NYTimes.11 November 1873

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NYTimes.11 November 1873 - aWArrnro zktokmattom axir. xtax's AVOW AX....
aWArrnro zktokmattom axir. xtax's AVOW AX. BEPOBX LXAVXXG. WxsaxscoTOS, Not. 10. The capture of ib Virginia wCl reeeir attention in Cabinet aattag to-manvw. All tba information re-talrad vp to that time will undoubtedly be tally eanraaaad and diaooaaed. The rira-a of lb Preaidant on tba anbject of tbe Cnban in-ftarreetlon, and the Bpaniali attempt to mp-araaa it, will find expression in bis message, sad no en ran say before tba publication of Ibat document what tbey will do. . It is hoped that by tbe meeting to-morrow soma progrt es ay ba mad in ascertaining tbe circumstances if tba capture, aa it is important to know r bother tba right of the British Government &T been aleo riolated by seisnre in British raters. There ia no doubt entertained as to b regularity of tha papers under which tba Wrgintas waa -aalling at tb time of tba rapture, nor that they were American papers, tf aba bad been sold t Queaada, as ia alleged a soma of tba papers, there bad, at least, been nich concealment aa to prevent any change in ' ler registry. This fact will certainly be mada the basis of demands upon Spain for expla-sathm aad reparation, onles com pie t official InJsrmation shall Tery materially conflict with that which la now. at band. If tba Mrginina isams to be by prima fmei evidence an Amer-aa Teasel, she wQ undoubtedly be claimed aa sack by the United Etatee Oorernment, and Aa burden of tbe proof to the contrary will be thrown upon Spain. It is evident that it will a a difficult matter, in tbe presence of regular jnerioaa papers, to show that tbe Teasel bad been sold, and evidenc of another character wQ be required to ehow that she was net entitled to tha protection of our Sorernmant.' If aba waa under oar flag tb presumption ia that aba bad m right to carry it. 80 in tbe case of Gen. Byan ; ba waa undoubtedly an American ritisen. .This fact must be assumed by tha United States Got eminent, and if be bad expatriated himself Spain must show bow ba bad dona it, and why be waa not to ba recognized aa an American. In the absence of full information, which is hoped for immediately, but which may be delayed till near tha meeting of Con-all discussion of tha details f Ooremmental action is hypothetical. Bat, aa atated but night, tha facts when obtained will be presented to g pain in the strongest possible manner that ia know u to diplomatic imtareoursa. Tb question aa to what demands will ba mad is on of much interest. If it is . prored that tha Virginius ia not an American rasiel at all, and that nose of those executed were American eitixens, there seems little or nathing left for which our OoTernmeat can insist that reparation shall be made. In any soppoaabl result of official inres titration thaaoeasiosi wiU ba used for each a protest by oar Oorernment against tha barbarity of the Spanish Tohmteera toward the Cabana they are fighting as wiU prerent the recurrence of similar proceedings in the future, or giro tha mar-gents new position before the nations of tba world. If tbe Vlreinius can be maintained to ba an American' Teasel, and any of the executed ba successfully claimed as oar citUens, a simple apology and expression ef regret by Spain will ba far irons satisfying tb peremptory demands that in svtb a eaae wiU be made. There must be assurances for tb future of snob a satisfactory and tangible character aa to secure the popular confidence in their fulfilment and effi-oisncy. Then ia Strang feeling existing here that tba result of tb diplomatic corrorpond-eaee mew la progress must be of tbe Tery great-eat importance to the United Eta tea, to Spain, and to Cuba. The 2fery Departxneat wQ probably rcoeiTa bo special information from Cuba ia reference to tbe affair ef tbe- Vlrginiue. The waters ia which tbe captor ia reported to bare taken place are not often, tf erer, rlsited by tbe United State Teasel stationed at tbe West ladles. About three weeks ago Represents tiTe Wm. J. Fuman, of Florida, met Genu Byan hare at tbe Vatloaal neteL Tbey war Tery well acquaint-d. Said Ryaat I am off for Cuba a gam. and If you bear that I bar fallen Into the bands of fbe Spaniards I want yon to go immediately to tba President and get him to intercede for me. If I am captured It will b all day with m un-leea tbe" President does something to sar my Ufa," , Xr. Purmaa promised, but, of course, the 1 f tb capture eatae too lata. - rmocxxMKaa xxtAixsra to tttjb csmrz 0XA.TXI BT OKDBS OF THX BTAXISU ooTXiurargaT. " WaasawmMr, Not. 10. Nothing of marked taaporaaaos baa osrrad todsywttb rafarenes ts tbe Tirriaias sinUr. with tb sxesptioa af a dispatnh treaa kfliilssis Stcklas nettfytac tk SeiTary ef 8tat thai taa Spaaiab OsTMamatl bad talagrsnb4 t tha Captain General to stay all farther praessd tag tn the ease ef ta caattTee now tn anstody. yiiUtsr Sickles was to bsrs bad an mtarrtow to 4ar wrtb tb Spanish ICbustsr ss Iteain AAdra, Wt wksaW tt took plaee was atknawaata lat this srening. Tba axacaUoa whkb raeantly liinl ta afficial oiralas as brutal. aD tb aots sltlisg H Beoma knewn, sbsl tt .appear that atarnadonal law baa been TioUted, trTr' measarea wul be taksa te tn dignity of this Oersramsnt, But tb BseraUry f Btate baa a Ides that thsCeseeUrOar-sraataat wU b slow t make ana reparation aa fr aa la Hs power, Jadgmg frssa tbe friaadly dlspasl tie tsward the Uaited Stetes, sad tb ipwssed slrs to eattirate mere tatimaU raUUons ef pasoa. 1 sxtta Boaa. Ths Sanretary of Swat la rapeeaaatad ss ssylng to dar, earing an latarrtsw witiC ralaranos ts tbe reported etieattan ef Santa Soaa, that be had net bean affidally adrissd of it, bat that Santo Rosa, bad giro him a great deal of trouble. Eewaa eeeebe bra coadaaraad t Aasih ss s pirate. After eeasaav tag a rasas af psfsr aad eandiag and rscarriag n bis raliass. Ordy a tow as tba gin Misy saylag weatoagaySi fteewed the

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