Newest Opium War

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Newest Opium War - the fewest mazing leveiauons onne ypium The U....
the fewest mazing leveiauons onne ypium The U. S^ Agents Set Out to Ma^e a Drug Seizure ind Stumbled Upon Human Torture More Fantastic Than the Horrors ,o/ rican Market \fy ^ · 7-·:.'·»; ^ »S*i K ££3%J His N A R C O T I C s m u g - gling and addiction are r a p i d l y on the decrease throughout the world! ; In the United States- 1 where it was once estimated there were -1,000,000 and cocaine have practically, .vanished from the channels of . illicit trade, with only a limited amount pf opium and heroin available, and that of an extremely inferior grade and at a very high price I : .-·This is the first gratify- fo Ing news from the far- i flung front in the new in- ^ tcrnational war against ! ' habit forming drugs; the first guns of which were fired'when thirty-six great powers signed an Anti- Narcotic treaty. ., . . ";But it can only be called" ,,.. .,,,..,,_ ·.victory in the first great .'tfMiY^ offensive -- still there is ' (peat work to be done! ''Coincident with the announcement that the world's^ supply of drugs now comes .rrpm the Far itlast,- instead of the~ counlries in Southern Europe, American newspapers have,reported; many? color- - ful battles between federal authorities and dope peddlers of many cities. Only a few weeks ago. a well hidden farm, disguised as a trash-littered vacant lot, but in fact carefully cultivated for the raising of Cannabis Indica, a variety of hemp, was located in Brooklyn, N. Y. The weeds, it was estimated, when ripened would have made $100,000 worth of marijuana, a type of "smoking drug" popular among thousands of .addicts. Several arrests were made in connection with the discovery of this farm, and it was reported that the accused men were hirelings o£ the international drug smuggling ring, which controls the world's illegal supply of narcotics. Since then it has been officially announced that four gangster killings in widely separated American cities were Wm m® mi. feife In These Chains Seventeen IIu- xnan Slaves "Were Kept Bound for Day* in a Dank Cellar Near the New Jcraej- Coast. They Had Been SmnuKlcf! Into the United Stales With a Cargo of Opium. Fabnlous Wealth! There Is Actually $3,500,000 Worth of Narcotics in This" Picture! Federal Agents Recently Destroyed the Whole Lot Which Jiad Been Seized in Raids.' f ·· , · together in one corner of the dank, evil smelling chamber. . . '. Two youths among the seventeen, it developed, had learned to speak English, and from them the officers heard a weird story of slavery and cruelty which has no equal in modern times. .- ·- They, were the remnants, they said,. of a band of thirty-seven 'Chinese, some of them university graduates, who paid $1,000 each to the master of a tramp freighter in China, who agreed for that 'Four of the" human cargo became scriouiiy ill. To tare Iroulile, they were taken out on deck, one at a lime, where » grira-visagcd giant, who looked nncl acted like a pirate chieftain, tossed them to the sharks." bS^'rPr 71 . 0 V a Pri r n! A G ? ni . of Men BecoitTy Arrested by Narcotic Agents in ·**· ta«tm, D. C; . Urge Amount of Opium and Smokine Equipment TCas Found in Their P^nuwwsirvn. i outgrowths of dissension within the ring which, incidentally, is estimated to reap prof- · its of $300,000,000 annually in the U n i t e d States alone. But as sensational and significant as were these events, they paled i n t o insignificance in c o m p a r i s o n with the story of another drive against the dope ring which culminated recently in a most astonishing fashion. The federal narcotic bureau at Washington r e c e n t l y received a coded message from an u n d e r c o v e r man op- crating in T r i n i d a d , that a shipment of BOO pounds of raw opium might be landed somewhere in the vicinity of New: York City from * tramp freighter which had recently c l e a r e d that port. The federal, agents Immediately swung icto action, and from their pipes into the underworld, a s c e r t a i n e d where and when the expensive cargo might be smuggled ashore. They made their plans accordingly. On the date set twenty agents gathered at t h a headquarters in New York City, and d«- parted by motorcar for New Jersey, where they picked up several state troopers. Just before midnight the h e a v i l y a r m e d p a r t y stealthily surrounded a large home in an isolated estate not far from the Jersey coast, and the town of Keypprt. So complete was the information in the hands of the government officers that they knew they woulrf be greeted by several vicious police" dogs left to guard the house. The agents had come prepared. One member of the group slipped up to where the dogs were leashed and proffered them food. The animals were so hungry that they eagerly gobbled up the meat, and failed to give an alarm. Then the agents rushed the house, and with a few well-directed blows with an axe, smashed in the front,door. As the door fell, a giant colored West Indian rushed out of the interior blackness, urdimbcring two revolvers as he came. Before he could fire, an agent thrust a-submachine gun against his stomach and another knocked him unconscious