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Galveston Customhouse - ·PATC Bo»^ne b* of to their now and lilted...
·PATC Bo»^ne b* of to their now and lilted The Custom-House Matter. - Tk» InTertJ»»MfrB Closed. Gen. Slelds Glre« Hl« Bt«t«m«mt. Th«». ' A Uttle rfoliaem Tlcff: 1 '''' ' Political muddles are iu order now, for there teems to b* » current imprenion among good party people -that they muit stir up things ones in a while, to make the bosses ttink-lhey are at work. The Republicans of , GalveBtpn want to hold up thiir' end of the " »Uck. La the -words of one of them, with whom a reporter conversed, they think " the time has come to take stock of the officeholders." Whit ret( ier determine. this means let each From what a reporter AastrfcHan, court. 10 serenty-fiTe ia been time to be 3E»c James Methodist the ladln int- t*nd after esteem his from remained mile* water Aaother . Captain yesterday the at E., thence eooree, of the ailver of Dean, Tre- rooxtt ia. marked the city retumed torcec*. Antonio he the Federal telegraph, to the police and and disorderly with artists met before, songs, dances, of Mr. George fine good, Messrs. rery artistic received; and " Price, only excelled the. . hich could learn, there are some folks who want something that some one else pos^ ·eases, and oiherj-who smell a viperous little crieature of .the insect order, under a mysteriously constructed rug. The Custom · House investigation, which closeti Thursday night, after a sitting o* thirteen hours that d_ay, in the prominent feature in the discussion! OF LOCAL POL1TICIASS. Some think -it genuine fun for, not being particularly interested ons way or another, they want a new drawing, as It were, thinking, perhapc, they may hold a lucky ticket. ------ ·· - · · · VA reporter diculated' freely with leaders of all " wings " yesterday, and heard that to unfold would cause a first class sensation ; but being in' search o'f the most reliable information, he sought Mr. T. J. KiDlwlla, who/, having completed his labors, was about leaving for New Orleans. He wi« found on the Morgan steamer Josephine. 'The reporter was courteously met .by Mr. Kinsella, when the following conversation ensued : Beporter -- I understand, Mr; Kinsel'ta, that you have finished' your investigation. Will you favor the NEWS with the result? ,', ,. ' Mr. K. -- I am sorry my position precludes me from' making anything public concerning the Custom-house matter. For my part I would willingly give yon the information Bought, but you can Bee iny "position. ' R. -- I have what I consider reliable information about the proceedings of your investigation, but prefer, of course, your word-in the matter. Mr:K. -- Wh^n the report I have written and die testimony 1-have taken, goes to Washington to the Secretary, it can be obtained, I presume. The reporter withdrew TO THE CUSTOM-HOTJ8E, aodtwas courteously shown to the private office of the Collector. He was reclining on his lounge reading a newspaper, bat reseat the approach of .the reporter, who asked him, after the usual civiHtira, to set him right concerning the investigation.* GES. SHIELDS rNTfiSVIEWED. Gen. Shields-- I dislike to ventilate thia matter through the press. Reporter -- But- I - have called to get your statement in preference to publish* ~ ing hearsay, though"'what.2 have learned I consider tolerably reliable/ ·*, Gen. S.--The charges against me aro manufactured and false. R;--I would like you to give 'them so that I may compare "with -"what I have heard. * , Gen. S.--II I had the letterrfriitten by Johnson Reed and aliened by him as chairman of the Republican Executive Committee, I would road it to yon. It is at this moment in the hands ot Mr. Kin- In it are the charges made to thft TreaBnrv.Departme'nt: they are substantially th'at J. C. Ogle ostensibly" loaned $1700 to me soon after 1 made him chief in consideration ol the appointment ; that Ogle was trying to vrorkioto power through the Custom-house ; that I would virtually give the charge of the custom-house.over to Ogle; that being myself an old vaccillating inan, Ogle would manipulate me, appoint his own inspectors, get control * of thje department and inaiitute a grand scheme of. smugirlinfr, and thus defraud the » * . . . . - .. ,. ehou party ; that this office was not conducted in the interests of Uncle Bam; that Democrats were appointed, while GOOD HETUBLICJCS'S were left out in the cold.. A copy of the of charges was Bent me by the Secretary of tlie Treasury. He wrote me feat I could explain or make ftuch reply I desired, and I replied at length. Subsequently Mr. Kinsefla, who waa here on his usual round of Cnstomi examinations, had finished and left for Indianola. Daring his absence at Indianola I telegraphed to the Secretary, asking him to instruct Mr. Kinsella to examine Reed's charges. [Gen. Shields here showed the reporter a. copy of the telegram, and a .copy ol the answer of the Secretary, instructing Mr. Kinselia to comply · with Gen. Shields's request.] Mr. Kinselia investigated the charges thoroughly. 