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N.O. Customshouse - of Louis, of lie views of returning lie before,...
of Louis, of lie views of returning lie before, a ought a_.iia- to suppose Rio Texas. that the.people Mexican PIED IN THE IAST The LonlHlanu Returning Board tiko Refuge from the slier- urinihe Ciutom-Hooze. SberKT Houston Arreiited in rta tempt to Enter by a th« r«- our la tbe uot citt- bavo A r k u d e ' " "trrythc custom-botnc for several rumored says that Schurz were mentioned, tired the the resignation his cabinet, snd Key any make the direction And a Pntxf of Marines Ordered the Defense of the -" Sacred SoiL" The Xatter Referred 1o TVasliing Ing-ton and Decided Favora- tily to State Authority. Throe of the Knpcals Found liken to the Parlnli Prison s. Non Kst. -\Vell* A; Co. In tlio Cn«toin-llotiB A Mi«rlfl* Xtflpnlvcd br H«rln UUArtUnjr tlie KaCrmnco to ilio Mnlldloc -- KoinellilDK tIKe · Tluij« la il«e Or««ceBt City. NEW OltLKANB, Jan. 2C,--At one o'clock Sheriff Houston, who had appeared for been urging arguipg of State Conkling^ recognition the I t : is if remains the Committee tho con- to ordinary leaving special lumber Jan. -Total, mills and average or cotton ' ' passenger Texas ' Lazarus, Kansas Masters, Hail- "Wcdnea- traveling roadd, all the learning that a deputy marshal hac been put in charge of the. collector's office, which was locked and bolted, proceeded to the main door of tho and there informed the marshal Deputy Collector Tomlinson that ho had a writ to execute against 'Wells Co., whom he bad good reason to believe were confined ia room, and he desired admittanco. was refused; whereupon the sheriff, who was accompanied by two stated that he would force an Mr. Tomlinson then summoned the chief deputy marshal, who proceeded to tho door of tho collector's office there ordered tho sheriff and assistants, as well as the crowd that had to disband. The sherifl: rolused to leave, stating that ho was determined to execute tho writ of the court at any hazard or be arrested in the attempt. Sheriff Houston then slightly advancing, Deputy Marshal Wtitzburger laid hands upon him claimed him and' his deputies us prisoners. The sherHT and party submitted to- orrest, and were taken before Judge. Billings, sitting in the United States Circuit Court; but tho latter he had nothing to do with the as parties had not boon arrested by virtue of any process from his Mr. Wurzburger. then took his prisoners before U. S. Commissioner where be stated the case, when requested him to reduce tho subject matter to an affidavit. .Great excitement prevails about the custom-house. at interests of sonn. Mow Jn ' respected -here sev- the with to the ,with before Ayers other. the damage, parties by sut"- will railroad the by rob. and stage spot of Me- rob- Oa ar- night, the and one cut extracted letters. mail Texarkana, pouch depot, The. by. NETV QKLEAKS, ,Taa. 20--4 30 P M.-Mr. Tomlinson, tho .collector's corresponding secretary,'made affidavit before Commissioner Lane against Houston for -resisting a custom-house officer, and'has sent for the of the revenue cutter and a of marines, ordering them to bo stationed at his door, through which passage has to be effected '.to reach collector's office. · . . ' . · . Gen. Sheldon and Mr. Dalorven, ap- .pearing before Commissioner Lane denying the jurisdiction of bis court, asked for Houston's release. Mr. Gurley, -assistant district attorney, asked, for a continuance until Monday. refused to grant nay continuance, released Houston on his own recognizance, who is understood to' havo immediately dispatched a. subordinate bring an armed force to force an · entrance to' the custom-house. The entrance to the collector's office is patrolled by armed marines from, revenue cutter Jno..A^ D;x. They there as. ». United States Marshal's force, nnd-are under tho command Gen. "Wharton. . · Tho report that an "attorney for Returning Board had-made a'motion before Judge Billings for a writ of tlorari.ia not true. At the adjournment of court'Judge Billings slated that such motion had been made. It is understood that the reason why it was' made was a certainty in the', minds tho attorneys that it would be I)ep'uty Marshal Wurzburger states that the marshal did not send for revenue marine, but- that llr. Tomlinson, who made the affidavit, placed them the collector's door and turned them over to him, Baying: "Mr..Marshal. now turn these men over to you." : Ensign Beckwith, commanding marines, would only state that he Teas there his force us a marshal's posse. Gen'. Sheldon ridicules the " Sacred- idea, and thinks Marshal Wurzhurger liable, under State law, for obstructing a peace officer in the legitimate discharge of his duty, ' · LATEH--Sheriff- Houston, it appears from a statement.of his deputy, is the marshal's office, in conference Gen. "Wharton, and will probably proceed to make the arrests as soon as conference ig ended. The. sheriff is said to be acting under direction of Attorney General Ogden in his conference with Marshal Wharton, and they are reported to .have agreed to submit case by telegraph to Washington for 1 settlement. It is probable that Houston has only agreed to postpone' action-until Marshal Wharton can-obtain instruction from tho Department'of Justjco. In Communication WHU Federal . Authority. . .' NEW OM,£ANs,. : Jan. 25.--The follow- irg has been telegraphed; Niw 0«uu-.:6, Jan, 2!, 1678, To Hen. Chas. Devon*. Attorney General the United 3tate«, Washington: Four persons, J. 3Had«on Wolls, Thomas Anderson; O. Casseoave and it. JI. Keqner, who are undor an information for felony under the laws of the Stato, forfeited their cognizances, and have, 1 am Informed, shelter In the custom-house of this city: for their arreat are In tne hands of tbe and he went with the writs to. arreRt understanding that tnoy wore- shut up In room ot the building. So was.about to force an entrance for the purpose ot them, when he was himself arrested,' Informed, upon an affidavit- that ho to open the door by force. 1 am not any cession of exclusive jurisdiction of tnls building, nor of any law tbat would givo munlty to offenders against tho Btate la- ·wlUln Its walls. Please inform, me whether the Federal government has authorized. or wl[i sanction this conduct. H. N. OODEN, Attorney General of Louisiana. Coll Tomlinson, deputy collector, claims that us acting custodian of'the building ho had a right to call men from the Dix, they beinc utider of the collector and belonging to the customs service, although wearinf navy uniforms. Ho says that the sheriff about to force the door of the private office of the collector and that he (Tomlinson) on'y protected public property. There would be no objection if the sheriff had beeuaEla to make the-arrests without injuring public property. He called upon the marshal for :assistance, and after having sent for eight sailors pkced them as a posse under marshal. . - ..- Diitrici Attorney Lscey 8»ys he advised the marshal to prevent the lion of wrlU inside the building untfl .furthor instructions. , : '. ' At the conference between Assistant Attorney General Egan, United States District Attorney Lacey, Sheriff Houston and Marshal Wharton, it was that the ttatu. yuo should be maintained until telcgrapbic advices are received from.--Washington. The sheriff still keeps his men around the custom-house building. .,''·. . :,' · Prominent Kepumicanj say two. of the'four men wanted are not la the CQitom-h.ouM~trat went upon a fishing

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 27 Jan 1878, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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