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1961 Civil Defence article. TMalmay - CHILDRESS, TEXAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1961...
CHILDRESS, TEXAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1961 Price 5c Doily 10c Sundoy SIX PAGES Civil Defense Problems Aire«! by gary s< (rrr Are the citizens of Childress to have a Civil Defense organization? This was the question which prompted some City Councilmen to call a meeting yesterday afternoon. Before its end, that meeting had become an extraordinary special session of the City Council; a variety of divergent opinions among councilmen had come to light; and it was voted to ask for a meeting with the County Commissioners Court in an effort to set up a workable joint City* County Civil Defense organization. The divergence of opinion which carried the meeting along revolved around Mayor Paul Ord’s inferences during the last few weeks that “something is not on the up and up” in the County Civil Defense organization. I Ralph Yarborough* Senator John Tower, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Congressman Walter Rogers, F B I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, ant! the Editor of the Saturday Evening Post - another letter from Garner to Ord; and a third from Dan H Carper, Accountant in thr Texas Division of ga! acquisition and use of Civil Defense equipment and materials by citizens and county officials of Childress County, Mock went on to say that he was convinced those people have been Louis i Defense and Disaster Relief, Auslet- tin. doing nothing wrong. Mock said ho felt that there . should be only one Civil Defense organization in Childress County, Copies of all three letters not two as proposed by the Maters: one from Ord, publisher of are carried at the end of tins ar- yor at the last meeting of the The Childress Reporter, to Jam-j tide. Referring to Ord’s inferences in his letter to Garner, Mock said the Mayor was implying »lie- Mock had City Manager Sally read copies of three es H. Garner, State Civil Defense Coordinator- copies of which were also sent by Ord to Senator fort if there were two organizations. Mock went on to say that he felt the City Council should not be concemcd with what the County does in Civil Defense matters. At the present time the County has a Civil Defense organization and the City does not. "What the County Commissioners do is their business,” he said. City Council. Mock based his j Ord contended that Jeff Hen- content ion on the relatively small derson; former City Civil Depopulation of the County and the fense Director until he was “fir* duplication of expense and ef- ed” by Ord last year for buying UPPSALA, Sweden (UPI)-Dag Hammarskjöld, who spent a lifetime in search of world peace, went to his final resting place today in this town where he was born. Statesmen and dignitaries from the many nations he served as secretary general of the United Nations joined with his own townsfolk to give him a farewell unprecedented in Sweden this century. By decree of King Gustav VI Adolf, the man who began his career here as a civil servant was honored with the first state funeral accorded a commoner since 1896. The royal funeral coach, drawn by four horses, carried the oaken casket covered with the blue-and- yellow flag of Sweden and with flowers and wreaths to the Ham­ marskjöld family plot following services attended by more than 2,000 persons in Uppsala Cathedral. Johnson Present In the crowd which filled the medieval church to pay homage to the fighter for peace were King Gustav, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Madame Pandit, sister of Premier Jawaharlal Nehru and Mongi Slim, president of the U.N. General Assembly. Outside the majestic * looking Gothic cathedral, thousands of Conti unea on Page Three United Arab Republic Is Apparently Thing of Past By DAYII) DUGAS United Press International BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI)- The! United Arab Republic appeared to have broken up today in the face of a lightning revolt. Rebels in Damascus declared Syria independent of Egypt and set up a provisional government. U.A.R. President Gamal Abdel j Nasser said he had cancelled plans to use large scale military formation of an liman civilian regime that would rule an inde-1 pendent Syria by decree until “free elections” could produce a “legislative assembly.” It said the transitional government would be headed by Dr. Mamoun Al-Kuzbari, a lawyer and veteran Syrian politician. Almost simultaneosly, the radio announced that rebel forces had “wiped out” a 200-man Egyp- force against the insurgents who tian pa rat roof) force dropped in rose up against his regime j the Latakia port area. However, Thursday. later reports said 160 paratroopers The Damascus Radio announced had been captured. The paratroopers were part of an apparently large naval, aid and ship-borne army expeditionary force Nasser dispatched against the rebels. Orders Withdrawal But in a speech delivered to a mass rally of a quarter million Egyptians gathered in Cairo’s A1 Ghouinaria Square, Nasser said he had ordered the military expedition to turn back. UPI correspondent Maurice Guindi reported from Cairo that Nasser told the throng he had revoked the military action plans Veterans Hold Open House Sunday Veterans will hold Open House at the new’lv remodeled Veterans Building, 207 10th St., Northwest, on Sunday, from 2 until 6 p.m. Free Dr. Pepper drinks will be served and members and wives will act as hosts to the public. The building has been remodeled completely on the interior. “The public is invited to attend by members of all veterans’ organizations that use the building,” said W. L. (Dub) Eikman, Chairman of the House Committee. “Wre are very proud of our building and the completed remodeling, and would like for Childress citizens to see what has been