"Casey" & "Horatius" justaposed--The Emporia Gazette (Kansas) 18 March 1908

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"Casey" & "Horatius" justaposed--The Emporia Gazette (Kansas) 18 March 1908 - ÍHE EMPORIA DAILY GAZETTE (*'«••««* — (that...
ÍHE EMPORIA DAILY GAZETTE (*'«••««* — (that Kloehr still'lived? ui* y si ¡ho pivftnfrto» «it Kmpofl», rxt'KR OF l.YOSt COtJXTV. ir in advance 14.00 " Í.08 Dally by Carrtw per Month - - .4» MARCH ¡s. MURDOCH'S GOOD WORK. >fow the great pathfinder'and avcn- fier is hack at Coffcyville, : .telling amusing yarns to .llic reporters, and explaining- why he didn't capture ilie desperadoes. And his former worshipers worshipers :irc feeling like tlie Frencli soldiers who were led to a Waterloo by n Napoleon. ... . PLACING THE BLAME. •• • Tho literary bureau of the brewers' and distillers' organizations, which r.re waging an cnergeiic campaign The Kauss> congressman most against the temperance movement, ¡>lk«-d ahum and admired in Kansas is ;devotes inucU attenliou to the drunk- Victor M .unlock. The people think he has done thing;:. They see actual results of his work. The other day Congressman Gritty- 5 , of Georgia, one of ihe minority lender? of ihc house, said in a speech that Congressman Mnrdoek hail saved the taxpayers of this nation four million dollars this ye.'.r. And ihe work has not yet well begun; his mail-weighing, proposition will fave ihe American people five million dollars a year from now on. He won hi? point fighting Speaker Cannon. What other K.msas congressman, truckling to Speaker Cannon, has done half nv; much? It doesn't pay to knuckle down i» Cannon. lie is a vain, stupid, arrogant old moss-back, and if congressmen from Kansas think Cannon- is bigger than the people, the lime has come to change the congressmen congressmen from Kansas. Congressman 'Mnvdock lias proved himself a real man. And he has made il pay—pay for ihe people if noi for Congressman Mnrdock--whom Cannon will not speak to. because Mnrdock is honest. What ¡i gorgeous compliment! \Vhat other Kansas congressman ever had as much honor? uivness and lawlessness prevailing at Kansas City, Kan. The people of that town :<rc growing growing weary of seeing il held up as a h.'irrible example ;>H the year round and point to a few facts which .have escaped ihc notic; of the brewery editors. The Kansas to\vn has the misfortune misfortune of being next door neighbor to Kansas City, Mo., a much larger town, where saloons are open and where crime has long been rampant; there is no stronger barrier between them iban the slate line, and when vicious citizens of the Missouri lawn find that they an; being searched searched by the police, their t'trst impulse impulse is to cross the state line, and lake refuge in Ule. Kansas town. This will give them at least ihe benefit of delay, if it does not prove .111 inviolable sanctuary. Kansas City, Kansas, is therefore the dumping dumping ground for all sorts and conditions conditions of rascals from her Missouri neighbor, and of course these rascals rascals ply their nofarions trades in i heir new stamping grounds, until rounded up. The Kansas town suffers in the same way from drunkenness. The c.liief of police says: "There are i went j--four saloons in one block ¡list across the stale line, the main road in Kansas Ciiy, Kansas, and men who drink'there start for ¡heir homes in Kansas." The towns along lite river, within hailing' distance Missouri, have always labored under geographical difficulties A with reference to niain- iioil reputation for the eiiiorcenii'iil r ,f (he prohibition law. I'lir-y have, lo shoulder the respon- -ibility for the jags acquirer! across the river. The Globe says there is a .'.real deal of drunkenness at Atchison. Atchison. ami concludes ihal prohibition is a failure; yel ¡he same issue of the paper has half a dri/en local .items treating of people who became drunk in Missouri ¡UK! came to th Kansas side In .