Battle of Lake George 1755 by Lyman

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Battle of Lake George 1755 by Lyman - N E W A V E N, Sept. 27. Extratl of a Letter...
N E W A V E N, Sept. 27. Extratl of a Letter front Mjjor General Lyman, at Luke St. Sacrament (nov) Lake George) ' September Ztb, 1755. YESTERDAY Morning we fent a Party of ioco Men and about 170 or 180 Indian! ' to intercept the French Army j who marched out about three or four Miles, and were attacked by thc French and Indians, who lay in wait, and drew all our Men into a Snare, who were under the Command of Col. William before be fired a Gun: Some of our Men behaved extremely well, and fome of the Indians ; tut others could nt begot up. Col. Whu ng headed thc Retreat, and bchavedl exceeding well, and killed great Numbers of the French and Indians as they came in, and bad like to have disordered us j but our Men recovered, and fought becoming New - Englandmcn j but no Indians cama iiQi - tiU tho Hii - tl,. iMif ' Thp Kvfnrh ramp tin 5n iolif it a i - tr, CtA,ria tance j their Arms fhlncd bright, and could not moot till our Men got in, and when ' thev sot within 20 or 2? Rod. fas confident ot Victory as ever any Army wa:s.) we bctrart our Fire, and they Jikewiic, but we played with Cannon, and they had none j they came on ih? Connecticut Forces, but we fuftained and killed great Numbers of them ; but don't yet know their Number s The Fight in the Woods began about one Quarter before Nine, and tame to us about half an Hour after Ten o'Clock, and we continued it till about half an Hour after Fiye j when they retreated : our Men purfuedyand brought In large Arms full of Guns, laced Hats, &c and took their General Captive, badly wounded, 1 believe moll likely to die : They killed his fecond Officer before they came to us, who was Commander in Chief of the Army that defeated Braddotk, and cried out to hit Men, after he had received his mottal Wound, Fight on, for wc have not Braddoclc to deal with: A Man by, und:riiood French and interpreted. - - Wc took a Number - uf Fiench Piifoncrs.' - - After they retreated about Soo French and Indians returned for their Packs j and when the' Fight began, about 300 Yorkers and New - Hampshire Men attacked and drove them from their Baggage, took it, and all their Blankets, Victuals, Powder, &c. killed a Number, and took fome Captives, and then returned well to thc Camp : They fet out from tho lower Fort into the Woods, and hearing our Guns, camo to help us, fo th a wc gave them a band fome Drefling. Thc French General told roc their Army, was ifloo Aiong, noo 4'ituch, and 600 Indians ; but the Mufter Roll wanted about 40 of tlut Nuiniici, but his. whole Command confifts of 3 117 Men, alrcad arrived ...atCj;owj)PiiinL.and. - Tic(iiiderogi tiAnd. thc.OtiicraLand .OfHccrs who wc - have taken, - ' fay, that all Canada wiH conic Ivors' they lofe Crov.a - Point.' - I am very ""apt' to think, they will exert thcuJelver, to the utnioL. - And now comis thc Time, who mall hold Foot - jng on this Continent. 1 expect their whole Strength ajainft us, here fliortly : We are very fhort cf Provifions and mu - 'l keep thc Road open back to Albany, for the Sake of bringing up Stoics. General Johnlon, was fliot thro' the Thigh, near the Beginning; of the Battle, and retired to his Tent God continued my Ljfe and Health thro' the Whole, altho' in the very hottcft Fire: I was obliged to go thro' the whole Paity engaged, to charge them to keep their Shot, for Fear th; ncmy mould draw away our Fire, and then nun in upon .us . - Tne Bullets whiflkd very trikly, but I v.a? never touched, nor any Part of my Cloaths. I believe there was never a heavier nor hotter Fight in this Country ; and I believe Men never behaved better than the Province and Conhec - , ticat Schliers, who abme were attacked ; After we had wUhflood the Shot fome Tim:, . they turned duv.n a Hill, to try that Wing of the Army where thc Province Forces were polled, and Lund a very warm Reception, and were repulfed, and then rctn&fd. CoL Titchcornb, is killed, Major A fb ley and Major Nicholls, wounded j we expedt wc hae loft a g''car many by Death," and Captivity ,n the Woods : During the Attack our W;ng r.f th - Armv two Men only killed, two mortally wounded, and Numbers (lightly woun - cd but we have n t yet letticd tne ruinocr : - iw .u wm. wuu uuiy - tnc The French General fa ,'S, wc killed many more of theirs, than they of ours ; he - : ; we killed two or - three Hundred cf theirs, by the Number of lat'd Hats our '. J : - .s biou - ht in Conn - 'ft cut has not loft one 'Field' Omar nor " Captain, and I thin.; . : of the infrhr'Offker, But fliaU give a more particular Account in my next, it G , y. rrv I ie Tui. fanallv, has God covered our Heads in the Day of Battle, and gr. . ,a I'Jobl. Vi.r."' . . , ..,' , IM.YM.A. p S I ho - e you will haftcn the Recruits and Province, that we may not bc.oit v. 'to q'lit'th - Fiid for Want. The French General knew our Number as well . and uvean Account of - U our Marches: How he. got the Account I cannot U'l , but Iamyws asb - forc, P.. L. 01 J Hcudrick, and fume other Sachems are kiik;. I hope the Indians wiii now bs mad enough. -

Clipped from
  1. The Virginia Gazette,
  2. 31 Oct 1755, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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  • Battle of Lake George 1755 by Lyman

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