accomplished,” he added. NEW OFFICERS —Retiring chairman Gov. Price Daniel of Texas, right, congrstulates the new officers of the Southern Governors' Conference. Gov. Buford Ellington of Tennessee, left, chairman, and Gov. Orval Faubus of Arkansas, vice chairman. The new officers were elected at the Southern Governors’ Confere ice meeting in Nashville, Tenn. (NEA TELEPHOTO) Widened Berlin East German territory from the isolated enclave of Steinstueck- en to West Berlin. West Berlin newspapers gave top headlines to U. S. Air Force Secretary Eugene M. Zuckert’s pledge Thursday that America is | “determined to maintain uncontrolled air access both for military personnel and civilians” to Berlin. Zuckert’s promise quieted fears here that the United States was prepared to a 11 o w the East Germans some control over West Germans flying into the city. The fears were touched off by the absence of any specific mention of civilian access in President Kennedy’s United Nations speech earlier this week. Make Claim Again The East G e r m a n s claimed again today they would take over control of land and air routes once a peace treaty is signed. Zuckert Thursday wound up a ; two-day inspection of U. S. installations that would help control Allied air traffic across the Iron Curtain during a possible airlift. 1 He conferred with President Ken- j Contuiued On Page Six Wards Reaches 53rd Week 0! Increases Montgomery Ward of Childress today completed it’s 53rd consec- tive week of continuous increase in cash sales over the same period in last year it was announced by Bill Johnson, store manager. Johnson, who came here 53 weeks ago, said the increase was due to the excellent salesmanship of the 24 employees of the Childress store. “Of course the people of Childress are the reason we have been able to do so good”, he said. The district record is 5-1 weeks. It was made by a Wards store in Oklahoma while the regional re cord is 107 weeks. It was set by a Colorado store. The Childress store is far ahead of other stores in the dis trict. Next is the Vernon Wards store with 20 weeks of increases Johnson came to Childress from Big Spring where he was an assistant manager. Before that he was in Gainesville, where he sta was in Gainesville, where ho stalled working for Wards in 1H 47, m Sherman, Waco, Alamosa. Colorado; Durango, Colorado; Abilene and Austin. Congratulations were sent to Johnson and the Childress store from S. A, McKnight, the region al manager and Frank A. Zod row the regional operation manager, both of Kansas City, Kansas. Zodrow started working for Wards in the Childress store. “We don’t know how high we can go in our increases but we are trying for an even IUU weeks”, Johnson added. Syria M-a-Glance DAMASCUS. — Damascus radio reported 11-man civilian “transitional” cabinet formed by rebels, with Dr. Mamoun Al-Kazbari at its head. Revolutionary command claimed capture of 120 Egyptian paratroopers dropped in the La­ takia port area. CAIRO—President Gamal Abdel Nasser said today he had cancelled plans for large scale military actions against Syria after provincial garrison commanders there joined the revolt. AMMAN, Jordan —- Jordan became first nation to recognize rebel government in Damascus Travellers reaching Amman from Damascus report Syrians dancing in tlu1 street. BEIRUT — Informed sources said ail members but two of the Continued on Page Three First Mondoy Is'First' For Fall Season Monday will be the "First Mon day bargain day of the Fall season in Childress, and mer chants are putting extra effort in the big day. Sunday’s issue of The Index will earn a great many of the specials planned for Childress area slioppers. “Many of us have received even newer merchandise, fashions, and school clothing that we have not shown before, and want to preview them on 'hirst Monday,’ a merchant said. Wholesale Killings Start Again in Cuba MIAMI (UPI) — Premier Fidel Castro declared early today the firing squads which resumed wholesale execution of his foes this month have only begun their work. In a 2Mj hour speech broadcast by Radio Havana, Castro said his “revolutionary tribunals” are now dealing with the Cubans who were arrested by tlu* thousand at the time of the abortive April invasion. “Our enemies know the fate that awaits them,” he told a meeting in Havana’s Republic Square. “They face the most severe punishment — the firing squad.” The riflemen who have killed nearly 1,000 C u b a n s during Castro's 33 months in office executed 20 so far this month alone. The prosecution has demanded death for three more Cubans now on trial. CIA Gets Blame The b e a r d e d revolutionary charged as usual that Cubans who oppose his “socialist” regime were “infiltrated by imperialism and the (I S.) Central Intelligence Agency.” Today’s speech was the first in more than a week m which Castro did not hammer away at the theme that the United States is preparing to overthrow his regime. He concentrated instead on the internal organization — specially on the neighborhood-spy committees whose first anniversary was commemorated by the meeting at w hich he spoke. Castro said there are now 107,Continued on Page Six because he wanted to avoid seeing “Arab fighting Arab” and to avoid pitting one sector of the U.A.R. armed forces against another. Damascus Radio announced the new government this morning ( shortly after it triumphantly proclaimed that 200 Egyptian soldiers dropped on the big port city of Latakia had been “wiped out” by Syrian soldiers. It was the first report I'd battle of the rebellion. A broadcast by Damascus Radio heard in Jerusalem said the Syrian rebels had captured 120 of the Egyptian paratroopers without bloodshed. Damascus Radio earlier said Dr. Mamud Al-Kazbari, 47 year old at- torney-physieian and a member of Pre-UAR Syrian governments, had been named premier, foreign and defense minister. Al-Kazbari