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santiago de cuba 2 - Mm i - "All the News -That's -That's Fit to...
Mm i - "All the News -That's -That's Fit to Print" THE ITEATHEK. Fair '; h'gh' temper&ture ; ; southerly winds. '. : VOL. XLVn.V.NO. -ir" -ir" nin nHTTin 1 , - .. . Stock market Inactive. - Cash wheat. No. 3 red, Mt; cash corn. No. it mU4 aTfcc.; cash cotton. H4ol , Col. Francis of ths On Hundred and her-. her-. her-. enty-flrst- enty-flrst- enty-flrst- enty-flrst- Regiment declared . yesterday that he would surely close the armory . tu-eignt tu-eignt tu-eignt to (.'apt. Stoddard and hli man. lie said bp had no orders from the Gov-emor Gov-emor Gov-emor to allow the Captain to us th - : armory., ;' r . Th auxiliary cruliier St. Paul, Capt. Blgs-fcee. Blgs-fcee. Blgs-fcee. returned to this port last evening, all n-ll n-ll n-ll on board. Detalla of her fight with the torpedo boat destroyer off San Juan am Puerto Rico and of th fighting In Guantanamo Hay wer obtained front th . vessel's War Budget, which Is edited and . printed by members of th crew. ' . Pae 4, Mew Ton's baseball team won a gam at t'hkngn. llrooslya won a tcn-lnnlng tcn-lnnlng tcn-lnnlng faro . . al 11Iebuig. ' In tha open tournament of th Ssabrlght tlotf Club Waller J. Travis of the Oakland Oakland Golf Club won th mid medal, lead In a field of nearly seventy competitors. Th milt of Mrs. Anna Corbln Borrow against th executors of th exist of th late Austin Corbln, her. father, has been le:ldl against her by th Appellate Ui-. Ui-. Ui-. vhjionrpf th Supreme Court. Mrs. 17. 9. Giant, at present In th city, -state -state it as her belief that th relief as soclations should aid th soldiers at the front, and not the destitute families. Her . personal memoirs hay been completed. At the -risk -risk of her own life Miss Alice Oood-. Oood-. Oood-. win. seventeen year of age. rescued Bd-ward Bd-ward Bd-ward Burke, an actor, from drowning at Sea Cliff. He had sustained a concussion of the brain and was sinking for th third time, . - Owing to strong winds th boat races between between th freshman crews of Cornell, Columbia, and Pennsylvania, and th 'Varsity of these three college, and th I. nlverKlty of Wisconsin, which war to have been rowed at Bars toga yesterday wer postponed until this morning. Oeru Howard' Carroll and Major Theodore J . t win, appointed oy uov. uisck to m-vettsalc m-vettsalc m-vettsalc Into th condition of th. Nw - York Btate troops at the big camps, have : returned after a three weeks' Inspection ami pronounce as absolutely false th all-gallons all-gallons all-gallons all-gallons of euftertng and hardship mad In certain quarters. Oen. Carroll praises th New York troops very highly. - F e 6. Dehate on th Hawaiian Annexation bill was continued In th Senate yesterday, Mr. Pettus of Alabama making th first for- for- mal speech In favor of th resolution Mr Maliory 6t Florida opposed him. No proceedings of consequence war carried on In th House. Paste T. Julius Schmidt of 251 Canal ' Street was stabbed to death in his saloon by William Faue, hla chef. There wer no witness to th murder. Vincents Rosar.o, a young Italian brtd of Newark, was shot and killed by a re-Jected re-Jected re-Jected Italian suitor named Marlghettl. ' who after the . murder committed suicide by throwing rlmself from-a from-a from-a four-story four-story four-story window. . , ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Pas lO. There was a burst of sympathetic cheering for Jockey Taral when he won th stake race at bheepshead Bay yesterday. Caroline' Jaracn, sixteen years old, of Brooklyn.; Brooklyn.; killed hcnwtf by drlnkli carbollo acid because alt had bn reprimanded . by. her father. Thf H,?u.n. MMUnd Railroad has abol shed Its system of transfers, and th r,,Jr'" 'he Island strongly object. It Is said the action of th railroad company Is unconstitutional, and th matter may . M carried to th courts. Th Board of Estimate and Apportionment met yesterday and voted money for various various purposes. TesteWay was the hottest day of th' year, and th hottest July 1 since 1872. The mercury registered as high as 3 degrees, beveral proa tra lions wer reported, . W. W. Durant, reputed to be worth over St.OUO.Ouo. was arrested, charged, by hla stater