James V Jay Murder

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James V Jay Murder - recently -national a he be bench tax. come to...
recently -national a he be bench tax. come to the income by the and was in income write him seem of the be guilt the wo was came armed indignation of recognized of a be guilt. mo- and in devoted truth bis of make of bis and the of jus December execution man Godfrey killing ambush. case Court was Webber motive Webber wife. to at years bad his A TPRRIULH CRIflB IN UUNCOMUB. A PbyilcUo, Supped d to tx tniant Drink, Kllli 111» Tbrt Children. Ashovllltf Dispatch, Htb. Quo of.Jhe most terrible crimes evor committed in North Carolina occurred this morning when Dr. V. Jay, a well known physician Buncombe county, living at Bar- uardsville, twenty miles north of Ashovillo, killed with a claw bis three children, aged two, fonr and six years. The nows of the ody was received here by telephone this morning. It is said that Jay had been drinking heavily for two weeks, and last night ran wife away from home. Mrs. Jay returned this morning and was in act of preparing breakfast when husband attacked her again and her out of tho house. She started to a neighbor's to get help and her children crying on tbo porch. While the mother was gone Jay all three of the children with a hammer. Mrs. Jay soon returned with several men, but the man done his work and the lifeless were fonnd lying on the porch. After committing the deed Jay into the hopse and attempted to it on firo, bnt the men who with Mrs. Jay rushed in and overpowered him and extinguished tbo flames. Jay was then bound, and foot, and Sheriff Reed notified. The sheriff with Deputy Wells to the scene of the tragedy and drive of forty miles returned this afternoon with Jay sitting be twcen two officers. Jay, when asked tonight if he not know that be was killing children, said that be knew he bnt that he just could not stop; be loved his children and knew was going to kill them Jay evidently expects to be hanged, for told Sheriff Reed that be had money to keep bis wife from suffering. He says that he it sorry committed the crime bnt that it not be helped and there IB no grieve over it. After the tragedy the man to his wife saying: "I have committed an awful crime; will yon To this Mrs. Jay replied, "I yon and hope to meet yon in E. L. county, par scour no has the reward from from been by ma coal but being of was eon by of as The following in regard to tho tragedy is from the Asheville Citizen of Sunday: In detailing the story Sherriff said that Friday night Dr. Jay home and kicked over the stove. After doing this be wont out of house and over to the graveyard nearby, took off all bis clothing as ho told tbo sheriff, thought he would commit suicide. Changing his mind, however, he went back tbe bouse, secured a drink of and went to bed. Early yesterday morning Mrs. Jay went over to Thomas Dillingbam's to get that gentleman to come over and help up the stove, so Jay said. At rate while she was absent he the hammer and pounded his chil dren to death. Ho first killed bis eldest child, a little girl six years old. Her bead was terribly beaten up, tbe whole top being crushed Jay then killed tbe little four old, whose bead was also badly crushed in,' He then, according bis own statement, struck the several blows with tho hammer loft it still alivo. When asked by tbe sheriff if the children were ing'ho said they were, but on subject he didn't show any disposition to talk. Just as he throw the baby tbo floor some of tho neighbors in sight and Jay wont into the and tried to burn it down, setting to a quantity of clothing. This men extinguished, and covering man, took him to tho Bnrleson 3bet.ff Reed said that reports firs. Jay wore that she seemed more grieved about tho treatment that she was afraid would bo ed her husband than she was the children. It is said that Friday night Dr. Jay went to the store near his and bought all tbo children now and now clothing, and that he bragging abont what fine children were. The shoos and clothing wore fonnd hanging up in tbo house, ing never boon touched. In an interview yesterday with representative of the Citiien, Dr. stated, when asked if he remombsrod what happened on Friday night, on Friday he had a bard day's --that is, practicing--and ho camo home early, had his sapper and to bed early. Ho then remembered that abont 9 o'clock his heart to bother him and ho called bis from tho next room, whore she and bad her to rub his side and with alcohol. After about ono half hour h'o went to sleep. Ho said ho had another attack, and from time, which was about 10 o'clock, said it seemed as if his mind left and he did not remember anything that he did, or that was done u or 11 o'clock yesterday morning, when the sheriff came after him Dr. Jay was then asked if he had been drinking and ho said he had touched a drop of liquor or drugs any kind for over six weeks, and said he just professed religion only last Wednesday out at a church. Jay then said that ho had never hia mind to leave him before, and thought it was caused by overwork which bo did on Friday.

Clipped from
  1. Statesville Record And Landmark,
  2. 20 Oct 1903, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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