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1906 Silverbelt - The world is aghast today at one of the...
The world is aghast today at one of the greatest horrors of which history has any accouujt. The oft przdicted disaster has come to the Pacific coast and from Santa Rosa to San Jose, spending its gieatest force on the metropolis of northern California, all is a scene of ruin and devastation caused by the most frightful earthquake this continent has ever witnessed. The loss of life can merely be conjectured, and it will be weeks before anything like reliable data can be secured. The property los3 will be enormous, and its extent is merely surmised at this time. When the first rumor reached Globe that pn shock had been experienced at San Francisco and that serious amage had baan wrought, the Silveii Belt telegraphed for full particulars. Bulletins have been arriving at infrequent intervals, the latest received iust as the paper was bein;r made ready for the press. Each message has added fresh tradegy to the already overwhe' 3 ing tale of shock and fire. The Chicago fire, Galveston flood and all other calamities that have shocked the world during the last half century are forgotten in this more awful catastrophe. As before, all the world is affected, the of the earth will give their ready sympanthy and hasten material aid to the scene. May San Francisco, for half a century the gem of the Pacific coast, rise triumphant from the crushing blow'and regain her proud position amongst foremost ports of the world and most famed cities of America. ?idd33d43dd:d3333333$3K The lateU news obtainable was re-1 supposed points of .safety, or are m m f 4 j? fl troyed and 1G0 of the inmates killed. 1 Light square miles of the city of San i l ancisco has been burntd. Another violent shock occurred at 8:30 o'clock last night, being most severe at Sacramento and vicinity, and doing considerable damage. Afternoon Wire Los Angeles, 4 o'clock p. m., via Phoenix and Roosevelt over long tance telenhoce: All the large buildings in the city destroyed. There is no water and the fire can not be checked. Dynamiting is ineffective, Tho city is doomed. San Jose, Santa Rosa and Stanford are reported ruined. Regulars and militia are guarding the city. Loss of life may reach 10.000 and financial loss will reach $200,000,0000. Famine is imminent. All but one of Stanford University buildings destroyed. Four students (names unknown) were killed. WEDNESDAY'S"" TELEGRAMS First Dlspatclics Were Incomple and Did Not Tell Halt Special to Uiu Arizona Silver Kelt Los Angeles, 7 p. m., April 18. Latest dispatches received from San Francisco indicate the loss of life and property from earthquake shocks today will be much irreater than was at first ex- pected. Twenty-five hundred is the I est estimate ot the number killed and the destruction of the citv bv fire seems ':H"icA10"f: u uu u iiiusi cerium aim on y a imraciu ' can save it as a gale of wind is blowing i and the flames are spreading rapidly and new fires breaking out in different parts of the city. ine tirst shock came at o:lo a. m., followed by others in quick succession, spreading panic and destruction on all bides. Fire broke out in the ruined district immediately after the first shock which destroyed the water mains and left the fire department helpless to 4:-' rV l,tii'.tw' ARIZONA SILVER BELT. HVifef VOLUME XXVIII. No. 51 GLOBE, GILA COUNTY, ARIZONA, THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 19C6 Established 1878. Tnr nioTniOT J MUG NEWS Shipments of Ore From Pinto Creek Mines Increasing Good Prospects THE ARIZONA COMMERCIAL! shipments at an early date. A drift i to the west is being run on the 100-., , . . ! foot le el, and drifting to the east is To Operate on Moro Extensiro bcale jn progress on tho 300-foot lovel, two Sale of Treasury Slock will Provide shifts working in each opening on five-Abundant Resources for Enlarged foot faces of ore, with no.footwnll. :nt:. nir.in Visit Mine. I posed. The ore from this mine is a Facilities-Directors , grado 8Uphidc carrying 10 to 15 Shipments of 20 tons sihcious ore per day arc being made from the Lurcka mine to the C. & A. smelter, at Doug- Lis. Wm. Mill Williams showed us a pie of ore from his mine the other day i a rich copper glance with an iron base. It also carries considerable gold and silver. It possesses a magnificent gravity and onlv a small bunch weighs ' a ton. Mr. Williams has good cause to i feel Well Satisfied With his property. The Five Points Copper company has given an option on its properties to Denver pa'ties who have until May 31 to determine if they will nurchsss. Experts have examined the claims and their report has doubtless been filed by this time with the principals. Tho amount for which the claims were bonded is as yet a secret. There is no present prospect of a merger of the Globe & Pinto Mining company with the Five Points corporation. and Senator Boone of California a relative of Boone, this defendant. L. L. Henry is counsel for J. C. Ernian. It is probable that a hearing will he , had Iwforo Judge Nave at Solomonville during next week. Tho amount involved n very considerable and the case will bo fought vigorously in the ! courts. This suit promises to bo one of the mof,t notable in the history of this district. GLOBE WESTERN COMPANY WILL INCREASE SHIPMENTS This company has been shiminir ore from their mine, formerly the Cole & Goodwin, to the Old Dominion smelter i since April 9, and expect to increase per cent copper. & per cent iron anil i jf 33 per centbulphur. A now strike has Kjy been made on the same property 1,700 1 fcet from the shaft, on a parallel vein, and drifting on this lead will be started ,3, there beintr an excellent chance of ing up good ore. The Globe Western company is also having work done on the Stewart & Clark property near the Gibaon mine, and as soon as rails and a car arrive will put men to work on theWestbrook & Robertson mine, in which then1 is an encouraging showing of sulphide ore. hioit uint:iiuno vidii mt KEYSTONE COPPER MINE The board of directors of the Keystone Copper company, comprising.). N. Finletter, G. W. P. Hunt, Dr. L. E. Wightman, J. N. Porter, Harry Wightman. D. Murphy. II. H. Harvey and Mrs. M.F. Finletter; also F.J. Sr., and Capt. Collins, of New York, anil Mrs. C. F. Shelby and Mrs. HORROR OF THE AGE GREAT CITY IN RUINS San Francisco Virtually Destroyed by Earthquake Shocks and Consequent Fires Chicago, Galveston, Baltimore, Portland and Charleston Tragedies Far Gem of the Coast De-spoiled-Loss of Human Life Frightful to Contemplate-Property Destroyed Valued at Hundreds of Millions 3&t66&eeeee6teeefrtt6fr6teteeefreeeeetfe: LATEST MEWS ""w HAPPENNGS Lady Killed By the Accidental Discharge of Revolver at Roosevelt TWO MEN SCALDED BY STEAM Suit Brought to Annul Mine Leases-Freight Cars Run Amuck at the O. D. Machine Shops Fatality Caused By Explosion of Gasoline Stove. Globe painters are organizing aunion. A new floor is being put in Keegan's saloon and other improvements made in the place. Maurice McAIpin, a prospector and miner from Clifton, is here to put down a hole or two. William Sidow. the west side prop erty holder who was quite sick this week, is improving, " Ul , z' 0I,lne,."a jumper has rented a five-room house " ,i "ent to Clifton for his family, Mrs. Martha K. Wiley has been ab sent at Phoenix this week, attending the grand lodge of Rebekahs. Walter Bennett, of Phoenix, was admitted to practice before the United States supreme court on Monday last. Supt. M. J. Galpin of the Iron Cap mine, who has been in Phoenix for a few days, is expected back tonight. The Ladies' Aid Scciety of the Methodist church will meet Thursday at

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