Warships doing target practice in Chesapeake Bay

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Warships doing target practice in Chesapeake Bay - the^ the engaged are Illinois arc avoid. who to...
the^ the engaged are Illinois arc avoid. who to or been the the Uncle Sam's Warships at Target Practice in Chesapeake Bay SOUTHERN DRILL, GROUNDS, via NORFOLK, Vo., April 2--Bobbing a dull grey against the background of churning sea, the Atlantic fleet lay anchor today, ready to begin its annual war-play in Chesapeake bay. out little flocks of white showing ike above the waves, swayed the targets--food for the first day's long- range firing. The war game, which began today and which will last through several weeks, will in reality be a mimic battle on an immense scale. Through' the night ships, steaming at full will fire at imaginary torpedo boats and destroyers, miles out on the sea; their searchlights will flash through the darkness and from widely separated points the dreadnaughts will unleash their JO, 12. and 16 Irirhes at the flmsy targets--that imaginary foeman which unless destroyed means death and destruction for those on board the battleships. , The day practice which began consists entirely of long range firing and fast skirmishes. Chesapeake bay was chosen as the drill grounds because the water is always rough and an effort is made to make the target drills as difficult as possible. Nine permanent targets loomed up from Lynnhaven Roads. This Is the first year permanent moorlnes have ben used, and it is believed, with that cannot be shot away, much will be saved in replacing. The great night drills are the spectacular and serious. The problem of hitting a moving diminutive boat by night, is a serious problem all navies and this country Is ^special attenlor. to t. There's an element of danger to naval review that gives it a war-like thrill. The .gunners who fljg at the an.l targets--and gt-nerally hit not see what they are firing at. Scientifically, they know just where they arc because an officer who Is aloft "found" th* vessel with his range has telegraphed the information to *n^ I1IA.V4 **»«H-*V»» IV » * * V f, rtns: station and that Inform^ion. drain- . ^ ltil the directions for causing the two , has been ticked into the gun turret- -j-he targets in day practice are tow- over an un- of known course. The gunner sichts. \ making allowances for wind, condl- that tions of the air and deflection Then he Ilrxss when the plotting station Hcker registers "red" which means "1«-J "«r so." Secretary of the Navy Daniels' promised to visit the fleet during practice was the sicnal for . care in mnrksnianshiv on the i«art " ibe ".jacXies." In Admiral 11 the IJanlels party, Uj~«. Atiaut3 in command o and other offl- lake. | wrs -ncrv attentive observers ] maneu-v -rs. J five feet below. A ' in a3(!in«n to this practice 1 --- j ------- x _ «T, i ----- .._,,.« --- .1 -- that j -m» j marine jKjiuvl w 311 have }»ra'ttoe cn the southern lri33 ^rro-.iads laler Ihis PH«-s will l*o awarded the shins Intr the most perf*ct j=hooHn»t scores th" vresij«-nt aluajs ·nritejs letters to officers and

Clipped from
  1. Lincoln Journal Star,
  2. 02 Apr 1913, Wed,
  3. Page 10

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