Total eclipse of the sun in northeastern US January 24, 1925

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Total eclipse of the sun in northeastern US January 24, 1925 - ^ jta zxznu nou ml tun OMSUMTAt N. Black Shadow...
^ jta zxznu nou ml tun OMSUMTAt N. Black Shadow of Moon to Sweep Over Oneonta as Satellite Hides Sun •f JBm ?«r Hbw ttaairiar SUES TO BE CLEAR feteta Ptat af State bptctol to Urn VWw m-,»rJ CartsMWlfe*Sat*> tack af Ocomm New Tork, Jan. IS. — A ray of blackness swung among ths sphere* tonight, silently and roaje*tlcall> bearing toward earth. It was the ebony shadow cast b) th» moon In eclipsing the sun. gliding through the void and from star to planet, on eternal astral tour. At a rai* ttt Uiou&utda ut iaU«s an hour It arc described Itself In the heavens, wit thle shadow traveled In friKld darknesses, and therefore went unseen by For a brief ever, this black beacon will have flit tine encounter with earth. As It rush es upon the abode of humans and off again, a darkness as ax midnight will be spread as though with a tapering charcoal crayon MMtO miles Ions, on a patch 10* miles wide extending from Red Lake. Minn., to the Shetland Islands in the Atlantic. Every few years some part of earth's surface Is visited by a solar eclipse, partial or total. But the last eclipse to travel In the approximate path of tomorrow's came in isu», and the next won't com* until t£e year Passing, as the impending one will, over the most densely populated part of the United Bute* and Canada where all known facilities for sclen ti:lc observation are present in abun dance, its arrival Is heralded with more ado than greeted any of Its pre Departments) Of the government weather service have utilised every known device to determine whether the skies will be clear or cloudy «t strategic points in the path of the eclipse; for a single For a period, varying from * couple of minute on tbe central line of totality to a few seconds on the edge of the path of totality, the eclipse will be total. Tbe time will be about t:U a. m. Then Ir place of thi nun will he seen a black disc haloed wth flashes of vari-colored flame which will be sees* shooting beyond the moon's rim for millions of miles, or several times its own diameter. After SO seconds to • minute and a half the total eclipse wiu be over. A crescent abated slice of the sun will have slipped into sight, and gradually the evolution fro. "onarter moon" to "full moon" will progress until, at tbe sun will again be visible In entirety. Daylight will resume, and the moon's shadow, having raced from Red Lake to Nantucket Light, will chase itself off to sea, toward the Shetland Islands-The corona. Sashing from the back* (round of the moon's bulk, will be the big sight for scientists and laymen as well. After It will be seen Haley's beads— the curved string of study the edtpse. was «tta fa its h»r.sir it ::-.!Jr.:sV. fn!^' Neva) officials said that the high wind* the alrcrai from her hangar dangerous and thai they would await more favorable weather conditions before starting the g*t. ! The crew of the Los Angeles had been standing by to take the air sine? in the night. It waa said at the air station that tbe craft would suit Its flight as soon as the wind abated and. it the present conditions persist, ed. the navy department at Washing- j ton would be consulted ss to the course to be pursued. Eight radio broadcasting stations will cooperate in the experlmenta. broadcasting of the account of the i solar eclipse tomorrow from the Los Angeles while the ship. Is In flight. Stations won. WB8. and WjiJ. Newark; WJAR and WEAN. Provi dence: WBZ. Springfield; WDBH. Wor-center. Mass.. WHS, New York city. will attempt at 11 o'clock tomorrow to nick up the story to be radiophoned. special story on their regular wave lengths. r ^ rri^SK Plane Reet Split Into Part, the rays of the .early hidden sun shine through ths volcano-bitten rim of the moon. The umbra— direct shadow of the moon— will "come up like thunder" In its race from the west, adding awesomeneae to the occasion. And there will be the peculiarly flitting latticed shadows, almost spectrals, which so inspire the scientist with curiosity. For those outside the path of the The radio stations will broadcast the I In Jail to Lessen Lhancc ot Accident . — I to wonder about — the moon's secea dary shadow which, diffusing a form of semi-twilight, will be seen from the Amazon to Labrador. Mltchel Field. L. I.. Jan. tnartrii^Mnns this afternoon to the allots for of the :o airplanes that are expected I con-to Uke off at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning to take various observations to to-. ..