Gilbert Knapp elected president of the Wisconsin Territorial convention

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Gilbert Knapp elected president of the Wisconsin Territorial convention - **?* which pKw of trifling »eri«a OT work*...
**?* which pKw of trifling »eri«a OT work* th»a fort honor of council* for hn Ohio, offic- En- repoae. at Quo- cine w*l called to , ,, ,, _ - . « , . . . . . ,, , Cumi, of Pwtage Co. appeit. ad Secretary, pro. *«». . On motion, it wae resolved that tho tho deWoU* from ttefcevenl counties rep. roaoniedmConvention; whereupon Tbqt. t. No^a,B. Cramer, G. Walker, R. Park* H. #. V W .V? ' u Reed arid Geo. Padguck, of JuilwuviKCB county; Gilbert Knupp, W. Towsley, M. C. Whiteman, Wm. H. Waterman, «nd E S. Sill, of Racine (iounty; C. M. Ro. cers, M. C. Darling, Satterlee Clark, £te roour Wilcox, Linus Thompson, and 1 Hinckley, of Brown county; Henry Fak*. A. A. Bird, W. W. Wyroan, Darwto Clark, and R. L. Ream, of Dane counter; Hcfrtxce Coleman, Henry F. Janes, Hamilton Stevens, of Dodge Cp. were rnilted authorized mejmbers of this Coo, vcntion commenijod a wur uj-on him arid fb*y are aetsrYniwd that it shaUbe one of extenaination; but we lietieve tHft tha ^oppleda not lxtk jtqe j«uodt«ied eye* of old nnd !0n$jM«nd- Jng jjrejudiM*^ they do not act of Walworth of Roek county ; until in aur. w«« (tlter war," En. ceded rivor, The was and tho limited t M i i , un- Op motion, Thoa. J. Noyes, M. C, Dor. ling, Wm. W. Wymun, W, H. Water. man, and H, Cotemao. were appointed a committee to nominate officers for the Convention. Whereupon GILBERT KNAPP, was appointed President. M. C. DAHLINO, Vice President. S. CLARK, and A. A. BIRD, Secretaires. Resolved, That a committee of threu ho appointed by the Chair lo draft resolutions to be adopted by this Convention. Tho». J. Noyes, C. Mt Rogers, and C. Cramer, wore Appointed accoidingly. Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to draft an address to be appiovtd liea- tfit ««or of those who are drft ng thfc crutftd* for selfish and vindictive purposes; they *tV willing to pry him before they demu j they are willing'to ffjv« him an port jnily to make exertions in behulf TeHtory, untrammelled with the difficul- fiea he had io contend with at the last session of Congress Let his friends, then, bo active ia his supf ort, casting aside sectional prejudices and meeting on the common ground of doing justice to an injured man, by him ogam to that seat which wa i so justl/ contested before, and by suci a that they will not dare to make a second attempt to oppose the interest* and wishes of tte people. If we do our dutj the suit » certain. Notwithstanding the opnositiot -^com posed of a motley collection of firm and uncompromising Admmistrnt on Ynett --have filched Iho name of Democrat avai able purposes, the garment fits ilt ihemj they are unused to it; and the! cantidate will find that ho will be eflfcum bered by its huge folds in his race lor cess. The hand Writing ia on the wall and may read his fate ns follows: " Tke Anti-Doty Democratic Cantidte of Hie 19th, has been weighed- the sco/e* of popular opinion, ant-' /own wanting sets meaning of a long of tm. to wit. in our The that a blood you tell a Creole, needs infoi- say that Jolmson to Koutuok- d a Yankee ft Creole Ireland ; oi Heaven, driv. e. A Cie- country born." being don Courts, ' vby, what's that ere .joes round on 'em I'mau bur. n by tins Convention Wm. W. Wymnn, W. H. Waterman, and B. Hinckley, were ajjpoiiited. Thu committees appointed to prepare resolutions and an address, retired ; and of. ter a short time, returned and presented