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List of Delagates - LIKE 11 LOVE - FEAST Continued from page S....
LIKE 11 LOVE - FEAST Continued from page S. appointed to escort Mr. Conry to the convention. Chairman O'Neill, however, promptly ruled the motion out of order contending that the nominations must be proceeded with. Some dissatisfaction was expressed but the chairman's rutins prevailed. FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Attorney John J. Murphy in a neat speech nominated Attorney James J. O'Malley of Olyphant for district attorney, remarking that this was the first occasion upon which Mr. O'Malley had sought an ottice, notwithstanding that he was well known and had for years been a faithful worker for the party. Mr. O'Malley was a young man, yet his experience of Ave years well fitted him for the office inasmuch as he had practiced extensively in all the courts. This was a year for young men, and a year, he believed, for the Democratic party. For that reason Mr. O'Malley should be nominated and elected. Mr. Stephen Evans of Olyphant, as a neighbor, supported the nomination of Mr. O Malley, whom, he declared, rep resented the stalwart young Democracy found up the valley. There being no other nomination Mr. O'Malley was nominated district attorney by acclamation. MR. SCHADT NOMINATED. Attorney Joseph O'Brien nominated Mr. Charles ii. Schadt for sheriff in a brief, crisp speech, in the course of which he said that Mr. Sehadt had demonstrated his honesty and integrity during his incumbency of the office of county treasurer where his record was unassailable. Three years ago he was a candidate for the office of sheriff and was defeated. There now prevailed a general sentiment that he should once more be nominated and a better candidate, he urged, could not be found. Mr. Schadt was nominated without opposition. MR. BOLAND FOR TREASURER. Attorney M. J. Donohoe nominated Mr. C. G. Eoland for county treasurer and spoke of the successful fight made by him four years ago for city treasurer. L'pon that occasion it was a case of the office seeking the man, and this was unjustified by the result. He was a man well qualified for the office and he placed his name in nomination with every confidence. There was no opposition and Mr. Boland was declared the nominee. FOR FROTHONOTARY. X. Drennan, of Carbondale. formally nominated Matthew F. Norton, of Carbondale, for prothonotary. No remarks were made and Mr. Norton was ue - clared nominated. No response was made to the call for nominations for candidates for clerk of the courts. Attorney M. J. Walsh nominated red Warnke for recorder ef deeds, There was no opposition and he was declared nominated. At this juncture Mr. Horan caught ine eye ot me chairman and askea if nominations for clerk of the courts had been called and received a reply m tne ainrmative. lie asked if he would be In order in making a nomination, and being assured that he would named Thomas Law, of Archbald,. The same monotony was observed and Mr, Law was declared nominated. THE FIRST CONTEST. Mr. Douglas Ward, in a well deliv ered speech, nominated William Koch, jr., for the office of register of wills! which he now holds, urging that his clean administration entitled him to another term. Mr. Charles Doherty nominated John K. Regan, of the Sixth ward. The vote was as follows: Koch 02 Kenan oi: Vj Michael Ginley; Second district, Thomas Moran. Second ward. First district. Kdward McKenny; Second district, Michael t) Boyle. Third ward, First district, Thomas Gibbons; Second district. John A. Horan; Third district, T. J. McDonald: Fourth ward. Thomas O'Mallev. Fifth ward. Martin McAndrew. Sixth ward, First district. Thomas Brown; Second district, P. J. Dempsey. Elmhurst borough W. B. Kearncv. Fell township First district, Michael Howard; Second district, John Lavden and Alexander Theysko; Fourth district, James Caw ley. Glenburn borough H. U Hall Uouldsboro J. S. Bachman. Greenfield township Lewis E. White. jrnerson townsnip Alt. Beers. Jermyn First ward. P. J. Martin Rec ona ward. M. J. Kennv. Thir.1 mnl Patrick Uurdick. Lackawanna townshln South rilstrlnt J. J. Coyne and M. P. Lydon; West dis trict, jonn Aeaion; East district, Owen McDermott; Northeast district. James JlcGloin; Southwest district, John Jef - Lehigh township Berden Fleet. Madison township Thomas Scanlon. iuayueia Dorousn f . j. Forbes, Newton township Paul Aten. North Abingtun township Thos. Fisk. via