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CorsicanaSemi-WeeklyLight_25May1934_Bonnie&Clyde - THE CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, PRTDAY, MAY...
THE CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, PRTDAY, MAY 25,1934. BONNIE PARKER PREDICTED DEATH IN WRITTEN VERSE SAYS WOULD "BRING GRIEF TO A FEW" AND "RELIEF "RELIEF TO THE LAW" DALLAS,. May 24.—«P>—Bonnie Parker had a premonition months ago that she and Clyde Barrow would be killed; and she predicted predicted in a poem that their deaths would "bring grief to a few" and 'relief 'to the law." Here Is the verse she wrote: Tou have read the story of Jesse James. Df how he lived and died, If you still are in need of something something to read, Here Is the story of Bonnie and Clyde. Nbw Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang, m sure you all have read How they rot) and steal, And how those who squeal, Are usually found dying or dead. I There are lots of untruths to their write-ups, They are not so merciless as that, They hate all the laws, The stool pigeons, spotters and rats. They class them as cold-blooded killers, They say they are heartless and mean, But I say this with pride That I once knew Clyde When he was honest and upright upright and clean. But the law fooled around, Kept tracking him down And locking him up in a cell. Till he said to me, I will never be free, So I will meet a few of them In hell." This road was so dimly lighted There was no highway signs to guide, But they made up their minds [f the roads were all blind They wouldn't give up till they died. The road gets dimmer and dimmer, dimmer, Sometimes you can hardly see, Still its fight, man to man, And do all you can, For they know they can never be free. If they try to act like citizens And rent them a nice little flat, About the third night they are invited to fight • By a sub-machine gun rat-tat-tat. If a policeman is killed in Dallas And they have no clues for • guide; :f they can't find a friend They They just wipe the slate clean And hang it on Bonnie and Clyde. Two crimes have been don* in America Not accredited to the Barrow mob, for they had no hand [n the kidnaping demand Or the Kansas City Depot job. A newsboy once said to his buddy, buddy, 'I -wish Old Clyde would get jumped. 'In this awful hard times 'We might make a few dimes 'If five or six Laws got bumped". The police haven't got {he report yet, 31yde sent a wireless today Saying, "we have a peace flag of white 'We stretch but at night, "We have joined the NRA." They don't think they are too tough or desperate, • They know the law always wins. They have been shot at before But they do not Ignore That death was the wages of sin. From heartbreaks some people have suffered, From weariness some people have died, But take it all In all, Our trqjibles are small, Till we get like Bonnie and Clyde. Some day they will go down together, together, And they will bury them side by side. To a few it means grief, To the law It's relief, But it is death to Bonnie and Clyde. Barrow Driving at High Speed When Fired Upon\ By Officers From Ambushl ARCADIA, La., May 23.— W— B. P. Theus, of Arcadia, Arcadia, returning 1 at 11 a. m. from the scene of the slaying, stated that an officer familiar with Barrow and the Parker Parker woman positively identified them, and said when fired on the couple was traveling about 85 miles an hour and the woman had a machine gun in her lap. There were only two persons in the car, according to B. P Theus, well known Arcadia citizen, who went to the scene soon after the killing. He said that officers were positive that the pair killed was Barrow and the Parker woman. He said the woman was holding a machine gun. The bodies were left in' the car until the arrival of Dr. J. L. AVade, Bienville parish coroner. The car was said to have been traveling at a rate of approximately 85 miles per hour and apparently after the fusilade of officers' shot, the car careened into an embankment at the left side of the road and was wrecked. wrecked. The pair apparently had gone through Gibsland and was heading southwest on the Gibsland-Castor road when the officers called on the speeding pair to halt. The bodies were being brought to Arcadia, 17 miles east of t!jC scene of the killing. Their riddled riddled oar alar) was being brought here. The car bore • a Texas license. license. The shooting, according to the Arcadians, occurred about six miles west of the old Mt. Lebanon Lebanon community, once the center of (treat educational and rellgiour activity, activity, and about 2 1-2 miles from Sailes. __ Bank Bobbery Tip, "Sheriff Jordan of Bienville Parish Parish said he had received a tip that the First National Bank of Arcadia to be robbed Wednesday Wednesday or Thursday and notified Texas officers. Sheriff Jordan said the pair came from Benton, La., yesterday afternoon and' passed through Gibsland about.four or five o'clock in the afternoon and again this morning shortly before the killing. killing. ,In the group of officers who awaited the pair on the highway were: Sheriff Jordan, his deputy, Paul M. Oakley, both of Bienville Bienville Parish; former Ranger Captain Captain Frank Hamer of Austin; Bob Alcorn, a member of the sheriff's department at Dallas, Texas; B. M. Gault, Austin, member of the Texas highway officers department, department, and Officer Hlnton. The officers were stationed In a ring on top of a hill. The officers, were concealed in high grass over a distance of about -half a block when they algnted Barrow's car approaching the bill. There were two trucks on the Castor-Glbsland road, going in opposite directions. .Trucks Serve As Shield. These trucks served as an extra extra shield against discovery by Barrow and his companion, who were first fired upon by Deputy Sheriff Oakley. He used a shotgun shotgun loaded with buckshot and fired quickly after ordering Barrow Barrow to stop, which warning Barrow Barrow Ignored. . Barrow opened a door of the car evidently to fire a sawed-off shotgun which he held In one hand but Deputy Oakley and the five other officers who immediately immediately joined in the shooting were too quick. Sheriff Jordan said It was possible possible Barrow or the Parker woman woman fired one time, each of them holding a