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6/19/1893 - The Social World - Mtarrzarr June 18 What a pretty tight It Is to...
Mtarrzarr June 18 What a pretty tight It Is to sit on the veranda at the Del Monte and tea the tweei - faced girls gayly attired la their brightsummer gowns listening to the strains of the orchestra and sighing for the sight of a man Mas that precious creature is scarce as ever this season What can be done T Nothing unless the Eastern watering place custom Is adopted There was time when men were plentiful at Del Monte hut that was a good man years ago What a jolly set they were in those days All will remember when Mrs Alexander then Miss Hattie Crocker used to be prime mover here and there was not a day when something did not occur for the amusement of the guests Those were great days at Del Monte Those were Indeed the days of picnics tableaux swimming matches morning ger - mans - evening dances and tennis It was bard to get a chance to play at tennis at all so many players were then here How different now I The tournament is held at San Rafael and that leaves for Del Monte only the Country Club outing instead of something to occupy every day Such is not the custom at Eastern resorts People do not go away in the summer to sit around and do nothing When will some one bring about a change and make Del Monte as it was in the days oi Mtss Crocker Mrs Rutherford Will and Henry Crocker Mountford Wilson Mis Will Texts Mrs Reed nee Houston Miss Amelia Mas ten and doz - ens of others Then too we used to hive the army In those days and things were anything but funereal The season will now begin in earnest The guests here have been anxiously looking forward to the daily instead of weekly concerts and it is to be hoped that another week will not go by without the orchestra which is such a necessary adjunct to a watering place The prospects for a gay Fourth are improving Mr and Mrs Bruguira and their hafcd - some and entertaining sons have arrived and With little Misses Keener and Blakemsn make it pleasant for the euests with their banjos which they handle skillfully The Misses Hilda and Zadie Hecht are two very pretty sisters and seem to while away the dull hours between the tennis courts and bathhouse They will with their parents be here for some time Mrs Alvord wljo expected to remain some time at Castle Crag after a lew days decided that Pel Monte was the place for her Her little granddaughters are two of the most graceful dancers of their set Considering the number here the hop was well attended and those who did not dance took seats in the ballroom to enjoy the music From all appearances July and August will be very good months Miss Hager is very much missed but will arrive in August The date of tHe Country Club outing has not been announced but it will be in August at which time there will not be a room vacant iu the Del Monte Bowling is as popular as ever particularly so with the ladies many of whom were members oi bowling clubs in the city last winter Miss Lincoln leaves in a few days for the White Sulphur Springs She will spend the s month of August at Del Monte Mr and Mrs Geo A Pope who are expected home from their European tour next month will summer at Del Monte Mr and Mrs W E Dean Miss Helen Dean and Walter L Dean will come to Del Monte upon their return from Alaska - Mrs W T Ellis and Miss Hope Ellis after a lew days visit at Tavern of astle Crag will come to Del Monte for the season Mr and Mrs D T Murphy Mr A J Pope and Mr and Mrs F A Frank are booked for next month Mr and Mrs Ira Pierce and Miss Sophia Pierce alter a few days visit at Tavern of Castle Crag will come here for the remainder of the season Mr and Mrs Adam Grant and their little gTndson are here for a long stay Mrs J Downey Harvey is expected on Tuesday next with her two children W U Moore and daughter arrived tc - dav J Parker Whitney aad family arrived today for a long season Judge Tottingham and family arrived to - dav Mr and M Campbell Walker will arrive next week Miss Ripplier and the Misses Sarah and Agnes Boone will arrive to - morrow from San Mateo for a long visit Mrs M B M Toland will arrive June 21st Mr and Mrs Charles Main and Mr and Mrs McDermott and tamilv arrived May 21st Mr and Mrs John Barton and Miss Barton wlH arrive June 20th Major C T Wilson and a party of five in eluding his daughter will arrive July 1st Mr and Mrs Woolweber and Miss Elliott arrive July 1st E W Churchill and family arrive July 3d Mrs John W Shaw and party arrive July 1st Mr and Mrs Charles A Laton arrived on Tuesday last Mr and Mrs Bush Finnelle are spending their honeymoon here Mr ud Mrs Robert W McChesney nee Hunt areiamong the bridal parties this week Amone the weeks arrivals are Bush Finnelle anfl wife R W McChesney and wife J J Chappell William T St Auburn Dr G Dresel and wife T C Foster and wife R N Whitnev George F Whttnev L Cottig and wife Miss M Gottig F Ttfl - mann and wife John 1 Pa bin and wife H R Slmpkins George H Young and wife EJ C until ana Miss compton nil oi han rran - cisco T R Radford and wife London F Tillman Germany Miss Kate Sanborn