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Squire - iflttrjj; The Fo*. »nd tbe Ribbtt....
iflttrjj; The Fo*. »nd tbe Ribbtt. BVrHII.lPD.STBO0. vtar,"«alil 1 1'" 3 ' lo · llalj ll " ne itf ~ l i*aba°n |r u! «r'"«»'wi. ' i-rcHinaU ay irie ibrcMCMd dim «««! with *Uo- wn niOQltJ. f£ShB by WgW "pt?ut 0 "t''b'.' " J .ai*j , Holy I'Uiio O.I *' "JLK °.V' rf ' scat* C tilupilrtra TI l:fc toeiu "· c.t»rrel leeonelied. Suppose 1 keep It ? u i i » f « w d » j r « . Sho « I H tb«uk me · o r l t a o m e d a y . l » l ! l t h i n k 1. over ·' a n d l b u i inllloq.u,izinK, ibe«.Iuped tbe letter inn hf r oapiol.ua pccket by her aide, where It wm opined ti remtlu Ion* d»}6 ere It wai bipugbt lo light. "Su Idcu move, ibit of ynuiiK Hard- Itiit. I t h o u g h t h J W f B too seuslbli) to lot Iba western iVver hflucuce him wtieu bo wa« duiiitf so well at home. U - t t r r let w i l l e u u u t b alone. Hut I tiudrmauil he bus fold out everylbirg. leased tbe f i l m M i l »larleil out anew. lie flirt* 10 rcaiuu lo aujouo. I'm s ; r r \ , lor t a U a j e liked Ibe- lad," I.IH! Haud uld Kuiuer ll»ye, 'riii'iiK * ('·· ni.'Lr lutnr fioil 1'iu blrllk'ast (i*kj f. He r r u i o a .nl-cuil-. wbich «ar,«il lo ba . --- -^ --j'-^^.J ',, ,,, , ».,,,,, .|, okj . inShuitbal i«4 a|.»ctoua luck.ta j w - i IW Mm. Hiyt-l A" «!" l'»i«"«'l, ««id H i - i l l rid f«o uro* p*le. 1'etbaiisnbn 1 kai'itc lu I'M-loili weio »ui|tf aud | ial | ,, U J 0 » ailmak-) n f t ^ r ull, nun al r jrj ivu'cv a' iti 1 "-i ten. ,,».. nf Hit bceae'.a ibiia lafdeuly Ml Iho m e m o r y ol tli*i wtilweuvel- |»,Uil oVu ' a y « u n i e n Hi re in §mi« deep ) cket, 'A w p i k f b l if iruu wt r e d l i u K ou Sbe h»d utr»tKO p r w o unuaed room godoted cioBoi id 'he wicket 66 f bid LUDK At lift In one 1'aptrr crickU drawirx forth sjp.shi) eaw, k n o w to we'l, The cveuli with f l d e - p p I' g, and the- 1 "Forgive. rn dear, 1 iiil u you, u a r l l D K , «nia, must t rui j m t ou« . if » v%ti : )r, It ll^l.i in t h e e bL'U it :iud BU LUI-, . i U l D J b I "ll'l CtfSt U L B m-/uced i i k e w p o l ilie H?l"m(ltlolIir««W, "t 1 · ijlytilrtd, y c u t a k e tbeiu bolb owfd t o t t 6 0 D 6 Ibat -J hi. «««»»« «'ll _ Sbo atoll; a steilihy jt hoi L I . O - . Her i b u r k hid losi in n i trembled * little a a n h o c. fl-io U brr li|s, b u t ire Aruold|oalled,inil i l d u t o ibe bucket ejultlus be ii'inon. v«« tf» I !· inuta^r- 'or bl* beivlcr »el£bt SS the 5 ^" t MibVlt»Vunuil.|c«lliTOr«», VtoulS. «bir. uc.ndl«. "l-lfo 1 * d'U'R" J»»'nir.R«jn.iil adleul" il 'f' J " lb "' · rd llTe0 ' ' s Mmi!.. to a bavir old age; «n ttediy ciun»U»«t to » (»rmer anil put lu » caRf . ovw »!i»t taa ofteu let a aa ° ccut '«»'« llie "P an1 l Iwa.t-ltier. » baiardi I f i l o u don't loio courage-rou toon may I» up.