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a f w vftfVf YALXER HOBART5 prize wNfJen PEACOCK JlM CHfE5tEy - 1ND HIS 5PEEOY rROTTER FRANK M STONE AN w ooaosrfef COLONEL MMDe YOUNGS F0lr - iN HAND Baldwins Eldorado ridden by a jockey was the next performer and took all tbe jumps without mishaa Norman Brough created renewed excitement on his horse Prince Idle In trying to make the water jump the animal fell and smashed the fence Rider and horse escaped without injury The horse First Lap ridden by a eayly appareled jockey proved a coward at the water jump after having made the others It was ridden from the arena Sinbad proved stubborn at every jnrap and was led off C de Guine was cheered for the performance of his horse Good Lurk which proved one of the best junipers brought into the arena Off Wheeler ridden by a dare - devil jockey made tbe greatest water jump of them all The beautiful horse Nipper dashed around the arena and made the attendants scramble up the outside fences for safety It jumped the obstructions easily Wick low refused every jump but the sharp lash of the jockeys whip was effective and every fence was passed The most exciting events of the night were now over The jumpers were followed by parading hackneys and these gave place to a first - class exhibition of fire engine teams Fire engines 2 and 23 each polished to the highest degree and adorned with flowers were drawn by three horses They made the circuit of i the rine several times winning well-deserved applause They were succeeded by a team upon which were - placed tbe splendid silver trophies to be won nt the show Some of the great horses of the show Salvator Firenzi Bessie Jnne Tenny and others - were then led out While they were being walked aronnd the in - closure Mrs Avers gave an exhibition with a trick horse whose sense of music and whose effort to follow the rhythm won marked applause The great horses W Wood and W W Foote then were exhibited and the arena was cleared for the last event of tbe night a parade ot four - in - hands George Newhall Richard Tobin Walter Hobart K J Baldwin Charles de Young C A Baldwin and J D Grant handled each a splendid team The Burlingame Club was represented in a handsome turnout Tbe driving of C A Baldwin and George Newhall was one of tbe features of the nights entertainment After looking at the gay turnouts for a while people began to leave their seats for home Soon the movement was general and the first day of the horse show was over matronly outlines and proportions but there is no mistaking the game Intelligent head and the compact quarters of tbe great race mare Among the trotters Directum 2051 comes in for tbe lions share of attention Among the trotters but in the class with him there are half a dozen perfect specimens of this distinctively American horse among them Sable Wilkes a worthy representative of the famous family of trotters and Guy Wilkes now in his fifteenth year but as lusty - looking as a three - year - old The roadster classes are well filled with local horses some of the marks below 220 The breeding of the hackney as an industry is in its infancy in this part of tbe country but there are enongh here of the right sort to serve as a nucleus ot a formidable colony of the high steppers which are yearly growing in favor F G Berry exhibits his chestnut stallion Paragon in manv points a perfect type His only competitor iu the stallion class is Greens Rufns magnificent in conformation beautiful in actjon although a bit oh the small side There are no entries in the hackney class tor youngsters but there is a handsome bunch of five three - year - old mares four of them the get of Paragon and tbe other a