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Unmarked Graves - Berks Page 2 - - - UNMARKED GRAVES. Continued from firtt page....
- - UNMARKED GRAVES. Continued from firtt page. J Bug Jaoob Kline, Co F, 6th Pa Cav. Charles Meiran, Co H, 104th Pa Inf. George W Popp, Co B, 4th Del Inf. Adam Ripple, Co K, 2nd Pa Cav. Franklin Ritner, 1st Iowa Art. Jacob Snyder, Co E, 88th Pa Inf. Charles Sohaar, Co G, 5th Pa Cav. Wm II Smith, Co II, 23d Pa Inf. Augustus Trexler, Co B, 128th Pa Inf. Geo Adam Wolf, Co I, 179th Pa Inf. George Ziegler, Co B, 88th Pa Inf. John Good, Co E, 50th Pa Inf. Mus John D Herzog, Co A, 3rd Reserves. Rudy Haversteck, Co F, 3rd Reserves. Albert Morrow, Co I. 179th Pa Inf. Geo Setley, Co A, 4(jth Pa Inf. Becker, Andrew Gorman. Robert Griffith. Richard Rodgers. Wm J Slechter. CHARLES KVANS CEMKTERT. Daniel Auchenbach, Co H, 08th Pa Inf. Volney Bell, Co C, 50th Pa Inf. Corp Wm B Bright,, Co A, 33d U 8 Inf. Corp Georgo Bost, Co H, 104th Pa Inf. Henry Barr, Co D, 32d Pa Inf. Henry C G Bcrtolette, Co B, 50th Pa Inf. Elhanan S Bechtel, Co II, 104th Pa Inf. Augustus Berger, Ringgold Art. Phillip Bitting, Co D, 82d Pa Inf. Jeremiah Clous, Co A, 32d Pa Inf. William Coxcll, Co G, 1st Pa Inf Corp Isaac Cox, Co H, 79th Pa Inf. J II Caswell, 1st City Troop. Jacob Coon, Co I, 42d Pa Inf. Jacob Urexel, Co K, 93d Pa Inf. W L Dellet, Co B, 30th Pa Inf. Capt W W Diehl, Co E, 5th Pa Inf. William Dunlap, Co II, 50th Pa Inf. George R Coxell, Co B, 138th Pa Inf. Lieut W G De Turk, Co B, 129th Pa Inf. William Deem, Co B, 3rd Pa Art. J L Espenshade, Co E, 4(ith Pa Inf. Sgt Thomas T Elliott, Co H, 6th U S Cav. Mus Oscar T Flemming, 93d Palnf. Franklin Fenstermacher, Co C 50th Pa Inf. Sgt Chas F Fredericks, Co A, 32d Pa Inf. Reuben Frees, CoM 5th U S Art. Daniel If Fasig, Co G, 6th Pa Cav. Corp Gabriel Faust, Co C, 1st N. Y. Engineers. Edward Gentzler, Co K 128th Pa Inf. Henry Graincr, Co D 198th Pa Inf. Corp H A Goodhart, Co K, 128th Pa Inf. George II Gentzler, Co E, 52d Pa Inf. Win II Grim, Co E, 128th Ohio Inf. Adam Goodhart, Co A, 48th Pa Inf. Henry Gossler, Co F, 1st Pa Art. Sgt Albert H Goodenough, Co F, 88th Pa Inf. Lewis Gable, Co E, 128th Pa Inf. Samuel Gross, Co E, 4tith Pa Inf. Sgt Jonathan Holt, Co G, 79th Pa Inf. Henry B Ilurtz, Co H, 104th Pa Inf. Corp John Henry, Co I, 83d Pa Inf. Drum Major Augustus W Homan 93d Pa Inf. Henry G. Henninger, Co K, 128th Pa Inf. John S Hinman, Co H, 104th Pa Inf. Franklin Harbach, Co B, 128th Pa Inf. S Hamilton, Ringgold Art. David Heifer, Co B, 128th Pa Inf. Mclzer Hughston, Co A, 88th Pa Inf. John Keifly, Co B, 55th Pa Inf. Wm W Kraft, Co K, 128th Pa Inf. William Kalbach, Co E, 205th Pa Inf. Lewis Krausher, Co L, 1st Pa Cav. William