NY Letter.21November.1873

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NY Letter.21November.1873 - law- yesterday, by being arrested in Judge...
law- yesterday, by being arrested in Judge Btaes's court. Annie Hamilton, according to the nar rative of Chas. Sarstield, assaulted him with intent to kill, and he hence had her arrested and locked up. William Henry, an officious youth. came to grief at the New Orleans. Mobile and Texas Railroad depot yesterday for interferinor with passengers. Elizabeth and Washington Brooks came to grief in Carrollton yesterday, charged with sailing into Betty Tenor and battering her. They were duly arrested and incarcerated. NEW YORK LETTER. New York, Nov. 16, 1873. To the Editor of the Picayune : If we haven't exactly war, we certainly have a sufficiency of rumors of war. This Cuban massacre has proved a god-send to the newspapers at least, affording them sensation matter of the most startling kind, with the additional advantage of being based on a foundation of fact. Fact, however, is not al ways a prime necessity, as was abun dantly proved a few evenings ago by one of the evening journals publishing au ex tra edition, containing several columns of loud head lines and leaded articles,pur-porting to give official and authoritative intelligence from the capital, and of the loings of Government functionaries elsewhere than in Washington, bat without giving a word of actual news more than had appeared in its last regular edition two or three hours previously, all the rest being the merest conjecture. The Times this morning publishes, on the rather apocryphal authority of the "reliable gentleman" who furnished so much news to the papers daring the late unpleasantness," a statement of Secretary Belknap regarding the sentiment of the Cabinet upon the Yirginius horror. The Secretary is reported t& have said : " You are aware that I have been considered somewhat bloodthirsty on this matter, bna. the entire Cabinet are now of my mind. At the meeting held yesterday we were a unit, and if the American people are not satuped with the measures resolved upon at that meeting to vindicate the national honor they must be very hard to please." Pity that, having told ns so much, the Times could not have told us what these meas ures were, and siven ns a chance that is afiorded bnt seldom these days, to award fullest praise to the Administration for meritorious deeds. I am afraid, how ever, that these " measures to vindicate the national honor" will for yet a long time remain as now, something " any body can specu'ate upon but no fellow can find out." It would seem, though, that our Gov ernment cannot long stay its hand from vigorous measures to make its power reepected, even where its spirit is held in small estimation. The official organ of the Administration says the univer sal feeling of resentment and indignation has intensified to an extraordinary degree the desire that prompt and effective measures should be at once adopted by the Government to vindicate the insulted honor of the nation and inflict punishment upoa the Spanish butchers who have dared to insult our flag. ,This sounds refreshing. But more refreshing still are the notes of preparation for active service of our many disused war vessels in every navy yard on the Atlantic coast. The Cubans and their sympathizers are .actively engaged in holding meetings and raising money, and it is stated that they intend to Bend a committee of i their most prominent men to Washington to nrge upon President Grant and the Cabinet the propriety of according belligerent rights to the Cuban patriots A letter has been received here from a prominent Cuban in Havana, which says : " I can assure you that it is a well known fact that the proclamation issued by the new Captain General, Jevellar, on his arrival in Havana, and io which it was stated that the slave matter will not be touched, and no expression of opinion on the part of the liberal press would be permitted, and no measure of reform carried out while an insurgent was left alive, was written and. concocted by