Obituary James Seligman 93 years old 8/20/16

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Obituary James Seligman 93 years old 8/20/16 - ...-w Ma-life Pri-vmt of l3 in of I a of...
...-w Ma-life Pri-vmt of l3 in of I a of train-ins; by Is Spru- of four-footed in In JAMES. SELIGMAN, AGED BANKER, DIES Pastes Away at the Summer : Home In Long Branch in His 93d Year. BEGAN CAREER AS WEAVER Came to America In 1839 and Was Successful at Ones'Oldest Member of Stock Exchange; Specie to Tht Arte Tor Timet. LONG BRANCH. N. J... Aug. 20. James Selhrman, senior member of the firm of J. A W. Sellgman dt Co. of New Tork and the oldest member of the New Tork Stock Exchange, which he joined In 1860, after belnr a member of the old Gold Board, died today at his Summer home on Cedar Avenue, this place, in hla ninety-third year. He had been 111 for the last ten daya. and last night the physicians gave up hope of his recovery... His death was due to the infirmities of age, . - With him at 8 o'clock this morning, when ha died, wera his six children and tha family physician. Dr. Edward Stern-berger. His wife, who waa Miss Content of New Tork before her marriage, died In their apartments In the Hotel Savoy In Manhattan on Dec 17, 1907. Starting life aa a weaver, later becoming a carpenter and Jewelry peddler, and finally dying at the head of J. dc W. Sellgman A Co.. leading International banker and many lime fiscal agents for the United State Government. Jamea Sellgman stood distinct even tn this country, where great men rise from nothing to almost un equaled power and dominion. .Hla life cannot be better told than In his own words, spoken, on the eve of his eighty-ninth birthday, on April 13. Iftlli. At the requeat of a reporter for Tm Times he told In his quiet, simple way the hlgb'y human' story of hla career and those of his brothers and sisters, so Inextricably linked with his; for the elirht brother were at the same time in charge of the various banking bouses of hi firm in New York. London. Paris. Frankfort, and San Francisco. "1 waa ..born in 1S24 in Baleradorf. Germany. b said. David SeUgman waa my father, and my mother's name before marriage was Fannie Steinhart. Sly mother waa a hard-working woman, bhe conducted a store independently of ray father, who was a woolen merchant, and looked after the home and all tha children aa well. I waa th third oldest son, and the fourth oldest In a family of eleven. . " My parents sent ma to the village 2eh.?L,,e,7. fO00! day. except the Sabbath, until I waa 11 years old They then decided I waa old enoug-h to learn a trade, and they sent me to Flo as, lou miles from home, to live with my mothers sister. and learn the weaver's iraue iroro. my uncle and aunt, and three years later I returned to Balers-dorf. I can remember when I waa 9 ysrs old two .wagonlosds of people left Baieradorf to take ehlp for America, and my eldest brother. Joseph, who waa Irt then, went with them, taking with him SlOrt my parents gave nlm. He went to Pennsylvania, where he obtained a position as rsshier In a coal mine at a aalary of $ a year, whl'h seemed very large to the poor people In Baieradorf. ... Came te Aaaerlea a ins. v "In the Spring-5 of 1830 two wagon-loads of peasants again, left our little village, my brother , WlJllam ' and my-self among thain. . I waa then IS years old. We each had 940 from our mother sewed in a little bag around our waiata. The trip to Bremen took two weeks, and immediately on reaching that port we embarked on a sailing vessel. The ship carried 4ti passengers, each paying 4U. in the steerage w were allowed one meal a-day, and the others we were obliged to provide . for our-selyea. . It took us sixty days to cross, and today I marvel at the record of the Lusilanla. Before we arrived small pox broke out. and twenty.flve steeraa-e passenger, myself among them, caught in j uucu. ni 11s a to sleep seven In a bunk, ao it Is no wonder the Infection spread rapidly. On July 4. 