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1906 San Francisco earthquake newspaper article. - TMalmay - WEEKLY ESTABLISHED 1859. WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA,...
WEEKLY ESTABLISHED 1859. WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 18, 1900. DAILY ESTABLISHED 1877. TERRIBLE DAMAGE DONE! ••*••• Earthquake Bursts the Water Mains in San Francisco and the City is at the Mercy of the Flames, the Western Union nor the Postal has lints any further Pncific : reported from nil points in the Sucra- south. A late messnge from the lice office says no bulletins have heen received since noon, In 1SD2 the curttiqimko resulted in but trifling loss In San Francisco. That vns no doubt due to the substantial •havacler of the buildings. In 18fiS here was an earthquake that threw Jown many buildings and destroyed i great deal of property. Hundreds of Lives Lost in the Wreckage Caused by the Earthquake, and Many More Being Added to the List by the Fire in Its Frightful Work of Devastation—The City is Now Under Military Control—-Communication With the Doomed City is Badly Interrupted and the Names of the Killed and Injured Cannot be Learned, DAVISVILLE, April 18.— J. P. Whiles returned from San Francisco by way o£ Stockton today. When he left San Francisco (his morning ho said that about twenty fires were burning, but the reports which have been sent out are exaggerated. NO DAMAGE IK THE VALLEY, The earthquake whicli shook Cull- j struct I ve arc between the water front' fornla from center to circumference and the city hall. The llrBt and worst ;) few minifies after'5 o'clock this morning was |>erlini>s llio most destructive iind disastrous in tlic history tit the state. In another column will he found something concerning it whicli was written early this morning, and when tlie presumption was that the disturb- iini'o was of a local character and hud resulted In no serious damage. It was prepared in a fragmentary way—in fuel, was a more chronicle •of the various rumors in Hie order which they reached (his office. As the morning advanced and nothing- init meager reports came in the apprehension began lo grow that great calamity had overtaken Sun Francisco, and this apprehension was strengthened when It was learned that none of the telephone or telegraph offices in this city conhl get. a through line to San 1'Yaneisco. As a great many Woodland people are now in San Francisco, and relatives of many of our people reside Ilierc, a feeling of alarm soon foegar lo spread, and it grow until it almosi created a panic. All the offices were besieged witli a"nxious enquiries, bu at tho hour of going to press no om in Woodland had succeeded in conv niuuicating with anyone in San Fran Cisco, and no message hud been re ccivcd in Woodland direct from San Francisco. Tlio very air has been thick with rumors, many of which we have not bad lime to rim down, and others which we*have not boon able to trace to any authoritative source. No do,ibt ninny of them are gross I'xai'.geralions. but if the least of them lie I rue, the loss of life and property in Han Kranc.tsco has been terrible, and . <hc end is not yet. After fruitless efforts to get in direct communication with San Francisco we communicated willi the Sacramento lice, and learned that it was receiving bulletins by way of Chicago. They were enabled to do so by means of a wire down the coast line to San J>ic£O, thence lo New Orleans, Chicago iienver and Sacriimenlo. That wire was also lost about noon, and it may be that no more partlciUars will be received for several hours. The Ileo bulletins received in the manner described state that the Mutual Insurance building, corner Cnllfor nla and Kearny streets, twelve stories In height, and Ktecl frame, was totally demolished. The city hall Is badl; wrecked. All the big buildings 01 ', Mnrkct and Mission streets, from \ water from lo the city hall, were ler *rlli!y Klmkon, mid tho top stories o ^Kome of Iliein collapsed. ; Fires art; burning fiercely in many ( parts of the city; but (Jiu most do. of these had its origin from the oxplo- ion ft the gas works. At 12 o'clock the Palace hotel was Jn fire and the Grand hotel was loomed. The prevailing opinion was hat botli the Examiner and the Call uiildings would be destroyed. The city seemed at the mercy of the 'lames, as the bursting of water mains left the fire department without a sup- lily of wnter. In many of the districts they are dynamiting buildings as the only hope of checking the spread of the flames. The military has been called out and the soldiers have been given orders to shoot anybody caught stealing. At 11 o'clock it was estimated that $20,000,000 worth of property had already gone up in smoke. It is known that the loss of life has already run up into the hundreds and it may run into (he thousands. The loss of life occurred principally in lodging houses. One bulletin says 75 dead bodies were taken from one lodging house. Another •bulletin says that GOO dead bodies were counted on the sidewalk from the water front to Fourth street. One of the bulletins states that Valencia street has sunk twelve feet. From the same source we learn that Santa Ilosa lost her courthouse and oilier buildings and that several people were killed. In Oakland five were killed. The Enquirer office and tlie opera house were badly damaged and property of ; lackillg oue (]aV| the value of ?2,000,000 burned. j counUea wcrc ( ]j,-f A lot of Vague Rymors Sent Out Early In the Morning. At 12 minutes past 5 o'clock this morning Woodland people who were not already astir, were aroused by an earthquake shock that lasted fully a minute. In force and duration It has never been surpassed In this part of the state, but it was so regular in motion that no damage resulted except to the gas plant, and that was due to the water which ran Into the mains. There is a great diversity of opinion In regard to the direction of the oscillations. Some declare that the movement was from north to soulb, and olhers are equally positive that it was from east to west, but all agree that the same force'exerted in any other form than a straight wave would have resulted in great loss. As it is, not even the crack of a wall or chimney or rhe tumble of a piece of crockery is reported. On April 19, 1892, or 14 years ago Yolo and Solano in the pathway mento valley. Severn! hours elapsed before telegraphic or telephonic communication with Ran Francisco could be established. In (he meantime many wild