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GEORGIA FARMERS. ITEMS Of INTEREST TO THE AGRICULTURAL WORLD. Notes of the Farm the Garden and the Dairy The Outlook for the Tear The Farmers Over the State. Our farmers gays the Lawrencenlle Herald in their ambition to make cotton hat e for gotten the483nple of their fathers who with not half the adrange we possess were more prosperous than we are Formerly the farmer regarded it as part of farm economy to not only raise his own horses and males but to hare one now and then for sale How many farm- era in this county are rais ng stock' We sel dam see a good mule or horse colt in traveling around the country While every farm should have from one to a half dozen There is more profit in raising mules than cotton or wheat They will come upon the market at two years' old and if they are properly cared for will bring a good price A mule of that age will not cost more than 825 to raise and will sell for from seventy five to one hundred dollars To make that much cotton generally costs about all you get for it The Monroe Advertiser has the following to gay to the farmers of the state which should command more than ordinary attention irons them a the article 111 question is filled with substantial food for their consideration Inquiring among our produce dealers last week elicited the statement that the corn sales to farmers the present year would in their judgment fall considerably below those of last year We hope they are correct in their opinion However not the fact that last year was the moat favorable year for growing corn in this county ID the last fifteen or twenty years yet the fact was also elicited that some of our farmers were already buying corn with which to make a coop this years and that other farmers were arranging to do so later on While pondering upon these statements we were impressed with the idea that if Monroe county farmers failed last year to make a suf flc encj of corn for their farms during the present \ear that failure must have resulted from their not cultivating a sufficient acreage in corn Whether or not it ary 25th from tho Cincinnati Southern depot for a trip through Georgia The excursion will be under the personal supervision of W L. Glessner commissioner of immigration and will visit the principal ratios and agricultural and fruit-growing sections of Georgia stopping at different points sufficient time to investigate their advantages and get general knowledge of the country Mr Waggoner a Baldwin county man is making JI OO a year from his ten cows. He sells his butter at twenty-five cents per pound and his batter milk at ten cents per gallon His ten cows average sixty pounds of butte petweek and seventy-five gallons of milk. The farmers of Georgia says the Elberton Gazette should raise more wheat oats corn hogs horses and mules When they do this their farms will become serf-sustaining and prosperity will be the result in every section of our state Trusts will not then bother them. They will be independent of them and fully able to take care of themselves under any circumstances. Corn planting is in full blast in Screven county and the farmers are putting in large crops There are many of them who have turned philosphers and fox two weeks have been watching the moon and stars noticing the morning fogs and the shifting winds. They seem to think that none of the old signs of the weather will do to go by this winter as spring seems to have shoved winter out of its way and taken possession of that section of the state Editor Mathews of the Sylvama Tele- peone has been taking an inventory of the weather and its surroudings with the following result I looked in Grier's almanac today He tells us that winter commences on December 21st and spring March 20th I then walked out to view the vegetable kingdom where I saw half-grown figs peach trees in full bloom grown mulberries potatoes that were left in the patch tip and growing nicely com sir blades high and all xegetatum seems to tell us that it is spring but our old home-made philosopher tells us our much looked for cold weather is locked up in the north and is likely to burst out upon us about the 20th February He has two more signs he says if- they fail he will give up the study When he sees the bee bird and the swallow he will believe cold weather is over and another sign is that when the seven stars set at 6 o clock p m cold weather is over Pearce Wood a successful farmer living V to I FAR IS. JfOn. Far. Garen ad Dar -Te Ollok.for YuTe Fare Stt fArmer Ry LwncTloHerld t mke ctn. ha-e or. goten the.ple wth 10t hal p wer mor propron ae. frer re re pn fa enomy t rise h horse t ten sle. mny fn- er ar rng stk sll go mue bo ct trvelng arnnd c Jutr. Whie far fom hldOD. Ter 1 mor proft risng cottn whe t. wl npn mrket I a prprly cred wl brng go mue a wi ct mor thn $2 t rs wl sl venty.fve t hude dolars. cttn ct abut al it. Monr Adverir ha folowin t 8Y t th farer the.stt whi cmmand ordir attentm tom as artcle i flled wih substntial lo cnideraton. Inluirng ou prouc dealer lat elctd thec.rn sles in fal cn iderbly blow thoe Jst ear. hop cret fat lat yea mot favorble cr i th count lat fften twent fct wa al elcied ary bnyng wth year tat fnneC wer agng t s latr I Whie pndering npn thee sttement wth te i Monro faners faied lat fidem' fr dung falure mut resuled teir cltvting sucent cm. ar 2h -f to Cen" Ste dep fo tp tgh Ge. T exeo wn b uder te pr sapoo L Gleer. cDoe igto ad w1 vst prCpl cte ad actl ad ft G sppg dernt pit scent timetivegt advant ad gner kowle ct. Ir. W8gnr Baldw cut m i mkng 'l yea f h t cw sls hs butr twentfve cnt pr pud ad hs buttr mlk tn Cnm pr Jlon. Hi t 01 aver sx pud utr p. wek ad svent-fve glo D1 Te trers Gera sy te Elbr t Gatt shod r mo' whe ot cr. ho hor mue Wen tey thi fn wi be st-tg prorty wl te rt i ever stio o stt. Tt wl no ten them Tey wl b idepndent tem ad fuy t tk ce theJI ve uder crt pltng i fl blat i Bnn fen a puttg i lae cop. Ter ar whobve te phiopher ad fo to wek bn latchg won ad st notcg te I monng fo shitng wd Tey sm t thnk sg wether wl th wnter a sprg sem wtr it len pon ston stt. Editr Ithews Sylvna Te1e pne ha ben tking a iventory ad It suoudng wit folow- resut "I loke Grer' almaa tay. tls u wntr cmmencs Deembr sprng Marh 2h. walke t kngom wher fW hl f pah tr i ful blom mulbre ptt th pth gwg nicly cm sx blade bgh al xegettn sm t tl t tht prng ou homemae phi- tls u ou loked f r cld i loe i lkely t bu upn U abut 2h Febrar. ha mor sg sy i fl wl sdy. ses be ad swalow wl b leve sg te sven stst o'clok p. cld i Wo scc3fu farer lvng TH -The Oudtookfor Year-The Lawrence'rillehleraid tonot raise raising sel- arm halfdozen. yeventy.five etatementtlmatthec.oru ficiency aryZhlthfrozit fruht-growingsections timetolnvesthgate generalknowhedge 51,200 aeventy-fivegallonsof tel is Hehautwomore hesays staraset p.m. 1 Ft'S." . - . , * * . , , , ! , , , , ' ¬ ' , \ , , , \ , , , . , , - , , , . - , , - . , - , , , , , - , . , , , , . , , - , , ¬ ' , - , , , , , , , - ¬ , , - , ¬ , , : - , - [ . . . . - : < . . . " . , . $ , . . . : . ! ; , . . . , , \ . , . - ' ) ' . - " . . . - . . . ' . . ' , - . . . ' . ] : " . . , . - ( ; < . . ; , ' . . . , " , - & - ' ' . ' - ( . , - - . , , ? - ' , - - . . (

Clipped from
  1. The Atlanta Constitution,
  2. 24 Feb 1890, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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