1K. when we landed. I was detained at the Island. While William went tn The physician in attendance gave me a uuse 01 011 ao rancia mat 1 have tasted It ever since. The next day. however, found mo much better, and I was permitted to go. , M I went to Maurh OinnV r.nn where my brother Joseph secured me a position aa apprentice to a carpenter in Dcioimem, renn, 1 waa to remain a year with him for my board until I had learned tha trade. My . first job was shingling a shed in a cemetery. After six months my employer failed ana 1 went to work ror another carpenter on tha aame terms. . Four months later when he failed 1 decided to quit the business and went back to Mauch Chunk. " My brother. Joseph then went to Betalehem and expended fwno for Jewelry, rings, bracelets and watches some gold-plated, others German silver. with these roods aa a loan and the S40 ariven me by my mother, which I had carefully saved. I . went to work- peddling and on th first day sold more than 91O0 worth of the goods. I kept at tha occupation and went through Pennsylvania for a year with good success. The following year I went South and made $1,000. which was more than either of my two brothers bad earned. Oweas Starea ta Alahasaa. ' "About this time m brothers Joseph and William decided to peddle also. I cam North to meet them and tn.lMO Influenced them to go South with me. Before we left for the ' South we met my brother Jesse tn New Tork and took him with us to Montgomery. Ala. At th end of the first year, when we all met by agreement In Montgomery. I found that I had sold twloe aa much as William and that he had sold twice as much as Joseph and Jesse combined. We decided to continue as merchants, no matter how humble, and after a, few years we opened a dry goods store In Greensboro. Ala., with Joseph as manager. The rest of us kept on as peddlers and later a eecond store was opened In Utah. Ala of which Jesse and William took charge, while I continued aa aa itinerant knight ef commerce. " We later sold our Southern store and cam North. William opened a dry-good store In 8L Lout and Jesse took .charge of one in Water! own. N. T. - In 1841 my mother died and w brought over the rest of the family, excepting my father. The next year my father waa sent for and cam to this city, where we established a family home, with my eldest sister Babetta aa housekeeper. In 1846 Babette married. The family capital then amounted to $8,000, of which we gave her one-half. My sister Rosalie married the year following and we gave her 12.000. " In 1846 Joaeph and I planned to een an Importing house In New York under th nam of J. A W. Sellgman A Co., at the corner of Beekman Street. -We did tairly wall until the gold fever struck the country and .William.