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WEATHER: UNSETTLED WEATHER TONIGHT AND THURSDAY RAIN SANDUSRY EVENING STAE. L.AST SBVEMH SASTDUSlCY OHIO WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEE 9 19(H SINDZEITENWENN M ALEIN SEIN NIOCHTE CAPTUR RYTHING All the Doubtful States Lined Up for Occu pant of the White House by Majorities That Leave no Room for Doubt Little Old Ohio Breaks All Previous Records and Gives Him a Present of 200,000 Majority-Other States Do as Well in Proportion to Their Voting Capacity-Colorado the Only Northern State About Which There's Any Doubt- Even the Solid South Showed Signs of Weakening JSefore the Terrific Bombard ° ment of Ballots. "NEW YORK Nov 9--Roosevelt s rlctory did not dimmish o\er night On the contiary it has groftn big ger Later returns trom e \ e r y w h e r e show the victory of the icpubhcan im ty to be one ot the moat astonibnmg la Americas political hlstorv The candidacy ot \\atson and Deb" contributed to the crushing defeat of the democracy Roosevelt will haxe 3 D \otcs m the : electoral college Parker ID! Roo e j %elt hij ever} northern btate an 1 ap ! parentl has capturel Maijland which i it was thought la=t n ght had gono democratic bj a small margin Parker has secured the lowest elec toral vote of any democratic candi date since Greele s time Lven doubtful state fell into line In the republican column even to the surprise of the republicans themselves Another surpiise in the election is the fact that several northern statea not ablj Mas ichui,etts and Minnesota elected democratic governors in the face of astonishing pluralities for Roosevelt Lp to 11 this morning the returns indicate the following results Minnesota gave Roosevelt 100000 but ^eeiis to h a v e elected Johnson democrat governor by 10000 plural ity Roosevelt probably his 90000 plural itj m Massachusetts but "\\m Doug las the well known shoe manufacturer te-elec tod-go* trap r bv 40 OQO The re=ultb In Colorado are In a state of chaos both sides claiming \ i c tory but with every indication of re publican success The ticket I undoubtedly elected bv 8000 with Peabody running 2000 be hind The republic ns of Indiana besides weepin^ the stite and national tick ets bv o v e i w h e l m m g majorities gains t w o new members, oE cougrt,sb and an increase 1 \ \ o r l i n g mijoilty in legisla ture The bUte Is easily l e p u b l i c m by aO 000 Reiurns leccivcd from \ a r ioug count ea iti Mis=oun indl°ate that Polk iemocrat is elected goveinor by about oOOOO majont) and t r e rest of :he demon itic ticket by i educed ma orities Itoosevelt carried St Louis the vote being D I OoC to 55 0 0 for Paiker Retuins from \\est "Virginia are ,low coming and It will piobibly be some time before the result for governor w ill be definitely know n The Indicit ons are that If Ddwson repubhe m i-, elected for go\ eruor his inajoritj w i l l be v e r v s»i all is compared w i t h the presidential tick tt Roosevelt w i l l carry tbe state oy noi less than 8 000 Ihe repubhean repiescalation In congresa w i l l be the laige^t In ear=, Estimates mnicate a majont of be tween GO and 6 In Isew \ o i k Higglus repullican for governor !s elected by o 000 to 80 000 over Heriick democrat Hoose v o l t s plurality in tbe state is about 1 5 OUO or Cl 000 more than McKltt leys huge vote four e a r s aj,o --Rcptrtrttoau 3Uto--Chairmaa---Bkk- that Ohio republicans h a v e car ritd t w e n t y of the -21 congreos onal districts In the state sure and that Roobcvilt carries tip state by 200 000 Roosevelt s plurality in Iowa ayprox imates 140 000 Roosevelt carried Wisconsin by 9 r 000 I afoll°Ue is elected govemor bv 4 o O O O Roosevelt car led the state ticl ct of Uih through His plurality is 9000 and tbe s t i t e ticket 4 0 0 ) Delaware is 5000 iepujhcan Maiyland is close but will piobably gO tO R O O b C V L t \ h g n i i g cs b low 2 o O O O for Par or Ihe i t i u U i t a n a get I l i h o by 10 000 DEBS AHEAD OF PARKER M i l - R \ L I E E VUS Nov 9--Com plete r e t u r n s from this city give Roose velt 9 0 9 Debs 1 093 Parker 1G 2 8 Missouri Joins the Procession C H I C A G O Nov 9-- Ml sour! i re publican on the nitional tick t I 1" 600 plurality vvia t i e m= i^c le ·Ivered to ( ongressman l a v n bead of tho speakers, t urea i at r l ublican national headouartors th a m irnmg 1 S ate Chairman NiodcilntlMUb of bt Louis who called up f a v n c v on the long distance telephone to te 1 him tho news The Missouri state chair man is quite positive m his claim tliat Roosevelt had eiptured the lock rib bed democratic state but concede thit tolk D-mocrat foi govemor wab saf ely elected Marie It Unanimous( O i l MIRS 0 Nov 9 -- M n 30 Chairman Dick Issued a statement uiimln? 