the Casino Espagnoje, before the arrival of the Captain General, and then taken to him fer his signature." The same letter says : " The Casino Espagnole in Havana, on receipt of the news of the capture of the Yirginius, sent word to the Casino Espagnole at Santiago not to spare a soul on board, except the British subjects, and expressing the further wish that the President of the United States had been among the number, that they might thus express their detestation of all republicans." " Except the British subjects" conveys a hint to Mr. Hamilton Fish, by which it might be well for the country if he would profit. An incident of the sacrificing spirit of the Cubans in behalf of their cause, which will recall familiar recollections to the Picaycne, is that of an anonymous Cuban lady, who has donaated as her contribution to the exchequer'of the Amigos de Cuba her diamond ornaments, valued at $C56o,to be disposed of by raffle or sale. Speaking of this gift, El Cronista, the Spanish organ in this city, cannot con.' tain the spleen which the patriotic lady's act provokes, and says : " A splendid set of diamonds has been given by a lady to aid another filibustering expedition to Cuba. If this is true, another truth occurs to us : either the diamonds are false, or the perceptiveness of the lady is not very "fine." The utterances of El Cronista upon the Virginius aflair and the American Government are bat little, if any, less envenomed and supercilious than those of the Constfincia aud Vozde Cuba, of Havana, which have been telegraphed you. Its language is a trifle more choice, perhaps, bnt the dictatorial and coiftemptuoas tone is the same. You will have heard by telegraph how great has been the success of the great dry goods houses in their late move to revive trade by cuttinc prices 15 to SO per oent. The sales rooms of some of the largest houses during the past week have resembled a great fair, except that the attendance was entirely masculine, and thn crowds that poured from their doors about lunch time caused wonder ment if these could all be purchaser The firms themselves report their safes unprecedented. One large house has scld two aud a naif million dollars wortn of goods in the six working days of last week, cbitfly to the local or nearby State trade. Southern purchasers do not seem to have profited greatly pj this Opportunity, the sales to that section not hav ing is creased perceptibly, and t;. being the rule with them. The trial nf T j m . '- is still on, and b7 alile0r8 tokens the iTrLJTT- ? so. likely to be aSM , that of the illustrious he ntr r SllOoU . J -" -wem tie convietMi crime. The old testimony vlr? former suits against Tw . I!!in being gone over in all its detail Onlv TWlint nf i.f. -j. x . u lis at the beginning of the trial, iTtaT-f tenons paper handed to Judre Cv" prisoner's counsel, which U tuvw to have been an inf ;,,.; ... .r0 .,iU.,luu taas h. l.i anemona.1 infoi-osi i .1 -. -esd ; ua Bait tru w. judioed against the prisoner, aad hTv bound to recuse himself, as U thtI in Louisiana courts. Wfc.tIr paper may have been it xcitelSa Of Judge Davis to nn ..n a ucgree. 2 HE COUBTS. Sipreae Coart. i niR rnnrr vastArii.. . . . foUowmg gentlemen uponths eormrS tee for the examination of candSt for admission to the bar dnringe! Chairman: John Finr. tv0. Whitaker. Fan fin. D.rH,''. Guy Dnplantier. En w w Esq., John H. New, Esq, E. m '7 Esa.. Henrv B. K.iw v. "ennudet, The first meeting nf will take place at the Supreme CoSI Pnnma nn VriA.