Antelope - Jesse Seligman leaves for California

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Antelope - Jesse Seligman leaves for California - Citv "tosome point oa the Sabine River, in...
Citv "tosome point oa the Sabine River, in Louisiana, to be selected by the board of ' directors, to connect with such road as may now, be built or nereafter ; be consrrucieu wesi of the Sabine ,. River, and , to oross such river by . budge or ferry ; in J such manner . as may be deemed most expedient without impeding the navigation of said river; and said company are authorized and; empowered to cross Berwick's Bay by bridge or ferry, thence continue their road to or near Washington, on tbe Courtableau, in the parish of St. Landry, thence to some other point on the Sabine River, which the board of directors may select as most favorable for connection with other roads in the State of Texas; or, the company may select such other route from or near Morgan City, as to them may appear most practicable." It also gives the company authority to construct a road " irom any point on the main line northwardly, via Alexandria, or by such other route as the board of directors may select, in order to connect with roads in Texas or Arkansas, now constructed, or that may contracted hereafter." The company may continue the said road into Texas under such laws as that State may impose. The comDany is further authorized to construct, etc., or lease a railroad " from Morgan City, via Vermilion-viHe and Opelonsas,or via such other points as the board of directors may select, and running thence to a point on the Sabine River to be selected by the board of directors ; also to construct a branch road via or near Alexandria, to connect with roads built or to be built in Texas or Arkansas." The above extracts show that the bill, as now proposed, does not restrict the corporation as to particular routes, but gives a wide latitude as to choice of lines, etc. The bill evidently contemplates the connection of the proposed road with the roads already in course of construction from Texas and North Louisiana. The system of lines for which it provides would realize the hopes of our commercial men with .respect to communication with Texas. Mr. Morgan's great capital and resources will enable him to bring to a complete result a scheme which would probably have to languish a long time yet for want of the necessary capital. It is a subject of congratulation that this important matter has assumed a practical shape. OUR KEW YORK LETTER. Special Correspondence of tbe Picayune. J Niw York. Feb. 24. 1S77. A pert on in Bending only one word, as is often the case, can sow telegraph as cheap to London as to Bos ton! By the redaction in cable rates, which goes into t fleet on Thursday, an address of two words, and a word for the message, is sent from New York to London, or Louden to New York, for 25 cents. To send the came dispatch from New York to New Orleans wonld cost $1 50 ! Bat then competition in ocean telegraphing must be got out of the way, and as the old. or original "Anglo" line, has failed t baat its opponent (the ' Direct") in the comte, and thns get control of the latter, the next retort is to kill it by such a sharp " cat" in the rates for telegraphing, as ftill force it sooner or later to cry peccari. This is the secret of the "An-klo'b" reduction from 75 cents to 25 cents announced to-day. . Of coarse tbe Direct has no alternative bet to ccme down. No one will pay it btrvf Ety-ti ve cents when the Anglo is working for twenty-five, and tuns a ruinous fight Mill go on, to reeulfc, in all probability, in the Anglo swallowing tbe Direct, just as the Western Union has swallowed myriads of its smaller competitors in the years that are past. The final result, however, must be the laying of more cables, for it is folly to suppose the press and public will ever consent to be dictated to by an Eng lish monopoly in ocean telegraphing. It is not forgotten how soon at a former period when the Anglo supposed it had every thing its own way, the rates were advanced to a round dollar per word. and what was done then will be done again, if competition can be got out of tne way. Western Union stock fell to-day to 03 Vi, the lowest point since early in March, 1876. when it sold at 67to. The bears are of course in their glory, for ' they are enabled to cover short contracts, some of which have been oat-standing for many months. Jay Goald has probably been the most heavily short, and to him may no donbt be largely credited the severe break in the stock by his successful manipulation of the Atlantic and Pacific. The latter concern is losing money every day"; its operators are unpaid ; and yet the company are talking of building 10.C00 miles of new wire and putting rates down to a point at which no company could live. All this flourish of trumpets is bnt part of the tactics employed by Gonld to " smash " Western Union stock and bring that powerful company to terms. President Garrett, of Baltimore, displayed his usual sagacity when he declined to be represented in the direction of the Atlantio and Pacific Company. The snares of the latter to-day fell to 19. when it became known that Mr. Garrett wonld not serve. Although nothing was said publicly at the meeting of the Consolidated Coal Company on Wednesday about the removal of the company's office to Baltimore, it may be stated that this has been decided upon. The removal appears to give satisfaction to the stockholders here not only on the score of economy, but because the interests . of the company can be better managed in Baltimore than in New York. It is, indeed, now a Baltimore concern an appendage of the Baltimore and Ohio Road. New York Central was driven down this morning to 93H, seller SO, and regular. J nst now there seems no disposition to stem the fall, and the same remark will apply, to pretty , much the whole list. ; Not since the great Jay Cooke panio of '73 has there appeared each a hesitancy with regard to stocks, Bor have prices been