Lorentz, Co I, 25th N Y Cav, Lieut W A H Lewis, 93d Pa Inf. Corp Isaac S Leeds, Co E, 128th Pa Inf. Corp Cyrus Lotz, Co K, 151st Pa Inf. Sergt John Leiuinger, Co B, 50th N Y Engineers. Corp William Lindecukle, Co K, 151st Pa Inf. Peter Wanner, Co C, 7th Pa Inf. George W McMichael, Co L, 7th Pa Cav. Joseph Maurer, 5th U S Art. Henry Martz, Co G, 198th Pa Inf. Wm Mohr, Co F, 1st Pa Art. Augustus Noeker, Co L, 1st Pa Cav. Henry F Orner, Co E, 46th Pa Inf. Ferdinand Presser, Durell's Bat. Sergt .las M Phillips, Co F, 32nd Pa Inf. Cerp Henry A Plucker, Co B, 50th Pa Inf. Albert Price, 5th U S Art. o xwi., ii, uutts x. int. Chas J Petit, Navy. Corp James A Quimby, Co II, 104th Pa Inf. Chaplain John Quimby, 93rd Pa Inf. Henry Rorke, Co C, 42nd Pa Inf. Aaron Rightmyer, Co E, 4(ith Pa Inf. Corp Cyrus M Ruth, Co B, Pa Militia. Chas F Rigel, Co M, 5th U S Art, Lieut Cyrus R Soder, Co G, 88th Pa Inf. John 0 Schoener, Paymaster. William G Seyfert, Co B, 205tn Pa Inf. Nicholas Seyfert, Co L, 1st Pa Cav. William Seiders, Co G, 6th Pa Oav. .las Seifert, Co B, 88th Pa Inf. Corp John S Schrocder, Co B, Durell's Bat. W W Strouse, Co G, 151st Pa Inf. Sergt John II Snyder, Co It, 21st Pa Cav. Irvine G Seifert, Co K, 128th Pa Inf. Jacob Sncll, Co K, 213th Pa Inf. John S Seiders, Co B, 128th Pa Inf. Wm J Schroeder, Co H, 2nd Pa Cav. Elias Schaeffer, Co E, 4lith Pa Inf. Wm G Trexler, Co B, 93rd Pa Inf. Milton Trace, Co A, 20th Pa Cav. Major J Teed, 116th Pa Inf. Urins Trate, Co G, 52nd Pa Inf. George 'fhonipsoti, Co E, 54th Mass Inf, Col'd Jacob Wolfskill, Co I, 196th Pa Inf. Wm II Williams, Co II, 197th Pa Inf. Fred Wagner, Co A, 195th Pa Inf. Henry Washington, Landsman.. George Wundcr, Marine. George Winnour, Co E, 1st Pa Reserves. Sergt Chas F Ware, Co I, 141st N Y Inf. Corp Aaron Weand, Co B, 93rd Pa Inf. Andrew S Werner, Co 11, 200th ra Inf. Evan S Yeager, Co A, 88th Pa Inf. Hcisinger Y'ocum, Co B, 93rd Pa Inf. Charles Bast. Liudemuth. James Peterson. Moses Becker. Heisinger R Eaches. t harles H Richards. Wm Fasig. James M Warner. Thomas Goodhart. Peter Henly. John lohn. Henry M Gier. Jesse Orner. Daniel Rliein. " William Brison. William Douglas. Daniel II Fasig. MISCELLANEOUS CEMETERIES HAMBURG. Lieut A S Fasig, Co G, With Pa Inf. R W Seidle, Co B, 88th Pa Inf. Peter Bowman, Co C, 48lh Pa Inf. Samuel Bilman, Co L, 1st Pa Cav. Solomon Stout, Co E, 50th Pa Inf. Jonathan Bower, Co 1), 48th Pa Inf. Geo Zirn, Co E, 10th V R C. J A Moyer, Co II, 55th Pa Inf. Jere. Gramlich, Co L, 1st Pa Cav. Jere Meinder, Co D, 48th Pa Inf. J A Silberman, Co F, 3rd Pa Res. Daniel Gares, Co H, 21st Pa Cav. J N Kemp, Band, 90th Pa Inf. Lieut Alfred Billig, Co II, 47th Pa Inf. Wm Berger, Co O, 96th Pa Inf. Elias Slrausser, Co