Forge township John A. Naeell. Old Forge borough First district, C. J. Reogh; Second district, Henry Rlven - uurg; fourth district, James Melvin. uiypnant First ward. John Connor. Second ward, Lewis Ulockberger. Third ward. First district, Christ Pierce; Second district. M. J. Gaughan. Fourth want, p. j, McLean. Kansom township First district, Dr. c t,. Klehards. Scott township James McDade. Majority for Koch FOR JURY COMMISSIONER. The liveliest and only real contest of the day was in connection with the jury commissionership. When nom iimuuns were in vuea a letter was handed to the chairman notifying him mat William L. Kana and M. E. O'Mal ley, two candidates, had withdrawn in the interest of D. J. Campbell. The following candidates were thereupon nominated: J. J. Carden, Carbondale, oy Aiirea lieers, or jetterson; John E, Flynn, of Archbald, by Prof. White; Thomas F. McCann. of the South Side, by Daniel Battle; D. J. Campbell, by ex - city solicitor M. A. MoGlnlev: A, J. Gavin, of Jermyn, and Morris Dug - gan. Mr. MeGinley, in nominating Mr. Camrbell, referred to recent events in the county which had made it necessary that the man who tilled the office should be of unimpeachable character, u man of honesty and integrity and above suspicion. Mr. Campbell had been weighed and found not wanting. Mr. Newcomb supported the nomination of Mr. Campbell, urging that the present was the most important emergency in the history of the county. The Republican party had risen equal to the occasion and nominated for the position a man of the highest charaoter and probity. Mr.. Sturges was a man of millions, with plenty to do, but had taken the office in order to see if he could purge the office of its rascality. In this the' Republicans had thrown down the challenge and the Democrats should reply by nominating Mr. Campbell. The vote was announced as follows: Campbell 11714 Flynn 4 ia McCann Gavin 13 ' Dugsan Dacey , 2 Kane 1 Mr. Campbell's nomination was thereupon made unanimous. MR. CONRY'S THANKS. Sir. Conry, who by this time was In the room, was called upon and returned thanks for his nomination, declaring that it was his unalterable determination to show his appreciation of their fidelity by making a determined fight for the success of Democracy. He made a splendid defense of the Kansas City platform, in which he said he believed sincerely and fully, lmper - I ialism was the paramount issue before the people and to this policy the Democratic party was unalterably opposed. LIST OF DELEGATES. The delegates enrolled were cs follows: Archbald First ward. First district, William Trently. Second ward, Kdward J. Munlcy. Third ward. Martin Ready. Benton township W. H. F.werts. Blakely First ward, K. Dunlap. Second ward. W. McLaughlin. Third Ward. It. P. McHugh. Carbondale township Northwest district, Michael Coggins; Northeast district, John Duffy. Carbondale Firet ward, First district, John Bridget; Third district, Hugh Price. Second ward, First district, w. J. Bytne; Second district, J. J. O'Neill - Third dlRtrict, Patrick McDonald. Third ward. First district. John F. McDonald; Second district, Patrick Lunney; Third district, Charles Boland; Fourth district, Michael Duggan. Fourth ward, First district, J. J. Farrell; Second district, Thomas A. Casey; Third district, Patrick Pace. Fifth ward, First district, Jerry Cotter; Second district, Henry Cooli - can. Sixth ward. First district, M. J. Brnnun; Second district, Michael Clune Clifton township T. B. Daggcrt. Covington P. T. Mnrtln. Pftlton borough M. Holder. Dickson First ward, John Rellley Second ward. Thomas Toloy. Thlrii wsrd, M. C. Donnelly. Y ' Punmoro First ward, First district, J SCRANTOX. First ward First district, John J. Mc iiugn; second district, M. J. Walsh llurd district, John F. Connors; Fourth district, Donilnlck Padden; Fifth district, Anthony Carden. Second ward First district, O. P. Miller; Second district, Frank McAndrew; Third district, Patrick J. O'Malley; Fourth district, James J. Flynn; Fifth uisu'ici, .outrun Aic.uanama. Third ward First district. John Rock; aecoiiu district, jonn auamara. I - ourth ward First district, Nicholas Behres; Third district, Michael J. La - veue; i ourth district. John Crossin, Fifth ward First district, John V. Howell; Second dlstrk - t, Patrick Regan; Third district. P. J. McAndrew; Fourth dls trict. Joseph O Brten. Sixth ward First district, Thomas Ferguson; Second district. Archbald Johnson; ihird