bixler, editor of the Curwensville "Herald," died today at his home in that town. He was 77. years old and leaves his wife and three children. For many years he was editor of the "Sun" and the "News" of Williams-port, Williams-port, Williams-port, Pa. , they teach the subjects In which they are the most proficient. . Prom the service schools, the men who show the most ability. Sot only as athletes athletes but as teachsrs, will be Bent back to the camps as teachers, as the instructors of the non-coms non-coms non-coms and the-enlisted the-enlisted the-enlisted men. In many ways the Benning school is the beginning of the largest physical education program program ever attempted. Practically all officers for the army are available for assignment to the service cchools. The men selected for physical, recreational recreational and bayonet training and Instruction Instruction will extend this training to the 225,000 in khaki. The extension to school and university will be a slower process. -r -r , . Beyond tho army and ths colleges, the men who head the camp at Benning Benning have another ideal. When ths selective 'service law called the men between the ages of "1 and 31 to present present themselves for examination for army service, one pf every four failed failed to pass the physical examination. Exhaustive study of the cause shows that many -of -of these men would have been physically perfect, o at least capable of passing the examination for army: service, If given proptr exercise exercise or pt-oper pt-oper pt-oper corrective cymnas-tic-s cymnas-tic-s cymnas-tic-s cymnas-tic-s cymnas-tic-s early in life. Somewhere, in some - future organization, care will he taken to prevent this waste, not only of military.' but of commercial manhood. Whys the ' school, " as stated, is for the army. it is the hope of lt projectors that- that- It will be for ths nation.

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  1. The Pittsburgh Press,
  2. 05 Oct 1919, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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