G, 96th Pa Inf. D F Ketterer, Co B, 198th Ta Inf. SII ART1.RMVI1.I.B Marcus Sieirenthaler. Co E liilnt P Inf S S Strause. Co E. lMiit Pa Inf Samuel Wann, Co E, 161st Pa Inf. Henry Burkhardt, Co K, 5th U S Art. BKRNVtl.l.e. J L Weber, Co F, 5th Pa Inf. AMTTVVIl.J.K. Hiram Yocum, Co B, 93rd Pa Inf. spieoe's milium. Jacob Feise, Co G, 19th U S Inf. Daniel Kothenbergcr, Co E, 40th Pa Inf. BKTIIKL CRMRTKRV Jere Dorsey, Co I, 24th U 8 C Inf. neunen ltiompson. - ....,. ......., inniitn.,,n I ln n SI, 1 Sergt A P Matter, Co O, lliith Pa Inf. Wr.KNKIlRVll.LiC. r.flVl KWhiil - C. f. l.t Puf'.v John I'lrli h, Co H, SHth Pa Inf. Henry Msttls, Co II, 21st Pa Cav. William Oelslnger, Co K, 11,7th Pa Cav. flJ'HWARTZWALP. f..r. Tl,.,ni T. !,....!.. I.. II ir.l. i.. i,.r Cup Augustus Wert, Co H, Mrd Pa Inf. LKfSI'ORT. (Jourge Turner, Co K, Soth Pa Inf. LLOYD'S MEKTINfl. Frederick Hosteller, Co A, 12Ktli Pa Inf. RLANOON. r nut f..l..l. P..n - I.. fl. L - l'.7,l. I - f..f Sergt Charles Wright, Co II, tliTth Pa Inf. OKHNAMT'g rHTRCH. Peter K Heck, Co K, lMst Pa Int. .1 W Kemp, CoO, nth Pa Cav. Jesse Shellv, Co II, 81 h Pa Iuf. CORNER CHURCH, RORESONIA. Sergt Henry H W ilkinson, Co E, 61st Pa Iuf. ROCK BAPTIST CHURCH, CAERNARVON TOWNSHIP. Corp Cornelius Uiley, Co A, Mrd Pa Inf. William Bneuemau, Co K, 13th Pa Inf. BLUR MOUNTAIN CHURCH. George Rohinson, Co H, 6MI1 Pa Inf. Andrew Miller, Co H, 151st Pa Inf. OLEY CHURCH. Mus. Georgo P. Huldis, Co C, Until Pa Iuf. - FRIRDGNBBURO CEMETERY. Wm A Fisher, Co I, Htli Pa Oav. Mill. km Lease, Co K, IKird Pa Inf. Amos W Shearer, CoC, 167th Pa Cav. BTKATWRTOWN. Sergt Poiclvnl G Reher, Co H. 151st Pa Inf. OF.IOERTOWN. James H Johnston, Co A, 12Sth Pa Inf. WASHINGTON STREET CHURCH. George Lewis, Co C, 20th Coun Inf. st. Mary's church, Chester co. Samuel Mcl'halither, Co D, 3Jnd Pa Inf. SINKING SPRING. D B Beebtel, Co H, 21st Pa Cav. DOUOLASKVII.I.S. Sergt C B Viller, Co M, 1st Pa Cav. shoemakersville. Corp William Giilldln, Co 1, 107th Pa Inf. John Zluhau, Co K, '.Mrd Pa Inf. GRI1ISVILLE. W II Derr, Co G, 50th Pa Iuf. BIROS BOKO. Levi Baum, Co C, 51st Pa Inf. STOUOHKBURO. Sergt J L Moore, Co F, 4th Pa Cav. V W .Snyder, Co B, 45th Pa Ins. Morris Heed, Co 11, lsoth Pa Inf. A I MHHOl - SE. Sergt David Brown, Co H, 54th Mass Col'd Inf. Jas II Gay, 32nd U S Col'd Iuf. Jos H Nevins. Gottlieb Cause. Hard up for a Candidate. It begins to look as if the Democrats would have to order a draft in 1884 to get a candidate for the Presidency. Pendleton will get knifed because of his civil service views ; Til - don, in spite of those six pair of stairs he keeps running up and down with the grace and agility of the gazelle, is considerable more deceased than tho great grandfather