daughter of the famousMatchlessof Londesboro imported by Henry Fairfax of Virginia The coach and carriage classes are all well filled as a matter of course Some of the most stylish and useful - looking carriage hags are bred from the hackney to half thoroughbred mares taking the build and bone and loppy appearance from the one and the gameness and intelligence from the other Of the four - in - hands that of W a Hobart all roans ranging from 153 to 161 presents the most swagger appearance in harness J D Grants four are bay and all pure - bred trotters and might be seen to better advantage on the road M Theo Kearney is another exhibitor in thisclas there arrayed in its best and most becoming garments and myriads of jewels flashed back the light of innumerable incandescent lamps from the boxes about the arena What with the music the lights the champing horses the gay chatter of tbe debutants handsome gowns lovely women the blaze of costly gems and the crush on the promenade the scene was an enchanting one and the managers congratulated themselves on the success ofthe opening night The first performance on the card was at 7 oclock but society did not deign to honor the event with its presence It was not until after 8 that the boxes began filling up and after that it was a fashionable crush Carriage after carriage rolled up to the doors and it - required the united efforts of tbe police squad to keep the rabble back and leave a passage for those who had come to lend the fTair a tone Inside the Pavilion the band discoursed catchy music from its elevated platform as the horses pranced and society sought its seals The boxes filled up rapidly The greatest interest in the events was evinced by the occupants of the boxes and tbe seats behind them The ladies were by far the most enthusiastic spectators and while the men talked horse they applauded the show The jumping class appeared to contain the greatest attraction tor the fair sex and the jumpers were encouraged with all the zest at the race track After this class the boxes for the most part were forsaken and the ladies and their escorts descended to the floor to participate in the promenade The torr of the arena was made and the quarters of the thoroughbreds visited Then people gathered in little knots or walked in groups about the floor and discussed the exhibition On all hands were heard words of praise for the able manner in which the affair had been arranged It was a very pretty sight to watch the observe the gentlemen drivers and applaud their favorites The stylish gowns and handsome faces were not by any means confined to the boxes for scattered through the audience were many of San Franciscos best people and handsomest women In the boxes were Miss Breeze Miis Hurling MUs Owen Miss Upson of Sacramento Miss McKenna Miss Wood Miss McGrew Miss Ives Miss Hougti - ton Mrs Ford Mr Ford Mr Rtves Mr McGrew Mr Hoffman Mr Holbrook Mr Houghton Mr McLalne Mr and Mrs H J Crocker Miss Fannie Crocker Miss Julia Crocker Ed Sheldon Mrs Clark Crocker Mr and Mrs M H de Young Miss Mamie Deane Charles de Young MUS Minnie Hen - nessy Mr and Mrs M H Hecht Miss Sadie Hecht Mr and Mrs Marcus Gerstle Mrs J W Armstrong Mr and Mrs E H Horton Mrs V D Mnrdock Mr and Mrs C A Spreckels Mr and Mrs James A Robinson Mr anil Mrs Francis Cnrolan Mr and Mrs Ira Pierce Mr and MrsWillism Thomas MUs Molly Thomas Miss Mary Belle Gwin Lawrence Van Winkle Colonel and Mrs Trumbo Mr and Mr I N Walter Mr and Mrs Ig - natz Stetnhart Mr and Mrs P X Ltltenthal Mr and Mrs Louis Sloss P E Bowles Mrs White of Salt Lake Mr and Sirs J Downey Harvey Mrs Ueanor Martin Peter D Martin Andrew Martin Mrs Annie Donahue Hans Kohler Miss Kohler