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licanfsm and good jlocal gov ernment was won yesterday in San Francisco The1 two Congressional candidates wh6se dls - trlctsare wholly or partially situated Iri thi cityatid county were elected by rousing majorltlesV The four Sur perlor Judges whOOT thev better elements of the community deslredvio fietitenVfthe hejcji were alio rer elected Julius Kahn the ItepDlicari tionll heeVfot - Cdagres - rpm th6urtliVdIu trlctg won handily over his pkpm cratlc topponehtr ilvernash fey L ih - jorltyestlm4UaXat midnight - at more than 606ov This Victory was ail the moire marked lnylewof the feondltlons two yearn ago when tlie Democratic and Union Iabor candidate overcame Kahn by thelnarrqw vote of 184 This year public sentiment not only took - a turn about but sped along the back track to the tune of thousands HAYES COOD3IAJORITY The victory achleved by E A - Hayes In the Fifth district was none the less significant in Its magnitude Two years ago William J Wynn Democratic and Union Labor cahdl - date carried the district by over 6000 majority but this year Hayes placed the majority In about the same figures on the other side and to ihls credit as a Republican Hayes was given a magnlflcant majority in Santa prenounced majorities over - the nom - Jrneesof the gang administration ivotronly were the Judicial representatives of the corrupt administration defeated but encouragement waa given to the champions Of good government in the fact that tfeose most favored iby vtbf gangsters wiere the lowston the ticket - s t - - - c r - TREACHERY New Yoiic Herald Cjaims Xhai Bryan Man Used the Knife tp Beat Hill and Parken NEW TORK November 8 The Herald leads its election news with the following summary of results and the causes leading to itf It is more than a Republican landslide it is an ayaianehe Theodore Roosevelt has been elected President of the United States by pfobably a greater plurality of the popular vpte than was ever cast for a nominee for President and by a larger majority of tle eJectOral college than has EVERY NORTHERN STATE REPUBLICAN W - Roosevelt Will Have 325 Votes in the Electoral owg e N 5t SpecialDlspatches t6 thV - wCiironlclea BREAKS RECORD New Yorfciribuntfs Review of the Election All Doubtful EW YORK November 9 2 A M - If Marylarid has gone Republican as unofficial returns at this hour indicate the Republican vote i ihtheElectoralCollege will be theimprece - idented one of 325 for RooseVelt and Fairbanks to 151 for iarker and Davis Not only is this fajt in excess of McKinleys vote 292 in i 900 bu Judge Parkers vote is four jess than that given Bryan four years ago It is practically certain that the Republican national ticket has carried every state in the Union outside of the so - called Solid South It may teke the official count to dedde Maryland The Republican majority in the next House Of Representatives wiU not be less than fifty Broadway until ajate hour was packed with a shouting noisy multitude who were celebrating the election Horns bells rat - itles whistles and per contrivances which would create a din were used with vigor and effect Around the various points where bulletins were displayed the crowd jammed the streets untilthey were completely blocked It was a good - natured crowd and all seemed to be Republicans for the time as the names of Ropseyelt and Hig - gins were pften and heartily cheered The result was known so quickly that much interest was taken put of the bulletins ind the crowds marched up and down the streets creating a deafening din that developed into a roar for more than a doen blocks The Tribune says the Republican party has won a most sweeping and impressive national victory Roosevelt and Fairbanks Electors were choseri in every ope oIthe doubtful states claimed so vociferpusty by the Pemocratic campaign managers At this1 Ytang3iRepublican Electors appear itP be choeenrwUi JRiary MlsuHdrfeuro plurality hi the lert beaten worse i than iryanfahiSeweUin 18 son in 1900 The Congress vjil be strongly Republican in both branched In the Senate the Rebubiicans will probably lack only two votes of a two - thirds majority The next House of Representatives will prpbably be Republican by from sixty to seventy plurality New York gaye1 the Roosevelt Electoral College the largest plu raUty on record in presidential year except possibiy in 1896 and all over the countryman extraordinary wave of Republican sentiment made itselfj Ifeft through the bailpt box Hew York gave Roosevelt a plurfiity of 6yer2ooooo New Jersey went Republican py over 40000 Connecticut gave a Republicaa plurality of 25000 Indiana is Republican by from 50000 to ycCbpP West Virginia the home of the Democratic candidate for Vice - Iresideht gavea Republican plurality of 25000 or over The vote jrtMaryland is exceedingly close and the official m - j -

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 09 Nov 1904, Wed,
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