- V- no.. . "D -00t - . .u.j , buu AOkQ insu Lain. Joseph Rane, the youth convicted of larceny, in having mafia awavith pocket-book, snatched from the hand of a lady, while she was riding utti Prytania street car, was this (TbBndr morning sentenced to two years' irnrZ. v-luuuu mo x ouibcuuary. Pat Eagan, charged with first, wound, ing less than mayhem ; second, tetany with a dangerous weapon, and third,! sault and battery, was tried and quitted. " The bail in the ce of Jack eatict charged with obtaining money md false pretenses, was fixed at $500, The Grand Jury returned not a trte bill, on an indictment against Chvim Williams for murder. Joe Hooker, charged with lareenj, was convicted, but at the same time-' recommended to the mercy of the ootov Charles Davis was found guilty of catering a shop in the daytime, with ifr i.T. . nAttl Ovt4l A 1 n .TnopnVi Trillini-d oil imrul vrift. l j , . iiu anaajj with a dangerous weapon, tru fouai guilty. " Nature hath framed strange fellon in her' time," as witness the case of Mr. Geo. Harden, a recently departed millionaire of New York. Mr. Harden hat three sets or circles of acquaintance, each of which be appeared in a teptriie character. To one set he was Mr. Get Harden, a rich old bachelor beset via droves ofjsreedy kin ; to another, u lb Geo. Harden, a married man withec issue ; and to the remaining set, LL Walker, also a childless married nun. The lady who was the wife of )t Harden and Air. VYaixer-tne maiml man (or married men) was the faithful house-keeper of Mr. Geo. Harden, tt old Dacneior. ice question nov if whether this eccentric genius died id the character of a married man or of bachelor. The lady claims to have beet his wife, and as there is an immsut estate to divide it is a question of jrta: interest to the loving relatives wi pouring in from all quartets. Waxtbd. Everybody is called pq to learn that Laplace's Indian Traif Pectoral Balm is highly efucaciooi the cure of coughs cold, asthma tail affections of the throat and Ion ft. It prepared by Mr. B. Laplace, the known druggists of Nos. 23 and 25 W si an Fields street, and is for sale he principal w holesale and retail drug- itw of our city. t What Are thx ChaxcxsT Onaai in everv hundred in ordinary eoauwi rial business succeeds, the other! hi but in the gift concert of the mi Library of Kentucky, to be given vm cember Sd, every fifth ticket arawi. cash prize, with chances for euea pn aa 250.000. SI 00.000. $50,000. $25,008, This is a very clear case, aud ill a taking chances, and no wonder. IfVATC StbWT1 A.1 fitisfilliiOl A vl l A-' aa am tat a, v-a "-w a""-' - diiw.tod to the advertisement of IkaC W. K. Lewis & Brothers, of Brad street, Boston, who offer for t4 through the agency of several jlvt moBt prominent grocers anu i"r-dealers in our city, their select Tin of potted meats, guaranteed saperierK any potted or deviled meats a ' market. The assortment consua c ham, tongue, beef, duck, wrw'l chicken, game, and other, appe-s edibles. m, r-Mooonir r;t T j-o.n and BuikUnl J. lJ viOVU. W trj Association wilL by order of the M of Directors, otter a loan or. ruwJ " i office, No. 10 Camp street, on 8?? November 29, at 7 o'clock, r. au , . is a rare opportunity for partiee deta to make profitable investments, ie pected that the attendance .nd th bidding smnted. Dec ment in another column. imgnon is BiugmK xii. - y theatres in Italy. His wife, g Kcll fnnllonrh. is livinl Wit J relations in South Carolina, Ben Wood is reported to hrt H ti Pi $50,000 by tne unio election. U k rt WORN TO A SHADOW Flesh, muscle and mind "LTTiW whea the stomach falton la Jm w, to fe U bowels of tbe and the n. oscular nore loose I brain iiicaimbie of prolocaed or vjrai tinn vvr- nriui. every menioe- brain liicajiauie oi p rui frm j l( Hon. Xvtry organ, .every Jnemt" immortal tuuia liseii, " - tsrr independent upon the ?niLif tM 1 1 tern with HOSTKTTKB S sro." Ti-RS, when it tails to Irt0JlLei . properlr. . A good appetite, air A Io I tail a um ftsainc J"1?- ,",Kr, " ih r manner in wmch Uie JllpSTiss enecis a cuieof dylpa U UJ1 i ie .i imni.rM the dicestive B without eeuvulsijiff the boa-eta, M m flow of bile and determines" J,, j channels, and exercises a i-iri ci ence over Uie nerve. : . , l tsCfLKM'fAts ' nt-M niiis are OANDKAJLS ru-H exposed exB art k and aitbonsb -J y sup-isede the ne of BrcurV. Jf , . of Its ta.ju.loB ffec; ZJSttT the Uver, and are a valuable trajiement resultisa; jxvm - , f. , t.kl. in.NUllntfL tats of that onraa, uj ZSeVL Disorders, IudlresUon, Sick Bf-jyai Fevers, eie ah soeetimb echeuek's Mandrake PUU. - For sale by all drnftfistB sad - BibS 7-otAiytKttF

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