- Jesse. Henry, and Leopold caught the fever and went to San Francisco, where they opened a store tn 1851. At that Urn Isaac, my youngest brother, now head of th Selig-man banking: house In London, waa still In school. . . : Get Gerverasaeat Cea tracts. ' " After eight years Jess and William returned to New Tork and opened a dry-goods store In this city. Through William our stores received contracta from the Government to supply soldiers' uniforms and these contracts amounted to several millions of dollars. After th civil war we decided to go Into th banking business and a year later Jeeae went to Frankfort to open a bank. We sold United States Government bonds for this country, which were the first to got to Kurope. Later Abraham opened a banking business in this city and Isaac and Ieonold established a branch in London. William soon afterward went to Parts and established a Sellgman bank ther. M It la only a few years ago that tk THE NEW YORK TIMES. banking house of J. A W. Sellgman A t o. erected a new bulldlna- at I William Street. In th board room of which ar hunsr Itfe-atu n-r... it - t k. .i-w. Igman brothers. I waat to say that we ' never (orgotien our old home, and there Is Int., m IimJ u s established by my brother Henry, known as the Sellgman School, which la endowed and which provide for all tlm tree euucauon to au cuiaren regardless l creea. T ma A A , V. -, T ---1 ..I L. - " w . v a itti "i j e. u in th possession f my children, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchll- nren Pnr lh.m r anU. Il.ln. A T thank Ood that w ar all together." For fifteen year Mr. Sellgman waa a member of th Governing" Commute of me new ion block Kirhini nr hlch he became a mem her m K.v a member of the Exchange Committees on Securities. Finance, and Admissions. He was on of th founders of Tempi , . f.llH, mA i-vnj" third Street. . rA .-,, i-a, v - - - - President of the congregation. vn mm occasion 01 nia nmeuexn oirtn-day hi daughter. Mrs. Benjamin Gue enhelm, with whom he lived at 71 Ifth AmriM. -Km - -. ki. was attended by more than luo near relations, including hla children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, eon and aughter-ln-law, . nephews and niece. IT. Kel I a-m. n InMamt I. I P'clre and was shown, playing gams "w rnw cniiaren ana wun nis m.u. iwniw weeoi . utner KUestS . ' the nartv ... . V. . r , of Tempi Emann-El and a host of in en as and business aasoclataa. In addition to numerous more distant relatives. Mr. Sellgman leave, three son Sellgman. and three daughters. Mrs. v, jTrh tn'n- Albert .Oroa. and wnmin uuggenneim. Sir. lUllmn..1. . ... . . .-Jm?u tmanu-Ei at 10 o'clock on nuweaay morning. LENOX HAS HOTTEST DAY Week-end Arrlvala Fill Hotels Children'! Fetes Abandoned. SpftUtf to Tht Sfw Tor XWs. LENOX. Mass.. inr 9n arrlvala at hotel ar th largest known in mid-August and last nlcht aver hotel In th larger resorts war unable to accommodate arrlvala. Many private bouses were opened to assist tha tun.!. and hundreds of tourists war sent te outer places. This was th hottest nav or tha a..... in th Berkshire. The thermometer registered between M and CO degree at ( o'clock this afternoon. At Lake Mah-keenac Boating Club ther waa a large company for swimming. At th request of th Board of Health of Stock bridge th Shakespearean Masque which, waa ta tie by the children of th colony at Laurel Hill has been given up. The annual fancy dress par ad throuah Ice Glen, with 1U accompanying f estlvltl,- has - tyif'nwn. i nere nav tw . JnfsntHo paralysis within tha town ml . k. . - tn most Important Autumn events I a -J.h?. RST'. Wl,l,sjn Sherrni. curat In ........ ..,-. v nurcn, (VWOT, eml- ducted aervtcea In Trinity Church this tlW oT th-i. nV. e0n" which begin Tuesday. korr H. Hover. LCL .or tjonnectlcut, Walter Tu,ck7"" o'sshlnyton. J. k. Bow- i". "wMi, m . f. Beeley ef sPttd D. Bowers. ier prominent golfera will star M lsa I i vl " l " v savsatii ii at trra. Wrifl vjr Sawal KrJ: 0,fcBr1- an3 Mnv Thv1r Dchwan. have gone to MiUbrook. N. T. r.DT;.KA.