sawed-off shotgun when the shooting occurred, but the officers had not examined their weapons sufficiently to establish this fact. Barrow's car after moving about half a block from the point where Deputy Oakley opened fire went Into the embankment but was not seriously damaged, except except for one wheel, which had been shot purposedly, and • the body of the car, which'was pep- PATROLMEN HERE SEVEN WEEKS IN SEARCH BARROW LOCAL HIDEOUTS BANDIT PAIR CLOSELY WATCHED FOR SOMETIME pered with missiles from the officers' officers' guns. Car Traveling South. ! The Barrow car when the shooting started at the top of the hill was traveling south from Gibsland, having come from Arcadia Arcadia through Gibsland. It had also passed, through Mt. LeBan- on to a point about two miles from Sailes. The bandits were heavily armed, armed, Sheriff Jordan reported. They carried three machine guns, five automatics, seven shot guns and the two sawed off shot guns they were holding when the shooting began. They also carried three large bags of ammunition and some sandwiches* which' were* in a bag and bore the name of a sandwich sandwich shop in Arcadia, at which it was learned the Parker woman woman during their short stop for the sandwiches had borrowed a comb. The bandits assertedly came east yesterday, having been seen at Benton, La. Officers Prepared. The officers who killed the bandits, were .prepared .for desperate desperate maneuvers on the part of Barrow and the woman and were themselves heavily armed. They had one machine gun, three shot guns loaded with buckshot and five automatic rifles and used all these weapons in their bombardment bombardment of the -car, riddling their victims and rendering them immediately powerless to use their firearm's. 80 thorough was the /riddling of the bandit and his woman companion that portions of their flesh was buried in the sides and back of their car. The woman also had one hand virtually shot off. Her head was slumped to, her'knees after the shooting, her position Indicating she had sought either to dodge the officers' officers' fire pr else to bring her gun into action when killed. Barrow's Barrow's body was slumped on the car wheel. Coroner J. L, Wade ordered the bodies moved to Arcadia for an inquest, with instructions that the bodies remain in the bandit's car until the inquest. Both Barrow and the woman were Instantly killed, Barrow being being shot through the left temple and through the left shoulder. The Parker woman was shot through the mouth, Her teeth being knocked out and through the neck. The fingers of her right hand were shot off. The bandits were killed on what is known as the Jamestown-Salles road, about eight or ten miles from Glbeland. They were en route, officers believe, to a rendezvous rendezvous they are believed to have had at a place known as Alabama Alabama Bend near Ringgold. They were traveling in a Ford Exactly skven weeks after the first intensive search was made in known Navarro county haunts of the elusive Clyde Barrow and his companion, Bonnie Parker, a special detail of State Highway Patrolmen were summoned back to Austin Wednesday after making making their headquarters of operations operations in Corsicana during .that period. On Tuesday, April S, Navarro county was searched from border border to border by a large party of patrolmen .augmented by county and city officers. Numerous Numerous • relatives of the outlaw and other points were visited and a large number of persons believed believed to be acquainted with the killer killer were given intensive periods of questioning. Traps Laid Here. . Acting on tips of various kinds, traps have been laid in several sections of the county and at other points within a hundred mile radius of Corsicana. Hundred; Hundred; of miles were driven to se- ure Information, all with little success. After the first intensive sweep over the county, strong groups were placed at strategic points over the state and the Corsicana detail was made up of Field Inspector Inspector W. D. Roberts, former- y stationed at San Antonio, and 3 atrolmen Ross Dickey and Bill rlargett, who had been previous- y stationed at Corsicana. They were later joined by Patrolman Ralph Rohatch, .and about ' ten days ago Rohatch was transfer•ed transfer•ed to Tyler and Patrolman Pat >?ulty was stationed in Corsicana. Had Narrow Escape. It may be revealed now that .he automobile found bullet-shat- ered near Gladewater about hree weeks ago was occupied by 'atrolman Nulty who narrowly •scaped death In a gangland rap. Nulty was engaged In undercover undercover work, and posing as a car thief had become semi-friend- y with several Barrow acquaintances acquaintances and associates near Glade- V-8 sedan which officers said tore Arkansas license plate 15,868. Both car and license are believed to have been stolen. The bodies, after being viewed at the scene of the killing by Dr. J. L. Wade, coroner, were left in the car just as the officers found theni after the shooting and were taken to Arcadia, the radan being hooked to a wrecker truck," Big Crowd Gathers When the bodies reached Ai> cadla a crowd of approximately 2,000 milled about the car to Mt a view of the bodies. • t."•,.? •.'••> Barrow, when shot, fell over to the left of the car. His head bung from.the left hand window of the front seat. The Parker woman woman was slumped forward and her head between her knees.' She had on glasses. Dr. J. L. Wade, Immediately after the bodies reached Arcadia, empaneled a coroner's jury which undoubtedly will bring in a verdict that the two came to their deaths from gunshot wounds inflicted by officers acting in line of duty. • Miss Sophie > Stone, Lincoln parish parish home demonstration agent of Ruston, and H. D. Darby, Ruston undertaker, who were kidnaped April 24, 1933, by a group believed believed to have been Clyde Barrow, his brother "Buck Barrow," later killed by officers, Bonnie Parker and an unidentified woman, viewed viewed the bodies at Arcadia and identified identified them as two of their cap- Your Customer Yes, we are a very good customer of the Navarro county farmers, in fact, we are the largest buyers of general Cashway Grocery & Cashway L. E. Mitchell, Mustard, qt Tea, 1-4 Ib.

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