1 am fully satisfied with Alxrat an* Market attractive sight and of of with aaalampa.. promenade at varied »ttrapttonByttppeulng by carpets, boota, groceries; and Etores. streams aexea ; out goods and saloons of articles and this where so and the surprised by on which portion mind-illuminating street the bouses a saying of, along-- to front are waiting and -hilarious Market in street, the In character, Gulf city thought, this that the Colledtor uld be a man of undoubted fealty to engagement at which by the Second E. P. being elected the meeting candidate to Council J. P. Davi*. rule a candidate, lese other method. BietLod, to Mr. Wm- was also and Mr. John Howard. and After polls were the result: C was declared · In were were Ward, although were abotn great addressed the upon assure you selected fill is«n J. a word M elected to have Keen ain a» ansBinistzatioa, net I good in the u amending. which e*ive I ·ball duty, am not I »m position elect me, _ what it he bosor an while thaie irom Again Investigation, and am confident that all parties will receive justice. As to the loan of $1700, it is utterly falee, I had a note about to fall due. It was endorsed by Judge Morrill, and he did not arrive UBtil aftar it fell due. In speaking of the fact in Mr. Ogle's presence, he ol- to indorse^ the. note. Bat before the note was renewed with hie name as Judge Morrill arrived AND RENEWED IKS EIDOIISEMEST of . the cote. I received a loan of $250 from-Mr. Ogle for a few days to the curtailment on the note, 1 borrowed it on the 15th and returned it the 20th of October, in the form of own acceptance for that amount, able on the first of November, an was paid on that day. ' -The reporter -withdrew at this point. Before leaving the Custom-house he learned that Mr. Paschal was counsel for Gen. Shields only during the investigation. ^ AIR. 31LT73IENXHON INTERVIEWED. The reporter hearing through the day that Mr. Blumenkron, of the Tremont Restaurant, was called as a witneBS'in the investigation, to state what he knew of Custom-house matter?, ftad that he told the story of his appointment as .Chief Inspector with the sequel, called on that gentleman to get the facts. Reporter--Mr. Blumenkron, I was'not aware of Ihe fact that you were an as. for federal office, but I understand .you were promised the Chief Inspector- ship, la it BO? Mr. B.--I don't fancy going into print, but I will give yon a plain statement of passed between Gen. Shields and myself. Wednesday, two weeks ago, he CALLED AT MY HOUSE at D o'clock at night and asked to see zne- I invited him into a room, when he stated that there was a vacancy at the Custom-house to be filled November 1--the chief inspectorship--and of. fered me the position. I accepted, and after a few moments he withdrew. Thnrpdsy passed, and Friday I went around to the Custom-house to report to General Shields, as I considered I was to go into office. He "stated to'nie then that be regretted that he had to change bis mind, but he would have to ask to relieved from his promise. R.--What was his reason?;. ; Mr. B.--He said h had concluded it best to appqtntr-Mr. L. WvStevenaon to the positlon^a^-he was -'an'.-old Federal ·ojldier, and he could not overlook his claims, 3.wa» angry, anil · · · · · - OEBATLT EXCITED, for I considered myself imposed on. H.--Had you Bought the office ? Mr. B.--Never dreamed of it. I had told Gen. Shields that if he could give me something to do I would accept, but not tpecified any choice of position.. Trie report that unpleasant words passed between Gen. Shields and myself is nn- trae, for I lefc abruptly, so an not to get a broil. Thafa all, air. . R.--Who was present when you testl- fiear Mr. B.--Tha.counsel employed on both sidea of the" InTesfigatlon and Johnson Seed. . The reporter left Mr. Blumenkron smoking his little pipe. SOMETTUSO AHOCT THE TESTIMONY. Among the witnesses examined was Major PiumljTW-ho made a ast speech of some twe»ty minutes, reviewing' the "situation," aid tailing something of. what he knew of" GalveatonTJepubncari politics. J. C. Ogle was a witness, and spoke ao felicitously that the grave court of investigation found relief in laughter. Mr. Kinsella went to the nick bedeide of Allen to take his testimony, and from could be learned the; agent of tho left no atone unturned. John- aoxt Reed, who forwarded the charges to Washington, WM represented in the investigation by dounael. Jt«eor4«T'v Court* There a-promenftding:,- CALL Bpacious and of court. is and of quiet, majesty as name stolen, name forth name broke every had able, court, reference hand, inheritance, the the the jury, unapproachable. looking, thus high contrary, a time secret general statu rates the all

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 13 Nov 1875, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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