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KNIGHTS OF THE GLOBE BUSINESS, MEAN Will Establish a Home for' Orphans, Old People, Hospital and General Training School. The following documents and correspondence will convince all that the Knights of the Globe, and especially Dr. Krape, the founder of the order, are iu earnest in their endeavor to establish a home for orphans, old people, hospital and general training school, and'that they will succeed is conceded on all sides, for Dr. Krape generally carries through whatever he undertakes. STATE OK ILLINOIS, ) Stephenson County. ) To James A, Rose, Secretary of State: We, the undersigned, William W. Krape, Emma G. Krape, Charles C. Snyder, Emma E. Schmidt, Chas. G. Keck, Adam C. Schadle, citizens of the United States, propose to form a corporation under an act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, Or rUscotnforfc, no irvltfitidn of Mm .testities—but gentle, prompt, thorough licuKhful cleansing, wlion you take Sold by all druggists. 20 cents. ss entitled, "An act concerning Corporations," approved April 18, 1872, and all acts amendatory thereof; and for the purpose of such organization we hereby state aa follows to-wit: 1. The name of such corporation is Knights of Globe Home. 2. The object for which it is formed is for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a home for the orphans and old persons, a general hospital for the sick and a training and military school for both sexes. 3. The management of the aforesaid corporation shall be vested in a board of six directars, who are to be elected for terms of six years. 4.—The following persons are hereby selected as the directors to control and manage said corporation for the first year of its corporate existence, viz: William Krape, Emma G. Krape, Charles C. Snyder, Emma E. Schmidt, Charles G. Keck, Adam C. Schadel. 6. The location is in Freeport in the County of Stephenson, State of Illinois. Signed: WILLIAM W. KRAPE, EMMA G. KRAPE, CHARLES C. SNYDER, EMMA E. SCHMIDT, CHARLES G. KECK, ' ADAM C. SCHADEL. STATE OF ILLINOIS, Stepheuson County, cure eighty acres of land to begin with. Second, to erect one wing of modern orphans' home. Third, modern hospital for the sick, erected by wings, as needed. Fourth, a home for the old and infirm. Fifth, a first class military and training school both sexes. The home will always controlled by members of tho home who are in good standing in the order of the Knights of the Globe. The home will never be influenced by politics or sectarianism, but \yillbe conducted strictjy on the principles of true and unadulterated Americanism. The hospital and military and training school for the youths will be national in character. The query with many persons, and especially with the doubting and fearful ones, is "How is the home to be successfully established and supported?" First of all by the honest and unselfish, and the lover for the elevating and ameliorating of the human race. To become a member of the home requires a fee of $100. This fee used only as an endowment, and the interest of the same can only be used for the support of the home. This a fund that will never cease growing. There is no limit to its growth. The money for the land and the buildings for the home will be raised as needed from the sale of the souvenirs and the income of the souvenir clubs, which will be established fcr that purpose, and other sources. Also donations, mainly large donations from wealthy men, who will pay for buildings that will cost from $10,000 to $50,000, that shall be monuments them by naming said buildings after them, as Rockfeller hall. Each will be a hail, thereby giving wing an op- many to hand thei to posterity as philan- ss I, Oscar E. Heard, a notary public iu and for the county and stated afore said, do hereby certify that on this 19th day of February, A. D., 1900,personally appeared before me William W. Krape, Emma G. Krape, Charles C. Snyder, EmmaE. Schmidt, Charles G. Keck, Adam C. Schadel, to me personally known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing certificate, and severally acknowledged that they had executed the same for the purposes therein set forth. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. (Seal.) OSCAR E. HEARD, Notary Public. STATE OF ILLINOIS, DEPARTMENT OF STATE. JAMES A. ROSE, Secretary of State. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: WHEREAS: A certificate, duly signed and acknowledged, having been filed in the office of the Secretary of State, on the 22d day of February, A. D., 1900, foi the organization of the Knights of the Globe Home.underand in accordance with the provisions of "An act concerning corporations," approved April 18,1872, and in force July 1, 1872, and all acts amendatory thereof, Now THEREFORE, I, James A. Rose, Secretary of State of the State of Illinois, by virtue of the powers and duties vested in me by law, do hereby certify that the said Knights of the Globe Home is a legally organized corporation under the laws of this State. In testimony whereof, I hereto set my hand aud to be allixed the great seal of State. Done at the city of Springfield this 22d day of February, A. D. 1900, and of tho Independence of the United States the one hundred and 2-1 th. JAMES A. Rosa, (Seal) Secretary of State. To WHOM IT MAY CONCEUN—Dear friends of Freeport, Til.—Greeting: It with pleasure that we inform you that tho Knights of the Globe Home has been chartered on thin, the 22d day of February, 1900, Washington's birthday, and is located in the city of Freeport, 111. The object of the home is purely for tho benefit of unfortunate humanity, to good, elevate the human race, and better the condition of the human family. As children of one God, it in their duty to provide for tho unfortunate orphans, tho old and infirm, the sick and distressed, and, above all, to to the proper and correct educating and training of tho youth. It is the3 object of the home when, complete in all its departments, to do share, in a degree, in thin world, according to its capacity, (and that capacity will depend entirely on tho lib- ernlity of the friends of the homo) for benefit of its unfortunate and dependent ones, whom, according to the sayings of the Groat Teacher, we have always with us. The seed of the home has been sown rich soil. It is bound to grow and yield a good crop. The u mount of the will depend on the amount that is under cultivation. Tho first step for the home is to pro- portunity to names down thropists. We have given here a very small synopsis. To give a minute explana tiou how to make the home a success and enduring would require volumes, but this is enough for the thoughtful, honest philanthropist. Any person, whether a member of the K. G. or not, can add to this endowment for the home by becoming a member of the home. The membership fee of $100 cash is not desired at this time, and may not be needed by the management for many years; they would rather have the notes or due bills on forms furnished by them on application to the secretary of the home, Emma E. Schmidt, Freeport, 111. The following are the members of the home from the 5th up to the 22d of Febru ary, 1900i W. W. Krapej Freeport. Emma G. Krape, Freeport. Rev. Chas. C. Snyder, Riverside, 111. Emma E. Schmidt, Freeport. Chas. G. Keck, Freeport. Adam C. Schadel, Warren, 111. Bessie M. Krape, Madison, Wis. William G. Krape, Delafield, Wis. A. J. McNeil, Rock Falls, 111. Dr. E. P. Bartlett, Springfield, 111 W. I. Brady, Freeport. G. S. Mansfield, Woodstock, 111. S. M. Mulnix, Damascus, 111. C. R. Greene, DeKalb, 111. Dr. Geo. S. Krape, Freeport, 111. Dr. D. C. L. Mease, Freeport, 111. Geo. Schmelzle, Freeport, 111. Mrs. A. J. McNeil, Rock Falls, 111 N. B. To the people of Freeport, I will say that while the home by charter at the present time is located in Freeport, Stephenson county, Illinois, there is no certainty that it will be permanent until the home owns lands and buildings. It takes some little time to do this, but for Freeport's interest the surest and safest, and best plan is to have plenty of members from Freeport and vicinity. A hint to the wise is sufficient. Yours respectfully, WILLIAM W. KRAPE. Spain's Greatest Need. Mr. R. P. 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