Revenue Cutters

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Revenue Cutters - Oror Fort or m IB m m R v . St. L. . pm on rn T...
Oror Fort or m IB m m R v . St. L. . pm on rn T O N 1500. NfiWR: tlie sub- JotTer- of my appointment; promptly Pavilion NEWS.- of this tho aay of dignity the reconj cake I,et that SOME FACTS ADQUT A SERVICE i UTTliE UNDERSTOOD My IK» Oanftral ftlblln--Th* BtovnniMit ou Foul to Tromftir dm S«rvt«v from *ti« tfraiiHUrjf cu l^ie Nitvy 1'n relation to tbo petition to bo tnortly prw'iitwl to the uottoti exchange, na u n uouuced lu yesterday's NEWS, luolclusf to th» ptiasluic of n, roaolutiou iwkttiK tho transfer of the rovuuuo marine from tho trctiHury tu the naval dupartuieut, that the public inl^ht bo mnde nctiuiiintod witn the factR tbuoiisa, aacortulu just what lenollts wore looked for uud loam to what extent ron tulgbfc directly or Indirectly bo benefited by sncli a transfer, a Ni;\va repnrtor was Utled to interview L'aptniu J. W. Coiiydon, commander of thu rovonuo cutter IJlx, ata- .tioued ut this iiort, from whom ho obtn-iued tbo followiug iuformntiou: "Your officers tiro about to ask Uio iu- dorsemeut ot the cotton oxchaugo on terrlUK the sorvloe from tho treasury to uavy uiipartinent?" "Yea; tbo reveuue cutter aorvice was OB- labltahed by Aloxauder Unmiltun, In 1T9I), nriraiirily for the prevention of smuggling. Th« transfer of cargoes of ^oodu from vessels coming; or, tbe to smaller and tho rnuuiuK by thorn into inlets, from onatoma supervision, wau B Ki'Gat temptation at thai timo and tbo now ernmout dupundcd upon customs duties ruvouuu. Kovonuo ontto;ii were (!ouslderetl the boat and most available prevention of this evil, If tba cutters wore otliclent. To induce men of standing to take tbo naval rank was ucnforred on .the oflicers, nnval discipline applied to tho vessels and tho president authorized to turn tbo service over to tho nary at his discretion, which was done during the troubles that followed. The service was » success uud tbe duties won; increased. Naval vessels were used cutters, but beinc too largo and the the country averse to military methods civil matters tbey wore withdrawn, for same reason, probably, that tho revenue cutters wore not granted naval pay or pension," "Were the cutters always considered In- diBponsublof" "ffo; about 1848 there was a change lu policy, and the servcie uearly obaudoned. but tba marked decrease In the custom* iucrenau lu violations of the navigation laws caused the service to be retorod a more extenslv* basis two years later." "But why hould yon now wish to transferred to tbe uftvyl"' "When the service was established there was no uaval establishment, tho service WHO a small affair, aud tbe treasury department AS well qualified to organize it as other; since then largor vessels are needed. Thoic is au extensive naval estaollshmout, and the qucHtlou of economy In building vesaolH suited to naval purposes under the nmv order of things bus arisen, all of oan be done butter by tbe uavy department. Ollicer* iu tho cucter service (changed to rovonue marine) havo grown old and nre disabled. No administration will turn, them out uudur tbe circumstances, and as tbe number Is limited thoir places can not be flllwl. Tho dldicuity of obtaining ofiicors for thu cutters cutters has caused the building of a separate school, while there is un excellent school already which graduates more ofiicera tbnu can bo employee! lu Iho navy. Tbo fact vessels can be built by tbe navy suitable to a military purpose in tluit war and used cor a oiTif purpose in time peace is not only possible, but economical nnd buncfloinl, and thsre was an effort to uia 1 o the transfer somo timo ago, but seoined to bo injustice lut'jndod to tho rev- onuo oQicors and tboy re3i«tod it. Now till parties are satisilod that tho present ar- rnugoiiieut is for thu boat. Tbti fact tiialaii appropriation wan made threo years ago build a cutter for Gftlveston and t.ho vessel Is not yat built would SSP;U to suggest trial of » different method. Galveston needs and dusorvos the attention of tho governmont In snob matters, and efficient ·fesads should be kept on the Texas coast. Since there must bu such Institutions the country oan surely atford to bavo tho especially wlion the present cost ia but tlu advanced aud the economy of the evident. Tho potition forwarded to tho oot- ton cxohango givoa further cogont reasons (or tbe transfer. The ofjiceru have always bean compelled to hold themselves iu a position boyond that whioh the recompense r-hair services would justify uurt tbu strain of having to koep themselves up while cbeir future wns always In doubt should HOC at rest equally with tbo ofiicors in uavv." "fias any action similar to that desired by tlio cotton oxchango boon takon at other pointf" "Yoy, air; Kdo. Pa., New Bedford, Mass., Savannah, Gr-., Dan-ego, N. Y., Portland, Oro., Boston, Mass., Wilmington. Dol., Norfolk, Vu., Wilmiagton, N. C.. Charleston, S. 0., Mobile, Ala,, And Now Orleans, York, Cblcpgo, Philadelphia and Baltimore havo tliti matter now in hand, and tho presumption is that favorable action will taken upon It at their next monthly meeting. Much more could he statod upon subject bearing upon the wisdom such a transfer would indicate and tbe benefits that svould result, bi)t I foe! t havo '.rosfiftsnod upon your timo to a greater thtiu justifiable."

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 08 Jan 1890, Wed,
  3. Page 16

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  • Revenue Cutters

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