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Printed Tactless Texan- Coble - TBCIW Folks, the more and more I see o life the...
TBCIW Folks, the more and more I see o life the 'more J .appreciate the ol timers who settled up this part Texas. They have- won my admim tion; they're just xbout the bardie* most courageous class of people have ever heard tell of.' Think of the Indians they had -1 kill. Think of the battles they h with tho bnd men who were seeki new notches to carve on the hands of their pistols. Think of tt droughts and the floods. It was terrl blfi. But folks. I haven't told the half o it. Think, just think of their havin to eat poke salad. For sheer brave and ability to take punishment thi breed of real men and women ha never been equalled. J am told tha every spring all of them ate pok salad as a tonic. It fixed them up a right hut it sure was terrible. I don't want to hurt nobody's feel ings and I herewith apologize raos humbly but I have tasted most everything that is said to be eatable and I hereby desire to go on record as saying that poke salad isn't even on the-list. It-may bo medicine but'it hv« left. Th« world hi* *evef ««CQ their Hlw, the world has a«vefc seen their !ike. W. F. Hartson, of J'ampo, barf icnl m* In several stories. 1 surely u thank biro, I aurely do thank hjm, ] wish others would do the xatne. I may be able to print all of.them but it will help nu in my work, lota One atory *rnt mo by Mr. Hartaon iade- mo laugh particularly. It fol lows: Fat wa» considerable- of a sport md when h* hanj-i-ned to inVke'riKhi smart of nioneyrho began to venture into most cv^othlng. He heard ·' jE«mecock fightiM; and sent away fui a high-priced cm!;. But there WJN i mistake somewhere and instead of a ·oos'ter, a duck -.vas shipped. Mike scratched hts head \vhfn h saw UK He scratched Ms head soni more tvhen he li-jkoj down and sui the" web feet., **You don't Ieok like you coui fight, much," Mike said to the duck *but I will siy lhat all hell couldn' ;rip you over.-" j Wails Madden drove me out to th' Turkey Creek ranch Friday and we itopped at the Ilex d r u g stora at Stinnett. I ordered a milk shake. I lave had many and many a milk ihake but never one like that shake up there nt Stinnett. For .20- cents I was given nigh half a gallon. The [lasi in which it was served looked ike a wash-tub. But he charged "0 cenis but it was worth it. However, that was tha first ttnje J rrer paiii! more than 15 cents for a shake. But it was grand. I guess they don't read newspapers op in Stinnett- I thought that since ain't no food. About a year egt some J^iT Garden came to Amaiillo that old-timer told me about pok« wi-id. I ^srybody knew about I wrote about it. That vas where ] made my bip mistake. The Alexanders over at Canadian sent me a mess. I ate just one leaf of it as il ·act. The distance was 1280 yards. Colonel Bents *i«t established the fort In 1936 but the Ir*lan» bothered him and he left. The buffalo hunters set up their headquarters in the butldlnr* In 1874 and a little later the Indians tried to wine them out. The Turkey Creek ranch was established In 1879 by Tom Bugbee and later it Mao owned by tho Hansford £and ft Cattle company owned by 5cotcfeo:»fl who Jived in Dundee. Mr. Coble, who originally came from .Missouri, settled just north o the present headquarters about 3 years ugo. He nettled on some Ian. and filed his claim. He kept buyin; buying until now he has In OB everything in sl^ht Sty, but h surely did have a hard time of it ani deserves everything he's made We folks who have lived in town mos u f thcir ( lives don't know what p u n i a ment and hard work is. Thrro is only on» draw-back to th Turkey Creek ranch, as I see it. It' said to grow' Doku salad' mor* abund antly than .aqy other *pot jn th United Texas/ And say, ihe ranch Is about 9' miles from Amarillo. It's about 3i miles east' of Stinnett. However, it'; a 1,000 feet less in altitude than Am arillo. And oh, yes, the Turkey Creelc ranch «nd the L-X ranch «re said t be about the oldest ranches in the Panhandle. They were both started in ' was home. And I didn't get all of that down but it is plum plenty. J wrote the Alexanders that it v great and then they sent me some more. And then last Friday Tom Coble invited me out to the Turkey Track ranch for a mess of poke. Bat out there on the Turkey Track ranch I didn't have a chance. Mrs. Tom Williams cooked the, salad. I wi ssv that she is a most wonderful cook, one of the best in the entire Southwest, and if anyone could .make it palatable she is the one. AU I say further in rebuttal that there was no escape out at, Jhe Turkey Creek ranch. They led me into the -dining room. There was Mr. Coble and all those other ranchmen. And Mrs. Williams, her face beaming,- stt .before me the biggest dish of poke I have ever seen. I was plum sunk. I had been four-flushing about how crazy I was about poke .and there was a ton of it In front of me, and I was expected ib eat it. I got it down home how and some wav. I never suffered such agony in my life. And then we loafed around until time for another meal and there was another great dish of poke. And I had to eat that too. And then I started for home and when I got home 0. W. informed me that Sloan. Kritaer had brought in a bushel of poke and she had it all hot and steaming a-walting for me. I'll never be the same, J'll never be the same. I never stirred from the louse, yesterday and I barely made it down to the office this morning. I had H raging fever, chills and inost everything. I've bad-all the spring tonic I need for the rest of my. natural life and if'anyone ever, ever 1 again so much as mentions the work poke io me I'm liable to be dangerous. I surely do want to thank Mrs. Williams and Mr. Coble and Mr. Kritser for their extreme kindness to njc. It wasn't their fault; I brought it all upon hyself. But I do say that if I had had to have a third plate-fui! of poke out at the Coble ranch most everybody in the Panhandle by this time would be going about saying that "it's too. bad about Old Tack, isn't it?" I wa s so weak this morning that 0. W. had to dress me. Yes slr-ree, every time I meet any more of the old-timers I want to shake their hand. Anil HI wring thei