with the butt of a pistol. The agents ransacked the upper floors of the house, but found nothing. But, as they stopped to confer, from deep down below came a murmur of voices. The federal men rushed downstairs and swung their axes against a cellar door-and found seventeen Chinese, huddled Somc of the Human Slaves, Rescued by the U. S. Government Agents, Only to He Dcportcil Again. They Told of Unbelievable Tortures While Ueing Smuggled From Their Native China. amouut to smuggle them into the United States. In the hold of a creaking, wallowing ., , ,, boat, plagued with rats and vermin, they the dope fiends are finding it simpler were transported to Trinidad, where now to turn to opium smoking instead they were "A Nightmare of HasaecshV4-Reprolne- lion of the ^Fantastic -Pointing" by. tho how long they were at sea. But one night tho boat slipped- anchor, and they wers · pushed over the side. into small boats, and landed near, tha Virginia- Capes. They were kept prisoners overnight in a deserted house, and then sewed into potato sacks and thrown into a 'truck. Loose potatoes were piled on top of them and they were transported in this fashion to the house near Keyport. ' - . · But now comes the most pathetic part of the atory-- gruesome cruelty which outdoes even the stories. of.the cruelties ·inflicted during the old African . slave trading days. All of the unfortunate men declared they had paid $1,000 apiece to be smuggled into the United States, but they found upon arrival that their captors demanded another ?i,000 before they would free them. Sixteen of tho group had been "bought out" by relatives 'or friends.. And -some of them were "bought oiit" by Chinese business men seeking native employees. . . . . · In the latter cases, the men. told the astounded, federal officers, i 'the- business men paid the youths twenty cents a day wages, and kept fifteen cents of it to apply on the $1,000 "purchase", price. At this rate it would take something like eighteen years for the youths to pay off their debts and be free to. find another job. · When ; discovered - in thbir dungeon, the Orientals had only a few burlap bags .to ward off the cold and dampness of -the bare concrete. A few dirty , bowls of rice were on the cellar floor. The re .was no light. The agents learned that -the giant West Indian, who was on guard at ths "slave house/, 1 was earning 'his .entry into the United States in this way. When the last of the ..Chinese hail been bought out, he~ would be free to go where he. wished. All 'of th'e Chinese and tha West Indian were taken to Ellis Island, wh'cra they were held for deportation..The narcotic agents were disappointed in not finding th'e cargo of opium they had set but after,-', but they were, not surprised that instcad:they had found a human cargo. Narcotic and alien smuggling go hand in hand, they said, and frequently the dope smugglers pay all their expenses by bringing in shipments of aliens with-their other contraband. It also has come to the noti«e of United States narcotic ''authorities that -many of the dope peddlers, and lesser agents were themselves smuggled into -America in much this same fashion.' Washington officials, will not freely discuss the organization of the dope ring but from individual agents it has been learned that it is conducted on a scale which outdoes many of the world's largest business enterprises. - : The leaders at.the-top'maintain palatial offices, with staffs of bookkeepers and stenographers. Couriers are sent by airplane to transact business and contact branch officials in many cities. \ Of course, the officials at the top are never -known to the lesser agents, and often the individual -. agents are not known to each other. A system of great secrecy prevails, from the highest to tha lowest office, and for that reason, tha agents.are finding it difficult to combat the evil, and run down the king-pins. However, much progress has been made and more is promised for the future! _As noted above, opium constitutes almost all of the narcotics which are brought into the eastern States at this time. But it can be used as a base for making heroin-- and besides, many of t r a n s f e r r e d to another freighter which, they said, also carried a huge shipment of opium. The second vessel was more decrepit and dirtier than the first. .Four of the human cargo became seriously ill from eating the tainted food offered them. To save trouble, they were taken out on deck, one at a time, where a grim-vis- aged giant, "who looked and acted like a pirate chieftain," tossed them to the sharks! Tho men said they were not certain ing of the "needle." The morphine which five years ago sold in New York City' for 512 an ounce, now costs $160 an ounce, and is practically unobtainable even at that figure. / But leaders of the fight against dopo see much encouragement for the future. The use of narcotics is on the. wane, and it will be more so as the Anti-Narcotic treaty tightens up on the source of supply. The day is coming, and soon the authorities insist, when drug addiction will be wiped out entirely.

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 09 Dec 1934, Sun,
  3. Page 28

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