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Oh Brodie, SB County Sun, 1 Mar 1953, p. 13 - MiirDDsfteirs AssodQ Adi!m Co o 'Threat to Free...
MiirDDsfteirs AssodQ Adi!m Co o 'Threat to Free Government' Seen in Dispute 'Defiance' of Council Rapped in Statement About City Engineer "Far-reaching "Far-reaching "Far-reaching political overtones" overtones" have been detected by San Bernardino ministers in the action taken against a City employe employe by the CiviV Service Com mission, which "is a threat to the American system of free government." according to the Rev. Donald L. Mackay, chairman chairman of the Ministerial Association's Association's civic affairs committee. The statement, made public by the Rev. Mr. Mackay Saturday, requested requested "that this appointive body (Civil Service Commission) attend strictly to its legal duties in the 'examination of personnel for City jobs and the checking of payrolls payrolls to det(nine whether or not each employe is listed in the correct correct pay brackets'." VOTE OF CONFIDENCE The issue arising around the Commission's refusal to certify a pay check of City Engineer Omer H. Brodie is expected to be given a thorough airing before the City Council, which earlier gave Brodie a vote of confidence, Monday night in the City Hall. Following is the text of the ministers' ministers' statement: "An issue has arisen in the current current political scene which, although although not related directly to the present City election, seems to have far-reaching far-reaching far-reaching political overtones. overtones. "An appointive body, the Civil Service Commission, has attempted to exercise a power which is not rightfully its. In direct defiance to the elected representatives of the people (the City Council) they have refused to certify the City engineer on the City payroll thus making it impossible to collect his check for services rendered to the City. "No reason has been given for the action, leaving the public to surmise that the City official has been treading on the toes of individuals individuals who have influence with the Commission. 'RIGHT TO KNOW "The people of the City have the right to know the reason for the action of the Civil Service commissioners. commissioners. They have the further right to request that this appointive body attend strictly to its legal duties in the 'examination of personnel personnel for City jobs and the checking checking of payrolls to determine whether whether or not each employe is listed in the correct pay brackets." "The attempt to exercise political political pressure by subterfuge is reprehensible reprehensible and presents a threat to the American system of free government." government." QTY SECTIOJ A Newspaper for San Bernardino County Sunday, March I, 1953 Lion-Like Lion-Like Lion-Like Entry Slated for March March is due to make a bow like a lion according to the weather forecasts. Fresh to strong northerly winds are expected in San Bernardino Bernardino Sunday along with cooler cooler weather. According to weather forecasters, forecasters, March is the last of the rainy season months for the Southland. Precipitation during the month will vary, with normal moisture ranging from about a third of an inch in lower desert valley up to six and seven inches in high mountain areas. A decrease in high cloudiness is expected but there will be increases increases of dense fog in foothill valleys and the lower coastal slopes of mountains. 4 City Making Plans to Real ign 21st Street When Funds Ready Realignment of 21st Street be tween Crestview Avenue and San Gabriel Street is on City Engineer Omer H. Brodie's planning boards but will not be undertaken until the new fiscal year provides additional additional funds. According to Brodie, the proposed proposed project straightens out the 21st Street alignment, except for a slight curve to circumvent a City Water Department pump house, removal of which would necessitate necessitate prohibitive expenditure. NEW ALIGNMENT Eventually, said the City engineer, engineer, 21st Street would be continued continued on its new alignment across Twin Creek to Perris Hill Road. The existing 21st Street location. which angles northeasterly through Perris Hill Park from the Crest- Crest- view Avenue intersection, would be abandoned, thus consolidating the park area. Through an arrangement with subdivider W. R. Buster, the City will pay a portion of the cost of the re-routing, re-routing, re-routing, while Buster wul Women Injured In Lift Accident Two young women were injured Saturday afternoon when the were 13 Frost will be just an occasional occasional hazard during the first half of the month while temperatures will range from the 30s in mornings mornings high in the mountains to the 80s in low desert valleys. A check of the San Bernardino Bernardino Mountain region Saturday showed Big Bear, Crestline and Lake Arrowhead jammed full of winter sports enthusiasts with a light fog and moderate weather prevailing. Rain began falling in San Bernardino Bernardino late Saturday night as heavy snow was reported at Big Bear Lake. Both Lake Arrowhead and Crestline reported dense fog with moisture starting to freeze to trees. provide funds for constructing the southern 18-foot 18-foot 18-foot width of the new street section, curbs and gutters. The City's part of the construction construction will develop 21st Street to 64-foot 64-foot 64-foot width. Re-locating Re-locating Re-locating the alignment alignment provides street frontage for hitherto "back" lots in the subdivision; subdivision; Valencia Avenue will eventually eventually be extended to connect with the new 21st Street alignment. The project will provide additional additional access to Perris Hill School with work already authorized by both City and County for widening and straightening of Perris Hill Road. The City work is being financed financed by State gasoline tax allocations allocations assigned to Fourth Ward Councilman William P. (Bill) Howard, Howard, with additional funds from Mayor George C. Blair's assigned gasoline tax money. SHIRTS Youll Be Proud to Wear ARTESIAN LAUNDRY Pick Up and Delivery Dial 6-6132 6-6132 6-6132 LOCAL MOVING KRONA VAN & STORAGE CO. NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES. ISC 905 W. Base Line Ph. 84-9541 84-9541 84-9541 Inventory Shows Deficiencies in County Highways 'Most Important' Road Survey Notes 'Dismal Outlook' San Bernardino County's stake is $9,389,000 in the State wide $548,719,007 critical defi ciencies in county highways, roads and bridges. This conclusion is contained in an inventory conducted under the sponsorship of the County Super visors Association of California in conjunction with county officials Termed "the most important county county highway study ever made in the U.S.," the final report has re ceived national recognition. BREAK DOWN FOR COUNTY San Bernardino County's total is broken down as follows: deficien cies of 54,919,500 in roads and 51. 999,500 in bridges in the 325-mile 325-mile 325-mile primary system; and $1,864,400 in roads and $605,600 in bridges in the 192-mile 192-mile 192-mile secondary system. Only strictly County routes are involved The Supervisors Association will request the Senate Interim Com mittee on Highways, Streets and Bridges to cause to be made an impartial review of the study and certification as to its correctness. Vincent T. Cooper, assistant man ager of the Association, had this to say about the inventory: "It is quite evident there is still a good deal of work to be accom- accom- (Continued on Page 17, Column 5) SHEPPARD TO MEET WITH PRESIDENT AT WHITE HOUSE Representative Harry R. Shep-pard Shep-pard Shep-pard (D-Yucaipa) (D-Yucaipa) (D-Yucaipa) and 20 other members of the House of Representatives Representatives will be guests of Presi dent Eisenhower Monday at a White House lunch. Other California guests include Rep. Leroy Johnson (R) and Rep Cecil R. King (D). Factory Delivery 1953 BUICK SAVE up to $360 on Freight Charges Order Now To Assure May and June Delivery WITHERSPOON MOTORS Buick Dealer 944 E St. Ph. 5849 WATCH REPAIRING One Year Guarantee ELECTRONIC TIMING w ILSON 493 E STREET Jewelers ACROSS FROM TEN NET'S

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The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)01 Mar 1953, SunPage 13
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  • Oh Brodie, SB County Sun, 1 Mar 1953, p. 13

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