r hands with alt the strength I "Or gat one Has Straightened My Husband Out and I Know It Will Help Others, jays Wife After I had smtcked my lips over that milk shake up in the Res drug store I engaged the man in charge In conversation. "I'll give you a write-up for this,' I said. "When it comes to shaking milk shakes you're a genius. "You'll give me n what?" "A'write-up," I explained. "AH I want is my 20 cents," he plained. "But I'm from Amarillo; I'm on The News-Globe," I went on. "You're on what?" "The Amarillo News-Globe; 1 work on,that paper," All he did was to just look me over. Wails gave him the 20 cents and i h e n he looked relieved. "I'm Erasmus Tack," I continued. "I write for Tho News-Globe and I'll giro you a write-up," "You don't owe me nothing moie, you don't need to give me nothing," he aaid. . Well anyway, I will say that Stinnett has the finest court house of any city fit its size in the world. I've never seen anything to compare with t in * city that site. I guess they bare been so busy building that court house that they haven't had time to read The News-Globe. I can't say that I blame them. But they surely bave a fine littla city and it's growing 1 like all get out. They're up and coming and progressive and the only suggestion I would make, and it is most kindly and for their own good, and this is that they should keep up more on -world events and the outstanding peranalities. If they should happen-to go to Chicago or New York )r any of the big- eastern cities- it roi(tI'"be an awfuf faux pas if'-sorae- one talked to them »s I did anJ they didn't,know what they- was talking about. Tom Coble surely is a fine gentleman. He's one of the most perfect hosts and one of the very best fellows it has ever been my pleasure to encounter. And say, the Turkey Creek ranch is a dream ranch. I'd rather own it than tfio United States treasury. If I had it I wouldn't have no house in town but I be out ihere for all time. You should see the trees and the springs and the running' water and the-meadows. There is one cottonwood about the house.that is four Toot through. There's a poplar in front of the house that is S5 feet high if I remember the. measurements s told me. The Turkey Creek ranch is one o£ the historic spots o£ the United States. Just south of ^headquarters ras fought the famous Adobe TVaU? Battle. A monument marks the site where Billy Dixon and 26 other.buf- falo hunters and one woman stood off SQQ Indians for three days. Three of th~c'·white hunters were killed-and aaother shot himself .accidentally. Forty-two Indians were left oo the ground dead, remember it. Two little children'telephoned m this morning. They said their names were Pinky and Betty Meislahs. Thai last name didn't sound right bu1 that's the best I could make of it; But anyway, they have * pit bulldog' puppy they would like to sell It's a male and two months old anc has fine breeding. It's guaranteed to keep away burglars or to watch anything that needs watching. They wil sell it for $3. Their telephone number is 2-4228. A. A. U. W. ANSWER. Dear Tack: Amarillo Branch is a fully authorized unit of the National Association of the American Association of University Women, and was thus organized OctoUr-12, 1023. It requires ten National Members, with approved degrees from certain institutions accredited by the American Association of University Women, to form such a Branch, and there were sixteen National six Associate Members in the Charter Membership of Amarillo Branch, From the ] Na- . tional and Associate Members have been admitted etrictly according to the By-Laws of the National Association. According to the Constitution and By-Laws of the National Association any Branch may admit Associate members, and Amarillo Sranch incorporated such a clause in its first By-Laws 'admitting Associate Members, and this still holds. New Members 'are asked to .present properly Certified credentials as to work done "st ; their accredited Institutions. The records of aJKNationaJ. -Members are on file at~the~ National Washington, D, C. Headquarters, and the credentials of National and Associate Member^ are on filo with tho local Branch. Associate Members may not hold the offices of -President, first and sec- md vice-president, and Treasurer, end may not vote on questions" concerning the National Association, j Membership in this Association is not gained through invitation, but is the. right of every woman who merits it as the result of work accomplished at accredited institutions. According to the By-Laws of the National Association qualifications for membership' are as follow: "Alumnae with approved degrees-- tffh at is: B. A., degrees and other bachelor degrees except the B. M., which require at least two years (a m i n i m u m of hours credit) .of non-professional, non-technical work -which would be credated for the B. A. degree) -- from institutions on List I arc eligible, to NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP. List I This wa s " in '74, as I Afr. Coble pointed out to me the great shot made by Billy Dixon, He killed an Indian on the bluff to the contains the names of over 1GO institutions of which there are four in Texas: Texas University, Collegiate of Industrial Arts at Denton, Bayjor at "Waco, and Southern Methodist University at Dallas." "it should be noted that not all degrees conferred by these institutions have been recognized." "Women ivho have completed two full years of academic work in one of the institutions on List I are eligible to ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in any branch granting such mem- ate poked, poll issurc house The 8 publicans tors showi puta tho enough The president exerting swing live probably Mr. formerly House. for doubtful neither since vote A Democrats Senator his have debenture rushing- g i v reverse ing far as one .gainst to oday. a point Calles Itation machine :he 'beginning rail, the Miisiac. admits the :ional April were work, raised On ,ion, graduates o ;he Tale, University of Then g" 'whose degrees ng such Branch of he Association. jist Texas Vorth; incarnate jady North at Teachers Texas reacners Trinity and Canyon. iart of ·ies Pro;ram

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