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19230120 - Comfort Station Hours (From BVIday's Herald -...
Comfort Station Hours (From BVIday's Herald - Telegram) With a comfoft station that in its first year netted - pver $1,300 in profits it is a question whether we cannot afford to run it a little more liberally. It is a question whether the comfort station ought to shut up tight at 11 p. m., on the assumption that all good people are at home in bed after that hour. The present, method, too, of opening at 7 a. m. tends to the discomfort of the working men and women who would enter there at 6.30. This, comfort station has well justified its existence. There is no doubt as to its need. It has been rather well conducted, with a lack of serious complaint.' The one year's experience ought to teach us how to run it better the second year. And that would suggest that the hours might be readily extended to 12 at the one end and to 5 at the other, if, indeed, it is not advisable to keep It open, all night. x Similar establishments in the larger cities are doubtless run on a 2 4 - hour basis. , The comfort station under the Penn street bridge has always seerned a rather poor and weak thing, since it is limited to the playground season. You can go there in July and August and welcome; but in September you are cordially invited to stay out until June. Locking up a woman and child in the comfort station at 11 n. m. recently suezesis a lacn or care on bomecoay s pan. kjx course it ought to be ascertained that the place is entirely empty before s final v closed. But tins is not all that trie incident sue: - gests. If the woman and child sought the comfort station a few minutes before 1 1, it is quite likely that women and children and men and others will seek a comfort station a few 'minutes after 1 1, or even at midnight or later. ?; ' 7 The city can well afford. to keep the station'going till such an hour or longer hours. Perhaps the baths and the weighing ma chines and the boot - blacking will not be in demand after midnight. But some other features of the station ought to be accessible at all hours. . 1 ' .. . "

Clipped from
  1. Reading Times,
  2. 20 Jan 1923, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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