3/7/1895 - Building of the Crocker Estate

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3/7/1895 - Building of the Crocker Estate - ft - JJB KAIldH 7 1895 r - t m in tho...
ft - JJB KAIldH 7 1895 r - t m in tho Renaissance Another Pretty Structure at Burlingatne Style It Will Be Fitted Witfi Rare Tap - estriei and Rich Furnishings Furnishings BurMnjrame is rapidly becoming the Tuxedo of the West and with its advancement advancement naturally comes the erection of elegant villas for the accommodation durine the summer months ot the wealthy and ultra - fashionable members of the Burlingame Club There are some very choice villas there at present but the latest addition is a beauty in its way and will add mucb to tbe attractiveness ot this suburban resort The new villa is one that is now in process process of construction for Mr and Mrs hernDonf child and establishment of 4h ddutto JcUlrxerorf srtadwnoc4ttd motherhood Would arlva to Miss Mileri and berxhild when born the entire property ui mo nw ma si iom ou imi - jThacirtaarjtJlcation forth hoaieliold yurnitUTeandJreidencejrilJ - ie renewed asaoon asnotice giTen to the pther heirs Judge Coffeyrefused yesterday to hear the matter in the absence of sneb notice a i XHB IAST CEOSSIXQ Bryant - Street Electrle Boad Almost - Complrttd Preparations are beiu made to complete complete the proposed Bryant - street electric road The last crossing was - pot In on Monday night at the Junction of Elevith Bryant and Channel streets where the Southern Pacific steam road crosses the Bryant - street trolley tine The finishing work on tbe crossing war done Tuesday Ail the crossings for the Bryant - street road are now in There are still two blocks of track - laying to be done On Tenth street the horse - car rails are to be taken up and a new roadbed constructed Tbe horse cars which now start at Tenth and Howard running on the former thoroughfare thoroughfare to Fotrero avenue and out to 8an Bruno road are soon to be withdrawn withdrawn so as to permit the construction department to rebuild the Tenth - street tracks between Bryant and Brannan streets The completion of tbe work will permit tbe opening of tbe new road within a fortnight The new line will be known as tbe Bryant and Brannan - street system owing to tbe fact that the cars Objections to Mronson Streets Property Damaged by the Smoke - Disastrous Runaways Which Hare Been Caused by the Bisslnff Machines The proposed ordinance which is intended intended to compel bituminous - pavement contractors to boil and disintegrate their materials on the street whieh they are to pave comes up for bearing before the Supervisors Supervisors Street Committee to - day bat the prospects are that it will not have behind behind it the enthusiastic citizens who previously previously championed the measure Wben the ordinance was first proposed it found friends who were carried away with the idea that by compelling contractors to do their work in toll view of tbe public THE CROCKER VILLA AT BURUNGAMK From a design by A Psge Brown William H Crocker from designs furnished furnished by A Page Brown the architect Tbe situation is an admirable one and thoroughly picturesque being in the midst of six acres of ancient gnarled oaks the tops of many of which touch tbe ground having been forced over by the winds of centuries In style tbe villa is to be of the French Renaissance period having some of the characteristics - of Le Petit Trianon at Versailles Versailles France There will tie but two stories having br ad veranda sixteen feet wide at either side which the difference difference in climate between Versailles and Burlingame necessitates Around the building will be an emerild - hued lawn set with parterres of beintiful flowers and arrangements of tropical plants borne of tbe details are not shown In the sketch which aecompaofes this article aa for instance instance a large paved terrace with a stone wall that will surround tbe grounds At the front entrance will he an Italian loggia leading to the main ball of the first floor Here there will be the drawing rooms the dining - room and the den Handsome pilasters in tbe corners ot tbe rooms will Oe a noticeable feature On the second floor will be tbe sleeping rooms bathrooms and nurseries The building will be 100 feet wide and 55 feet deep exclusive of the service portion in the rear and it is so constructed that wings mar be added at either side if neceisarv carrying out the original scheme in perfect perfect harmony The height of the tirst floor will be 12 feet and tbe second floor 11 feet The plumbing and sanitary arrangements arrangements will be modern in every particular particular The foundation is of solid brick and the first floor is now well under way under the direction of Mahoney Brothers the contractors who erected the Crocker building building in this city Tbe exterior surface will be in cement plaster finished in soft tones The interior finish will be severely plain and classic in its treatment The walls will be prepared to receive arm - beilishment of raro tapestries that Mr and Mrs Crocker ordered In Paris during their recent visit to tbe Continent and of course the furnishings throuebout will oe tasteful and elegant Mrs Crocker purchased purchased many valuable articles of ver u and bibelots in Europe especially for this villa and they wilt add greatly to its attractiveness attractiveness From the terrace and porticos porticos there will be vistas of Mount Diablo tne bay and Burlingame canyon It is expected tbnt the villa will be ready for occupancy about July 1st TtlUKK JtDOKS SICK The Grip II as a Hold en Campbell Jiiaehlinaen and tonlan The grip has no more respect tor a city official than It has tor a plain common citizen The epidemic has made an attack attack upon the Folic Judges and driven three from their benches On Tuesday noon Police Judge Campbell Was obliged