- V\ lao A*ake, T b r u K B Waa c -iw al Uf i f c l i p t » ? o ? t ' u p do col ' MAHJORIE'B L£TTBB. "Ton'bave lo»t jour i«n«et,¥»r]orit! Tlone but one utterly daft would reok Ictalr throw iwa; mob an offer. What ·»»tten U if there «re a few (tray halt* BlBiltd with the black? Better he an · »ld rnnri't darling than ajount; man'a ·lave," ted Mrt. Dajtl, who bad looked up for a monent froao her baking ittuinf d more tifjoronalj than before to the kntudioR of the drrgb. . "Tm«, auol; but inppoie a-young ·an'i darling ii better than either,"ana a miichlevoni twinkle thonolu thi bright ojes, a half anile played rouni lie corners cf her rosy mouth, RiTlof? i "ForniTr, 11 ftifi , «o ruvelops yelMW w i lu tbo bind writing .16 hf r maiden u im*. ij found her still m u n ii e c « ut wnlnx notli- iu un-la that, put a UI «indovf for mo 1 »ban ill know y»i bavo fotiii'ma 1 di-»eve. V, ur« till noy n l s t j a e u . ' c i oibenvi - wheu bt I I .·o«iriod w l l b h i m Mar- I a v v ' 1 i'i»raiie to becouje bii . Ttau» Mu. lUyflo' anibiuon w.n nlfilled, but vilnlr did ebe o juggle her- eull w i t h tbe tbougbt. Kcinulliiug with- u forbade Bo:|.ojii)rtuUlioi, aud tliu fuddy color ofton left her check Lit Bom« lOibi'ldcu rueinO'f. Srjulie Aru i\d bad uo cause t u c o u p l K i u uf capricious be- quiet IJohii U»rdlo({. ... _,..h-ll.l d^thl' 1 the w h i H I B m j u c t d , and 60 tliey only uly niuticrini? those wont*, wl'.li Iho foer bur. iii)( aud r a v ^ i t u i l e r f l - s b . It wr» a fl^rcu 1 , ·bd · bi-i) it kit her ».n »nd »bo tbc-UBhi'of the dreary f u t u r e K t t b a w l t r i with at ber heart haJ uol oteu Beared, liui one morulru 6lttinK lu bur owu room bj ner opeu disk, (tin old l e t t e r spread out her, u fauilllar treat) IJUiidod oa thr Xr«vel |utb,.»ud, loik ; ni? up, sbe hi back liiutiug, f r J o h n liuvior. N'o i p l c u ot Oiqiii-lry i nmnuer ' u u w . W i t h *;is no fibott, bin blooil leility w b - i - l i over her and va '.o tlivuxbi the hac glirl-. Bui 'in e'} till tho * nioied about tbe old house, busy wilt) piepuratuuiA t u r t h e no v hiei- ap^ioachiu? bupvali.; but, 01 I wtial w^uld Mfa- Iliyoi have given f,r one niliiOliii:vuu K' 4 u c e as if old, uue rip.' plu uf nieny xirliih laughter, ouu uui» Di» merged into weeks, until one brlc,bt, beautiful m o r u l u ^ l n May, M»r- jorle roso to the conaclouanes* thai hor '" c; day bad come. Thure w« a o i tenuerneisln Mri. Hayci'nuu- ncr, u tbe helped robe the bride. It wu M tbouRh ihe prepartd a lamb for the asoriflce, but it wu too lite now, ihe wbiapcred ever lo beraelf, and BO bustled here and there in buay prtpw- ratios, to that none uotioed bow seldom the imllcd or how wan and pale ibe looked. ll wu over at lut. Httjorte hid |oue through it all M lu a dream, Marcel; heeding tbe wordt wbloh bound ber to another, or bearini her own voice in reaponu. Then came jni aad farewells, and ihe | childhood's home a wife. o-nia bick to t h o wanted olieek,%!id iliBgUil l i ^ b t p f recoKi'ition Iho i-nuiiitiK eyes. ' '-' Tbuu l U i j . r l o k n o w good, aud, » u h a (treat ery of 1 u l v i n x lb«t her wicSeil prajvr had Rono un|ianlRhcd, 6be o-urg to beallug heart. John Bardlrg felt th p-4K was wiped out, and that a t , after ion/ years, he hrlil bia wife.