Maurice Casey Mr and Mrs George D Boyd Mr and Mr W Hinckley Taylor Mr and Mrs Basil heath - cote Mr and Mrs Wilfred Chapman Mr and Mrs H H Sherwood Miss Belle Mhoon Iis Daisy McKee Miss Nellie McKee J C McKee Mr and Mrs W H Crocker Mr and Mrs J R K Natal Miss Mamie Deming Colin Smith Mr and Mrj H M A Miller Miss Jennie Miller Judge and Mrs W W Morrow Mrs Fechteller Lieutenant Fechteller Mr and Mrs J J Crooks P J Donahue Mr and Mrs eorge A Pope John Lawson A B Williamson Miss Jennie Cheesman Mr and Mrs Cheesbrough E H Sheldon Frank Owen Mr and Mrs F C Van Xcss Mr and Mrs John E de Ruyter T Carey Friedlsnder Miss Friedlander Miss Bessie Bowie Miss Garber Miss Julie V Gar - ber Mr and Mrs James Cunningham Mr and Mrs E E Eyre Mr and Mrs E L Eyre fir SS kins Miss May Hoffman Southard Hoffman Miss Alice Hoffman Dr and Mrs James M Whitney Dr and Mrs James Keehey Miss Ethel Keeney Miss Charlotte Cunningham Mr and Mr Willism Alvord Thomas Brown The Misses Brown Mr and Mrs C G Hooker Mr and Mrs George Mastic Mr and Mrs E W Hopkins Mr and Mrs ChannceyR WinilowMr and Mrs Warren DClark Mr and Mrs Robert Oxnard Harry Veuve W H Taylor Augustus Taylor A F Wilcox Miss Carrie Taylor Miss Marie Voorhles General W H Dimond Harry Dimond Judge and Mrs Van Fleet Miss Ida Irwin Mr and Mrs Paul Jarboe Mr and Mrs Joseph S ToWn Miss Celia Tobin Miss Beatrice Tobln Alfred Tobin Alfred Clement Mrs Samuel M Blair Miss Jennie Blair Mr and Mrs Henry L Dodge Mr ana Mrs George H Roe Elgar Mills Miss Addle Mills Miss Florence Mills W E Dean W L Dean Miss Laura Bates Mr and Mrs Theodore Payne Miss Jennie Hooker Mr and Mrs George H Lent Mr and Mrs S L Reqoa Miss Amy Requa Mr and Mrs A F Hotaling Mr and Mrs G D Boyd Mr and Mrs Basil Heathcote Mrs BB Cutter T B Randal William Randal Ferd Reis Cutter Paige Miss Clarisse Sheldon Henry Dutard Dr Harry Tevis Mr and Mrs Charles Holbrook H M Holbrook Fred W McSear Mr and Mrs John F Merrill Lawson S Adams Mr and Mrs G A Pope Mr and Mrs Fred H Green Mr and Mrs A N Towne Mr and Mrs C E AVordeii Mr and Mrs John Parrott Mr and Mrs Joseph A Donohoe Miss Schneely Mr and Mrs C de Guigne Miss Ella Hobart Miss Vassault Georee A New - hall Lieutenant W R Smedberg Mrs James Phelan Miss Ada Sullivan W A Pownlirg J OB Gusn Mr and Mrs I L Reqaa Robert A Brown MrsT John P Young Miss Margaret Brown Charles Holbrooic Misses Marie and Kate Dillon Phil Amos Mrs Amos Miss Marie Amos E J Baldwin Miss Baldwin Mrs Mclntyre Mrs Bennett Miss Alice Bennett Albert Bennett W B Chapman and wife W R Sherwood Mrs E S Sawyer Colonel and Mrs Warfield General Ezeta Mrs and Bessie Pax - ton Lieutenant Maxwell of Philadelphia George Warfield of Healdsburg Miss Martha Glbbs Aileen and Ella Goad iMiss Hattle Bell the Misses Chandler of Washington Miss Gertrude Jordan W R Hearst Mr and Mrs McDonald Mr and Mrs Sanborn Fulton G Berry and wife Dr McLean and wife Dr McXutt - and wife John L Ss bin and wife Miss Sabin Louis Glass and wife Misses Ella and Alice Hobart Lieutenant Smedbers Miss Vassault Miss Emily Jordan Frank P Sherman Charles Wieland - - Will Fisher and wife Grove Arers and wife Miss Ayers Al Stetson Charles Hhg Harry Main Captain J K Knowles Miss Kndwles Miss VYatt Mr McKay the Misses McKay J OKelL Dr Newman C vonGerich - Urf E E Likemeyer A C Hellman Mr and Mrs Horace L Hill Mrs Fanny Lent Mr and Mrs A S Baldwin Charles A Baldwin Mrs Cutcben Miss McCutchen Misses Barker Allan St John Bowie Mrs Thomas Breeze William Barker Mr and Mrs E J Mc - W F Breeze Miss Mary Breeze Miss Louisa I

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 29 Nov 1894, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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