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mimmmmMsmmmmmwMmmmmMimm cw fr - Trw bakm i j j nf i vli - rrtf A as h fM i i - fail wife Aey vitt irers e fL isn ITO1 Game Warden Victim ao oo att aa aoituW aa L a cm tr 1 L - O - IT - V St did - - - It of the If 17 14 - he a - Deceived By Play of FMiiloship GIVES DETAILS OF T GREENBRAE F1GH Deputy M T Clark Says That Raynaud and Himself Were Lured Into a Trap CARLO BALESTERI IS HELD Police Seeking Six Fugitives on Suspicion of Aiding in Death of Officer - J - - a - - a - - - - - ACCORDINO to Deputy Flah and Game Warden Milton T Clark It waa the cunning treachery of Carlo BaleeteM that lured Clark and Deputy Erneat A Raynaud Into an unequal battle with flahermen In Qreen - brae alough lajt Wednesday evening Baleaterl Is charged by Clark with having cleverly enanared the game wardens by operating under the cloak of frlendahlp for Deputy Raynaud with having by apparently Inoffenalva Maneuvering auocaeded In surrounding the unsuapectlng wardena with a ewarm of flehermen and with having at an opportune moment precipitated the sanguinary engagement that ended only after Deputy Raymaud and Salvatore Belesterl had been slain Carlo Balaatart wounded by a bullet and Deputy Clark hurled overboard by a blow from a heavy oar Carlo Beleatarl la now confined In the County Jail at San Rafael and will be tried for the murder of Deputy Raynaud He waa aurrendered yesterday by the San Franolaco police to Sheriff John J Keating Deputy Sheriff O Emerald and Conatable Eugene Cramer of Marin county Six othera accused by the police of having aaalatad In the alaytng of Raynaud are now being aought by the peace ofBeera of all the bay countlea One of tbe fugitive five la Antone Beleatarl brother of Salvatore Baleaterl who waa slain during the battle In Oraenbrae alough and uncle to Carlo Belesterl DESCRIBES THU FIGHT The five fishermen who were ar - raated by the San Franolaco police a few minutes after the arrest of the wounded Carlo Baleaterl were die - charged from cuatody laat evening The police atated tils t theae men had been ralatakanly auapected of having participated in tbe slaying of Deputy Raynaud After we had arreated Salvatore Baleaterl and Antone Baleaterl aald Clark In deaorlblng the fatal encoun ter with the flahermen the fishing launch waa headed toward Bauaallto We had not proceeded far when the men In the launch algnaled another launch which waa aome dlatance away This aecond launch which waa commanded by Carlo Baleaterl and which contained two other men approached ua We noticed that the aecond launoh had out loose from lta amall boat and waa coming tov ard ua at full speed We ordered the Balesterla to Increase the apeed of their launch In order to eacape the puraulng launch They ra - aponded to the order but the launeh commanded by Carlo Baleaterl eteedlly gained on ua and finally overtook ua Carlo Baleaterl who waa auppoaedly friendly to Deputy Raynaud offered to aooonipany ua to Sauaallto to act as an Interpreter Raynaud agreed to thla and Carlo boarded the launch with ua and aat by the aide of Raynaud In the atarn of the boat I waa on the forward declc 17P01 RAYTfAVD I watcbaj Carlo and aaw that he wae laughing and Joking with Raynaud Suddenly Carlo fell upon Raynaud and bora him to the bottom of the boat I ruahed aft and waa met by Salvatore Baleaterl who waa running the engine He had a knlfa In hla upraised hand and tried to atab me I then drew my pistol and fired a ahot at blm and ha fell Antone Baleaterl had joined hla nephew Carlo In the attack on Raynaud and the other two men In the aecond launch leaped aboard our launch to assist the other two flahermen One of theae men ralaed an oar and atruck at ma I dodged and the oar atruck me on the ahouldera Before I could recover my balance I waa atruck again and waa plunged Into tbe water When 1 rose to the surface of the water I fired two or three more ahota but do not know that the bulleta atruck anyone The four flahermen who were now left alive In the boat all attacked Raynaud and 1 aaw one of them beat him on the head with the handle of an oar Raynaud fought bravely agalnat the heavy odda but be finally fell and did not rlae again ARK UNDER THE BOAT When I waa tumbled overboard I aank under the boat and came to the aurface near the atern of the launch Aa my head bobbed up one of the flah ermen attempted to strike me with an oar I awam away from the launch toward the ahore and waa picked up by Joaepb Bwack who waa nearby In another launch It la aald by the police that the cap tain and crew of the scow Eva wit - neeaed the battle between the wardena aSd the fishermen and they will be subpoenaed to teatlfy It waa shown by the Coronera autopsy on the bodies of Raynaud and Balesterl that Raynaud a skull was badly crushed and that he had been i Wm7 adaaaaaW sikiffnAr Mr 55BssssssssssssssssssssssMKieMBeewf afJaeBJ BABfST 9 nrzHd o Participants in the fatal fight betVcen game Wardens and Italian fishermen Ernest A Raynaud deputy game Ttardcn killed Salvatore Balesteri fisherman killed Carlo Balesteri alleged leader of the fishermen and Mdton T Clark deputy game Harden tnho vas toppled overboard during the battle ahot In the forehead Baleaterl waa abot In the back of the head The police have learned that the Balesterla had good reaaon for entertaining an ill feeling toward Deputy Raynaud On March Sd laat Salvatore Balesteri waa arrested by Raynaud for having undaralaed flah in hla poafleealon and was fined 125 In tbe Police Court Carlo Baleaterl It la aald had profeaaed to be assisting Raynaud In detecting the illegal oparatlona of flahermen WITNESSED TJIE F1GIIT Clarks statement waa aupported by atatementa made to Dlatrict Attorney Boyd of Marin county by Captain 01 gat Johnaon maater of the scow achooner Eva whlcb waa lying off the Remll - lard brick yard leaa than 100 yarda from the acene of the battle and Ern eat Oberg and Oawald JenBen whb are In hla employ All wltneaaed the fight and the eubeequent reaoue of Clark by Joaeph Swack and their stories of the affair tally In detail My attention waa attracted to tha boata Johnaon aald by the loud talking of the fishermen Suddenly Carlo Baleaterl who waa aeated beside Raynaud In the atern of the launch pounced upon the officer Another man In the rear of the boat followed ault They seemed to be atrug - gllng over Raynauda gun I aaw the engineer atart aft then Clark who waa In the bow grabbed a club and running to the atern atruck the engineer down After that I could not tell much about the light It waa furloua Suddenly a white launch ran alongside the boat holding tha struggling men and two of Its occupanta III t I rJlSf4 m - si ESTABLISHED BTTC 2500 ars Jp - UK I 1 7 OST T I3G - I44 GRANT Ji On Special Sale UjtA 40 silk suits wyAM wwih ai nf mnu mi iffliAK zn v ja m m xvwsnf MIlkTTivr Two Model Mro I III ufr ril J From a Pan Model ill m wivo llll nil llmUlK Made from an excellent qual - 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Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 18 Apr 1913, Fri,
  3. Page 20

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