Pre-assessing Baby Doc, underestimation

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Pre-assessing Baby Doc, underestimation - TK. R.giitu: Ponrill., V a ., Tliuri., Mor. II,...
TK. R.giitu: Ponrill., V a ., Tliuri., Mor. II, 1971 "Papa Poc' Farets Son To InJierit Throne New Kettle Of Caribbean Trouble For May Be Brewing In Haiti's White PORT AU -PRINCE. Haiti'sun fe« ,,«*. -..,. , .... .. . . . . tie of Caribbean trouble for Un cle. Stm is beginning to bubble behind the walls gt a huge pa Jac* so white if hurts the eyes t ·look at i t - i n the tropical sun light. -Presiding over the poten brew if a sick man suspicious o almost everybody to the point o: paranoia, seldom daring to ven ture out of the white fortress that is his presidential palace. At 63, Dr. Francois Duvalier "president for life" of the re .public of Haiti, is trying to ;inake it possible for his 20-year " ( bld son, a gloriously obese play · $oy, to inherit his throne. il The situation this has created ·;« loaded with dynamite. What rwprries Uncle Sam is that the ·dynamite's explosion may echo through the. whole- Caribbean area. No objective observer who knows anything of what is going on in this extravantly beauti M land will give the young man my chance of ruling successful- ly amid professional and in- veterate plotters. ;· 'In fact, · young : Jean-Claude Duvaher is not so important in ·.·11 this. It is the palace clique, the coterie of men and women around the president who. once .VPap» Doc" is out of the pic- ture, seem inevitably destined to.'fjjhfc among themselves in a »trugfll« for power. , What seems to be emerging is lomething like a prospective re- gency council. A half-dozen or so persons in the. palace group, Including Jean-Claude's hand- gome and formidable mother Simone Ovide Duvalier, would be involved in this grim contest. Around the turn of the year, Papa Doc announced his deci- sion to name his son as the suc- !cessor to his power. Papa Doc's own constitution of 1964, the one hir'i !«.· »__ .. J _ i_ ; ___ _ ** · since - - - * -- - · « » * w w *, W114* V/UC by which he made himself presi- dent for life, says the president must be 40, but Article 100 has been properly amended the first of 'the year, f Mrs. Duvalier, about 10 years junior to her husband, is said to nave had a. frightful row with him -over his decision, because she fears the -professionals will " to safe haunts. Occasionally he shows up at Cacique Island's Ibo Beach, about a 15-minute drive from Port au Prince, and disports himself in the water encircled by adoring girl friends and alert bodyguards, tossing a huge ball. He then-waddles off, his retinue trailing, looking like a huge duck at the head of a United States watches and keeps fingers crossed. The two Jong peninsulas of western Haiti, enclosing the Gulf of Gon- ave, reach out as if to embrace ""*·- which i only about 50 flock. The Cuba, miles away across the Wind- ward Passage. A Haiti in crisis would be a tempting target for throne for .his son, he needs time. In this incredibly poor, largely illiterate and often vi- olent little nation, he must cre- ate what he can regard as a safe power base for the boy and perhaps a safe Pretorian guard to surround him. But in Haitian politiics nothing is safe. In the country's ICC years of independence, only three or four chiefs of state end- ed their terms peacefully and alive. The safety factor is further reduced by family quarreling. Mrs. Duvalier, believed franti- cally against the anointment of Jean-Claude, is said to want one Dominique, Doc. But Dominique, husband of in , Mane-- Denise Duvalier, · is Papa Doc's doghouse, suspected of plotting with army officers. He has been banished t6 Paris as ambassador. Castroite ISWiSSS^ Df0 ^-ns-in-iaw, U^Max elements. mmunis^ Dominique, to succeed Papa Washington wants no more Communism in the Caribbean, and chaos in Haiti would raise an unpleasant prospect of uni- lateral U.S. intervention. That would create ati uproar reminis- cent of the 1965 eruption when American troops intervened in a crisis in the Dominican Republ-j ie, which shares the island ot Hispanioia with Haiti. Papa Doc calls himself, among other things, protector o£ the people, benefactor of the poor, supreme commander of the revolution and leader of th Third World. He is known to be a diabetic, and is believed to lave had several heart bumps There are all sorts of rumors which he counters with occa- sional heavily guarded public appearances. If^DuvaJier is going to make a All this breed may now create Haiti-Watchers Washington, nervously examin- ing signs and portents. Such Haiti-watchers suspect that Pa- pa Doc learned much from baker's dozen of uprisings a- gainst him in his 13-year reign. They see him as tightening trols all along the line with sudden, shrewd moves. This can be confusing to Washington which, while having an outwardly friendly and fully correct policy toward Hai- ti, finds Papa Doc an embar- rassing friend. Indeed, some Haiti-watchers are inclined to the idea that selection of Jean-Claude is not to be taken too seriously. It be, they speculate, part of a zantine plan to force opposition into the open, or it may even simply be Papa Doc seeking quick settlement to. a family gument about who would suc- ceed him. Knight Papers To Pay Dividend MIAMI (AP) Newspapers Inc. The Knight board of di- tear Jean-Claude to She *..-·* v*--**wv. w Hiv^ea. one fears for the life of her young- est, her baby. She'has three daughters, but only one sori, and he knows ./nothing-, of ..gbvern- .ment. JeaiuClaude/ -who must tip .the : scales at;;alrnost: 300 pounds, i.v4escribed.v4s' a law student, bu£-;£ii;inain 'preoccu- pations are his six'flashy auto- mobiles and his corps of girl friends. ·-·*£* -~i : ^'~. y^.-- Papa Doc :has' ; been' ke'lping Jean-Claude under wraps, be- cause-now that he is chosen-the boy's, life truly ·· * -- . . -- r t^vrtfti. v* Vi Vll" ectors Wednesday declared a uarterly dividend of 12 1 /. cents er common share payable April 13, to shareholders of record as of the close of busi- ness on April 1, 1971. The board also declared a dividend of 90 cents per share on $3;60 cumulative preferred stock payable June share- holders .-.of record as- of the close of. record on Jiuie 4. UNBOTTLED IN BOND LONDON; (AP) ^-Britain's consumption ·"· bt vodka rose steadily, during the iyears when Ian : ; JFJeming's fictional hero James^ Bond, was popular! Bond s favorite drink was a vod- ka martini; But'whflijfBpnd began to fade vodka sales'tended to ease sa'd the Economist intelligence 'Unit SHOP WHERE YOU SEW AND SAVE FOR YOUR EASTER NEEDS! MIX 'N MATCH - 54" WIDE WASHABLE BONDED ACRYLIC - - - Ideal for vests, capes, coats 48" WIDE ACETATE PRINTS - - - - $ 1 For the sheer sleeves. $4.22 **Yd. $1.98 Yd. 60" WIDE POLYESTER Double Knit WE HONOR BANKAMERICARD AND MASTER-CHARGE OPEN 9-9 MONDAY-FRIDAY--SATURDAY RIVERSIDE SHOPPING CENTER BELOW RIVERSIDE THEATRE Dorofhy Hayn« p hone D » . Manwr 797-2463 A

Clipped from
  1. The Danville Register,
  2. 18 Mar 1971, Thu,
  3. Page 26

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