1757 French Expeditions againt Ft William Henry & Mohawk River

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1757 French Expeditions againt Ft William Henry & Mohawk River - Ward in this City, requiring them to give a...
Ward in this City, requiring them to give a Charge to the Church - Wardens and other Officers, within their refpe&ive Wards, to take Care that the Lord's Day may be kept in a more Uriel:" and feligious Manner for the future, and that the Names of all Perfons exercifing their refpettive Trades or Occupations, as alfo the Names of all Vintners, Innkeepers, Alehoufeikeepers, and Coffeehoufe - keep - ers, who ihall entertain Perfons in their Houfes on Sundays, otherwife than they are permitted by Law, may be returned to his Lordfhip or fome o - ther Juflice of the Peace for this City, that they may be punifhed as Defaulters, according to the fevefal Laws now fubfifling. We hear that it is propofed to raife three Millions by Annuities, at three and a half per Cent, and that thofe who fubferibe 1 000 1. will be inti - tled to Annuities of 50 1. per Annum during their, Lives, " Cork, January 3. Lafl Week was married, in the County of Tipperary; Mr. Peter Hayton, Surveyor of Thurlefs, aged 93, to Mifs Jane Davis, of Killenaule, aged 13, an agreeable young Lady, with a handfome Fortune. Bajeterre, in St. Chrilophers, March 23, On Wednefday lafl was carried into Tortola, a Ship bound from Martinico for Bourdeaux, and a Schooner; both laden with Sugar, Coffee, &c. and taken by the Pinfold, Capt. Edny.. And on Saturday was brought into this Road by Capt. Middleton, of his Majefty's Ship the Blanford, the Viftory, a French Schooner Privateer, of ten Guns : As was alfo the Snow - Lovely Matty, Capt. Vancehund for this Ifland from South - Carolina, being re - taken. By Letters in Town, we learn that the above Privateer belonged to Cape - Breton, that fhe had cruized for fome Months on the Coafl of America ; was bound for Martinico ; and in all Probability is the fame that took fo many Veflels on thefe Coafls lafl Fall. BOSTON, April 4. Lafl Tuefday arrived here Capt. Kennedy, in feven Weeks from Lifbon, who informs, That on the 1 jth of February lafl, off the Ifle of St. Mary, he faw feven Sail of large Ships Handing to the We ft ward, but at fuch a Diflance that he could not tell of what Nation they - were. Ext rail - of a Letter from Barbados, March 8. " About five Days ago, two Privateers brought into this Bay, a large French Ship, of about 600 Tons, 18 Guns, and 170 Men; fhe loaded at Marfeilles, and was bound for Martinico ; fhe flopped at Teneriffe to.fhift her French Sailors for Spanifh Ones, and to get a Spanrth Pafs, but alter una bxammation was condemned : She was loaded with Naval Stores and other valuable Goods, to the Amount, as they judged, of One Hundred and Fifty Thoufand rounds Sterling. Lafl Tuefday Night was fe'ennight, the Houfe of Mr. Samuel Lethbridge, of Wrentham, was confumed by Fire, with the Furniture, Wearing Apparel, &c. and a confiderable Quantity of fcng - lifh and Weft - India Goods. The Family faved their Lives by jumping naked out of the Windows. ; . WILLIAMSBURG, March 25. On Wednefday lafl a .Party of Cherokees left this City, under the Command of Major Andrew Lewis, to meet a Party of their Brethren who are - expected upon our frontiers. And the fame Day the Catawbas, under the Command of Lieutenant Williams, left this, to join our Forces at Fort Cumberland ; being all of them very well pleafed with their Reception here, and the Prefents made them by the Honourable the Prefident and Council of this Colony. April 1 . On Monday lafl Lieutenant Baker arrived here with 39 Tufcaroras, 13 Nottoways, 7 Meherrins, and two Sapponys, to whom his Honour the Prefident, with fame Gentlemen of the Council, gave an Audience the next Day, when thofe Indians expreffed themfelves very warmly in behalf of their Brethren the tnghih, ieemed ten - fibly touched with the Cruelties and Barbarities committed by the French and their Indians on the Frontiers of this Colony, which they were now come with a full Refolution to avenge, or die in the Attempt. They are fupplied with Blankets, &c. and are expected to fet off this Day to join our Forces at Fort Cumberland. NEW.yORK, April 11. Part of d Letter from Albany, dated March 30, 1 757. " VVe are credibly informed that two Armies equal in Number to Monfieur Vaudreuil's, fet out from Canada at the fame Time he did ; one of which was deflined to fcour the Mohawks River, and meet M. Vaudreuil in Albany 1 but the Defli - nation