promptly named an 11-member civilian cabinet. The military leaders of the rebellion promised “free elections.” fn Amman, young Hussein, who often has been at odds with Nasser, called in his cabinet. The government immediately Continued on Page Three Boy Scouts Benelil From United Fund Childress County is one of 13 counties making up the Northwest Texas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, with headquarters located in Wichita Falls. The Council employs a staff of highly trained executives who are devoting their lives to the Scouting program. Under the leadership and direction of these men are more than 2400 adult “Scout! ers” who volunteer their servi- “worthless junk” for Civil De* fense at a government surplus warehouse in Lubbock and present County Civil Defense Director; continues to buy “junk” for the County organization and “peddles” it out to enhance his popularity. Ord also contended that purchases of government surplus are being made through th*» County Civil Defense organization for personal use and not Civil defense use. This is done, he said, when Henderson issues a letter of authorization to one of his friends who would like to go to the government surplus ware * house in Lubbock to buy something at prices far below retail cost. Such practices are against regulations, said Ord. Ord named several pieces of equipment uch .c, a road grader and materials uch as parachute; and mapfk-tH crap metal which he >aid are not suitable for Civil Defense purposes. He contended that the much of the «‘quip ment purchased by Henderson since he got into Civil Defense work here is not suitable for Civil Defense purposes Ord pointed out that his investigation and letter concerning Civil Defense have been, and are, being carried out by him as a newspaper publisher, not as Mayor of the City. But he went on to say that since the County Civil Defense organization is not in his opinion “on the up and up’* that the City should not be associated with that organization in any joint City-County organization. Councilman Mike Wilson said he believes the issuance of Civil Defense purchases on memorandum receipt to individuals is correct since such equipment and materials must be k<*pt up and maintained rather than stared to be in constant operative condition. Wilson agreed with Mock that there should be only one Civil De| fense organic t.u- n in Childress 1 County! f Councilman John II rren said he thought the County should not take over Civil Defense, but that the City should have the greater control since th* majority of the population of Childress County j lives in Childress. Herren also said the City Coun| cil must be responsible for any activities of am joint City-County i Civil Defense organization and ! that if there is something irregular in their operation, the City : should not join with them. Councilman C. J Lyons said he I felt there should be only one Civil Defense organization in Childrens County. He thought the objection that useless equipment and materials ha*, been bought in the name of Civil Defense could be solved if authorization for purchse of government surplus would I k * required before the City would pay for it. Mock made a motion that the ■ ces in giving this character build- City Council meet with the Coun- mg, citizenship training program to boys between the ages of 8 and IS. In addition to the Council headquarters “Service Station” in Wichita Falls, the Council owns and operates a Boy Scout Camp, complete with new dining hall, swimming pool, sanitary facilities, and adequate camp sites for 250 boys at any one camp session, This camp is used throughout the year and is available to every unit and every Boy Scout in Childress County. The Council carries on a continuous program of leadership training for unit leaders in Cub- Lontuiueci On Page Six Temperatures To Warm Up By United Press International A cold front that brought scattered thundershowers to some parts of the state dissipated today m Central Texas and the Weather Bureau said temperatures will warm up. North Central Texas was peppered with showers Thursday as the cooler moved through Dallas reported .89 of an inch of rain. Fort Worth .62 and Wichita Falls .02. Showers also fell in isolated areas and could not be measured. Temperatures dropped five to 10 degrees behind the front Wichita Falls was the coolest spot in the state Thursday with a crisp 61 degrees. Laredo, Presidio and Houston—ail ahead of the cooler air—had 92 degrees. Overnight, the low was 55 at Dalhart and Alpine. The Weather Bureau said the warming trend would continue through tlit* weekend with a chance of cooler air entering the slate Monday. ty Commissioners Court to try to work out a joint City County Civil Defense organization. Wilson seconded the motion. Ord said there should be a joint City-County Civil Defense organization and that is should be headquartered in City Hall since more city people, city employees and equipment would be involved in any disaster. Ord added that someone, he did not say who, has been preventing the City from having a good Civil Defense organization. ' There is no net I.” said Ord, “for a County Civil Defense Coordinator since Ouldress is the only city in Childress County and there is therefore no coordinating to be done.” Ord said he believes some invoices of equipment and materials purchased in the name of Civil Defense are not on file either in Cit> Hall or in the Coun­ tv Court House. Ord said he found in his inves- Continued on Page Six •BARBS B> HAL t (H HR VN A mule in Georgia died after living 36 years. They really are stubborn Two ears and one mouth may -mean that you should listen twice as much as vou talk. Short slot y: Tfie boy likes blondes. The dark baimi gui dyed for him If you enjoy driving arguments home let the wile ride ui the back ¡>eat.

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