to lay aside tbe ermine and don a dressing gown and slippers Justice of the Peace Barry opened Judge Campbells conrt yeiterday morning and put over to futuro dates all tbe cases on tbe calendar It is doubtful if tbe Judge can return to his duties for several days Police Judge Conlnn announced yesterday yesterday morning as soon as he reached the bench that there would be no court He bad the grip or rather the grip had hm and be would transact no court business during his illness All the cases on his calendar were continued and the Judge went home For several days Police Judge Joachim - gen has been On the sick list but he woutd not give up and go to bed lie worried through yeiterday mornings session of court and at noon announced that he would follow the example of the other Judges and not P - tnrn to hie duties nntil he feels better This ItaTes Police Judgs Low the only one of the police magistrates magistrates who is able to attend tf business How tbe grip happened to overlook Judge Low is a matter of some comment The Illness of tbe three Judges has sadly disarranged disarranged the routine of Police Court business business - AFXEB THB JCSTATJC of Mlas Jtlleo Asserts tier Claims Tlf - hood and Motlerhood Laura Mllenv who - cUlms to be the wife of Dr Charles A - James hy virtue of contract marriagerperfoTrned shortly be - fore the old mans death made au effort yesterday to asset her claim n the Fro - bale Court 8ho appeared In court and through ner attorney asked for an order ietrragapirt idher atsurtirihr widoir the residence of the deceased on Howard street and ail the household furniture Tbe application was madewithout notice to any vt the legal heirs who are pjepiw Injc to contest Miss Milena claint The jtrl icharjfaihati jam - it i taejtatberM travel over both streets between the ferry and Tenth street From Tenth street to the southerly terminus at Twenty - sixth street Bryant street only is used Bran - nan street terminates at Tenth street which is the combines reason for putting a double track on Bryant from Tenth street out SENTENCED FOB FEKJLKT L StrmssmaQ Committed to Prison for Seven Tears L Strassman a straw bondsman was sentenced by Judge Belcher yesterday to seven years imprisonment at San Qnentin Strassman was convicted of perjury for false testimony given in qualifying on the bond of one Katie Farley Farley charged with graDd larceny Before passing sentence Judge Belcher denied a motion for a new trial Attorney Carroll Cook moved for a certificate of probable cause and then for a stay of execution execution but both requests were denied Peculiar complications followed tbe proceedings in court A brotber of Strassman Strassman went to the Sheriffs office ajid requested requested that the taking ol tbe prisoner to Ban Quentin be delayed until Monday Judge Belcher got wind of this and immediately immediately made an order that Strassman betaken to the penitentiary at 3 oclock yesterday afternoon It ao happened however that Judge Belcher was anticipated in this regard by Attorney Cook - The attorney on representation representation of the facts to Chief Justice Beatty of the Supreme Oourt secured the stay of execution which Belcher bad refused refused The Supreme Courts order saved Strassman who will now remain in the County Jail until bis attorney can make application to the appellate court for a certificate certificate of probable cause iTbere is still a charge ot perjury pending pending against Strassman and likewise against his brother They are both said to have been engaged in the furnishing of straw bonds as a business Ashes Tailor Bill fc Hirscb as the assignee of Henry Mayer a tailor has sued R P Ashe in tbe Justices Court to recover 9 99 for various suits built by Mayerand delivered to Ashe for the adornment of his beautiful beautiful form The complaint alleges that Ashes bill was actually 1304 33 but Hlrsch has waived claim to fi 3 so that the claim might be reduced to the amount of which the Justices Court has jurisdiction PMlIp lllulttaT Arm Broken Philip Hlnkle the elevator manufacturer manufacturer met with a serious accident yesterday yesterday morning While walking on Montgomery street he fell and broke his leit arm Mr Hlnkle was taken to the Receiving Hospital and after the Injury was attended to he went to his home at 43o Bush street THK CORSKT AT THE PABI8 ACADEMY Atone ot the late meetings of the Academy ot Medicine a long and Important discussion took place on the uie of the comet otlti danker or hsrmleucess and fhe learned assembly expressed itself highly in its favor Ladles with tbelr refined sense of fesllng which guides them In matters appertaining to beauty aid not wait for this verdict betore making ost of the corset as sa Indispensable aid Bythe use of tbe eorset ther hare tried to obtain for themselves that beauty which has been praised and sung by poets of all times Mow for suppleness as well as for hygiene one mast know how to choose a corset For some years past resl whalebone has become so rare and therefore so expensive that the trade waa forced to replace it Among the palliatives employed there are some which wa advise all ladle who wish to take care of their beauty their health and almost their lives nerr to uie Let them be very careful of steel whalebones two words which bare no right or reason to be coupled together - banishing Inexorably their employment either in their corsets or tn their bodices Under a hypocritical covering which at tight and tonch gives it the appearance of simple wnalebone is hidden some heavy and to certain certain cases dangerous object Po not say we exaggerate Atth slightest accident a slitv a false movement the steel breaks and not sharply it bends bsekand the edge are rough like a jaw with which tt tosses streciou j wounds which are Incurable Quite lately at lions in Belgium a young tin slipped and felt Had she not worn