of the third was not known, thooph it generany uiuugiu mcy imcnutu 10 march North ' wara ; anu uiai uic rrcncn in me late Action wirf, the brave. Captain Rogers, had not lefs than fifi. Men killed and wounded. " . v. ExtraSl of anbther Letter from Albany April z, j " This Morning an Account was brouVlif t Town, that a large Army of French and Indiam were leen ar, a imaii umance irom the Ceram Flats, - but few here believe it.. Sir William Johnfon is Hill in Readinefs, with 1500 of tie iviinna. . - " Every Man in the French Army that cine againft Fort William Henry, was equipped in die following Manner, viz. ;' With 2 Pair of Indian Shoes, 2 Pair of Stockings' 1 Pair of Spatterdafhes 1 Pair of Breeches, z Jackets, 1 large Over Coat,' 2 Shirts, 2 Caps, 1 Hat, 1 Pair of Mittens, - i To. mahawk, 2 Pocket - Knives, 1 Scalping - Knife, 1 Steel and Flint, every 2 Men an Axe, and even four a Kettle and Oil - cloth 'for a Tent, with ont Blanket and a Bearfkin, and 1 2 Days Provifions of Pork and Bread ; all which they drew on Hand. Sleighs." ; . ' P. S. , Three o'clock in the Afternoon. Jul now another Exprefs came to Town from the Ger. man Flats ; the Particulars I cannot learn ; but it is reported the French were near by, and conifled of 2000 Men. The Militia Drums beat to Aw again." . . On Tuefday lafl returned into this Port, from a fix Months Cruize, the Privateer Snow Cicero, Capt. Ephraim Cooke, Commander. Some Parti. culars of her Cruize are as follow ; That o the 14th of Oflober lafl fhe left Sandy - Hook, and on the 19th of November, to WindwaiJ of Antigua, they met with a French Privatte Sloop of 1 4 Carriage Gun's, who engaged then for a confiderable Time, but having the Weatk Gage, and a clean white Bottom, fhe efcaped tie Cicero, altho' all Endeavours were ufed to fetch her up ; and that a Flag of Truce arrived it St. Kitt's from Martinico had brought Word, thaf in the Engagement the Sloop had her Captaia wounded in two different Places, her Lieutenant and eleven Men killed, befides 30 wounded, out of 1 60 Hands fhe had on board, when Captaia Cooke himfelf was but flightly wounded, aid two of his Men. On the 20th, off Pope's Head, and within a League of the Shore, they were gaged by another French Privateer Sloop for Hour and an Half, which they took, having killed and wounded 20 of their Men ; fhe was called the Le Flafh, Capt. Pierre Richard, of and froi Martinico. That after they had landed their hi. foners at Antigua, they proceeded off Martinico, where they had not been long before they drove afhore two Veflels clofe in with Port St. Pierre, from whence immediately turned but five Sloops, whom Capt. Cooke thought were defigned to engage him, when he made all the Sail he could towards them, which the Enemy perceiving foon tacked and - went into Port. That their Veffel being then foul they went to St. Kitt's, where cleaning, they formed an Expedition againft St Bartholomews, and in Company . with fix other. Privateers failed the 7th of January to attack it,, and the next Morning the Fleet engaged and drove the French from their Batteries, and reduced tie Ifland, obliging the Inhabitants to keep neutral, and not to indulge the French Privateers. Aftst this they went down arid took Pofleffion of tie French Quarter of the Ifland St. Martin, and foon after returned hither. Tuefday lafl a Man fuppofed to have carriw Intellio - ence to the. Frpnrli - anil rafled for anltt" dian Trader, was committed to our Goals d we are credibly inform'd there are fome othen who follow the fame Bufinefs now on their Travels thro' different Parts of this and the neighbouring Government. Exfraa of a Letter from on board the Privatur Ship Hercules at St. Kitt's, Samuel Hay am, w - mander, dated March ,1757. " On fh 11A nf RVkmarv. at Night, lying too, in the Latitude of Antigua, a French Privateer Sloop came along Side of us, and ordered us to flrike our Colours a we told him e would direcllyi "he firfl iir'd three Guns at s. and being on. our Weather - Quarter, we rcfolyed to give him our Broadiide. , Monfieur perceiving his Miftake made all the Sail he could from us: We gave Chace, and at Eight in the Morning tne Flying - Hercules came along Side of her, wdpj fhe ftmrfr. Sh MnntrrA to Martinico. mOUHtea 6 Carriage Guns, 1 2 Swivels, and had 69 including 1 5 Slaves, William Annis, Commander; they hove their Guns overboard, wtuut we

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  • 1757 French Expeditions againt Ft William Henry & Mohawk River

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