^ »«_.__ uniii. u day ot me eclipse, nnjw «. . U>n.l>« Ir JitlrieJ tha «lror»f t Into • <Ki'„.r)rnn. In nrder to Avoid the . I*11 ecUpse. there will be the penumbra pocslbility of accident during the mo ments the earth is in total darkness. The first squadron will conduct Its observations over Danbury. Conn., Major Mensley directed; and the fifth •quadron will fly in the vicinity of Greenport. L. L The 61st Squadron. will Tork City and Poughkeepsie. All pilots were ordered to carry flashlights to be used during the per iod of totality of eclipse. If the day is clear the photographers to be passen gers on the planes were instructed to record ths passage of the shadow or the moon, which advances in regular bands across the earth. David Todd, professor emeritus Special Trains Cany Many i. L....IJ. V^™i.i. '"I™ vianing pwn™. to haroubk Viewpoints pov„ tne tfrr,tory between New <u> army of niSjiaassj srs asd apeU Uia tun of a host of layman. The latest report «X tne Wwathat tureaa tonlrh't was destined to spread alsappoiiUAgsjt over gome states. It fold Uiai only In iskenrii New Tork. Missii hsjHtw, Connecticut. and 1th ode Island was there likely to be dear weather during eclipse time. Overcast skies were predicted for northern Minnesota. Wisconsin, upper Michigan; partly overcast skies for northern lower .Michigan and the Lake Huron region, as well as tor western New Tort Directors of too Canadian weather bureau issued prognostications similarly discouraging to those who will be within the northern boundary of the eclipse's path, for there, too. partly cloudy skies were predicted, with uossiblo snowfall. Preparations more extensive than ever were made before await the arrival of that Op of moon's shadow. Leaders In all branches of science will observe and record at sea, on<i and in the air this phenomenon of solar -eclipse. Buffalo, Jan. 55 — The Niagara frontier and western New York state was being subjected to an Influx of visitors tonight as preparations went forward for observance tomorrow morning of the first total eclipse of the sun to be visible from this section In more than three centuries. Plans were made for scientific investigation in the event of clear or partly clear weather, which, in the immediate lake region, was problematic. A special train was on its way from Cleveland tonight bearing members of tne Cleveland Astronomical society. '(heart** hv PrnfMeor J. 3. Nassau. tr of astronomy at Case school ef Applied Science. The society was exported before morning to have In stalled telescopes and cameras on the i the Niagara hotel at Niagara Raymond A Gordon, Secretary of the society, was planning to end at Dunkirk, N. Y- an airplane flight at a height of 10,010 feet following the path of totality from Cleveland. Win Study Color BSTect on Fans. W. D'Arcy Ryan, head of the Gen eral Electric Illuminating laboratory at Schenectady, with a corps of ex perts, was to measure the Intensity and observe with special Instruments, the changing character of the light over Niagara and tbe effect of the eclipse and accompanying phenomena on the scenic values of the ice and water of the cataract. Data developed was expected to be used in planning a huge artificial lighting system for the falls, involving an arrangement of color scenes and tbe planting of a searchlight battery aggregating 1, 3:0,000.-000 catrdlepower. In Ruffalo. Prof. Harlow Shapely, director of the Harvard observatory, assisted by Dr. C. 31. Olmstead. formerly astronomer at Mount Wilson observatory. California, and members of the Cnltersity of Buffalo faculty, planned to observe the eclipse from the United States weather bureau sta- to to for be . " .„,. . , ,._ I m ™™u "»" » "7" h" uecianu »«• » shadow would travel at the rate ot a imie * » ■■■«..• w... ~* i j . 