FDR says our destroyers are good, but we need more (to counter subs)

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FDR says our destroyers are good, but we need more (to counter subs) - servatlons of the Mexican bank diffi- been...
servatlons of the Mexican bank diffi- been withdrawn OUR NAVY'S DESTROYERS AS GOOD AS ANY, SAYS F. D. ROOSEVELT, BUT WE NEED MORE OF THEM • "^™7™".> . , ' „™.»,.„rt An h«r trial snln this summer.: Site can maKo 30 knots an .hour. Note th« States navy compare the navy. (By Franklin D. Rooaovslt, ABgiatant secretary of the United Statea navy) (Copyright, MIS; by tho Newspaper Enterprise Association.) ' ,' I must confess a, particular love for and Interest Ut the craft known as the torpedo boat destroyers, or, mora briefly, as BlmplyVdestroyorfl,"' To tho man on the battleship, they seem email, but a lewrth of over 300 feet makes them staunch craft. . .»....• The high flared Up bow of a destroyer destroyer Ktves It seaworthy qualities not possessed by the' old-faBblonefl torpedo torpedo boat, and the narrow bearriS of only. SO feet, together wltl^, turbine engines,-of from 13,000 to: 16,000! hor#e power; provides a speed Of 30 knots »a hour, • ;• ; ;• With .the advent -of the selfrpropell •" Inft torpedo 26 or SO years ago the torpedo torpedo boat became a - factor, in' naval warfare., The.object was purely oMen- Slys^to, titfte.; atf ^uwlth toiTw^^to'^ The BrtcVtson Is the newest destroyer in and to launch a torpedo from close 1 to ;\ range. . But the torpedo boat was not seagoing, seagoing, and tht^ torpedo boat destroyer was devised as an answer to it, for, With an increase ln 'size and In speed and in the ability to mount a few effective effective gune, the destroyer could easily easily offset the torpedo boat and at-the same time- taUe and maintain her place with the battle' fleet. The necessity necessity for .these ships Is now welj recognised ii all navies,; •,.•-.-, The place of the destroyers >is Without Without question with the battleships. I have: previously spoken of tho scouting ajtd protectln< rings whldh should sur, round >« fleet. The inner ring is that ot the destroyers, «nd vis intended to gjys warning, especially at »Jght, or, in, oase the outer screen ors'oouts has tsll «04v :to,.''Kivs 'i .aaeoJvs :uin )tDtloo ; .'. of a hoatUP -wproaflh.. This ring would be, ;o(,;>..o9unm-4ii:>fAirljc'..oiojie'; proslmity Jui> twofold: first, to prevent any attaofc Qif their own battleships by tho. destroyers destroyers of the enemy; and, secopdly, • under cover of tho smoke -andt.cont-, . fusion of battle, to launch an ftttao* on the main ships of the enemy. * This attack against heavy ships is- of course, carried •on' by.^torpedoes. These torpedoes ;*on;..deatroyertf ar« fired, not from an underwater Wito, a* in the case of tho 1*t*»esWps, but from tubes placed along-tho dqpk. In actual pfttt«,"^(!».$ro j yew,, burning burning oil. can, throw „ tooayy. smoKe screpn in suoh. » WWi • 8B .either to,.; blind the e,n«n»y or to Protect thejr own ships. ' , „ In 190S ths (general boTjWi ot tjne nay> „ stated that tour dettroyers should be, provlded.tOrjRyery batttosW* bulk? The; navy has 48 ha^esWps hum ^$nlM£ j ing; and .only 74 ;flMtroyers. • m-ftl:., experts .arWtin; &H^tag^**^

Clipped from Muskogee County Democrat07 Oct 1915, ThuPage 4

Muskogee County Democrat (Muskogee, Oklahoma)07 Oct 1915, ThuPage 4
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  • FDR says our destroyers are good, but we need more (to counter subs)

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