of the first of the Pharaohs ; Thurman is fatallv handicapped by his financial record ; Hendrick's couldn't carry his own State, to say nothing of the outside enemies he made in the National campaign of 1876 ; Seymour is precluded by the infirmuties of age from uccepting the nomination : Voorhees is glaringly unsound on "a tariff for revenue only," and so is Randall. That reduces the list to Bayard. But Major Whyte, of Baltimore, says "it is no use to attempt to bolster up Bayard in this State after this. He has had his last chance. He cannot get the delegation from this State to the next Democratic National Convention." Democratic statesmen whose ambition docs not rise beyond the desire to figure in 1884 as dark horses, will read this list of candidates for obituary honors with resigned regret. Ar. i'. Tribune. Knee Kreeehen Why Kot T Easton Exprenn : "Knee breeches. Why not ?" queries Kate Field in the last number of Our Continent. Certainly, Kate. Wear 'em ! Why not if the husband is that kind of a man. Piles, Krysijielas, Salt Ithcum, soft and tilcerat - .d Corna, Chilllilains, etc., surely cured hy using Mrs. Julye Myers' Drawing and Healing Salve, at S. S. Stevens' and Stein's Drug Stores. U - l - lu til sat To PprsoiiN About to Marry. "To persons alHiut to marry," Douglass Jerrold's advice wan "don't;" we supplement hy saying, without laying in a supply of Spring ltli issom, which cure alliuiui - naria and other kidney and bladder complaints. Price 50 cents, trial Nitllea 10 cents. ;t4 - lwdaw iittrilirat. PARKER'S COUGH CURE For sale hy all Druggists. KDWAKD PAithKli, Chi I House, Seventh and Penn. Proprietor 10 - 10 em HRS.LYD1& E. P1HKHAM, OF LYriH, hiiSS., a LYDIA E. PINKHAM'8 VEGETABLE COMPOUND. Is a Positive Curo for all tkeu Patnrul Complalnta and Weaknesses staaBBmea toour best female Dopulatlun. It will our entirely tlx wont for m of Female Com. plalnte, all ovarian tronhlea, Inflammation and Uloera tlon, Falling and Displacements, and the consequent Spinal Weakness, and la particularly adapted to the Chang of Life. It will dissolve and eipel tumors from the uterus In an early itage of development. The tendency to cancerous bunoretliarali checked very speedily hy IU use. It removes raininess, flatulency, destroys ail oravtng tor stimulants, and reltevea weakness of the stomach. It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration, Oanaral liability, SleeDleiasaM, Depression and Indigestion. That feeling of bearing down, causing pain, weight and backache, Is always permanently cured by its nee. 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Sold iu Heading by 8. 8. 8TKVKNH, 724 Penu - t ly.lAw 4m

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