Edwin D Sanborn New York Mrs E P Buckingham Vacaville J P Meehan and wife Dr A Flhl and wife Oakland 8 AN JOSE Preparing for the Rush of the Fourth of July Holiday Sax Jost June 18 Everything is in readiness for the rush during the Fourth of July holiday The Vendome will be gayer than ever Already nearly every room in this favorite resort Is taken Good music has been secured and any number of attractions pro - - videdlor the amusement of the guests as is done atEestern resorts Trips to Mt Hamilton and coaching parties over the Santa Crus mountains to Santa Cruz are still very popular and a number have been made up for the coming holiday There will be the usual annual balLomhe night of the Fourth The weeks arrivals are E K Chapman R S Sprague H Sewell R - E Houghton and wife John L Clark A H Muller William Alvord - M Rosenshine and wife Mrs M Rosenthal C C Ashley night W F Carroll Mrs H Jacobs Charles Webb Howard A W Cole and wife J C Zimmerman and wife 0 W Tuttle and family E H Parker T A Warde Ira D Ortori ML Cornwall P S Fav Mrs W P Shaw Mrs J W Shaw Miss F G Dean Miss E A Phillips W M Bandol Charles M Howe Jay H Taber Frank Mc - Mullen 8 B Kittredge Miss Daisy CKittredge O L Partridge Mrs J M Neville A MWhitney JYF Deering Mrs M McDonald Mrs Blythe McDonald D C Babry and wife Mrs JohnTence Cheney Paul Breon and wife P 8 Hunter and wife M H Sunderland and wife all of San Francisco A J Woodward and wife Boston A D Wilson Washington D C J Professor Holden Mount Hamilton M rs W D Richards Hkton - r Miss S P Richards Boston the MlK Sullivan Miss Ray Santa Crux H P SrLvid wife Oak - land Mia W C WlchhaiHWir York Mrs E SCunharMissCunbaHonuln CMWeb - ber Chicago C H Phillips San Luis Obispo Edgar Mansfield New York W C Bender and wife Stockton Mrs X Ireson Boston Rev D J Biordan Mrs T A IJUv Chicago R E Venderveer Gus Ehrenburg New York IM Brock Baltimore Mrs J F McCoy E A CobttrnyKew York F L Collins and wife Chicago jG MFrank and wife Philadelphia Edward Forbes Chicago Joseph Powning and wife W C Powning Miss E Favalr Oakland E W Newkirk Saa - Diego Mrs William E Jones Miss Kate Jones E P Vinlng Misses VininEtIrala SAN MATEO The Town and Vicinity Thronged With Summer Visitor Sak MiTio June 18 An the knowing ones say San Mateos simply booming The cottages are full of people tie hotel well supplied with guests the weather for the most part fine and every prospect pleasing The whilom quiet is yielding to gayety and a few days more will see San Mateo and vicinity In the full tide of summer life and frolic The cottages are entertaining largely If quietly and are extending hospitality to many guests The usual hop and concert took place last evening at the Hotel Mateo and was very ranch enjoved The tennis courts have been active all the week and the swimming very good Mr and Mrs A W Rose came down last week and are the guest of Mrs Roses parents Mr ana Mrs Aivinza ttaywaro Mr and Mrs F 8 Douty and niece will go to the Del Monte to spend the Fourth of July holidays Mr and Mrs Louis T Haggin and the Count and Countess Feste tics are settled In their cottage on the Burlingme tract for the summer season It seems that Mr and Mrs Fred Sharon are not to be here after all they having only recently decided to remain East Mr and Mrs A Page Brown left on Thursday for a months visit to relatives in New York The Misses Sarah and Agnes Boone and Miss Reppliar oi Baltimore who have been spending the past fortnight at the Hotel Mateo leave on Monday for a fortnights visit to the Hotel del Monte Miss Florence Clark has gone north to visit friends The Misses Mary and Elizabeth Boone and Miss Pascault are expected to - day for a two - weeks visit at the Hotel Mateo They are from Baltimore and have been pacing the last two weeks at the Hotel Rafael Mr and Mrs Alfred B Ford will return to the city on Tuesday after a visit of two months One of their children met with a serious accident the psst week The three children and nurse were driving to the bay in their phaeton to take a swim The horse became frightened throwing the occupants out the wheel passing over the legs of one of the children Mrs Eugene Casserly Miss Casserly and A B Casserly have taken one of the Burlingame cottages for the summer season Mr and Mrs George H Howard are now settled in the Bowie residence for the summer Miss Jennie Hobbs has been the guest of Mr and Mrs C B Stone the past week Mrs Frank Wildes and Miss Dorothy Patten leave shortly for the Hotel Del Monte where they will spend several weeks Mr and Mrs Fred Merritt returned yesterday to their home They will spend part of the fall at Del Monte SAN KAFAEL The Lawn - Tennis Tournament Will Be a Grand Affair San Rafael June 19 Although the week has not been extraordinarily lively in asocial way the arrivals at the Hotel Rafael for the season have been many and the engagement of rooms has equaled that of last year at this time The young peoplewho have eome this week have added materially to the scene of this charming resort Manager Brennan is much pleased with the outlook for this season and Is doing everything possible to make perfect arrangements