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FDR 2 - Edition j qiHE WEATHER FORECAST FOR ! ·*·...
Edition j qiHE WEATHER FORECAST FOR ! ·*· MARYLAND: j Rain tonight and Thursday probably probably changing to snow In extreme west , portion. Thursday. Colder Thursday ~! night. VOL. LVL-- NO. 22, Me * n » Associated Fall XEA Scrrk*. FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 9, 1932. if * }T.UI-..«. TWELVE PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS ROOSEVELT'S VICTORY MORE SMASHING WITH RETURNS SHOWING G. O. P. Striking New Photos Of President-Elect Roosevelt Democratic Victories A l s o ; ; Scored In AH Congressional Elections There. ; SOOTH CAROLINA AND , GEORGIA LEAD THE WAY Mrs. Caraway Chosen In Ar-1 * kansas--Virginia Victory Complete. Democratic Tide Mounts; Only 6 States For Hoover Republicans Lose Control Also Of State Governments. _ KOV, 9 (AP).--Governor j D. Roosevelt swept the south! In the presidential election yesterday. bringLos into the Democratic column by tremendous majorities the stales of thy section which -Kent, for President, Ebover four years ago. South. Carolina and Georgia, two of the six southern states which, stood be- j hind Alfred H. Smith, in 1928, showed; Brief Reports Of Election Results In Various States The PalaieMo state snowed under the Republicans who had made their first bid of any moment in 40 years, and. Georgia broke an all-time record in the siate with its smashing presidential presidential victory for the man who made "Warm. Springs famous by establishing his vacation home there. Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee Florida also in. the Republican i Frederick County Supports Sue- i ; WISCONSIN DEMOCRATIC BY 300,000 MAJORITY cessful Candidates. LEWIS LEADS THE TICKET column in I92S, returned to the Democratic Democratic fold with overwhelming votes. . Virginia swept its lone Republican Congressman out of office, and elected aa. entire ticket of nine Democratic candidates running at large cue to a court decision invalidating the state's redistricting S.CD, Norih. Carolina not only gave a record record majority for Roosevelt but elected "Robert R. Reynolds to the Senate and elected a complete Democratic Oon- gressconal ticSet. Tennessee gave a smashing plurality for Governor Roosevelt. Governor Roosevelt had a 3 to 1 lead over President Hoover in Florida. Florida returned Senator Duncan TJ. Fetcher without opposition, and a complete Democratic slate for Congress. Congress. Senator Walter F. George, Democrat, was re-elected, and Governor Richard B. Russell, Jr., Democrat was elevated to the Senate to fin oat the unexpired term, of the late Senator Wulism J. Harris, of Georgia. The Republican congressional ticket was stamped in Mississippi. The Democratic Democratic ticlcet --as given a commanding majority ia Alabama and Senator Hogo Black. Democrat, easily overcame overcame his Republican opponent. There was no Republican opposition to tte Democratic senatorial and congressional congressional tickers in Louisiana which rolled up a huge majority for Roosevelt. Roosevelt. "As Frederick county goes, so goes the nation." Demonstrating once more in a pres- election, a. rule which has, with one exception, applied every four years since Lincoln's first term, Frederick couapy rolled tip a large majority for the successful presidential candidates. Roosevelt and Gamer, in .yesterday's election. With 50 out of, 57 precincts heard from, the plurality of the Democratic Democratic nominees is more than 3,000. The re ag nrecincts will not alter the remaining districts four progressive! Republicans and one Conservative Republican Republican were in the lead. the standing materially one way or the other, and i; is fell that the official results results wui shew the Democratic sweep for the presidential honors in Frederick county is the most decisive for Democracy Democracy in Frederick county's history. The vote on she other two contests, for United States Senator and Congressman Congressman from the Sixth District, showed DEMOCRATS SWEEP O H I O Milwaukee. Nov. 9 (AP).