district, James Dunn. Seventh ward First district, John Kelte; Second district. F. E. McAndrew: Third district, John Flaherty and James Uempsey. Lighth ward First district. Samuel Jerkoviu; Second district, John E. Grimes. Ninth ward First district. E. C. New - comb; Second district. John J. Fahey; third district, James Coleman. Tenth ward First district. John But terman; Second district. Michael Mech - ler. 1 Eleventh ward First district. John De - muth; Second district. Joseph Minus; Third district. Frank McGrath. Twelfth ward First district. Michael McHale; Second district, Michael Boland. Thirteenth ward First district. M. J. McDonnell; Second district, M. F. Kear ney; Third district, Aliuhael M. Keuy. f ourteenth warn First district, vui "i M' Ouire: Second district. William Nolan, jr. iiii.' ward First district, John O'Neill: Second district. Edward Gerrity. Sixteenth ward First district. M. F. lianult - y: Second district. M. J. Gillespie. Seventeenth ward First district. P. J. Honan; Second district, Joseph O'Brien; Third district, P. S. Boland. Eighteenth ward Thomas Dacey and James Moore. Nineteenth ward First district, Henry Heintz; Second district, T. J. Quinn; Third district. Paul Kelly; Fourth district, James F. Wade. Twentieth ward First district, Rob ert McCrea: Second district. Martin Ca - halin and Patrick Tteue: Third district Michael Sullivan; Fourth district, Wil liam Roach and Joseph Moore. Twenty - tirst ward First district, P. F. Clark: Second district. John Monahan, South Abinrton First district, J. E. Callender; Second district, A. A. Nich ols; Third district. John T. Boyce. Snrinif Brook John R. Summers. Taylor First ward, John McDonnell and Anthony W.lby. Second ward, J P. Law. Third ward. Edward McLoneh - Un; Fourth ward, Patrick Murray. Fifth ward. Thomas Hessian. Throop borough August Ollendyke. Vandling borough James Murnin. Waverlv boroueh M. B. Smith. West Ablngton township II. L". Cap - well. Winton borough First ward. John Mc - Andrew. Second ward, John J. Langan, Third ward, William Lawler. NOTES OF THE CONVENTION The delay in calling the afternoon session to order was long and weari some. The weather was warm and oppressive and efforts to cheer well - known leaders of any party failed most disastrously. The delegates were far from being enthusiastic. Even when Jim Dunn, the leader of Democracy from Bellevue Heights and standing made his appearance, the cheers were very faint. When the advent of Jim Dunn failed to arouse a Democratio convention things were pretty low. In nominating Mr. Schadt for sher iff Attorney Joseph O'Brien waxed eloquent and appealed to the audience as "gentlemen of the jury." So accus tomed is Mr. O'Brien to making use of this term that he failed to realize the cause of the roars of laughter. A friend gave him the hint. Attorney John J. Murphy, In his ad dress, referred to the Democratic presidential candidate as "William Jennings O'Brien" and caused considerable laughter, to which he replied that the name should be O Brien, in fact, it was O'Brien when Mr. Bryan's people were in the old country. Many persons commented on the si lence with which the resolutions were received. Mr. R. J. Beamish was sitting near the chairman and his chief duty at conventions is to commence the applause at the proper time. He was engaged yesterday just after the the resolutions were finished, hence the frigidity of the audience. Almost all the nominations were made by lawyers, but there is no ground for the rumor that the speakers were hired yesterday. It was Just a coincidence. The convention might not have pass ed off without trouble tf Mr. Conry had not appeared upon the scene Just as adjournment was to be made. Prof. White advanced in front of the chairman and made a motion that Mr. Conry be asked to speak. A prominent Democrat moved that adjourn ment be made. The chairman hesitated, whereupon Mr. White appealed for a hearing for Mr. Conry, who, he said, was near by. Just then Mr. Conry appeared and was applauded. He began to speak on the floor, until called to the bench. The Idea that some peo ple in the convention did not want Mr. Conry to speuk was possibly well founded. Mr. Campbell's nomination for jury commissioner was a surprise. When nominations were invited one delegate in a disgusted tone said: "What's the use of nominating. You've got your slate fixed anyhow." of of of of at Story ofa Slave. 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