for a most enjoyable summer for his guests The tennis courts are in most excellent condition and have been arranged under the supervision of Joe Dally of the California Lawn Tennis Club All Indications point to a strong match Mr Brennan is making every effort to have the tournament a grand affair A ball will be given on Saturday evening July 1st for which invitations will be issued in a few days meanwhile the guests are charcnd with the music during meal time and evenings Mrs E H Haxe and Mrs Haxe are here for the summer Mr and Mrs Ignatz Pteinbart and Joseph Friedlander have decided to again enjoy Hotel Rafael and environs this summer Mr and Mrs A H Loughborough Misses Loughborough and Miss Zane are here and have Miss Welch as their guest 0 Z Loughborough also arrived this week Mr and Mrs DeWitt J Seligman and Misses Seligman of New York areat the hotel this year Mr and Mrs Sidney B Cushing have returned from a visit to friends at San Mateo The Misses Boone and Miss Pascault of Baltimore who have been spending the past two weeks at the Hotel Rafael leave on Monday for a visit to the Hotel Mateo The Misses Dodge of Boston who have been spending the winter and spring season with Mr and Mrs Robert E Neil will leave shortly for their Eastern home much to the regret of their many friends not only in San Rafael but in San Francisco as well Hngh Tevis came over on Thursday for a visit to his parents Mr and Mrs Lloyd Tevis at the Hotel Rafael Mr and Mrs R H Follls and family are settled in their home and expect Dr and Mrs de Vecchi to vUit them during the season Mr and Mrs P X Ltlienthal and family and Mr and Mrs A L Seligman are occupying the Louis Parrott residence this season Mr and Mrs William Fries are located for the summer at the Dodge cottage General Keys and family are occupying one of the cottages at the Hotel Rafael Mr and Mrs Sidney M Smith and theMisses Smith are occupvlng their cottage near the Hotel Rafael Miss Mae Dimond will be at the Rafael for the Fourth The sixth annual open lawn tennis tournament for the championship of the Pacific States gentlemens singles will be held at Hotel Rafael commencing Saturday July 1st at 1030 a m continuing on Julv 3d and 4th under the auspices of the Lfnited states Lawn Jennls Association directed by the Pacific States Lawn Tennis Association The winner of the tournament will be presented with a cup by the association value 100 to become his absolute property The winner will be called upon to play W H Tavlor Jr the present champion of the United States All matches will consist of best three out of five sets All sets will be deuce and vantage The games will be played under the rules of the National Lawn Tennis Association Umpires decisions shall be final on all questions of fact All other questions shall be decided by the tour nament committee entrance tee x ou me Wright Dltson regulation ball will be used No player shall be allowed to enter for any match given by this association unless he is an active member In a club belonging directly to this association or to tie United States National Association But the executive committee is empowered at their discretion to invite other players to enter for any match given by this association Entries positively close June 29th and should be sent to Harry N Stetson secretary P 8 LT A 1801 Van Ness avenue San Francisco The tournament committee consists of A B Wilberforce chairman C D BateaJr R J Davis O C Hasiett and J Warne Philips Mr and Mrs E G McCutchen and Miss Mc - Catcben returned to their pretty home in Ross valley on Thursday last after an absence of several months during which time they visited Chicago New York Philadelphia and Rochester N Y Mr and Mrs I N Walter and family are occupying one of the cottages at the Hotel Rafael Maurice Dore the Misses Dore and Charles Dor and son are settled In the tame cottage they occupied last season Among those at the Hotel Rafael now and to arrive in the next few days are Mr and Mrs Thomas Magee Jr Misses Hush Mr and Mrs J J Crooks Mr and Mrs Lloyd Tevis Miss Florence Breckinridge Hugh Tevis L O Kellogg Mr andMrs Charles F Hanlon Mr and Mrs M Greenbaum A Bissenger and family H H Veuve Mr and Mrs A Lillen thai and son Charles Lyons Misses Lyons H R Simpklns Mr and Mrs A 8 Baldwin Mr and Mrs J J OBrien Mr and Mrs D B - Davidson Miss Davidson Mr and Mrs1 W Hellman Misses Hellmtn L W Hen - man Jr Mr and Mrs M Greenbatrm of Xew York Mr and Mrs Henry Schmieden Miss Throcmorton Mr and Mrs Max Levy Mrs G T Lawton Miss T D LawtonMr and Mrs George E Raum Mr and Mrs A C Morse Miss Jessie Morse Mr and Mrs Cox Sarah G Murphy Mr and Mrs WTA Magee Messrs WllsonjTarpanbackand Rosenthal Mr and Mrs H J - Hutchinson Jforman Hutchinson Mr and Mrs If Hyman the Misses Hyman Mr andMrr Dewitt 3 Seligman and theMisses Seligman ofSewYorkMr and Mrs Alex H Lougnborouh Mlts Fannie Loughborough Miss Josie Loughborough Miss Marie Zane Miss Bessie Zane Miss - 1 I 1

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  2. 19 Jun 1893, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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