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dry robensioan - Lumbertwn, SL C., Monday, Dec. 2t, 1IMI...
Lumbertwn, SL C., Monday, Dec. 2t, 1IMI WHISKERS prove it, if so minded; thai' | s more "whiskey being sold i consumed in Robeson county jclay. despite its vaunted dryness, I than is sold by the two ABC I in Cumberland county. The Robe-,in purchaser, can have his of cither "Stumphole," bootleg bonded goods, or the ABC .nun either North or South Carolina. And what justification can or to we expect for our illegal wetness by pointing with pride to tact that a Cumberland county preacher has been ./forced to resign, because he was unafraid sUi'e his honest opinions and \jctions, choosing the honest but much-to-be regretted legal sale liquor rather than a pseu-do uopian day dream of a prohibition that has never been and nt-iiher can ever be nothing but joke. J u rriy opinion, (which doesn't 'iiuunt to much) the church j.cked this preacher out lost 'one ol' its most honest, upright mem- be s. Preachers with open, honest opinions, fortified with backbone i nougli. to declare themselves ·open meeting" are more to be desired as leaders than those who fight the legal sale of liquor to 1 ist ditch, yet compromise in end by closing their eyes to the fact that some of- their biggest j church contributes, and pious members "hit the bottle hard often," and likewise even taking contributions from known bootleggers, contributions tainted with I hour whose word, I'ace with- Pembroke school in the past. It i l i £ » u o r - w | lh -. a " the Lord wil1 , bless ,, ,,,,,,,,! ,.,.u~,,i .,,,,] ..v.-. -UM ! vou. mv brother. * was a good school and the chil- J ' ou - m - v br other. dren learned well. What better! Liquor will perish from the can be said of any school. I earth .when, greed and hypocricy As for Dear Old P. H. S. I'll not kick her. for a mule kicking never gets any where, but when he «oes forward he soon reaches his goal--the end of the field. arc dead: and not before. J. L. WALKER Si. Pauls, N. C. I received my educatin at P. H. S. Lots of others whom I know (Editor's Note: The editorial to which Mr. Walker refers, describing' Robeson county as a dry in and around Pembroke received i Utopia, was written in an their's there, and also sent their ' manner which apparently rn t be g v a i d , and real- create may we the all. to people by and pes- children there. I'll not kick my hitching post, no never, nor education Cor the good. We have a good faculty this year at P.H.S. ; way used to teach successful in conveying meaning. The "honeyed words" about conditions in Robeson were deliberate overstatements which were intended to appear as such, reflecting doubt on any conclusions Miss Fodie Buio me. She is a fine teacher, you know or Yd never; ed upon them, have learned anything. I am in- i Irony is something that editors sometimes indulge in. usually to their regret. If the literal mean- like driven hith- in we i Any teresled in Pembroke and P.H.S. and have all ma n kind at'heart. May Cod bless you every one. May peace be in our hearts at this Christmas season, and start the New Year right. · "AUNT LOIS";' DRY ROBESON COUNTY IS JUST WISHFUL THINKING TI» i h « - Kflit.cn- ··!' Tin' Rol)^s.,ni:in:,t Your recent statement, editbr- ially, that "Conditions in regard to drunkenness, boot-legging and acts of violence committed by In- or to the that has at; par- the no up as a or toxicated persons are much better in Robeson county than in Cumberland" is not borne out by fsfcts as can be attested by Robesbn cotintys' Recorder's court recorfls as published in yours and other county papers. It would be nice, indeed, "to be looked up to by the people of \ Cumberland county"; and it nice to be looked up to as 01 a sober, peaceable Robeson county where liquor is hard to get and not many people want it." Facts and not wishful thinking are what counts. Whistling whil passing the prohibition grav yard doesn't scare away the spec ire of Old John Barley Corn. Yoi may close your eyes and imasin what you please, but whiskey i still with us. and more plentiful regardless of honey-worded edi torials to the contrary. I dare say, and could possiblj ing is accepted by the reader instead .of the implied meaning, then the factual nature of such statements can easily be contested, as Mr. Walker has done. (At any rate, the editorial on ·'dry" Robeson served some purpose in drawing another hard- hitting letter from Mr. Walker, whose messages may not always be popular, but are never dull. Even if everybody else is on other side of the fence, there is never any doubt about where Walker stands, and if, anybody starts throwing brickbats, he still has a good arm.) WILL APPRECIATE HELP FOR CHRISTMAS , Dear Friends: I have no job and if I did I am not able Therefore, I do not look for Pre-Christmas Warm Ideal Gifts Regular $19.50 B-15 Fleeced Regular $10.95 Blanket Lined B-15 Jackets .

Clipped from
  1. The Robesonian,
  2. 20 Dec 1948, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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