-- ?. Lodger. Aa Encounter «ith Peooiriea. After the drove had surrounded wounded companion, and ooially in quired aa to bit condition and their Wiirn tjnpatby with him, a In i o( them atarted toward Ooboa, hutll; uoendad a tree. Thus far went In ordtr ai wa bad anticipate The other Indian deicended from h trfe aad t r i i d t o ooocetome preparing to alowly slide down th rook, but juit then several mad boar ' " ' me, The Indiitn wen ·omcntary gliupfe of teeth white am trttn. "Where li jour wonderlul pblln . aOBhy, thei y" · "Have your oirn wey. lou'll r'fre . it too late. Pity John llnrding coulrln 1 have jou. You'd made him mlsfrabh eooncb, btnven kno*a, with your eiid urave. I«M airi ani urncee. It'i oiiy to seu it'i .him yonr thinking of 'nothv|ih- " ataodinc jour orquetry. 1 Jontu noi sinire Arnold will reidily consulvbim- aclf, and whan bis brldotokes poaseB: lion yoQ"l.wiBh you'd lollowul my - "At least, ^uut, I can never repronoh you withhavlne withheld HE bestowal, outcome; doi-'t be angry with uie. I ' «M not at all sure but that you may ':·''' have ine with ycu many along day yet " .Preilj Mirjrrie U a y c k l Tneie were ni«n enongh, old aud young,who would have given hilt their worldly pratea- '"':. aions to be ante they held a space, how- ' erer Email, In tht b e a i t : - b u t not BO " : John Harding. With him it wu all '.-·'.' orncthinK. He bed given tc Ms girl the one love ol his lite; and riad in her eyre glances answering hla'own; had Wn tbe face brighten,into cxpectanoj at bis coming, felt her tender pr««suro . fMwering bis handclaip, and hope ' Lvonld riae buoyant In hit heart, only to . be dashed ap»!n Into drspair, as be -·" would meet her averited glicce-j orin- dlBerent.words. He »BB not very pa- tieat, lhi itrong man; "and, with bis stern well beat upon a purpose, trifling w u beyond his comprehension. "Tea know what 1 btve to otter you, Xaijorie," be ta'd to ber ou tbe e»en- tngof|the wiau day ol tho cocvena tionr*cord«d aieve. "I doi*'t queatiou : your right lo bitter, in one sense, but I must have my am rer. Squire Arnold tiinkt theiame, I d o s ' t a o u k t , indg- in* from the sweetness of jour smiles." Ah, foolish John | Tho blosh which had risen to the gin's chetk lailtrl, the amlle playing round ber lips diisrjpeai- Toen she awoke from dream life to ri- ality, then for the first time k n e w how stero a duty ebe bad Impoted on her- Beif, and .be wondered If her airength would net desert her. But Squire Arnold wu too proud In ber potieislon to dream her oihcr than aitiatlcd, a i d for «ii months ahe did her duly weil. Then n Hidden, sharp llluen pr38tiai3d her husbiml, uid bo- f u r o tbo uow year opened hu stood. cl^d in a widoA-'i weeda, Uieidti his !»H when she weut b a j k to berdeeo- laic homo tho missed even tho duties, Mid ns slie rcjliija bow dead an empty life wiia, a new, bird feeliug crept inio her heart jga'ust tba man who had, in bia stern, u n r e l e n t i n g anger, wor her this misery. , ked , [holding head, the said: erect the Elaha 'Since when did I appoint jou cnsto- dian of my smiles and teau? When I elect anyone to tbe 1'i'sitlor, Mr. Flard- log, I shall renumber you aa tue fiist - applicant." "Nevertheless, I did n o t t p e . k with- ontmioD. 