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The Cullman Democrat, 29 March, 1951 - DEMOCRAT County's Announced is aiming at a...
DEMOCRAT County's Announced is aiming at a bushels of 450,000 bushels of bushels corn, and cotton in 1951, according Wilhite, chairman County Production Administration records of will require spring of the following Cullman County: 75,000 acres oats and 540 sorghum. explains that will be the basis plans for individual Farmers themselves their own production be given every assistance to. include the to add up to Drive-In A Bengal Cooper Tone Wildcat Montez - WED. Helmet Brodie - FRIDAY Thief Romero Every Show 12, In Cars, Free SERVICE A L E R Authorized the Sale and Of Washers County * Co. 777 GENUlNt A Resolution A Resolution Granting Permission And Authorization For The Incorporation Of The Industrial Development Board Of The Town Of Garden City And Approving The Form Of Certificate Of Incorporation Proposed Therefor WHEREAS, Mrs. L. E. Price, J. H. Shaver, C. T. Reid and Claude Edwards have filed with the mayor and town council of this Town an application in writing signed by said applicants for permission and authorization to incorporate a corporation to be known as "The Industrial Development Board of the Town of Garden City" and the said mayor and town council have ascertained and found that the said applicants are natural persons and are duly qualified electors of and taxpayers and property owners in said town; and WHEREAS, the mayor and town council of said town have examined the said application and have found that the same is regular in all respects and conforms with the requirements of the laws of Alabama under which the said corporation is proposed to be organized, and the said mayor and town council deem is wise, expedient, necessary and advisable that said corporation be formed; and WHEREAS, there was submitted with said application a form of certificate of incorporation proposed to be used in organizing said corporation, which form is deemed appropriate and satisfactory by said mayor and town council; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the mayor and Town Council of the Town of Garden City, Alabama, as follows: (1) The recitals contained in the foregoing preambles are hereby found and declared to be true. (2) The said application and the county goals. He emphasizes, however, that farmers will "be encouraged to maintain their soil improving rotations and practices and to continue their plans to improve or sdapt their production program to the conditions under which they must operate. This will mean, he explains, that an individual farmer may actually decrease the acreage planted to certain of the needed crops while others will be expected to plant enough extra to make up the difference. In the chairman's words, "Every effort will be made to encourage and assist farmers to see that next fall Cullman County will come up with its full share of the needed crops, but we will keep our goals efforts so flexible that the individual farmer will have the necessary leeway to keep up his land. Since production and conservation go hand in hand, the expected increase in productio will require stepping up the conservation practices which maintain the productive capacity of the land." The chairman explains that the current effort is a vital part of the nation's defense program and now that Cullman County farmers know what is expected from them, there is no doubt that their plans Cullman County Vets On The Farm By GRADY B. KNIGHT Pictured above is Calvin Kilgo of the Logan community who has a three and a half acre pond which was constructed about a year ago for only $320. It is fed by three springs and some drainage water. The pond was stocked with -bream last January and bass last May. The bream are now as long as seven inches and the bass are up to ten inches long. Mr. Kilgo is looking forward to some good fishing for sport and food this year. Of course, ihe pond is fertilized as all good ponds should be: same amount and type as cotton, except it should be put on at 30-day intervals throughout spring and summer. SuiTOunding the pond are ten acres of good permanent pasture. Mr. Kilgo started his On-the- Farm Training in February of 1950, with only one beef animal. He now has six and is expecting to add some other animals in the near future to his herd. the said proposed form of certificate of incorporation are hereby ordered to be spread on the minutes of this meeting. (3) It is hereby found and declared to be wise, expedient, necessary and advisable that there be formed the corporation for the incorporation whic hthe said application has been made. (4) Said application is hereby ?llowed, and permission and authorization are hereby granted to the persons signing said application to file and record a certificate for the incorporation of The Industrial Development Board of the Town of Garden City in the manner provided by the laws of Alabama under which said corporation is proposed to be organized. (5) The said form of certificate of incorporation proposed to be used in organizing said corporation is hereby approved. Adopted and apuroved this 18th day of January, 1951. Victor L. Edwards Mayor Authenticated: Carrie May Shaver Town Clerk Alabama Counties Fight Mad Foxes Auburn, Ala.--The Covington County mad fox program which began in mid-February is showing good progress. In fact more than 1000 foxes have been caught. Neighboring Crenshaw County is considering carrying on a similar fox control program since the number of foxes appears to be increasing. If this work is carried out, Crenshaw will be the first county in Alabama to start a program before a serious outbreak of mad foxes occurs. "Therefore," declares Earl F. Kennamer, A. P. I. Extension Seivice fish and wildlife specialist, "county officials are to be complimented for having this foresight." The specialist adds that the main thing for all people to ?o is to be on the lookout for strangely acting foxes. Mad foxes like to hang around barns and will fight dogs, even in the front yard. R F G I S T E R ' S SALE THE STATE OF ALABAMA, Cullman County. CIRCUIT COURT IN EQUITY No 5050 S. L. McLarty, Complainant Vs. A. W. Johnston, Defendant By virtue of a decree in the above stated cause rendered on the 10th day of March, 1951 and filed in this cause on March 16, 1951 by the Circuit Court, in Equity, to satisfy said decree, I will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, at public sale, at the Courthouse door said County, between the hours of 11 o'clock A. M and 4 o'clock P. M. on Monday, the 23rd Day of April. 1951 the following described property, viz.: The 'southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section thirty-five, township eight, range 2 west, less about one-fifth of an acre off the northeast corner between the north line and the Cullman and 'Cotaco public road, formerly deeded by S. W. Burke to D. H. Howell, less also one acre upon which the Christian Church now stands, less also one-half acre lying between said north line and said public road and immediately west of the above described one-fifth of an acre deeded to said Howell as aforesaid. Also, we hereby convey one acre of land which Large Number At Hog School Held At Courthouse Friday A large group of farmers attended the Hog School held at the Courthouse on Friday, March 16, under the direction of H. G. Pinkston, County Agent. G. B. Phillips, A. P. I. Extension Swine Specialist, gave a very interesting talk on the opportunities in this area for the producion of more hogs. He emphasized the fact that high corn yields and good pastures being produced in the county make hogs one of the logical kind of livestock on more farms for a better balanced agri- Crop Insurance Cullman Again the are offered cotton crop at a acre. , Some 3000 County benefited 1950. There will in the county for losses on their We hope that year as disastrous did in 1949 and tell. If we make small premium to very much, loss the amount of untold benefit the $300,000.00 of the county in more than 1500 April 10th Is making application on the 1951 crop urge you, if you by one of the the county, to office and make Remember April for making this Lands For At Redstone The Mobile of Engineers bids for leasing 10,083 acres of Arsenal, Huntsville, agricultural, grazing, purposes. The land divided into 25 size from 26 to units being acres. The property inspection by and arrangements inspection may be Commanding Officer Arsenal. The can also furnish information and copies Invitation for Bids and Colonel W. K. District Engineer, should reach the Division of the Office by 11:00 a. Bids will be the office of the Redstone Arsenal, April 12, 1951. Repairing If the wooden knife or cooking it with electrician's Then it will Inst culture. Mr. Phillips emphasized the litters of good of parasite control proper feeding of the brood sow. In connection J. C. Lowery, A. Agronomist, production of grain and including varieties, recommendations, land seeding dates and give grazing as nearly as is

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