the following, which were unanimously adopt. ed : Resolecd, That this Convention do nominate JAMES DHANE DOTY, of Brown county, ns a candidate for election to the office of Delegate to Congress, in August next. Resolved, Tlmt we deprecate tho bitit r courso of his enemies, in endeavoring un- ju-stly to deptive him of-his seat in Congress, ia \ iotation of the express wishes uf a large portion of the electors, thus deldj- ing tho bus'tiesa of the Territory and ciip- pinig hm efforts to procure appropriation*. Resolved, That we believe that those who are hostile lo him, are moved by feelings, of prejudice nnd a greedy dc^sro to obtain tho crumbs of office. Resolved, That we call on his friends in tho cast and west, north and south, to rally like a at th0 polls in August nevt, in sucli bers as to silence for ever the clamor and abuse of his enemies. Resolved, Thut the ridiculous assemblage of \YtVtfS Otld A(IminJ»truUo» rrrm, under tlie bnnner of Democracy, which convenes ut Madison on the IQ.h, for thu purpose of nominating an available candidate, is calculated to cxcito the disgust and contempt of every true party man. Resolved, That wo will use all fivir nnd honornblo means to secure tho election ol JAMES DUAMK DOTY us Delegate to Congress -- that wo will not give sleep to our py«s, nor slumber to our eyo-hda till we cor nay that we have met the enemy nnd thej are oura. ADDRESS. The election of a delegate to Congress, winch tnkos place in August next, m a -ub- whic h interests every resident of the On motion, Mtssrs. Rogers, Thompson, Column, Janes, Waterman, Darwin Clark,' Wyman, Hubbard, Masters, Stevens, S. Clare, were appointed to select a committee of vigilance for the several coun the following persons were appoint! d C'awford--Joseph Rolette, TIos. P. Streot, James H. Lock-wood, H. -.Q. man Jos. Bnsbois, and Mr. Ptae. Portage--Henry Merrill, Wm, Palmer, Silas Wulworth, Hiram McDonald, T. Larcnde, Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Niff, and Satttrlee Clark. Dtidge--J. P. Brower, Minus Collins, Nelson Tyler, Morns Farmin, WM. nw, John Richards, Lucius Cole, G, Barrows, and Hamilton Stevens. Dttne--Eben Peck, Henry Fuk, I. Palmer, J. T. Wilson, Geo. Vroinon, race Lawienee, John S. Kellogg, Darwin Clarl, and Ztmas II. Bird. Ricme--Jamea M. Spraguo, S. H. Graves, F. S. Lovell, C. R. Alton Mycis, Daniel Stevens, D. C. Burgess, Lewis lloyce, H. II. Hurlbuit, Jutms Wooi'er, and D. D. Wells. WttJicvrlh J. Meachnm, Nt tliariiel Roll, L. Rockwell, Muj. J. Meuchinu, GooJsoll, H. Phenix, W. Joluison, and ilmt s a rare the beau. teed, SM got ·. nut 1 liu'll trav- jn\er vunce * vat never and oouniry- so please off,-- vut keeps v a are you and he vat lire's ratu sorts Territory ; and lite selection of a person to till that important station is n responsible tiUHt. We believe that it requires more qualifications on the part of n delegate, to his duty to tho satisfaction ol his constituents tb«n of any other representa tive of the snme body. Wo have a large extent of Torritory, whose wants are greet, and which demand, from the generosity of Government, liberal and immediate aid ; all parts look for and expect a'pproprmlion?, and unless those expectations are satisfied, they (tra consequently disappointed. We need a man to fill the station of Delegate who in wdl and favorably known by Al,laaukee--Solomon Juoeau, U. Pur. ker, G. Dousmnn, H. Prutt, Gee. Paddock, J. T. Hniglit, O. Hnrnngtot, Walher, E. Chase, and H. Willis. Green--D. Sutherlnndi Geo. Kane, Boyleg, --i-- Boiven, J. Ly brand, Price. lot-a--James Morrison, J. F. O*N ill, J. B. Terry, Wm. Sublet, John