these Terrible - steels she would have suffered from nothing more than a harmless fall With the steel In her corset the fall became mortal The so - csiled whalebone on breaking left ai tt always does rough Jagged edge whieh tore open a terrible wound in the poor girls bTe sit from which she died Othernumerous accidents which it not wortat are at least seriourlrom their results hay been brought under our notice Therefore lsdUsnske un your minds Do not allow dressmaker and corietnikert to put steels in your dresses or corse tsV as they prssent so many serious dan - lets without any advantage to compensate Jor them iSv rimDisnATofElctsat MUllaery toUy Atoe JfKtiui KWBstrettv - there would be less opportunity for doing poor work and furnishing inferior materials materials than would be the case if the materials materials were disintegrated in some out - of - the - way location Since then however sober reflection on the matter has brought about a revulsion of feeling and now many citizens are prepared to go before the Supervisors and protest against the measure Reminiscences of sleepless nights caused by the hissing and snorting of bitumen caldrons of days of suffocation from the fumes of boitinc asphalt of smoked dwellings of blockaded streets and sidewalks and of innumerable disastrous disastrous runaways caused by the unsightly and noisy machines have brought propertyproperty propertyproperty - owners and citizens generally to their senses They admit that it might be a good idea for everybody to Inspect the bitumen placed upon the streets but they would rather deny themselves that pleasure if it Is to carry with It the maintenance maintenance of hissing caldrons on the public thoroughfares The man who lives in the Western Addition of course does not object object to the presence ol machines on streets south of Market He leaves that to the people living in that quarter But the moment one of them is hauled into his neighborhood he rails and storms until it is removed If the ordinance now proposed proposed is passed he will have to grin and bear it He is not going to let the measure measure become a law however if it can be prerented The contractors too are opposed to tha ordinance although they will probably not make as vigorous a protest as will tbe property - owners The idea that asphalt must be disintegrated on the spot where it is to be used is fallacious said one prominent pavement contractor yesterday yesterday It is not even permitted In any of the large Eastern or European cities where bituminous pavements are used yet ihey seem to have good streets I know as a matter of fact tbat the materials can be prepared fire miles distant from tbe street to be paved and tbe work done just as well as if the caldron was located on the spot But it is not a matter of convenience convenience particularly that actuates the contractors contractors to oppose fhe ordinance now before before the Supervisors It is annoying of course to have to haul those big pots around with you wherever you go and - cause whole neighborhoods to rise up In arms against you bat that is notour greatest trouble What worries us most is the set tbttwa ire continually laying ourselves liable to damages at tbe result of eccidents and destruction ol property and we cannot help ourselves Tlfe operations ol bituminous eon - trsctors on the publie streets are a nuisance nuisance by all means and should not be permitted by ordinance or anything etse was the emphatic statement of Attorney Attorney A N Drown yesterday I have had my fill of the business and 1 would not desire to subject my worst enemy to a similar ordeal I reside on Jackson and Pierce s tret is where the contractors hSve been at work recently I was aroused from my sleep at unnimly houiiof tho night by the hissing of tbe caldron my house was constantly permeated with the obnoxious odor from the boiling asphalt the sidewalks In the - neighborhood were tracked with bitumen tbe street waa blockaded tbe residences were blackened with smoke and there was haroo in gen era Unless It is absolutely necessary tor tbe proper laying of pavements to have these machines on the streets I tay by all means take them away I dont see how anybody can In his sober senses advocate operating those machines machines on the public thoroughfares declared declared tr Sherman qt Uherman Clay Co They are a standing menace to the driving puDlic and have caused Innumerable Innumerable disasters in the shape of runaways My wife was the victim of one of them not long ago She was riding in a coupe and was passing one of those caldrons when it suddenly blew oil steam with A fearful shriek The horse took fright and ran away The vehicle was badly smashed but fortunately my wife escaped without serious Injury That fact however was no credit to the bitumen machine It was only a miracle that ahe escaped with her life I am strongly In favor of keeping thoseniachinn oil ih itreew7 Maurice Casey secretary of the Central Gaslight Company canaUo be relied upon to add aa emphatic protest against tho presence asphalt caldronson the streets The disastrous accident whieh befell Mr Caseyjand his aged mother whil out A riving fast mod tn was the direct direct result of tbe roaring of one of these macMnev Mr Casey and his laotherltti tended dfivinju to - tha Jarfc They reached Uerisadero street and were com - Ihifdowft the iradewitowardPirieheri hehorse be came frightened at the boiI tag - machine situated there and ran away Mr Caseywas - unable to control ibt iaU ma and the vehicle flnsllrcollideflwiih a teltcraph pole hailing the unfortunate

Clipped from San Francisco Chronicle07 Mar 1895, ThuPage 9

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)07 Mar 1895, ThuPage 9
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  • 3/7/1895 - Building of the Crocker Estate

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