Itha Morgan bridesmaid.

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Itha Morgan bridesmaid. - ':; u-No a :n m. eniiii.'- on ii. uiit- is , a...
':; u-No a :n m. eniiii.'- on ii. uiit- is , a the of i en-j the ! trans- rail-jtie of at he ; as;;1"" winsome ieatures. Mie wore a oni-i is Hum- for nil and the . . .-lrtlC .,. ,.,.,1 I c Wl-.r... f.. r, ., 1 t.- . 1 V'iV" , ' ii' i 'if1 J", nMrJ ihtml n-nii, f t n p hey ; , h, M j s Misses llutl. 1'rosser, ltha Morgan, Lillian Stevens. Nellie Edwards. Min- i "ie Vomers. Kate Hol.len. Cora Ilolden. Jes-, Anna Black. Cora Murphv. Kdith At-sie at kin. Susie Lyman. Eilie Carper E'.m Creek , Inez Colwell. . Mesis. Murphy. Campbell L. Hale. . . .1. Hale. Lowe. JJunu. Boss. Peterson, partici- w.ll9,li jjVman. Avers. Bon- : lian) seaman Cocke Mrs.; M" aml Mi;, n.lIt; came to this citv , .)ll0lU ,w yeaM ! 0W, the ii;ill(S(11P rpsi,ence in whi -h , . rpsi(le Their daughter Le.,a Earn-; js ., vivilcios x.vang ladv whose win- ' wiusi manners has won her many 1 friends. She is a faithful worker anil , luenil,er of Tl illitv M. E. church. pos-j Jolm E. Hume came to Kearney of ; from Milfonl. 111., about nineyears ago. pntoi-J He farmed in Buffalo county for a else. rii.rT,.v,;-,,u se li.llllll- that - i, "t: to tllO "and in HoMK ANh IlAlTIXKs. THL ISiTiALb Or BRIDE AND OROOM FOF.TE1.1. THEIR FUTLKE. . M .i t i i ot hi V . num.- To V: l.r::a i title 1 a-t Mht- 1 i:f ll. i ci , ( i.-:fr !T. -. nt- itii.I ;it n tl'Tt- t r'ltl VirtUN Cllelirl-. i . . 1.. :;:ru a ri'i .ieio- .-; i t: ' ii it.t:.t ;.i Ti:::t-fi.tiit . that's ti.e .:'.liil A'. Aw ,o;:-." w.vui tt'l :.t" ; .is !.o h.i let .ill! IM ! k. ! :!.- in uu-r, 1 1 . ii.'i. a.''- alter i'.i' !! C'.-eS of dotill.ti'ili. .Dii. di-seitioli : l : 1 fornrnse the dark : ex: -'..nice. i-i"ki'ii a- In- ii-.ii-hi-i Hi-1 '.!.::..: . v.-r l i'l'.ef I'tlelCI.Cf- t" iei-r.i-y. M'.hiri; ' .'tliel --i t- l! r':).j;'.f'. I L'.Tu.U Hi tfHrT:- W.-tr- a i-.eaii tcl tlial . ! y a i,,erry pcai il to .-ink gently "ii hi? iowihi r. ijliiling ;i i' ' 1 1 1 s i ti-'l'iral iKiwev. Tl ht-eiiui si.iui'l- came I run a tV !! la'lifS a 1 1 J L'f lltll'UH-ll Lu bad -.'."Hinlili'd at the home of Mr. an-1 Mi-- II. -V- H. i. e to witness the marriage ut th'-ir daughter Lena to Jul 'i E IIniiic. TI.e large fr.-nt i -l 1 1 wa i-eiij.ieil i v :,tdie and gentlemen taiiltle-sly at-j t.i.-d chatting on eheeriul uh;eet wh;:e ah;uu.-iv awaiting tlie appear- anceoi thebmie who wa, arranging herniiet in an u' er room with the dett a--tance "1 Mis-i-una .viorgan I and Ed. ih Aitkeii-. In a : . in. ad.'"iiiinu' the it-ceiitinii lot-lit. as a lout: tabic on which was arranged, in the customary maimer, a choice aortmeiit of salads. fruit.-N. l!.iwei atai three large wedding cakes. In ft comer of the supper room a table wa.-. cou-ied with beautiful and enstiy preent ti'-m friends and relative-", el w hich the billowing is a partial :: III l-HE-KNtv Mr uii-1 Mr... W. II. Mnkv. ol Mi'.lonl. Four li -: : v.-r-i-ht t.-.l knKe nud lrk. i njttv -"ii-I -Itv.-r ten Mt. ciirht pii-ci--. I h -a tUu.; ch.i-ol aii-l rtraicd -Mc'M-. H. l.iti-t'lin-s. J. Ii. !.., H. F.. I 1 1 1 1 ii . F. S. Mui plii . I'. J W ii.?:.. J. M. ll.iiiri.iiit. W.i ix kc. L.irf- - r;-t -Ilk ami i ltih ca-e cuiitu'tiitii; nxi'Ji'ft -iivf-r-tiitiuiittil ;!' nimiiciirc ion uiiict.-ct -"From M-'thcr uiul Ilnithcr Kil." " ' 'j. w. aim-ii-a. on i-cinlf of u.yai u V. Ut:. hnik'blMi! 1 tllia. pic-cliii-il t n -ueiiiive -iivi-i i-ui'p aii-l t-auc-prs. trolil-lir. -.1. ensrave.1 w-nh name oi Mire. ue a-n ci ?iiciir -'w'ii i'i uLiij -aii-iii. L'.-U ry nci-i.