-'t'.n Rlm haa-gon to ItTll kf 'r"'n,n po for to weeks. Brtd,, return to Block- , ?Tr.d Oersdorff. son ef Mr. and .M." jrr,i A' t. flying arty S?d.K W2.ounf,u 771 '" th bestcatch of th year in thee waters. arVfTM' .AuBtln Letcher. Mr. t"el Mrr2' .V1?""" New Vork BroaUdf-rnilnneldrJ: "hav. taieVldwrV.W Murr!y Crae enter-of bJJ; Prn and A. II. Weston Ch. f fee. and Mr", .nd MrVOeorgJ W rarpenter of Predeitc. R. L. 'regiil tered at Curtis Hotel. rrsts- dic,up.rx,elou?ei.Rr Bl- arnvjviil f. fjw at IJ tDUfl ft , ' f- ana Mr. Mr. and Mr. James V rniimi. vr-YorkieNath!inI-"",Nw Bve Mr r.rMr0r',, Grier of vt.t- v. K- r- B- Naming of walL ' J-' ar l Hotel SOCIETY AT SUPPER DANCE. Many Enjoyed Saturday's Event at White Sulphur Springs. . s re -Vrw rr Tlm. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. va.. Aug. . The Greenbrier k.m. room was th scene last evening of the -who supper aanco of th scsaon. Mrs. 'William Q. Bumsted entertained Mr. and Mra. George T. Smith. Mr. and Mrs W. Dixon Elllls. Mr. and Mrs. WllUam Beldlnr. and Colonel and Mrs. Wmiam W-heatley. 'With Mr. Sidney Foulke of Philadelphia wer Mis Vera Penlck. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Botts. Mr. and Mra. W. J. Sturgi. Miss Louis Wlaa. Baron CaateUl. C. P. Wiley, Dr. S MeF'C-i0 VJdMr- raulkea. mother tk. i."r. '"cr1 e UUimr. The Mlasea Bertha and France Clark Jf Phi . M- Charles Dixon n.7k tLuW lUa,Phi,rntr1e.lBd Miss Nauil wTl iJiil' w 9w'5lrn Rutherford. Mra. Frederick Campbell. Dr. and Mr! ChildjjKlmor HochkiM. e ward Harria. Frederick SevgermaiC and Julian Usborne- With Mr. and trm Scott Parish of Richmond ' 2 weT Mr. and Mrs. Charlea C. LlstVr UrZ Frederick PImum. . r- CabelL With Mr. and Mra. Thomas ft. Harrison of New Tork wer Mr aavt Mrs. O.rrett B Wall. Mr? 7nd Un."?. J7d'Jn,Mr" Ble FJklna. Mrs. Frank Shephard H oyster of Nor- tSil nV;l"r?,.-JLMr. Harr Mrs. Richard Dickson Cek. Mr. and "wter. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas BT Scott, hd Mr. and Mr. Edmond Henderson? Cheater Slocum'a gueata wer Mr. and Mra. J. MnwrmrA cn... , "!' . - . i nr. IIH Mr. Joseph Ryan. Mr. and Mrs. Philip o. " mirm. mvppe man, and Mr. Wooley. With MurMarV Maiweli f w Tork were. th Mlase Cathertne and KtheJ r. Kll Uea ri r . . - . a.E. MagllU and v7c7MeAdoo. aim, rauune iionalda. who Is th gust of Lady 'Williams Taylor of Montreal. (7anads will -4-e m. . -- " VVTnj.ll OH Tuesday evening for th benefit of th ouims r-uwi caitaren unitati fund. m , ... . , t . k. M. Ml I R. Jeann Graydon of Cincinnati and t v.. jonn n. noiuaay or ot. Lioul 1 regiatered in - th Greenbrier. Msntlon of Copyright Omitted. The DbotorraDh nf Mlaa Lonta Flelachmann. which was rerproduoad la TH! NSW Toax TOW veaterdav mora. 1 n g. was coprrt irh ted by Mr. and Mra. orauea oi mw r nut Avenue. Ocean Traveler. Among th passengers arrt1ng y-J xeruay rrom uvrpool on th American liner St. Paul were: Professor Wenl.arfn Bartln. Mr and Mr. Stanl.T P. Bwrsar. Miss Btf Caitsca. A. C. rsllicutt. It. A. L Chambers. Arthur CHrmnmy Rebtrrt Deuctaa. Mr. atv Mrs. 0t a PitaaarsM. Chsrttts O.t-ry, J .ha om, Hariri W. Msrrtson. Harmond Hllrhcork. Mr. snd Mra M. A Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. K. B. JahasfM. J. B. K.itramp. Mr aM Mra. tUaBlcy Latbbury. A. A. Lawn. R. W. Lehns. Laaraace Lyon. W. sj. Maachaa. a. H. -Northrress. W. Porrttt. H. M. Hanala. Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. fjwrer. Haary Taa-d Mr. C. tC Twksr. W. H. wutey. Jeaa Wiliisissa. aa4 Jje. Sk Waa- I

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