Mnaser. smith W. S. Derring, and John B. GTint--J. H. Roujitrcc, Jonathan Dr. .A. Hill, Milton Bevans, Mr. I'ayne, t). HS'Cartney, James B. Es.tes John Plum, Jr., Milo H. Prentice, James T. J. Parish, and T, G. Hewlett. Briwn\--Wtn. Dickinson, C. Pu r, Gtddiiigs, C. Dickinson, Joseph P.imtett, Louis Gngnoti, J. Lavre, L. Rouae, S. Chase Benjamin Junes, Wm. Mitch'H, Childa, J. W. Conroe, nnd R. M. jRoik--T. Holmes, Geo. WiJii^ on, Hacks tt, C. Stevens, L. B. Alyati, Goodnuk, and Joseph Bullard. Jejffrson--Cnpt. Masters, C. Goorihugh, Wm. ^cker.B. Finch, Thoa. Bmytoi, 'Rested, That II. N. Wells of wauke \Thos. P. Burnett, of Gran!, Johrt Iiawo of Green Bay, bo nppoit committee for the purpose ofcalling converton^, That this Convention oo remembers of Congress; whose age and le-, # e * tf °TM * '» t « l « Jr onve " 11 ^ co "' ,,,.!,,,,,,. ,.,^.;«.^ -,,i _ * T _ ,, " _.. commend to alt future Territorial gialouvo experience will command respect; who is energetic m his character, and in- dustnous in his habits; who is acquainted with the geography of the Territory--its resources and its most urgent wants, and a new j who is disposed to do impartial justice to ~ ail parts. We b*l«svo thete qualifications are mor at Cm- as be. ith as ma- in ilia sido ol n through teems (Urnitura, in A row very ii strumetrt ic« if the last for waya ha by of any of T tequired k;»«, nor vaa die re. nan a Gram- wrong too danatod eminently united io JAMBS DCUNS Dorr than in any other person whom we couk preatmt. Hm reputation a.t Washington, as a mnn of talont and character ia highly reputable to himself, and a matter of pride on tlie part of the eitweoa of the Territory whom ne represents, Hu is not a novice in legislation; he hns filled important legislative offices before, and consequently well prepared to act in th« capacity of a Delegate. Hw long residence in tin Territory ia an unportwiit item in the list of hit qqnlifi cation*: he is identified with it*; aw home and (us rcsj. dence are hen, . He has aa yet been tried but MM abort aeasbn of Cwigresa, dwiag which tirna fe had to contend with th* biaar-inalignitT of ha anamiea, who «nd««rom) to ' Urn of his seat, and Am fewan the wkhea of « Urge portMM of the eboton of the Tamiory. Vmble to ac«enp!ish tfcb pur. poae, thoj directed all ,*« influence, to piwent tojr appropmtiow which he aacvra *~ 1J * ·' lions that each county be repieaented tho same number of delegates ns they stnta in both house* of the Legislaturu^he unrepresented counties entitled to at one. nation. On motion of M, C. Darling, of Rescked, As tho sentiments of lh$ Convention, that any attempt to effict party o ^garBtzntion in the election of gele for this Territory, at this time, caiculnted to injure the true interests Territoiy, and greatly lessen the influjnce of buch delegate in the Councils of That the proceedings of Convention bo published in all the pa ai this 1 erritory, GILBERT KNAPP, Pro'l. CLA$K, Secretary, DEMOCRATIC TERRITORIAL C(N- VBNTIOH. Convened ot Madison on (he igth taroeablf to atfjoumtteot oftlw Territiri- jil ConYentKin, held at Madison oo Shaldoq, t* order, of Juna mtant. On motion of John The OMVfmtna the btfo»1if Wte«*a, » eonwmioa did u-ewhle SfaAet* on tt* 5d of log tat atf prK*ed to b* i cmanea and 14, On

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  1. Wisconsin Enquirer,
  2. 22 Jun 1839, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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  • Gilbert Knapp elected president of the Wisconsin Territorial convention

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