Family of thieves.

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BURKHOLDER, JOHN & FAMILY - at- : more it. to nnfor- heir.- like cop-...
at- : more it. to nnfor- heir.- like cop- panta- copper- No. 1 time She I've done pair obliged to I used to within to make couldn't conclu- a pair, I that been female she-want"perfect of our with day's domestic fond draws promptly The Story of a Family of TMeves-- ImmeEse Hobheries were Committed. A correspondent of the^ Philadelphia Press, writing from Ilollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, says : "One of the most important trials took" place in our Criminal Court during the last week that the people of this section have ever witnessed. The charge wasTar-'^ ceny ; the persons indicted were John' Burkholder, Lydia his wife ; Julia; nia and Mary Hawk, his daughters ;" Henry, Thomas Parry and Norval Hawk, sons and sons-in-law. The trial lasted three days, and resulted in a conviction all the defendants except Perry Burkholder and his mother. ' " "The charge was for stealing a large amount of gooes shipped in the ears of Pennsylvania JElailroad Company. The head of this delectable family was a do farmer and horse speculator, living miles east of Altoona, in this county. daughter, Mary Hawk, and" her'husnand^ Norval Hawk, in October, November, December, 1864, and January, 1865, resided in Altoona. Margaret Burkholder, not then married to John Bishop Cozzeri,Ware, was a frequent visitor ut hec^ister's, and" here was planned this gigantic robbery. ''Hawk, as an employee, had got posses^ sion of a-f reight car key, which'was b'ut by filing answered the" purpose. During During the 'last three months of " rnense, quantities of goods w'ef from the cars, and no one, WES Buspectetl/ * ' The goods were carried. to* Ha wkX divided, and the share of La^da'SM'JjQi'a' carried to their mother and 'two' _bfotn"e"r87 Henry and Thomas, down into the" country to their home r on' horseback ,-in~thWcaEj? riage and In sleds.- On Dedemher tSlst^ Ware and Margaret were married.- f;Th r el cam of the railroad company, -fufniShedt them with ED outfit for housekeepings The stock of 'Mr. Krause, irorn J?ottstown Montgomery county, was pilfered, /and« great quantities of towels, v carpets ; -Blips,silk -Blips,silk dresses and shawls taken by --this man from the cars, his. goods having .--been., shipped for Indiana, Pa. Jo*n J: J5urk-r holder was opposed to-this match. ,, ^-.,- , "Things -went on swimmingly -until,;; Marchr'of this year, traces of missing country, and and Por- uni- interesting, were '.obtained, and the result cqvery of about a;thousand dollars of, ; 'goods at.'HawJtls and "Ware's.,.^ -tE 'heifl»hiit"a » , . i led to the suspicion- that.so^mejivasi.conceal-- ed' at Bnrfcholder's. ? tr are having anested, he told them where f it- hid, and as tbe search continued,-, packages of goods were found the haymow, in ths cellar, under, tha/pbta-. toes, in apd about the outhouse, and-every^ where that goods, could or would be hidden.* Lamps and oil cans of the railroad Company were found in the possession of holder, and .stolen goods were fonndfint every part of the bouse--in the trunks of the girls, and even upon-'tlie sons of the boys. It was impossible $ to, convict all the defendants without-the tee-- timony of Ware, as nine-tenths of the- perty it was not possible to identify. "John J. Burkbolder owns a larg and was in no necessity of resorting mode of making a living. The Jrial TFU'B doubly impressive, inasmuch as it ia '-the practice in this judicial district, under-"the act of Assembly, to arraign all persona* charged with the commission of a felonyy was-a strange and painful family reunion- eight persons, from the giayheaded~grand-' father to th« youngest son ol fourteen y ofage."

Clipped from
  1. The Adams Sentinel,
  2. 14 Nov 1865, Tue,
  3. Page 1

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  • BURKHOLDER, JOHN & FAMILY — Family of thieves.

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