rumors wore In circulation. One of these was to the effect that Miu'llnen was on fire. Another stated that there had been great destruction of property In San Francisco, and that a big fire had started from tho explosion of a gas plant. Still another was that the railroad and telephone nnd telegraph Hues between Suisun and I!enicla had disappeared, About 9 o'clock another report came in lo the effect that the Palace hotel In San Ft'ancifico was on fire. About 9 o'clock information came to this office from what we consider Is a reliable source that the city hall In San Francisco Is almost a total wreck. The water mains are broken, the slreels are Flooded with water and nearly all the big wooden buildings south of Market are abla/e and al the mercy of the fire. The big building^ stood the shock well for five or six stories, but above Dial (he buildings lire l>adly damaged, The trolley wires are all down, and no electric cars are' running. Cable lines arc blocked ami all traffic is sus- Francisco and that tho Call and other tall buildings are down, and that Valencia street has sunk ton feet. The city Is cm fire in many places and they are dynamiting buildings with tho hope of checking the progress of the names. An early report was received from Santa Hosa to the effect that 250 lives were lost. A later report says only seven wcre lost. From Vncavllle and Sulsiin comes the report that about the only damage resulted from falling chfmncya. Stil- siin also reports that the track between Henlcla and that place Is so badly sunken thai all south-bound trains have been sent by way of Stockton. Ex-Senator Cutter telephones fron: Marysvlllc that the damage at that place was very light. . Messages from Orland, Colusa, Wil lows and Williams convey the Idei that the damage was of no conserjuencf at any of (hose points. At Tracy the mammoth rallroai water lank collapsed and many chim neys were thrown down. pended. As the morning wore on, crowds It Is also reported that a big fire is o£ U|O grealest earthquake that eve •aging in Berkeley. disturbed the interior of the state. A A Bee bulletin also confirms the mlmber of lmll Oing B were slightly In- early report of the damage to the rail- ,„,.„,, jn WootUand . T , le losges worc road bed between Benicia and Suisun. f lcavier in win t er s, but In Vncavlllc This section of the road has been glv- • and Dixon the destruction was heavy. congregated about (lie telephone and telegraph offices eager for Informal Ion, but were told that there was no direct linos to San Francisco In working order News reached this olllcc that the Bay Counties Power Com puny at I)AT vis, which has a private line, was giving out alarming information. We communicated with that ofllco and learned that several messages had been received reporting great loss of life and property. One of these messages stales that 10,000 lives have been lost in San ing the company a great deal of trou- | Reports from all these places this ble lately and since the earthquake it; morning are to the effect that the is said to have actually disappeared in! damages resulting from the last shock many places. After much difficulty we succeeded in getting a through telephone wire to Suisun. The operator informed us that the report about the condition of the railroad between that place and Ben- ieia has been greatly exaggerated. Trains are likely to run over it again in a few days. All trains for the present will be run by way of Stockton or by Vallejo. The San Francisco train by way of Stockton Is expected to reach Woodland between 3 and 4 o'clock. No boats are plying between Oakland and San Francisco. The railroad office has no line further south than Port Costa. Neither are very slight. Practically the san conditions are CARD 01'' THANKS. It is with the most sincere appreciation we wish to extend our thanks to those who so-kindly assisted us during the illness and death of our loved one. F. E. MEAD, D. R. GbANTON, WIFE AND FAMILY. CLEAN-UP DAY. Moiulny, April 23d, la cleari-up-day, when the new sanitary Inspector, C. M. Ruggles, will begin his work. City Ordinance 73 requires Iho removal of all filth, swill, rubbish, ir.an- ure, etc., that may endanger public health. WOODLAND CITY ^CRACKSMEN FOILED, ttempt Made to Blow Open the Safe of Martinelli & Co. DEVIIVa ISLAND TORTURE Is no worse than tho terrible case o piles lhat affllcled mo 10 years. The I was advised to apply Uucklen's A'r nlcn Salve, and less (ban a box pel nianently cured me, writes U S. Nil pier, of Ruggles, Ky. Heals all wound burns and sores like magic. 2!>c at W. II. Uiwson's drug store. Doan's RegulcLs cure constipation without griping, nausca.nor any weakening effect. Ask your druggist for them. 25 cents per box. II. B.— That's whiskey—at the Man- ,iattaii. Jal2tf Some time Tuesday night or early his morning an unsuccessful attempt vus niiulc lo blow open tho sate of P. ilartluelli & Co., the vegetable dealera vhoso store Is located on West Main street. The work \viis so crudely done that instead of accomplishing their pur- liose tho burglars succeeded in spring- Ing the combination so that the proprietors have found It Impossible to uu- .ook the safe today. iVUro glycerin, giant powder and lynumlte yaps were found on the safe and hud they been property used, there was sufficient quantity to have blown tho safe through the roof, It appears Unit marly all the nltro glycerin escaped from the bottom of the (iooi and as the fuse was applied to the top tho explosion was not heavy enough. Several sacks*of potatoes, other vegetables and an old rubber coat were placed against the safe to (load en the noise. Manager Uacecl stated that the safe contained about $10. The burglars also pried open a desk-till where Mr. l)iu.:i'ei kept a small quantity of change. Mr. liaocei stated that there was less than a dollar In the till when hd lix-kcd up the store Tuesday even- tug. Tills, of course, the burglars se- cm-ofl, Mrs. Myers, who lives about 50 yards southwest of the building, says that Hho, heard a noise like an explosion about I o'clock this morning- Kutrauco was effected by prying otion two rear windows, one of which wns protected by a wooden door. The officers have no clue. Gent's Summer Underwear Sale! SATURDAY, APRIL 21. ap21d BOAKD OF HUAI/m. 1 Itching, bleeding, protruding or I blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment. Chronic cases soon relieved, finally cnred. Druggists all sell it. 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