-r i imiiiut- lUs-itjii funiu-i of npiil i:ia-s m vii-i- form -.1 in soli-1 -ilvi-r Imlil-cr M ;?i E4itb AU:u. uii'i lilm Morifun. S. A. Fc and I. liicc-n and wllc-Haihl--line siitrerware. Hnuscliol.l article? (Tint. Ho-s. Tatiie linen Mr. Hnd Mr. T. S. Hume Har.donie g a-sware-Mr. m.d Mr-. K. H. Plcnv. l'ictun-iii-ci V. li. I.ymaii. Kiclily ihiii-o.l -'liver huiu-r r. 11. Illuck and fnmilv. Table liiu-n Mr. and Mrs. John Wilm. Several piece ol prcttv g!a6-wic Mr. mid Mr. W . ('. Uirdi. Iinporti-d twel M:i Nouie Kay. Two hand-ouu' ciiilx-.vd i-ilter -alt ccllur-.-in -i.k-'iiK-d ca-e-Mr. and Mr. J. It. x-anlsin, Mandum-:ivtr jew cl ca-e. silk-liiu-d and yeiiow pluii top-Mr. un-1 Mrs. .1. Anti-iue -liver va-i W. ". Humi-11, Noilli-p-terii pa-senifcr airent. I irnamental ehiimwarv Mi .1. M. Culn-ell. Very haiid-oiiie card receiver, me .nil nt eul-oped h'.a ' set in i-mliof-eil tliitrree -ilvi-i H oi k - Mi-- Ni l ie Kdwar !- and Aie.x rcicr-nn. thk ckkkmun v. At the marriage party entered the drawing-room preceded by the Rev. fc Anthelsnnud: on ieft, Wjth tiie bride, groom and i groomsman. E. S. Murphy, on her right, j The group formed a pretty and inter- ieting tableaux representing thedivine decree ot human existance. The brown eyes of the bride seemed imbued with a' happy anticipation of the solomn ceremony lorniing a harmo- shading of h'er fair complexion '''Vlun"ulcllc'lul tuIU'eu jicu ieu.i-eu- ii.iiiniira.iiiiiimru i wnue i.iee, nil aun.a-v iccilii3 aim oie i a corsage of Maru-halNey roses. Miss Itha Morgan looked charming ! as the bridesmaid. She wore a corded w hite mull dress, decollette. w ith pearl necklace and corsage bouquet of beautiful natural (lowers. A blue silk sash gave a fascinating outline to her attractiveness. 'Flip crronm mill Mr.vimiiiitii worn dressed in the usual conventional style and elicited favorable comment for j their comjiosiire and manly .appear- ance. ! Hev. J. D. Puiis pronounced the mar-! riage ceremony in a verv impressive ; manner, after which the bride kissed i 1,11 hu lnes(e,lt fv l,i'el, f ,llh" lumi lie n-;i 1 1 1 nrr f,-r Thou- turn ' 1 , , , , f V ' , . , , KisiiitKe nanus uii ooin untie ami i groom its thev offered their congnitula- i lions and best wishes tor a happv future. The following ladies honored the ceremony and gentlemen by their pres- 'ern e 1 111: . 1 f.-t Mr. ami Mrs. II. Gibbon. Mr. ami Mrs. Geo. D. Aspinwall, Mr. and Mis. I" tl l -.,;. f ,.1 f,... t.,1... tlIl . . i'. .i.iei., ii.i.iin ,i is. .101111 11. on. ,..! .1 -, mln,.,l 1. Il, time and then was employed in the B. M. hind otlice. MX years ago lie en - ,,...., ,,. ,.,i ,- fi - i :,, ii..,.i,i,. r tiL.(jiu.i.i..tuu..a.;.iiuai..auxiiu - frt. ,r ,t agent during which time he ; , rj satisfaction to the . . iin, uamiMi me (-steem i nis u-Uow i pin e U,1H ,,,,.,.,,, cmiwil. ,.', ,-f,r llie ,M,st ttar, iu,t 5ling. since ' which time he has constantly exerted . himself to get needed improvements lor ru,;lL ward and the citv generally ' 1'iisesseil ol 1 1 : i ! ii i.t 1 no iteiiess and : intellect, he has every attribute ol gentleman whose promise or boi-,1 is . ...... .. this! (it. : , I''"' ' sin.-en-t) trusts that every i buman desire in the category of happi- n.'ss and contentment mav strew tin future path of bride. .(..hit and his happy! II.i Itti ;-nrt tl..- l -ui'iiiitt!im w,-ie jivns-l'i : i Elee-j tin- 't"-iiay. j j ! be U ,,t be It t i.-, '4 j ! t - i '

Clipped from
  1. The Kearney Daily Hub,
  2. 21 Nov 1889, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • Itha Morgan bridesmaid.

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