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 - THE FOURTEENTH OP SEPTEMBER. The will ef the...
THE FOURTEENTH OP SEPTEMBER. The will ef the people is the supreme law. It has been said that Divine Providence Providence has furnished no other means of purifying the atmosphere than a cyclone. It rages over land and sea, destroying lives, wrecking buildings and sinking ships, but at the cost of such sacrifices the mists and miasms throughout the vast vault of heaven have been swept away: with every lightning stroke the life - giving ozone was generated, decomposing and dis arming the poisonous humors and exudations, exudations, sweated and distilled from our ancient and death - sodden planet and a purified and invigorating atmosphere atmosphere is supplied to the myriads of God's creatures which people our earth. Thus it is that a few must perish that the many may live and thrive and do the world's work. When social miasms, political cor ruption and official despotism poison and oppress the body politic, there ap pears to be no other remedy but armed rebellion, a social and political cyclone. It was such a storm which swept through this city this day eighteen years ago. It would be too long a story were we to undertake to recite in de tail the causes which led up to is. It is enough to say that the disorganization following the civil war, aggravated by long years of misgovernment and official official corruption, under the influence of greedy and unscrupulous political ad venturers, had reduced the condition of the people of this city to a state that was in every way unbearable. The measure of politioal iniquity was filled. Then the people arose in their wrath, and with unrestrainable violence and fury they swept away the entire fabric of corruption and oppression. The people, the creators of all law and government, possess the unquestionable unquestionable and absolute right to abrogate and annul every statute and every semblance of authority that they have set up. But sometimes they become enslaved to the work of their own bands, to the puppets and dummies dummies that they have set up to emblem atize the people's power, and to rep resent the outward form of the people's sovereignty. It was such an enslavement enslavement which the people of New Orleans, on the 14th of September, 1874, overthrew, overthrew, broke in pieces and trampled under foot in the streets of their city, when they retook with musketry and cannon their rightful authority, and re - established in actual force and palpable palpable power the machinery - of self - government which had been ravished from them by military despotism and political corruption. The days When men have risen in arms to storm the rock battlements and iron doors of tyranny's bastiles are sacred and famous in the history of the world. All the grand lines in the perspective perspective ot the world's annals, all the heroio and coble figures in the mighty pageants of human progress will be found 1 converging on the events which announce some outburst or uprising in behalf of human liberty. One of these was the uprising of the Fourteenth of September, September, 1874. when home rule and self - gov - ernment were reborn in the metropolis of the South. It needed not cairn or tumulus, pyramid or colossus, bronze or marble, to commemorate such deeds, for they themselves are the landmarks of liberty, but nothing can be more appropriate appropriate than the granite obelisk set up by the women of New Orleans on the spot where the hottest of the battle raged and where the victory for home rule was won. "Home rule" is the word. Let it arouse the people of Louisiana, of the South, of the entire Union, against the infamous force bill designed as it is to ravish from the people of the States the right of self - government, home rule. But. sneaking for Louisiana, let our people rise united against this dangerous dangerous device of the Republican party. Her people will fail of their duty if every Congressman sent from the State is not a Democrat.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 14 Sep 1892, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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