RR injunction against unions, A A Laxton named as defendant

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RR injunction against unions, A A Laxton named as defendant - rfSBtay evening 1 on the banks of Grand...
rfSBtay evening 1 on the banks of Grand ^,^8unday at his mother's home. R. M Round Table discussion led by B. H Ditrall and Charles Meador Mrs Mnritta RoJ.lnson. of Vlnltn. Is l*ryor She was accompanied *>y Mi and Mrs. J. E. Wl^jrlns and sons of Wetumka. nJid Mls« Uj'dla Burke of dnv to return the latter part of the week. Mrs. Alble Humphrey and daughters W. Shearer Rrcrwn Is the only man for county attorney —Adv. I In the District Court of the United States in and for the Eastern District of Oklahoma ftansa*, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway Company, Complainants, ] vs. International Association of Machinists, et al, Defendants. In Equity No. 2904 PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION Now on this 28th day of July, 1922, at the ' hour of 10:00 o'clock a. m., this cause coming on for further hearing upon the application of complainant complainant for a preliminary injunction herein, tho ; complainant duly appearing by its solicitor of rec- i ord; and the defendants appearing by their solid- ' tor of record; and I IT DULY APPEARING TO THE COURT, that ' due service of the temporary' restraining order I heretofore issued herein, to-wit: on the 14th day | / of July, 1922, has been had and obtained as pro- j vided and required in said temporary restraining i order on the following named defendants, to-wit" ; International Association of Machinists, Interna- 1 tional Brotherhood of Boiler Makers, Iron Ship Builders and Helpers of America, The Interna- j tional Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forger*, ' and Helpers, The International Alliance of Amal- ! , gamated Sheet Metal Workers, International Broth-{ erhood of Electrical Workers, The Brotherhood ot . Railway Car Men of America, A. A. Laxton, J. H. j Losier, C. S. Newman. R. I. Hudson, C. M.Reitevent, ' Jess Dinsmore, Henry Bosbeck, E. N. Magnese, Fred j Seharmacher, W. H. Schalk, Sam Grochecker, C. W. Lippert, A. R. Elrod, Albert Williams. Lee Sykea, E. Berrington, B. H. Brandon, D. V. Guice. IT IS FURTHER DULY APPEARING TO THE i COURT, from the verified bill of complaint filed I herein and *he evidence offered in support there- ! of, that complainant is entitled to a preliminary j injunction against the above named defendants, j and each of them, and against all other persons affiliating, acting, combining, conspiring, agreeing agreeing or arranging with them, as prayed in such bill of complaint, and as set forth in temporary restraining order, and the Court now being sufficiently sufficiently advised in the premises and the complainant complainant having executed a bond, approved by the Judge of this Court, in the penal sum of Ten Thousand (|10J)00.00) Dollars, securing the said - defendants against all costs and damages which may be incurred or sufiered by them, or any of them, from the issue of a preliminary injunction injunction herein if it should be finally determined' that the same was improperly issued or that may be awarded to them, or any of them, by reason of the granting of said preliminary injunction; NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that you and each of you, the defendants herein named and all other persons affiliated, acting, co-operat ing, confederating, combining, conspiring, agreeing, agreeing, or arranging with you be enjoined and restrained restrained from in any manner interfering with, hindering, hindering, obstructing *>r stopping the business of the complainant or its agents, servants or employes in the maintenance, conduct or operation of its bua* ness; from preventing or attempting to prevent any person or persons by threats, intimidations, force or violence from entering into or continuing continuing in the complainant's service; from Tn any manner agreeing or combining or conspiring together together to injure or destroy, hinder or interfere with or obstruct the business of the complainant, its officers, agents or employes; from compelling or inducing or attempting to compel or induce by threats, intimidations, force, violence, fraud or deception any person now in the employ of the complainant to cease performance of his duties, or to fail^or rjefuse to enter or continue in its service; from commanding or directing or permittipg any person under the control of the said defendants, or any of them to interfere with or prevent by threats, intimidations, fraud or violence any person from entering or continuing in the' employment of complainant; from in any manner or in any way whatsoever by the use of threats, of personal injury, injury, intimidation or suggestion of danger or threats of violence of any kind, hindering, obstruct-! ing, or interfering with any person in the employ of the complainant in going to or from his work; and from interfering by violence or threats of violence in any manner with any person desiring to be employed by the complainant, and from inducing inducing or attempting to compel or induce by threats, intimidations, force or violence or putting in fear of suggestions of danger any of the em­ ployes of the complainant or persons seeking employment employment with complainant so as to cause them to refuse to perform any of their duties as em­ ployes of complainant and from preventing any persons by threats, intimidations, force, or violence or suggestion of danger or violence, from entering entering into the employ of the complainant; from trespassing trespassing or entering upqn the grounds or premises of complainant for the purpose of interfering therewith therewith or hindering or obstructing its business, or for the purpose of compelling by threats or intimidations, intimidations, violence or^ abusive language, or putting putting in fear, or suggestions of danger any of the complainant's employes to refuse or fail to perform perform their duties as such, and from compelling or inducing, or attempting to compel or induce by fear or suggestions of danger any of complainant's complainant's employes to leave