so low. M altars in Wall street certainly have a very Haza-y appearance, and brokers and moneyed men are at their wits end to know what tbe nrhot of all the existing uncertainty is to be. ' i'j ! v s There is nothing new in' Southern bonds. Some old North Carolinas were taken at 22, and District of Columbia at 71., Louifiiamas were held at 63V. with, buyers at 2 per cent ofL The banks are again losers of gold this week to the extent of $2,690,700 making for the past three weeks a total of $3,-928,700. Where has tbe gold gone! Not a dollar has been shipped, and the only inference is that it has been locked up in the Treasury for duties and by the syndicate in settlement for bonds. There is also an impression that the banks have Iut a few million of gold into their ' re- Mr. Jesse Seligman, the well known banker of this city, Europe and California, will leave for a 6ix weeks' visit to the Golden State in a few days. Antelope. A new enterprise Las lately sprung up in Hahnville, St. Charles parish. Representative Hahnhaving discov eied a peculiar richness in the clay found several inches below the surface on the batture in front of the town, conceived the idea of establishing a manufactory of earthenware articles. A building was erected and a competent workman employed, and now the making of pottery is no inconsiderable industry in the little village. The good people of Plaquemines are again agitating for a new bridge over Bayou Lamouque. In 1869 the police jury passed an ordinance providing for' the erection of such a bridge, but it was never erected, to tbe incalculable in convenience of the citizens. A bridge at this point would bring into closer communication the rich settlement below, which is now practically cut off, and make a fine carriage road all the way from New Orleans to Fort St. Philip. The police jury owe it to their constituents and to the welfare of the parish t hat some step looking to this end be taken. Senator Blaine, the brilliant ex-Speaker, wants " to remain long enough in Congress to see a session go by without a railroad bill in it." James has had enough in his since be claimed the gratitude of the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad managers for what he did for them one day while presiding over the House of Representatives, and since he penned these famous lines : Your offer to admit me to a participation in the new railroad enterprise is in every respect as generous as I coald expect or desire. I thank you very sincerely for it, and in this connection I wish to make a suggestion of a somewhat selfish character. You spoke of a Mr. Caldwell disposing of a share of his interest to me. If ne really designs to do so, I wish he wonld make the proposition definite so I coald know just what to depend anon. Perhaps if be waits till the full development of the enterprise he might grow reluctant to part with the shares; and I do not by this mean any distrust of him. I do not feel tbat I shall prove a deadhead in the enterprise if I once embark in it. I see varioos.channels in which I know I can be useful. A special telegram to the Galveston News, dated at Brownsville, on the 24th inst., says : Gen. Cortina was arrested this evening, in Matamoros and imprisoned. It is strongly kuspected that he will be tried by couit martial and shot for disobedience of orders from President Diaz. He as arrested at the request of Gen. Canales. tLe Governor of the State, who has arrived outside the city with 15(10 u-'t-n. TbiB affair creates intense excitement in Matamoros, where Cortina' friends and lelaiives are numerous, but an at-u nipt to rescue him is hardly likely, as Gen. Bianco, commanding, has amnio meant for suppression of any atte-not of tbe kind. Whatever is to be the fate of Cortina, it is not probable that he will 1 e ktpt in suspense very long. CITY GOSSIP. Peter Harper, elected Parish Judge of St. Chailes, on the Republican ticket, has qualified in the office of Secretary of State Strong. Fire Company No. 10 will give its annual banquet on the 4th at Grunewald Hall, aiid immediately thereafter a i-oiree. The mysterious Purim Krewe yesterday celebrated the "Feast of Esther," and speechlessly visited its friends throughout the city. A man remarked yesterday that he had been to the French Market, and had a tooth extracted by tbe celebrated dentist, Mrs. Dr. Enaolt, and that it had been a pleasure to him to be operated upon by a ladv who performed the operation so rapidly and so skillfully. But when he was informed that the operations were performed gratis, he offered to let her pull every tooth in his mouth, as it was happiness to him. . Parties desiring to make complaints of garbage, etc., being thrown before their doors, or of any other nuisances, should report the same to the Administrator of Improvements, Mr. John McCaffrey, as he is the person to correct the eviL A.-, L. IMPORTAXT. Wert Tfenrsday, March 1, at 7 "a P. M T28 21 A CARD. Tbe pnbuo are hereby notified that my bos-band, PITEB BB.DMF1ELD, is my only authorized agent, by authentic act duly recorded In the Chancery Clerk's office of Pike county, State of Mississippi, to manage and conduct my store In the town of Oeyka, in said State. T27 8t ' JANE I BBTJMFIELI CARPET WAREHOTJSX. Chmrtrea street 17. .IT We offer at reduced vrlces our large stock of CAHPfcTiVG. of all kinds. - flooh O.LL CLOTHS, of all widths and onaiiiies. MATTING, Table and Piano Covers. WINDOW BHASE8, Cornices, Bands, eta. " CUKTAIH and FDKNITOEK KATJUU-ALf, ef all kinds and qualities, etc Also B UBI1AP8 by the bale or piece. A, BBOOBaEAU BOH. F25 2dpSnWyr - - .. A. LEVI, . - ' 8 Unlea street, Hew Orieus, Uv,, . . . COTTON FACTOB aR9 GKNEBAJC - OOM- - MISSION MXBCHAJST. ": - t ' ' -- , r '-; ' ' liberal advanees made on oonslsuiacats of cotton and produce. ; " s8 ly

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 28 Feb 1877, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • Antelope - Jesse Seligman leaves for California

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