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 - WINNIPEG, MONDAY, . By Carrier in Winnipeg 25e...
WINNIPEG, MONDAY, . By Carrier in Winnipeg 25e per Week. I malic mid - air struggle. W T ax . - . , f I DEATH IN THE SKY: High in the air over Missouri two men 'struggled in this little yellow plane. Indiana police, who arrested Ernest Pletch, 29, when he made a forced landing, state that he confessed to having killed Carl Bivens, flying instructor of Brookfield, Ho., while the two were up for a flying lesson. Bivens' body slumped over the stick in the forward cockpit of the dual - control machine, and Pletch, reaching forward, held the body clear while he brought the machine down with his controls in the rear cockpit. An officer is seen above, inspecting the machine. ( A.P. Wirephoto.) Pilot Shot In Spectacular Sky Murder Above Missouri Slayer Brings Plane Safely Down After Death Struggle High In Air TBy The AMOcltttd Presi TWO revolver shots killed the pilot of a dual - control plane flying above Missouri Friday. The slayer, reaching forward from the rear cockpit, held the pilot's body clear of the forward controls and brought the plane down. Earnest P. Pletch, 28, barnstorming Indiana aviator, arrested later, is said to have signed a detailed confession. He had gone up for a flying lesson with Carl Bivens. 38. a flying instructor of Brookfield, Mo. An argument Started, then a struggle, and Pletch. according to his statement, ended the fight with two shots into the back of Biven's head. MACON, Mo, , - "Bivens then stated that he was withdrawing from our plan to steal the plane," ran the confession, "and also said he was going to land the plane and 'turn me in.'" "I told him that he was as much responsible for the plane as I and that he was not going to double - rrfwi mp. W hpcnn nrpilinff thpn Oct. 30. Three - nH both of us became madder and .Missouri counties sougni cusioay madder. today of tamest Pletch, confessed M this time Bivens was in the slayer or his companion in a aia - ,ront geat 0I the pane an(j i was in the rear. Both of us were The War LONDON Less optimistic view of Russo - German co - operation taken in London is observers fear Molotoff speech tomorrow will cletr up Soviet mystery; signal closer dealing with Reich. Air raid warnings sound in London in mistake; enemy plane seen off northeast coast. TROMSOECity'of Flint heading toward German port with German prize crew in command. BUD A PEST South, eastern Europe watches F etch, who to ri Indiana author! - 1 h.nriiini? h. nimi. ah. - , tiesne shot Carl Bivens after they nad argued for a while Bivens quarreled while in a plane over reached back at me with his right arm and pulled me forward. "As he pulled me forward my Continued on Page 3, No. 1 ' ' 1 ' 4 1 Bivens Pletch northeastern Missouri, faced possible charges of first degree murder, kidnapping and aeroplane theft by Macon, Linn and Shelby counties. Pletch told in his confession he also planned to crash the plane, killing himself, but lost his nerve. Pletch was married a month ago at Palmyra, Mo., and police detained his wife for questioning but later released her. Even Rain Stops On West Front Raids And Patrols Only Action Reported Riots Are In Graz INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 30. State Police Superintendent Don F. Sliver said Earnest Pletch confessed Saturday night to the shooting of Carl Bivens during a struggle In their aeroplane high above eastern Missouri Friday. Bivens. 38, from Brookfield, Mo., Friday morning, and the former's body was discovered in a thicket near Cherry Box, Mo., Saturday night. Pletch related In the signed statement he received "an hour and a half Instructions" from Bivens in the plane which Pletch later flew over three slates Missouri. Illinois and Indiana. Then, Pletch said he proposed that they "go to Mexico." to which Bivens "after studying for a while," agreed. Going aloft Immediately, the duo headed east because Pletch By Hvn (Frfnch Nw AjwieylJ COPENHAGEN. Oct. 30 The newspaper National Tidende today reported that the Austrian garrisons at Vienna and Graz had rioted. The outbreaks were caused by news that certain regiments recruited in Austria were decimated By Kivii (FrtDch N Aocy) PARIS, Oct. 30 The opening ol a week during which many be lieve Germany will begin an offensive was marked today by the first brisk.'clear, dry day that the western front has seen In more than a week. Over the ground drenched by driving rains and snow, the sun shone and the grey mist gave way. The drop in temperature will have to be malntaied for some days, however, before the ground will be sufficiently dried out for extensive operations. Activity continued light. This mni - nlno'i EVpnfH pnmmiininnl and Pletch took oft i M lh. niht . ..We pelled several enemy raiding parties." There were a few patrol actions in the vicinity of the Blies river. French fire caught a party ot German engineers engaged in building field fortifications and forced them to leave the uncompleted work. There were no rhangrs noted in German concentrations behind the front and farther back in Germany. (By Th AMOcllttd Prm LUXEMBOURG, Oct. 30 Increased artillery activity was re ported today along the Moselle "wanted to visit mv folks at Frankfort." Asked bv Bivens if land Saar rivers. Luxembourg he was armed, Pletch rejoined he border guards, who are unarmed, - "carried a cun with the intention were ordered to wear white hel - of trading: It for gasoline if mets to distinguish necesarv." them French and German soldiers. from Community Officers Still Almost $200,000 University Campaign PESSIMISM of the arteries hasn't set in yet among officials at the Community Chest headquarters, but the campaign of canvassing draws to a close they admit they're get ting a little worried about going "over the too." Contributions to date totaled $115,073, which is a way from the objective of $305,000, the minimum required by public subscription to operate the charitable institutions dependent upon the Federated Budget their financing. But it's a different story at Chest campaign headquarters the University of Manitoba, where a strong offensive is well under way, directed by Prof. H. Saunderson, chairman of thf committee on community enterprises of the university war auxiliary council. Better Than Last Year Representatives from the dent bodies of every faculty

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