its service or to fall or refuse to perform their duties as such employes, or compelling or attempting to compel by like cause any person desiring to seek employment with complainant from so accepting the employment; employment; and from ordering, directing, aiding, coun­ selling, assisting or abetting any person, or persona, company or organization to do or cause to be done any of the things aforesaid; from engaging in the practice commonly known as picketing, that is to say, assembling or causing to be assembled assembled numbers of men in sympathy with the said strike at or near points of ingress and egress in the shops of complainant or in proximity to complainant's property where its present employes are required to work, and from accosting com- lainant's employes as they go in and out of eneir respective places of work and by threats of personal personal injury or intimidation or force or violence or putting in fear, or suggestions of danger, attempting to persuade or intimidate or prevent said employes from entering upon their duties or continuing therein, therein, or from preventing any other person by like means from entering into the employ of the complainant; or irom ordering, directing, aiding or assisting in any way, or in any way abetting any person in committing the said unlawful acts; from congregating upon pr from maintaining at or near any of the yards, shops, depots, terminals, tracks, way-lands, road-beds or premises of the complainant by guards, pickets or persons, to perform perform any act of guarding, patrolling or picketing any such yards, shops, depots, terminals, tracks, way-lands or premises, or to threaten or in any manner intimidate or make suggestions of danger or threats of violence of any kind to any servant or employe of complainant or persons desiring to enter into service of employment; from in any manner combining or conspiring, commanding or directing the doing by any person of any injury or bodily harm to any of the servants, agents or employes of the complainant; but this shall not prevent picketing by not to exceed one representative representative of defendants at or near each point of ingress ingress or egress to complainant's shops, which representative shall not abuse, slander or threaten any of plaintiff's workmen, and shall not approach any of said workmen or employes of plaintiff otherwise otherwise than singly, And shall not in their single efforts efforts by communication or persuasion obstruct an unwilling listener or in any respect dog his steps; from going Bingly or collectively to the homes, abodes or places of residence of, the servants servants or employes of- the complainant for the purpose purpose of intimidating, coercing or threatening them, or in any manner by violence, intimidation or threats, or putting them in fear or suggestions of danger to induce them to leave the service of the complainant or to refuse to perform their duties for the complainant, or to*refuse to enter the service service of the complainant; from in any way hindering, hindering, obstructing, or impeding the operation of the trains of complainant or the movement of freight and passenger traffic and United States mail, or performing or discharging other duties as a carrier; carrier; from endeavoring illegally^ induce people not to deal with the complainant, its agents qr employes; and from in any manner destroying or injuring property of the complainant; or by any of such means aforesaid hindering, obstructing or interfering with the carrying on of its business of a carrier of interstate commerce; and from ordering, ordering, directing, aiding, counselling, assisting or abetting any person, company or organization to do or cause to be done any of the things aforesaid; from injuring in any manner any of the cars or locomotives of complainant, or any of the safety appliances, air hose, brakes, couplings, or other attachments thereof, or any other property, ot buildings, or machinery, or equipment whatsoever, belonging or to be used by complainant or its employees employees in interstate commerce or the carrying of the United States mails, until the further order of this court. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that this preliminary preliminary injunction shall continue in effect from the date hereof until the final hearing of this cause or until the further order of this court, and shall be operative and take effect and be binding upon the said, defendants and upon all persons whomsoever, upon notice thereof, or. by reading, or by delivering a copy thereof, or by publication by posting or printing. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that as to the defendants defendants herein who have not as yet "been Served, the restraining order heretofore issued shall be continued in force until the 81st day of July, 1922, at 10 :00 L o'clock a. m., at which tune the said defendants defendants served in the meantime are ordered to appear before this Court at Muskogee, Oklahoma, at 10:00 o'clock a. m., to show cause, if any they have, why the preliminary injunction, as prayed for, should not be granted. * R. L. WILLIAMS, , Judge of the District Court of the United States United States of America, Eastern District of Oklahoma, as. i I, W. V. McChtre, Clerk of the) District Court of the United 8tates for the Eastern N District of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of Order of preliminary injunction made and entered of record on July ~28, A. D. 1922, in the case of Kansas- Oklahoma and Gulf Railway Company, Complainant, Complainant, vs. International Association of Machinists, et al., as the same is now on record in tho office of said Court WITNESS my hand and official seal at my office in. the City of Muskogee, in said district, this 28th day of July,^ A. D., 1922. W. V. McCLURE, District Clerk, By PEARLE JULIAN, Deputy, (Seal of the United States District Court,' Eastern District of Oklahoma.)

Clipped from
  1. Muskogee Times-Democrat,
  2. 29 Jul 1922, Sat,
  3. Page 16

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  • RR injunction against unions, A A Laxton named as defendant

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