'he election of a solid rep ib h e m delegation in congress from Ohio A republican gain of I congressmen HE SUCCEEDS HIMSELF. MOUSER HAS PROBABLY CARRIED THE DISTRICT BELATED RETURNS .ast Election Figures at I I A. M. Estimates on R e s u l Give Him Plurality of 300 to 400 It They \ rove Correct tne Marlon Man s Victory Is 6reater Tftan T.iat ot Jackson Two Ytars ABO. THE WEARY V I G I L Maintained All Nloht at tile Board o! Elections Oltlce--How the Worli Was Dune. Ho =a}s $e\ont of tho eightj eight counticb ha\e gone republican More of the Same Sort MIL\VAl KFE \\l3 Nov 0 --Ko urns UOR mdieat that Ru-,ovelt as carrlPd the sti e bv (« 000 I afol ctte for £ov ernoi bj 3S 000 AND MORE'S THE PITY, The Next Cong ess NFW 1ORK Nov 0 1 ho member lip of th next congi ^ i ptari to e 2 S icpublirjins ind 1 S d n en ra i j, t i e dtmor dtic t n n ^ i c n en ho »LiH d o \ n in the \recU was, An Pa=a Baktr LaFotlette Controls M\IH V O\ V I S \o\ 9--I irollotto al o l i t d s conti U t'c \\ =c n« n let, l a u i accor I n to ho late t I P t i n l a u n g 6 i n b l j m n u A IS nton IUn,j a mjjouti oj nine ou jtjiallot to a Hitherto San I lancisco lias 1 o tho crc 11 u of bu 1 in 1 eight ruatw (hiii 01 fe t No« a i 01 lin i h s, t n jasocd l-rmiltm;, he f,ht of 2 1 tea PARIS ] OF FIFTEEN The Re\ D i Barry T sell known English clerg) In died ricentl He \\T; for 9 " j o ) rector of lishley i pan h « H c i Btdlred onij lj m lur itdnt 1 - THE LARGEST BARK A biilinr ship v hlch when complet It TCIS i vvcarv \ for the bo rd of el ctions r i u f r comm ttecnien in 1 o hers co led to m a n to bi cuie the i irn Vll h i l e\r e d lat» rctuin I ut n nc intic i ated sucl del ivs as dcveloi c 1 By J o clock in the t v c n u i n niObt f those mterc^tc 1 vveio on h in 1 No -i was in bisht lor two linirs tl 1 continued ind at 11 o clock th In t complete ofllclil r t p o i t arnvo.1 piec ret C of tho Ihird ward hiving tli lunor Tn n n theie wis mother long delay and v hen ic irnb did suit in they can.e in a le-b iltoiy manner All night thfl men b i waited li\ moining seveiil irecmcts were st 11 out Kelley klin 1 got in ibout 0 M It was 10 30 when the fiibt word ai rrved from Secoul ward A tho jiidg es ind clerks hiving wdrkel continu j for 17 hours U 11 o clod the complete returns fiom this precinct came ind at the same time II non cor poration a r r i v e ! Ihli comUctcd the ist Dining all t n» time no one got any sleep ·· o attempt was made to summarue f i ( lectoi 3 except on tbe fir t named which conoti utcd Uo head of the tick ct I h t Jimii pjrty -vote w is not tabulated other The Socialibtb loll e l aboLt 22o \otes thib be i g a bi n In creibe while the I rohibltlon paitj had about lib u ual vote It v H-, Impoobiblc t) send rctu lib oitslde until i v e i late hour an 1 m r ning piperb cinld rive no el tillb !· v en a tabulation of tho cits ticket was impeifect Not until neaily noon war It on each candiditf beln? built at T i e n c r h a v e n She will have a nispl icement o£ 8000 tonb known and the afteinoon papeil ca ry tho fli-.t authentic inform ition There aie 1' 20 b ) a aad 4 Oi9 RirU in th I n d i s t r i t l bdiools of Gieat Bntai i at present I I Th« San Inncisco polR aihocat tho esti lUhnWBt nf a i iblio win ping post foi footsaas n r e c o n m t h e 1 hutecnth conic i o i 1 tuct 1100I under as r t o j,rc t iiflic llties in the mat i g g accunte returns aa i I i nciil) all ot the counties i 11 is ire incomplete and tho n 01 11 u tie about ire conflicting U b r l 01} licancn a c ho\ ever that D It Ci m r the democratic i f. t fc t 1 1 J lion Grant E o i l ~ie e betw een 300 ic 1 is o ic of the greatest i if t e l i m l j le or volcirio 1 ticn ir vvh tov r it was that hap- t-n 1 11 e di met was supposed to liy democrltic thit no one uppo^d the candidate of that partv 0 lid be Ufeato no rnattei what hap encd in ndti J U state T 'oca 1 afi al a l i e dunociatb however, ap* ar to 1 v t ta en too much for grant* d nd luiulneJ u\ay from the poll9 hilo the lepublicans hustled and vot* d ai d happened to be on the top £ido if tho landslide Tae i t i n i b fiom the other 5 coua- es vv ei c bio v getting in and the ta* lc of plmalitieb in the several coun IP O which tollows represents merely 1 1 e»t guebbCo of persons on the ;r ud ind in position to guess with noi 01 less 1 now ledge of actual con itioiib Complete ictuins may ma enally ch ui^c all of the figures and h y ai onlj given as estlmateb Hero. .hcl aic "VlOUbC! ra \ foi d rn, ai ion San 1 lil y ,\S n l u t Crissmger 1400 IbOO 500 100 S'O) 18oO ber b Pluialltv 3oO Both les, clum Seneca county 1 j '0 In the abbtnco of accurate re t u s trs niajoiits is placed to Air Cr s ing i s ciedlt Mi M us rb Mctorv--There seems 1 t lc doubt th it it ib one--Is even moi I ectaculir than that of Mr Jaclb n two j c ^ r b ato Tbe latter vvoi o t i ith a bi iss l a n l a tailyho co-u i n 1 T. lot of \i c 1 si ellbinders

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