1 am tired o f i i , Marjorie --tired of it all. I am no Jacob to ttrvo .even jeara. I--" "Then stop now" {'nrning to biro ·with quick anger.) "Donotiess you thiui Jacob had aometbloz highir In ·»iew of bis long wailing. Well, sir, thould yon serve fur me tevenij times ttvec, it wculd b- to rfcuve the same answer--nol My freedom Is too sweel to yield it quilo so r?.»Jilf. Good even- IPR Mr. bardtne. I cn find my way l,;..home ncrons ibe meadow alone I" \\J r Bnt,ailcut and s'.ern, Jobu walked by her side nntil t h f ? reacnrd tbo tbns- hold ot ll:o d.or Tl!en,»iiho«t a norrl, Ebaatcpred witbii., ^vn \nll;ed away. Fron h?r o^n «inJo : v sne ^a'cbed him out of Bight, thii-.i Ibrow ho,eit upon ber liilio bed, with i's !-ao»y connterpate, in a ycij pinion ot sobs, half arter, No word came from tbe wat.derer. [lo eeerurd to have passed forever from their lives, but iu the spring her aunt's streugth tailed, and she elidly obeyed tbe summons to bet sl.le which allowed her to closa tbe great, lonely house where she dwMt alone, end GO bick to her dear old farm, to the place her aact so long had filled. Soou it would be empty. With a great start, the gitl flrat uw Iho a w f u t change which had taken pl-.c.'. Sbe rarely fpokc, but Marjirie wondered often a t t b e wistfulcaie- *hichfollowed her every movement around tbe room. Bnt w h e r j a f e w s h o r l weeks bad pisied all new ih* end was near. Oaeeten- IDR. just u tbo sun was linking lo rest, ind Mirjorie and ber ui cle, with a sirange forebodlcg at their hearts, watched by the 8.ft»rer, the sick woman, mo'.ioning Majorie iiearrr, whis pereJ: '-The letter--in my pooke -thought it beat--forgive--" The slil supposed her wandering, anil, itoo.ink-, aho kissed the lips already coU, and w L e n s l c raised her head the eyes were closed, the ppirit fleJ. Then, wuen the Inneral was over and tbr house restored to its quiet, she to-'k her place inside her uncle; it seemed u though all the glory had died out of her ltfi.«, when suddenly h«r energy wu roused to acliou. A terrible lever bad broken ou; in their very midst. Men, women and children fled be'ore it, and there w e t e f e w to care for tbo thousands already stricken. With a aenssof almost gratitude, Marjo io took her place V-y the bedsides it tbe sick ind dying. All eipostulatisn was iu vain, and night and day ibe «0ik«i f s though uncorjcicus of fa- tigur. One evening, in p*i3ing ibrout;a a temporary ward, ene caught sight of a man whose face, bronaed and bearded, yet carried with it a forgotten up tbe tree like a shot, and I u denly reolimbed the roek. The angr bjaricame with brittle! raised, tal itraigbt out, tuaVi roughly grating uttering loud, threatening orles. Horn of them waded into tha ihallow aud 'mtempte4 to scale my rook. exceedingly uncomfortable, but thougl that In a few moments their horri turning would coiw: but every tim tome old sow would approach ho bounded frlond anil attempt to assi him along with her snout (and they this f n q a e n t l y ) h o freih series of coiuplaiuing squalls, teen the crowd would rush towara again. Then they would step bac wnrd a litllo bit aud shake their it if darlug me lo slide down rook aud Bid out how rapidly tbe could convert me irito mlcco moit. [Outing lor March. .Outing for March most acceptably taeels the refluiremoois ol Iba ieasou. It is tne reoogniied authority as as the leading.puolbiiion devoted aporr, and as its itBuenee is always wholesom", i'.s snccers Is well Every department is in charge of pert in that pirtisular line, while the best oisporling