with withholding her share of a li.5W.0W estate. He gav ball In 110,000. Fifteen members .pf ' the Brooklyn School Board were appointed yesterday by Mayor an Wyok. the terms of fifteen having expired. expired. Noa of th women was reappointed. reappointed. , 11 the provisions of 'the war revenue law which did not take effect on June 14 be-came be-came be-came operative yesterday. The annoyances annoyances lnc.lUet.tal to the enforcement of th law were borne with patriotic cheerfulness cheerfulness by the business community generally, but th ecaxcity of proprietary stamps : . gave rise to vigorous complaint from man-. man-. With REVIEW OF. 15,125. OUR ARMY IS VICTORIOUS Captures Enemy's Outer Works and Occupies Them. THE AMERICAN LOSS' HEAVY Shaffer Reports tb Casualtl Over 400. NOT MANY KILLEb Sattl to Go On To-day To-day To-day Our Troope Within Thxaa-tjuartarg Thxaa-tjuartarg Thxaa-tjuartarg of a Mil of tn City. WASHINQTON. July l.-Th l.-Th l.-Th War Department Department has received th following from Gen. Bhafter. dated at Blboney: "Had a very heavy engagement to-day to-day to-day which lasted from S A. M. until sundown. W have carried their outworks, and now In possession of "them." "There Is now about three-quarters three-quarters three-quarters of a mile of open between my llnea and the city. By morning troops will be intrenched and considerable augmentation of forces will b there. " Gen. Lawton'a dlvlalon and Gn. Bates's brigade, which have been engaged all day In carrying U Caney, which was accomplished accomplished at I P, M.. will b In lln and In front of gantlago during th night " 1 regret to aay that our caaualtlea will b abov 400, of tha not many kllUd. "aHAFTBR." fVprrlght. liM, by The AssoeUted Press. PLAYA DEL, E8TE. Provlno of SaatUgo d Cuba, July 1. A general aaaault on th City of Santiago d Cuba, by land and sea forces of th United State, began at T o'clock this morning. Gen. Lawton advanced and took possession possession of Cabona. a suburb of Santiago. Morro Castle and th other forts at th entrance of the harbor were bombarded by our fleet. The Vesuvius used her dynamite gun with good effect. The Spanish fleet In th harbor fired on the American troops, who wer very close to the city. Th fighting continued until -dark. -dark. I BssT sLa II I I L. II General Assault Upon Span- Span- iards by Land and Sea krS v BOOKS AND ART NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JULY 2, ' 1S98 calb 1-soa.ooa 1-soa.ooa 1-soa.ooa 1 Parallel line Indicate till dark to ascertain with deflnlteness the loss sustained." Puring the early night there was much speculation concerning th reasons for th delay in recelvlnr new from the battle. Cabt. Xesmlth, w ho 1 acting as Chief Signal Signal Officer during the temporary absence of Oen. Greely. f Ared that cable com mdnlcatlon with Cuba might have been Interrupted, and none of the other officials would offer a suggestion as to the reason fot the delay. Sarly In th evening Secretary Alger went to It he Whit House and remained with the President until the dispatch from Oen Shkfter had been receded FIRST NEWS OF THE "ATTACK. VASmNOTON'. "July L-The L-The L-The battle haa beirun. Thla was the startling newa conveyed conveyed In the following brief dispatch re eel red from Gen. Shafter at 10 o'clock this mc rnlng: " f ecretary of War, Washington. D. C. " Camp, Near Barilla, Cuba. Action now go! ng on. The firing only light and desul-torr. desul-torr. desul-torr. Began on the right near Caney by Larton'a division. - He will move on the noitheast part of the Town of Santiago. Wi ll keep you continually advised of prog-r prog-r prog-r SHAFTER. - Major. General" ' Irlef aa it was It told the whole story thi t the first shots of the long-expected long-expected long-expected era (h) of arms, probably the first great laid engagement of the SANTIAGO DE CUBA (Taken from th Host Ascent Maps and Drawings.) highways and cross lines railways Uck on Santiago waa begun by the fifth dlvlalon of the Fifth Army Corpa, commanded commanded by Brig Oen, H. W. Lawton. Thla division consists of three brigades, made up as follows: First Brigade, commanded by CoL 3. 