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Otto Pierce Bicycle Races - THE DAILY HUB: THE BICYCLE RACES First Day of...
THE DAILY HUB: THE BICYCLE RACES First Day of the Tournament a Great Success. (.(Mill H At l" IN WIIH II KKAIINH hoy w in rt:i,iui.. The Kearney Cycling Club Clves a "Smoktr" at the Midway. (layman, Yulo and Schnell had the cratch. Handicaps: Rob Cherry 500, Ted Miller i'2 Ted Myers 423, Otis Pierce 42"), Otto Pierce 375. Fred Lambert liTo, Cum. Pickering 325, Theo. Boehra 3.5, Chan. Collins 200. Quite a rsck full, and the way they whipped in and out 9on got the crowd to mixed that scarcely anyone knew who was leading. Ted Miller took a header on the first mile and dropped out. Collins, who was almost a sure winner fell on the fourth mile. Up to this time Otis Pierce Lad a good lead but thescratchmen Hay-man aud Schnell followed by Boehm "Red in on him and it was a hot race in the labt mile. On the last quarter Hay First pr ze, silver service, "f 75; piano mp, 1S; pair pants to order, $10. Five Mils liaadlvap-CUM A. There wore thirteen in on this rai-e. I FOUND Robert Cnconacioui The forenoon yesterday gave promise cf a fair and beautiful day for the tlrst days' races of the September meet under the auspices of the Kearney Cycling club. but the win 1 had risen by noon an 1 by the tinie the races began was b:ow::t so strongly a to threaten intt rfeicnce with anticipated lowering of state records But the wind did not interfere with the races nor the enjoyment - f them by the spectators. One thing was noticeable, nearly every wueelman entered was on hand aud anticipation was whetted with promise of some very fine races. The at tendance was not quite up to expecta tion but was very satisfactory nevertho- less The Midway Military band was on hand early and under the leadership of Prof. Benesch rendered a tine programme running through the afternoon The first thing in the order of "buai neea" was the trial heats in the quarter mile open Class A. .Those qualifying were Collins, Pierce (Otto), Lowe, Yule of Lincoln, Schnell of Denver and Boehm of Grand Inland. TedMiller would have got into .this race but took a header on the home stretch when a close second in the heat. Qualifying for tho half mile open ClabS we!l handled and there was less com A was an exciting spurt. Thoee quali. plaint than is usually the case. fying were Pierce (.Otto), Lowe, Hay-man of Grand Island, Yule of Lincoln, Nichols of Stromsburg, Schnell of Denver. Collins would have been an easy winner in this heat against Nichol, but broke a crank on the first quarter and was shut out. The One-Mile Novice The N. Blair dent of of the Sundav from a and Bow. just after suDDosed man and Schnell Blarted even, and then either Hayman made such a spurt as you rarely elee see on a five mile race, the last quarter wa in being one of the fastest of the twenty conecjOUB and leaving Schnell far in the rear. It notel was a very interesting race and no one envied Hayman his magnificent victory. d Hayman first. Schnell second, Boehm ne?day third. r v. Time 14:14 1 . I went to First prize gold clock and stand, d second, diamond collar button, f 12.50: or third, Kambi camera, $3 50. Tne 1 he programme was expedited rapidly day and tue prgramme was corapieieu aiouo. Avenue Officeri of the day were as follows: Referee. J. E. Ebersole. Omaha: official starter. H. B. Peters. Grand Island; The Judges, M. (). Daxon of Omaha, Harry in the after-Anderson of Grand Island, J. Enos noon Wait of Ottumwa; official announcer, M. Two J. Sanders, Kearney; official scorer, 8. A. upon Fess, Kearney; clerks of coarse, Phil, the Lambert and Harry Udell, Kearney; The timers, Ed B. Finch, Geo. Daniels and ered F. 8. Spafford, Kearney. The races were Dryden count personal Note on the side. his Hayman covered himself with glory in the half mile open, 1:111, and the nve the in their monies lUrunuo pected. There six to go Ted Miller, Chas. mile handicap. Hayman is a prime favorite and wears honors as blushingly as a maiden. There were a few kicks on the handi- capper in the two mile race, but every- .uiuo. . . j . . u..ij This was the race that attracted the "ou T" ..V l Z T trate' most attention as there was a lot of new T"f . ' y talent from which great things were ex- u" " . " tne : . 1 1 " QoxioDB were nine entries and I , ,;t . nrnral,u, ,a p. b I'cuniD - r"""u t iCKering, on ui.,, fi0ii:n(, Keen cominc-. Otis, and I . D.k v: .i -I i it 1 o - j i n, ' n i ; ra fHa!,raan' you'Ulandinthelead. great Otislierce. On the flrM quarter Pierce That neck and neck ouarter mile be- V. a iu took a good Wd, Lowe pulled up on the tween Pierce and Collins was the genuine second and had a good lead on the third hot stuff. at but mistook the bell tap for finish and It was Charley Collins' unlucky day. tide stopped. Miller had been pulling up Two accidentB undoubtedly lost him two ti.e i M r 1 l i ... .1 -.1 ana won easily, iouoweu ny .Mctiol and races, anu ne generally naes wiui s000 1 was Pierce. Time 2:39 1 . First prize gold and onyx banuuet lamp, $20; second, racing shoes $"; third, (iris wold rubber guards, $2.50 Considering heavy wind the race wbb a good one. Two MtlnBanillcap-Clasa 11 The entries