--An unprecedented unprecedented Democratic landslide his Wisconsin Wisconsin yesterday, swept the state for Roosevelt by a majority that looks like 300,000 or better and assured the election election of a Democratic governor and senator senator for the first time in many years. Tha LaFollette progressive Republican vote, defeated m she September primary, primary, contributed substantially to the Democratic success. Walter J. Xohler and John B. Chappie, Chappie, conservative Republican candidates respectively for governor and United States senator, appeared to have been defeated. In Sve of the tea Wisconsin congressional congressional districtsitsppearedfour Democrats and possibly five would be elected. In FIVE SHOT TO DEATH IN KENTUCKY FIGHTS UN STATES STATE DEld.TIC Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, i Roosevelt And Tydings Sweep Louisville. Ky., Nov. 9 (AP) --Five men shot ta election fijhts lay dead today as Kentucky started counting its ballots. At Pikevilte Homer Fields died today of bullet wountis received in an. election election dispute yesterday. Roosevelt Elswick Elswick was held as his slayer. In Floyd county Wilbum Shepherd was slain and Alexander ace Beaton Whitacre and Tony Harris -acre wounded wounded in a pistol fight which witnesses J said followed an election: argument. At the HlverSeld Holiness church in Laurel county Wilbur Dees was shot and killed la another ejection quarrel. Charles Redmon. was fatally wounded; at-Tyrone in Lawrence county. Paul Miller, one of four men wounded wounded in a general gup-fight at Four Mines In Bell county, died today. i WEST VIRGINIA DEMOCRATIC; With 2,072 of the state 2,839 pre- j cincts reported the presidential vote stood Hoover, 248,259; Roosevelt, 494,599. 494,599. [ROOSEVELT TOTAL MOUNTS similar results. Congressman Lewisj leads the ticket with a plurality over his Republican opponent, Harold C. Smith, several hundred larger than Roosevelt piled a?. This is the most flattering vote ever received by the veteran veteran Democratic Congressman from this District. Because of his opposition to the immediate payment of the bonus and the face that his opponent was BY DECISIVE MAJORITIES an ex-service man, there were some who j -^.--^ felt that the so-called j=n,vi«- vrvt.» -sTmid " be against Lewis and make a definite showing. However, with the returns received so far, Lewis has a lead over Smith of 3.385 in Frederics county, which of itself should preclude the possibility Columbus, O., Nov. 9 CAP).--One of the principal battlegrounds of the presidential presidential campaign, Ohio today apparently apparently had delivered a decisive victory to nearly every candidate on the Democratic Democratic ticket. It ~as only the third time Ohio has Republican fold in a. , . _-. election n 76 years. Returns from approximately 65 per ! Governor Roosevelt a lead of 70,000 votes over President Hoover and the Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 9 (AP).-Governor (AP).-Governor Roosevelt's lead over President President Hoover continued t-o mount steadily steadily in normally Republican West Virginia Virginia today. Returns from 911 of the state's 2.340 precincts gave him. a majority of 21,- S28. The vote was Roosevelt, 155.783; Hoover. 134.955. Meanwhile H. G. Kuinp. Democratic nominee for Governor, rolled up a majority majority of 18,579 over his Republican opponent, opponent, T. C. Townsend. in 909 precincts. precincts. The vote for governor: Kurnp, 160.153; Townsend, 141.574. Congressional contests were undecided in the state's six districts with four Democrats and two Republicans having having leads. ! ROBINSON READY TO New Mexico For Roosevelt. FIRST TIME SINCE 1916 Maryland. AMENDMENT IS ADOPTED Denver, Col. Nov. D »AP.--The I Baltimore. Nov. 9 'A?(.--Later re- Rocky Mountain region added.its voice | turns from yesterday's election vote in to the call extended by the nation yesterday yesterday to Franklin D. Roosevelt Each of the four states--Colotado. Maryland today only served to emphasize emphasize the sweeping victory of the Democratic Democratic slate. MOSES, BINGHAM DEFEATED BY TUP ASSOCIATED PEESS Marching resolutely in the parade which takes Roosevelt to the White House and Garner to the vice-presidency, the Democrats continued to mow down their opponents in numbers which became startling as the count of Tuesday's election neared its finish. With the Democratic triumph for congressional control went mounting gains for anti-prohibitionists, while referenda on liquor regulations in 11 states showed the wet side ahead. Out of Congress, cut of governors' chairs and minor offices, Republicans tumbled from coast to coast. President Hoover, apparently more decisively defeated than was Alfred E. Smith in 1928, clung to a bare six indicating the possibility of an all-time record electoral vote 472 for Roosevelt. The latter's popular vote in 72.000 of the country's election districts was 14.600,000 out of 25,000.000. Of the 36 governorships at stake, Republicans had definitely and appeared likely to win no more th?n another four. Of states not electing governors this year, only four Republican chief executives. The Republican casualty list in Congress was terrific. Smoot, Watson. Moses, Bingham, Jones--names to conjure in the Senate--all were defeated. These men were the heart of the party's "old guard.'' The House toll was but a repetition. Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming--i The siate by a big majority gave its which have been In the Republican; eight electoral votes to Roosevelt;, the column in presidential elections since 1920. gave pluralities to tne Democratic candidates Democratic candidates for governor first time since 1916 the state his voted for a Democratic president. Little Comfort For Hoover. New York, Nov. 9 (AP).--Only In i the east could Herbert Hoover find The voters gave Senator MUlard S. j balm today lor the brusinj blow deals Tycings an even bigger majority over re leading in each of the states and his Republican opponent. Wallace Wil- the state tickets were largely Demo- j liarns. and elected sis Democratic cratic. i Congressmen. Alva B. Adorns, Democrat, former j Returns from 54ci polling places out of United States Senator, was leading for 1.371 gave: the six year term for the United; Roosevelt, 311.704: Hoover. 183.313. States Senate frons Colorado over his ! While the .otal vote cast for United Republican opponent. Roosevelt Answers Hoover Telegram | States Senator was not as large as for president. Tydings' plurality was greater greater than that gained by Roosevelt. Returns from the same precincts gave Tydings. 287.505: WiUSsms. 135,- 73S. Nets- York. Nor. 9 (AP).--President- : carried. The constitutional amendment prohibiting prohibiting the legislature from extending I the term of judjes beyond 70 years was elect Franklin D. Roosevelt today sent j xhe conjress.orial races found the the following tclepram to President ' Democrats v.ithsale majorities in every Herbert Hoover at Pa!o Alto. Cal.: "I appreciate your generous telegram ! v.-;il be: instance. The new list of congressmen for the immediate as well as the more ' distant future. I join in your gracious j expression of a common purpose in F^rst distric:. T. Alan Goldiboroash. Second district. William P. Cole. Third district, Vincent Paimisano. Jiclpfnl effort for onr common country.'" ; Fourth cijlrlet. Ambrose J. Kcn- * ! neay for both the short ar.d full terms. I F.f-h d-5trlct. Stephen W. Cambria. FIRST KENTUCKY RETURNS | sLxth d^ct. Dav.d j Lewis. his re-eiection hopes. The nation did not go "as Maine goes" for Maine reversed its cariy autumnal autumnal swing to democracy aad went Republican. Vermont, too. v. as a meager meager contributor to the G. O. P. total with its three electoral votes. Of the twelve eastern states these two. plus Pennsylvania with its healthy bloc of 36 electoral votes. New Hampshire. Delaware and Connecticut Connecticut appeared on the basis of early morning returns to be the only brljht spots in a Republican rout. In New Hampshire, Senator George K. M;S£S. Republican, went down in defeat before Fred H. Brown, his Democratic Democratic opponent. Massachusetts and Rhode Island, for Alfred K. Smith in 1928 but counted on heavily this year by the Republicans, Republicans, swung to Franklin Rooirv-elt with plenty to spane. For New York and New Jersey it was the first Democratic victory In a national election since the 1912 campaign campaign of WoDdrow Wilson. The New York city plurality for Roosevelt mounted mounted above 860.000 but was trimmed Republicans elected. 4; holdovers 30, total 34. Farmer-Labors elected, none; holdovers holdovers I; total 1. StUl doubtful 6. Necessary for a majority 49. Associated Press returns from Congressional Congressional districts at 8.03 a. m., e. c. t. on contests for the 435 seats in, new House of Representatives showed: Democrats elected, 204; present congress, congress, 218; Republicans elected, 59, present present Congress, 209. Farmer-Labors elected, none; present Congress. 1. Still doubtful 172. Necessary for a majority 2IS. Has 472 Electoral Votes.. Incomoiete returns compiled by the Associated Press at 8 a. in., e. s. t, still inconclusive as to many show totals which if borne oat by later later figures would give the following electoral vote. Hoo-.er. 59: Roassvelt. 472; necessary necessary to elect. 266. Democratic House Lead Grows. Associated Press returns from Con- gressionai districts at II a. m., e. s. t., on contests for the 435 seats in the

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