3. Van Horne Eighth United States Infantry. Twenty-second Twenty-second Twenty-second United States Infantry, and Second Massachusetts Infantry. Second Brigade, commanding officer unknown, unknown, but supposed to be Col Bates First United States Infantry. Fourth United States Infantry, and Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth United States Infantry. Third Brigade, commanded by Brig. Oen. A. R. Chaffee Seventh United State Infantry, Infantry, Twelfth United States Infantry, and Seventeenth United States Infantry. It thus appears that the entire dlvlalon which opened the hostllltlea of the day is composed entirely of regular troops, seasoned seasoned and experienced In battle, with the exception of the Second Massachusetts Volunteer Volunteer Infantry, which la regarded aa one of the best volunteer organisations of the army. THE PRESIDENT SATISFIED. Eridences of a Speedy Peaca Looked for . by Monday Oen. Corbln Praises -J -J Shatter's Army. WASHINGTON. July 1. The President t well satisfied with Oen. 8 1 after success, and. .without having arranged business so aa to make th Fourth of July a great day for newa. It begins to look at th Whit T With REVIEW OF BOOKS AND ART TWELVE PAOFA AND ITS ENVIRONS. paths are marked by single llsee leading any news the anxiety Increased, and ths question waa In every one's mouth: " Why did he not report? " Adjt, Oen. Corbin's response waa brief but pointed: He Is fighting, not writing.- writing.- and this was accepted accepted aa a likely and sound explanation. Just before 4 o'clock came a brief dispatch from Plaaa del Kate, the cable station near Santiago. Santiago. But it waa from an engineer officer to Oen. Miles, snd mads no reference to the progress of the battle, merely referring to certain necessary material and live stock. On the whole, this very absence of official news waa regarded aa rather a favorable Indication; tbe reasoning being that thla morning's engagement was but a heavy skirmish, skirmish, and that our army was feeling tbe enemy to discover and strike at hla weak spot. It was nearly o'clock when the signal officer received the welcome news that the enemy was retreating. Oca. M Ilea's Osdaleax. Oen. Mile waa of the optnUn that th action of to-day to-day to-day waa la n nature of a heavy skirmish all. along the American front, particularly tbe right, and that Ita main purpose was to develop the strength of the enemy snd. If possible, learn the vut-nerable vut-nerable vut-nerable point along the Spanish front. Thla, however, waa baaed only on the lack of definite Information, and Oen. Miles felt that any hour uiM bring word of . general general engagement. Brig. Oen. Stone waa inclined inclined to believe . that, after maintaining their atand to-day, to-day, to-day, the Spaniards would retire retire during the night, leaving the city evacuated. evacuated. The military authorities her are fully from the highways. cultivation exist along the road as far as Ban Luis, at which point there la considerable considerable country la cultivation. On the other branch (the SabanUla branch) the aoace of cultivation extend as far as Bong. AT THE CABINET MEETING. Tha Battls SUcusstd tecrttary Loaf Xxpects Oraat Basalts from tha i Co-oparatlon Co-oparatlon Co-oparatlon of tha Piatt. WASHINGTON. July 1,-The 1,-The 1,-The Cabinet was lneasloa for almost two hours to-day. to-day. to-day. but took no important action. The seeetva was mainly occupied with a" discussion of th news from Santiago. Oca. Shafter a die-patch die-patch die-patch waa read aloud, before th members f the Cabinet. Other d Ispa eh se aiae wer read verbatim to the Cabinet. There was a general feeling of gratification ahowa at the co-operation co-operation co-operation rendered by Admiral Samp son's fleet. Careful plana to thla end wer made in a general way some time ago, though leaving to Bampeoa the widest olecranon. olecranon. Besides ths Santiago fight, th Cabinet devoted some time te ouosUuas eonncetf with the o per s Hon of the war revenue law. Alter me cabinet meeting Secretary Long said that th Beet under Bampeoa waa co-opera co-opera co-opera Una-to Una-to Una-to tbe ruileat extent with the land forces, and that he expected great results. He euggected Utat there were tw ITHrnc certain fa the Santiago altuatlon. "On la. he aaid. " we will surely win. and tha other that It will eo ose about after hard lighting mat will tell. Of thia we axe certain.