|o their yelliiif, Strangers in Alchison, seeing th drunken men. will naturally leave ih town with a bad impression concern ing the results of the prohibitorj law. Hut the blame should not )>, the law. CASEY AT THE BAT. The pursuit of |IK- Tyro bank robbers robbers i= cine of Ilie thrilling episorlcs of current history. Vv'iieu the dire news of the robbery came to the .-tarlled people of Southern Southern Kansas, men of martial instincts n! once called for their guns and called for llieir sleeils. and ¡called for their snickersnees, and I here was much saddling nf horses :ind-breath- ing of gory threat*, and mixing of war medicine. Shame on the false .Kiniscan who lingers at his home at siii'h a lime! it wa•; a brave si.^ht, this gathering gathering iif the clans for ha i tie. And braver still I]H. long lines of determined determined men speeding npun the trail of ihe marauders. Some of them were raptured by the brigands and robbed, and sent back home 10 wait until they prew up before fngagiiig in Mich stern pastimes. Others lost them- sene-;, and the hnrse- of some went lame, and a few suddenly remember ed that they liad ¡mi.'nrtant engage- menis in lown. and the chase Ian- gui-hed. sn that it seemed Ihe rubbers rubbers \vniild reach their fast nesses mi- scathed :;nil unirainmeled. Il was then that Ihe people clam- i'ivd ÍMI- Kloehr, oí I'.ilTcyvillc. l|e il was who shot down bank robbers in thi-ir tracks, and performed other leal'- \vhirh have been immcrlalixed in tin- Strei'i i\- Smiih imblicaiions. "Hav'u. the cry i- A-tur. and lo, the ranks divide, and the great bird of l.nna c'nues with his «lately stride." Kloehr, i.f (."olTi-yvillv, has come '.o the rescue. "And mi bis ample shoulders elaugs Imul the fonr-í"¡d shield, and in his |,:ind he holds the j "ke ;>I1 eternity |.> ihe hoy. A whole brand ihal ni>ne but In- can wield." i week! And oven a day is an uucou- There'll be things d"ing. now that i srion.iblv stretch of (¡me. And llu Kloehr has laken ihe trail. The peo -un is stuck, and doeiu't move; and thai lo nn lo of wagon that it has and A circus that from and Atthe he lie student, machine basin the believes to history pudding ill Mr. name Th LOOKING FORWARD. :• years tly past so swiftly tha we are mumbling crones or slipperec pantaloon:- while the breath of the morning of life still seems our cheeks. This morning the Gazelle observ •:d a little liny who had a sorrow o his own. In about a week his uncle >s coming m town on :i visit, and lha uncle always brings him a substantia present. And -.0 the lad spends hi.s 'lays worrying, and his night's dream- •ñu. ove 1 ' that coming present. What •vill it be? A pistol that will explod paper caps; A little red wagon with real springs? A knife with cifrh hk'.ile.- and a corkscrew? Such mienc^ arc upon Ihe knees of the gods. The week that must elapse seems pie wat.-h him as ho have-, town. and|'" 1 ' clori;- are •say that^ the 1-wudiu are a^ good :ls ! captured, and tlu-y fall !<. w.n-]; re- ! pairing tin- jail, s,, that tlu'y may not ¡ hnw. and the clucks will saw wood, break louse-. If t| t o rubbers. only ! and Father Time will gel there just realised that K'luehr K in the lield. ! the same; and Ihe l'ir>t thing that fnimdciVd, Father Time has a wooden leg. Yet the sim will plug" aiung í they would thruw '!< and .surrender. Meanwhile the newspaper cnvres pondeiii- I'd! the dailies with sturi.-: of the invincible Kloehr. he who fails noi nor fall ITS. In the bright K-xicou f.i this di-titignished genileman there u no MII-ÍI word as iall-d-'wi!. A field of the dead rushes red un onr sight, ami ihe elan- uf the brigands are scattered in ¡light. \Yhv in the world their gun- little boy know--, he'll he a patriarch, weary, watery eves, and trem- limhs. and a lung gray beard *OS7 PEKPECT PRODUCTION <!» OF AMgRICAN I.AROR * Smith's Daisies íMlld ftc. Cigar. JAMES SMITH easily Great the at that a Heel Thaw Emporia. but was of Kansas. tatoes notice keep and and erved master ng -land on i in: which n ry. leuce. :s awn was The hat o ul

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  • "Casey" & "Horatius" justaposed--The Emporia Gazette (Kansas) 18 March 1908

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