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T. in far ai of baa tbe a to to to Sl ia is of ia a a of en an If 1 for ear ef too Ms last a via no his At SM SU Si3 DtmocfiK' UOOK 7COXIOE. COUMBMVAUBS OK TUX LAWS AXD f'"' vlxs VTbes MAeoxABV. By Cbarlea Scott Emtoxs iirrrAL: Tb aboie Is the tWe of work aboat to itsae from the press. Cbaa ecBor Scott is too "wefl knew ia tbe, whole fraternity to seed encomium ; so we nhail not praiae aajastly. In reference to tbe subject of the aanaserfpt saown as, we teuiiwpmBi a few remarks, which we trast may be acceptable to auny, at net aH of yo readers. Some at ear aaeesters perhaps a far or near relaHen hare beta Masses. lsMASerj, thea, fact or Setton? Whence eame HT AVhitherdeftHtesd What It objerif The earliest loarotag of history teaches the destractioa of tbe baman race by a flood, when Noah and bis faaUr were saved. There was neither writing nor printing then. All In atracttoawts tradtttoaal. The patriarch had always been, and was thereafter, prophet, priest, aai ruler of his tribe. Ixota tnas pre served the teacbiLgs of his progeattett. He basdeddowntbeaametobisaacceseon. Who were they f Sbem aad Japbet,oader ftepa-triarcbaXblejiiEZiHaai. aader the carte. From Sbem and Japhet their children preterr- ed tbe true tradWens. From tbem eame the chosen race. Ham and bis dependents, en tbe other baBd, did not observe the tea chines of thepatriarxbs. While the i one -parsned a peacefal nomadic Hfe.tending their flecks and htrds, Cbas, or Cash, tbe son of Ham, and bis descendaats, took a different coarse. They followed beat a reatoa, net dtrlns troth. For a while, they Keepered creatty in worldly power. Earthly wisdom made them strong for a fee, bat it proved a broken reed when contending against troth. ;in Hebrew tbe letters tk and t are convertible. Hence, ftenaate Cash was aisopro- Beaaced Cath. His descendants were cailea CothoL The Greeks, in aoiag this Dime, prefixed the aarma, aakiag it Seythoi ; which the tbe Romans translated Scythi, and which we call Scrthtan. This Is the earliest race on record which teanded eaHet those tores oa the body poUtie" and wbtob baX Ntnevah end tbe other Assyrian tewas. Their chief was Mmred, the - asigbty banter before tbe Lord." Worldly potky tadeced the aott ret B tent aaoagthemto associate tbraseJves togetbe: aeder the title of Magi wiee men, tbe p ietls of baaaa authority, in opposition to patriarchal and dirtoe tradition. This was the origin of earthly political organization, temporal power and all Pagan mythology. Dtsregardiat: the command, "Thou shall know bo otter God bat mt afterward promslgated by Moses, of tbe other r?ee they, to promote a worldly power, deified Kterod, tbe tee of Cab,asd called him Bel This word, ia the Hebrew, waseaHed Baal ; in Greek, Bows ; ia Latin, Beret. These Magi, the false toachsn of a saarioea religioB, (the ogspriag of bmr bamaB reason,) were scattered, ia the days of Feleg, at the destractioa of Ba-Bel, the teapie of Bel hat eCart of pany haaan Bower to defy deity bow kaewB as the feitVimrsad. We can trace thea to tbe Shepherd Kings of Egypt, and to the Braids of Britain. When, by the acceaalstiec of baaaa power, they estabKsbed, among othe-a, the Egyptiaa Empire, we at oece Bad the aatao-rutm ef patriarobal aad baman teaching. Tbe presidential edacatioa of Moses, ef the patriarchal stock, gave to him also all toe learniBg of the Magi. Ia accomplishing the exodns of Israel, he not only awt the magicians with tbir own devices, bat went far beyond all they eoald do. He eottated aH the patriarchal Ua ditioas, aad has handed them down to us ia tbe Peatateaeh ; and God rave to them tbe power to show forth the truth of tbe dircc leseons ia contrast with acre baman reason. Tbecbosen races were freed from the earthly power which had boaod lhm, aad worldly wseaom paled before the pills ref dead aad light The truth of the boobs of Msses, the wrtHag of tbe prophets, aad 'the gospel, aStrd the greatest Ugbt to Masonry. R thea was ia decided ap positiea id its entire teaching to the ayste-ries of the Magi. Truth is ever a unit. It eaaaot contradict Hseh. As. then, th teach ings of Maeoary are those rocogaiziBg th- pa- triarohal tradMioBs of Mesas, ia oppoihaoa to those of the Magi, may it net be coasMored a fallecy to adopt the eerreet opinion that it be- gaa evea with the Magiaii mysteries? Inetrath aboat aH this matter Hes " at the bottom of tbe wdl aad be that wfll driak its clear aal limpid waters, mast desceBd into tbe depths of antiquity far deeper than the shallow idea that since the Marian aysteries were shrouded is secrecy, therefore, beeaase MteB- ry was secret, it erigiaaied there. There si ae assianatioa between the two. God's truth is preserved by Masonry aere haaan wisdom aad science, " fattdy to called," aad epposi-ta to bis wesd, are spf and by it A true Mason can not reeogaiae aay teacbiacs teedrng to iahdelity. A late work by Chaaceilor Scott more fully elaeidates this ; H if eatttled Tbe Analogy ef ABcieat Craft Maseary to Natural and Revealed Religion.' The teacMags of Masonry are beyond oar hfiHta to explain. Safiee it to say that in the bsgiaaiBg it ezea-pHfied the latjea of brotherly lore, asd foisted oat a certain f store. Its lessees were cea- nrmed by history, asd Hs preseat iastrec-tiea Kkethat ef Holy Writ, whHe rsttuiit-tire still teaches the same lessoas of Patri archal traetttea. Ia the fattlteeateg work Chancellor Scot. has collected a perfect system ef ethics asd Maeooic jurisprudence, adapted to the present orgaa'zataea -ef kne ratermty, an4 derive from a careful atadyef theaaeieBt laad-marks. While the Holy Church of Cod, from tbe be-giaisg, preserved the sacred ayeterie of pare reHgtes, Maoosry, He haadmaid, taught sach a system of ethic aad principle of internal govenaeat, as preserved purity of morals, aad personal richt between man and Ms brother is the transaction of this world's affairs. It i due to CbaaceUor Scott to add here. that this notice of hi forthcoming book it a voianUry tribute of respect from tbe writer hereof, aasolicrtod aad unseen by him. Knowing the extent ef this order, aad the good effects reeultiBgfroa tbe publication of taeh a werki year carreapoadent, Match" an obi Mason, beg ia ad saaeefo'commcfld K to the fretersity for serious coasHtratlaB and authoritatiis in- stractioa. D. to a a " b it "

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  1. Memphis Daily Appeal,
  2. 28 Apr 1859, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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