- certain.- PRICE THREE CENTS. ate. 'The temper of the Spaniards la hard te anoartala. Owing te th Cubans' biased estimate of Spanish ability, they predict a merely aotnlnal resistance: but th Amerl-eana Amerl-eana Amerl-eana think a thee e lea. At any rate, the Spanlaa ar eating horses and the ctrUiaas are gathering mangrwvea la a suburban weed, where come twenty have beea captured captured by the Amerlcaa patrol Tha Spaa- Spaa- . lards have, therefore, the spur of hunger. Whether It haa broken their. Cg atlas spirit a few days may tea - The capture of Caney and aeaathly the occupation occupation of tha commanding plateau la now thought t he the limit at so morrow mors icnt. Oesv. Lawtoa's oesnmaad carries carries sswrhrioa smfficteat to last uatU July e. Wit the prseeut supply tram service continuing continuing without aay arddsat, he win eaaUy have food encash le last le July IX ; By that time BTeordlag te ana sUWnM afflcor, aad perhaps sooner, aaaUaga wrj he taken, . This more st the Fifth Drrtstoa wilt completely completely tarn the Spanish eeaJera Beak. Oca. Kaat'a sesame ad will be able te more up parallel te Its peeeeat aoattlea, acting as a wal against the horde ef Spaniards from three strong lines south and east. She id a serious efort be made U prevent Ccs, Lawtoa's galalag the desired plateau and the Bpaalsii interior fore thereby be weak- weak- Oca. Keat aad Oen, Wheeler may V thrown forward aad a general engagement be precipitated. A Urge detail has been at work an day Improving a military road to Caney. with a view of the artQlcry and the auppUee for the other fere cutting through, the woods Parallel to the Old Saatiaga road. It to sis noaaiUs that this opening- opening- may brtag the sisve tui that are new weehlsi; p the enact la the hande of cur troop, inland from the railway. la Kaeelleat Condition, The ceadltloa ec the Amerlcaa Uvop to eseelleac Despite th hard mias aad the hot sua, only eighteen men aut af Oca. Lawtoa's aU were reported 1U aa la-dor's la-dor's la-dor's sick call The ether commands) ar equally well off. The men are fuB af anan and eager for the Big BghL ; t Xa preparation for the final asaaalt upoa Santiago, sixty tried men la each brigade noo-comroiasiobed noo-comroiasiobed noo-comroiasiobed officers and privates hart beea promoted to he wire dippers, and they will precede the first firing line about aw or SOO yards for the purpose af cutting the barbed-wire barbed-wire barbed-wire feaccs that obstruct the way U the city. Their mission le n snoet haaardooa ana. ae they will be expoaed t the fire of our owa mca as well as that of the enemy. . The padfloes who have been brought lata the. Amerlcaa camp, during the last few days ere la - a pitiable condition. Mrs, women, and children are absolutely starving, starving, aad they welcome Amerlcaa shelter. Oea. Shafter haa cotabtlebod his headquarters headquarters with Oea. Lawton ; and le day . hols led the corpa Bag. To-day To-day To-day th signal rarps used an observstloa helloes, obtaining a perfect View of the Bpaglah eatrcaoh-meats, eatrcaoh-meats, eatrcaoh-meats, the city, aad the harbor. CUBANS MAKeT'dASH. Xdvanoe Within Twa XUas at fia Arttaal and Prt pars for sm j ' . .' Zarly Aaaault. . C11ICAOO, July L A mortal copyright cable to The Chicago Dally News, dated at Sevtlls, Cube, June SO. says: Caracas Cubans Cubans made a dash west this afternoon and penetrated further lata the defenses of Ban tlage tha a aay treope have yet succeeded la doing. Led by the gray-haired gray-haired gray-haired General, they skirted Caney, a cluster of villas twa miles from the arsenal, and passed la plain view of the Spanish pickela. To-night To-night To-night they, are camped Bear by preparing for aa at tack as soon as permission Is obtained. The Cubans have rations for only twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours, and argae that an early advance advance la probable from thee ctrrumctsncca. Many of Garda'e mca formerly scalded la Santiago, being, driven thence -by -by the bar-, bar-, bar-, barity of Oea, 'Weyler. and to-day. to-day. to-day. whea they ennght . a gllmseo af . their former they gave a tn mendeee cheer and

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