writers and marked ability havo access to ita Well chosen matter and many illustrations maKe the March number welcome guest. The oontenta are: For Terrier," by El. W. Sandys; "Huntirg the Fur Seal," by W. Emory; "Pig Sticking in Norlbein India"; "Tbe Southern Tacht Club by J. Crawford; "A Weik with, Singhaleae." by E. M. Allairt; by Sarah D. Kennedy; "A Qlimpae a Florida Riier";' The Fitting a Y a o h t , r ' b y A. J. Kenealy; aod Awbfel from Cbioago to by Margiiei V. Lelxime; "Baioilona,, 1 by Cbarlea Edwards; "Coas-.ing," A. H. Godfrey, ind the usual and records of sporting events. memory. Acooraent shekneltby John Pa.ding's tide. In his delirium he seemed to reanniz^ bar. "There WM no lisht, Marjorie, in tho w i n d i w It was all dark--no answer to my letter. So 1 went away. U was best so--best, beat--" and the- fever bu-ned bot:er and liercer, and bis voice sank or rose in coherent words. "A ln'p'lctt. cise, Slisj Maijmc," (in=l 'heold physicians' voice, sull giv- i i v l e r l h e u a n e o f t u r youih, roused h i r fiom 11,1 reveiie. 'lie woikcd like i t r o j i n araouc tho sitTorers, poor fellow, until he was str.cken iloiti himself; nud now he will never wnrk »jtin," n:.d » i l h a ihiko of tho head the o'd rr.an · Eati ig Li ke » Horse. At the aamtfire held recently the aotpices ot General Hancock G. A. R., a couple of war stories told by Caotain T. I. Gere whioh probably have never been printed. Duiing a part of tbe time that General A. J. Smith was up the Red with his commander tho emira was without rattens other than corn, «uob as was intended for tbe horres, and this condition «bji.l eicbt dajs. Captain Gero a t t t e i i n o e o f Ihe the cjmmand one day wlen an soHitr camo to headquarters atd quired : "Qineral, conld 1 borry the anaugei?,' He was asked vhxt in Ihe wanied with a tool of tbat kind, leplied: The t e x t m c t n i r i , bligbt »a.1 e a r i v , | "Jotn, John, lira for my Bike; II Hrv n»jes, bun irg si-out her rm-rn- ] only o r c s l may tell yoa It was my Ing duties, spied a tnf?seatrr!ifiiro.ci j f nit--all, a'l rr.ine," and with a burst ing the hoase- A racroonilsicr, with ,it sab--, t h o fair young heal was pil ,a rekpeb'.ful "Gijod rnoiniog," bo hand ed her a note. *'F r Miss M a i j i i i e , -ma'am," and was as quickly on 1 , of sight. "From John LUrdin;. Some lovers' lo«ed by his side. vV.V'nr:iehad gone back f o r a few hours' rest to Iho f a r m , the words of bisdoliriutu returned to her, and with them t h o s o o f her l u n l . epl " W e l l , we've been eatin' born lor ao lone tbat 1 supposed ce alter fetliu' bay for ralions soon, »nd I wauttd to build nice liltlo hiy-racV, to I conld comfoi'.able loike." In UK couise of a few days. ere narrated, tbe command ocular rations and was once appy. The same soldier again eared at headq-nrters and asked nissicu lo bnj » peck of shelled la was asked what he warred orn now that the regular rations issued. His explanation was bis: ''A few days ago, Rineral, I uck of corn horn a mule

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  1. Newport Mercury,
  2. 12 Mar 1898, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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