3.500 miles an hour, at this latitude. COAL STRIKE EMUS; it wiwr nnmiv ni II vim mviwn a , . in r^Unmrm. Wit Ro Taksa I!n'*r au uie?ances wh t*e ia*c* up at Oace— $3,827,754 m the was Wages Lost Scranton. Pa., Jan. 25— The strike of the 11.000 mine workers i p*nn«vlvnnli Coat coroDanv brought to an end tonight when It was announced that the proposal discussed representatives of the strikers had been accepted. The men will return They have gathered and rehearsed. In li fixed observatories noted professors will maneuver ponderous tele scopes and cameras. On seaplanes and battleships, government scientists will conduct simitar operations. The l ant dlriclble Los Angeles will Joi a Musflrnn of arm? airplanes in mak-1 tlon cn the top ing observations at great altitudes, building. The six-inch telescope at shove possible clouds or fogs, that Vanlslus college was prepared to greet may frustrate earth bound observers. | the phenomena under *he direction of Here beio*. . • goodly proportion of j ReV. Pettr p. Cmsick. and a series of lO.OOO.m people will squint through observations were to be made ai unnked glass at this sight of several tyToavMie, college by Professor John lir times. At least one railroad will A CaTtla_ run an "eclipse special" from cities u points within the^i»th * total so- Wbtk Prevent Log Angela transit systems have announced rush From MaW Its Test Flights h^ur service win be maintained to suburbs during the period ot the twl N JM Jan. :>-The Thenomenon. dirigible Los Angeles, which was to The New Tork exchange, wdl re- ^'^,dl,ctft, „dlo twrta tonight in m«,n closed until after toe mo«»» ~ tloft for lu observation trip • un shall hir. Bnlsked their perform- , preparau™ banks will remain closed also ;r. rnvst Urge cities ■pedal police pa to work Monday Terms or tne sememem pian wu for the Immediate taking up of all , recommendation of the international commission that the charters of the 10 locals affected by ^ the strike be restored, and assurance i that no discrimination will be shown against any Of the strikers or leaders. , The proposition was oiscussea tor several hours this morning between the commission members, the exerut- ive committee of the general mines ittee. and sub-committee of the Pennsylvania miners. Nothing was made pubi c however, until after the in meeting ot L.e general grievance coin- mlttee which was Held tonight In Plttston. : One of the first report* made by the committee was that the strike had re- suited In a loss of SJ,«:T,V50 in wages to the men and. a loss In co?l '.-Mp1;' uf siv.uuii lu-*. Tii4»e »c:-. r-AfneaiMi hv • naif isi mm mil lee reo- resenting the general grievance body \ The plan of settlement drafted by a sno-committee aniiuoesly adopted l^^ the tp the metropoWaa district wtt wot take the day's operations until the Brief Facts Concerning Eclipse The moon will betweeri the earth and the stin, obscuring tbe sun. Time In New York city. S a. m. to If :» a m • total eclipse. »:ll *■ m Railway lu ui as Hiics and trains »ln^ "'.„ "„" running wtthtt. the *sM ** totaltty -ctSoe- of totality srea, v I. be Ugl * as ml night, and sright Where Vewaer- t:rr* signal* win he In ewerwuon. 1» | A 4 ta* miles Song and le* to cities, notahty hi New Tert^e-W* J f^^m wtd* frcea * pelwi In Mln-»nd surface -a*»P*rt*O0^ win he U- ' ta a p^nt ra the Atlantic ocean. ■■ mnatec areeta will. tee. n» e»U a ~_ jniettaad tstawd*. he» nottre behere the rew *ssawte»|-"- Wcr., pencil of shaaow win m-ske a Ma*-k smedg*. ta a rvrw Shaped Uke a sickle, on the earth* t-tal dsrkwsv win be tempting t» I mtaaift. . ] Mossewt-Ny mmm^***j**'~* \ r •■ sorters and radio asraTwecer* freaa -AbAratery. atrntaaw, *t t,»b*e- awd hjwns vaetaw* I lists T*- Cf* ass ecttiTse w"l b* *t « a. av, *ss*CrC«a*nhuw tSase, *nen the twmr s—*sw Nrst w» ank* cewtaet wtth earth at a fjaea* »ev Reg ke, Mlwa. an! «*» •snsa-s reenrh rwwas« dene *W >**» *~'-7X£* 1L* **Ji'» Alt. Through smeket gtssaes the «e» aggaat *• mm ttaseali tk* !***• « taa. M l I nati , ' it, mmn*r. of nhrht -ia prevail In ar tecatttT. with rsrynss «™™ Ot dJWVf.rW W r e< shadow belt. ggreat SSSwrs will he turned *■ ■» ^Bs^uv^w«> uru^intai aua, WksM On* Mew Kipert •* *w- abeve jj (Mr wwrJter. ** rw« iy. lost In i solar brhjbtoe**. S a. m.— Moon wtU make f.rr'. nibble on western rim of sua and a black nick will sppenr oa sun's edge, which will grew as moon moves between us and the sea. . *:J* a as. gun s sarface wm be , hah* uhotss**. I S a- s*.— «sa* wtn he thin crescenu u wtth dayngwt fantag rapidly. Looks , aay " }*. 00 *~1 f* aad the snow. Tata (state ef MgjrL >*»««. Look awickly te 1 t s a speed of 2,e*« ssiles west te cent at *A h*«r. t:ll a. av— aVM Mar eclipsed. Day bee a»ssaraace of a amangat arena h sea'* tana* tnth asaib streamer* of Bght, Rke hat*. After 2* *triato t* a Oaken** aad h»X arr^riiag » hxitty. tzoa puee* gra^winy trash sea's face. 1»;2» *•

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  • Total eclipse of the sun in northeastern US January 24, 1925

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