in this race were Mills, of Kearney, handicapped at 125 yards, Pugh and Rutherford of Denver, at 75 yards, Gerwing of Denver, Himstreet of Cheyenne and Barnett of Lincoln on the scratch riaee it head and good luck. Holmes Ted Miller was another unluiiy one, catching two good solid headers. But onuBuai Ted is young and got good stuff in him Mra and will be near the front another year tn An Evening Entetuinmenu flash-litfht The visiting wheelmen, officials of the inc, meet and citizens were tendered a free entertainment at the Midway hotel dur- wiii ing the evening called a "smoker." The Midway Military band rendered a splen did program running through the even ing, the selections being interspersed with performances on the cither and I Pugh dropped out on the third guitar by Vint Gilmore and Will Cone, quarter. Barnett pulled up on the sixth Refreshments consistine of chars, sand- and seventh, but Mills held his lead and wichea and something wet were provided Heien crossed the ch alk line a full wheel length free to all, and the occasion will long be ahead of Barnett, with HimBtreet third, remembered as one ol the niOBt enjoyable This waa Mills' first racing event in Kear ney and tlie crowd carried him around on its shoulders awhile before he went to his quarters. Time 5:0. First prize gold chronograph, $"; set1' ond, gold handle umbrella, f IS; third double action revolver, fs.50. Quarter Mile Open-Clans A. Otto Pierce, F. G. Yule, Wm. Schnell, thas. Collins and Theo. Boehm Btarted in the history of the city. This Afternoon's Races. Following are the events for this af ternoon: One mile, 2:40 class, Class A; one mile open, Class B; two mile handi cap, Class A; half mile open, Class B; one mile open, Class A; five mile handicap, Class B. The latter will be a stiff race with $300 worth of prizes. It is also probable that an extra race will be thrown in. The balloon ascension, pre vented yesterday by high wind, will take Everybody On the tan. Tt wan a liaantifnl os Pierce and Collins in the lead so close Plape if we-lher iB "table. that the spectators couldn't decide, but B the judges gave Pierce first and Collins sscond and Schnell third. Time, 3G4. 303 dozen bunches of celery were Hirst prize racing pedals, $12.;0.: second, shipped from here yesterday. racing peuais, $iu; tnird, racing pedals, $'.) dier. Fred SPICE OP LOCAL LIFE. An I'nlooked for Kveut. Then there was something not down on the bills, a "Novelty Race" that was a circua of pureBt ray serene. It was a half mile race, limited to five minutes. There were four riders fancifully costumed Jas. Jenkin, Will Boyd, Hank Lambert and "Shorty" Lowe. Boyd came in first, Jenkins second and Lambert made third by a close shave by cutting across the grounds on second quarter. Time 2:21. alf Mile Opeu-Claas A. There were a lot of hot favorites in this. Starters were Otto Pierce, Hay- TV. 1- VT V I l n i i . man, mie, nienoi ami tetineii. it was a hot race and Pierce crowded it hard Hayman first, Pierce second, Schnell third, and was settled so quick that the spectators wanted eome more. Time :. First prize silver shaving service, $15; second, bicycle lamp, $0.50; third, racing shoes, $o.0O. One Mile Open-Clans U Entries in this race were Pugh and Gerwing of Denver, Barnett of Lincoln Himstreet of Cheyenne, Mills of Kear convince Knvna r f r -u: Jii.i i i i I n,. iu. iwimney nuippKu uio uuubouuiu u0A gooas to sail ume uiiy weaneBuay ai- ternoon. -The W. C. T. U. will hold Memorial services at the hospital this afternoon at three o'clock. A children's service with an inter esting program wi'l be held at St. Luke's Episcopal church Sunday evening. The iniseioiury meeting of the Con' I wish land. gregational church will meet with Mrs. E. J.Scott Third avenue, Friday at 2:30 P- m. De The B. & M. announces a rate to Chicago and St. LouiB from September 07 28 to October G inclusive, Chicago $12.55, St. Louis $13.15, one way. Misi Frye, one of Kearney's public school teachers, is learning to ride a wheel. She rode 49 blocks before break fast Wednesday morning. Miss Eugenie Blair, leading lady with Robert Downing, is considered among the best dressers of the atage. Her taste is certainly above the average. -Robert Downing is not only a great star, but he is a mascot, and the theatre ney. lhe race was a little slow, the fortunate enough to engage nia splendid heavy wind being at leaBt ten seconds company is assured of big business. against them. During the first two quar- Clergymen of the city are partic- ters It was anybody's race. In the third ularly jequested to hand in their Sunday Barnett played fast and loose with tho announcements for the Saturday morn-lead, Mills being right in the middle of ihg issue, as there will be no publicatien them. Barnett made one of his famous on Saturday evening, spurta in the fourth and won easily, A teleeram waa received vesterdav HimBtreet being second and Gerwing frora the Chemical National bank of third, Mills abont a wheel's length shy. New York Btatins that $30,000 on canal Time 2:28J, First quarter SB, sscond bonds had been danosited with it to th. We, third 1:55. credit of ,ht citv of Kearnev. A from

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